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  1. michaellinn

    MInotaur's New Muscle Toy

    Oh my god this was so good.
  2. michaellinn

    does anyone know who the artist is?

    The Fabulous Croissant on Deviant Art or WolfieCanem on FurAffinity. You can also find his stuff on tumblr here http://gravity-falls-hunks.tumblr.com/ P.S. the face is photoshopped on, and look at the bottom right corner of the pic.
  3. michaellinn

    Muscle growth generator

    Hey Scriptboy, we should get together some time, put those 40 to work
  4. michaellinn

    Muscle growth generator

    Haha, got a chuckle out of this, thanks. "After being forced to, Michael Linn builds muscle without warning into an over-sized bulkhead with a 66 inch dong, and wants to get filled up."
  5. michaellinn

    Costume ideas for big guys

    Go Doctor, scrubs are super comfortable too..
  6. michaellinn

    Devil Inside

    Okay so this is really my first attempt at writing a story, it just poured out of my vivid imagination in an afternoon, I'm pretty sure it's not great but I figured I'd share anyway. Enjoy .. I hope. -- Hi my name is Eli and I’m a freak.. Yeah I know it sounds like something out of an AA meeting, that was probably a very bad way to start out what is essentially a journal but I’m not much of a writer, and I need to get this down while my head’s still clear. I’m 26, Male, Australian and up until an hour ago, my clothes still fit. Though I should probably start from the beginning.. I was always fascinated by big guys, as far back as I can remember, which is a pretty vivid memory of a Firemans calendar my mum got at the Royal Adelaide show, but that’s neither here nor there at the moment. I looked pretty normal, not exactly slim, slight gut, average face, I was never going to turn heads and it didn’t bother me, I did well in school, opted out of year twelve of high school for an apprenticeship and settled into a nice quiet life as a chef, actually quiet is not the word, most chefs are borderline insane, I was the exception, Sorry memories are starting to get muddled and I’m getting off topic again. I finished up my apprenticeship a good year ago and continued on at the restaurant in Rundall Mall until about a month ago when I got an offer from my new boss, sou chef at The Green, god I was excited, I could hardly focus on my work almost lost a finger in my carelessness. Things started to get strange though the night of my going away party, the rest of the kitchen staff threw me a party a party on my day off after the dinner service, gave me new knives, a green apron, one of those comically large chef hats, we don’t actually wear them, and I don’t know where Alyssa found it to be honest. Then there was Davids gift, thirty-eight centimetres of the strangest, black Dildo I had ever seen. Yeah they all knew I was into men, they liked to joke and I didn’t mind, hell I liked to give back from time to time, David was childish, he loved to play gay chicken, leaning in for a kiss, he stopped though, after I grabbed him, bent him over and stuck my tongue down his throat. I guess the toy was his last hurray, everyone laughed I turned red and proceeded to get completely shit faced. The rest of the night was a blur,, I don’t actually remember much after that.. The next morning was quite possibly my worst, packing my last bags as I packed my new gear and that .. thing, I was already late for check in, but the roads were mercifully clear, made my flight with a comfortable margin and had to sleep all the way to Hobart. It was weird, waking up I felt fine, which made no sense, I was sure the hangover would kill me in my sleep but I couldn’t have been better. Grabbing my bag I was quick to find a taxi, settling into the back seat, I closed my eyes again only to snap them open a moment later. I leaned forwards a bit, pulling my sunglasses down, “Sorry, did you say something? I drifted off there,” I asked the driver, he looked up at the mirror and said, “nah Mate, yer hearin’ things,” I blinked, I could have sworn I heard a voice, it was deep, it was smooth, like a velvet glove soaked in honey massaging my eardrums, sorry only way I could describe it. Dropped at the front door of my new, modest little flat, a good twenty minutes from my new career, I headed up to the elevator, glancing down to check my pockets for my key, my head snapped back up, catching a glimpse of something red in the stainless steel doors of the elevator and the sound of my name, It had to be the booze, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk the previous night, I told myself, if only to stop my heart from racing as the chime rang and the doors opened. Thankfully nothing else happened, I took a shower got changed, went over to work to get a look at the new kitchen and the head chef I’d be taking orders from, Collin. He was a nice guy, seemed very down to earth little bit of pudge like me though he was considerably older. Anyway I headed home after a long talk, foregoing the usual Taxi in favor of walking, I needed the exercise and I needed to learn the streets, Google Maps is great by the way. I was tired when I got back, understandably so, given that i’d opted to run, not a full sprint, but good pace, sweat was dripping off me as I leaned over in the lobby, waiting for the Lift before I felt a large, rough hand slap my ass so hard I toppled face forwards into the open elevator and heard a loud booming cackle echoing around the empty entrance hall. I don’t think I’ve ever mashed a close door button so hard or so fast, panic setting in, I sprinted for my Door when the Lift opened again, fumbling with my key I eventually got the door open and slammed it behind me, sinking to the floor, leaning to the right a bit, my sore left cheek.. It took a few minutes but I started to get up, my hands shaking, I had to find something to do, looking at my bags, they were still full and zipped, “A distraction!” I thought as I tried to bury what had happened, Turned the Tv on for some noise as I went about, trying to calm my racing heart with menial tasks. Bottom of the first bag and there it was again, the joke gift i’d paid no mind to, picking it up, I peered through the solid plastic tube, taking my time to examine it, noting the thick, realistic veins running it’s length, the slight upward bo to it’s shape, fake fleshy spines crowning the oddly shaped glands that tapered to a point, where the hell did David find this thing, I couldn’t help but twist the top off and reach in, curling my lightly moist palms around it, I bit my lip, it felt like leather, who ever made it got the texture just right, rubbing my thumb up and down the bulging urethra, “damn, how much did this fucking thing cost him?!?” I questioned, starting to wonder just how it would feel if I… I stopped and blinked, looking to the glass sliding door to the balcony, then back down, There was something I was worried about … No it couldn’t have been that important if I forgot about it, new state, don’t know anyone, just the social isolation messing with me, my usually pretty logical mind reasoned. I was Standing in the shower, my head leaned back as the hot water poured down, a ritual I’d gotten into, starting in high school, scrubbing the day off me, then I… I don’t really recall, it’s getting harder to think as I watch my left forearm ripple with every reach of the finger to tap keys. OH yes, I can skip that part, crossing into my room I just had to stare at it, my lips starting to curve up, tip of my tongue sliding across them as I stared at the dong, lying across my clean sheets, I was salivating as I stepped forwards, sinking to my knees in front of it, I could hear that voice again, that smooth baritone gently tonguing my Cochlea as i reached for the toy, immediately enveloping it with my lips, lubing it with my saliva, heh it’s funny now that I look back, I’d never used my mouth for that before, but a voice in the back of my mind was screaming at me to do it. Pressing it into my throat, I immediately gagged and pulled it back, coughing as thick wads of spit slid down it’s impressive length, I was painfully hard just staring at it. “Do it, DO IT!” the disembodied voice shouted as I leaned forwards, spreading my knees apart, steadying the thick dildo with one hand before, plunging down, without a moment of hesitation. In hindsight this was a terrible idea, the pointed tip alone nearly made me scream, the pain was almost unbearable but then it stopped, everything stopped, the sound of Master Chef in the living room. “Aww, such a good little boy, ride my dick just right and I’ll give you something special..” It was that voice again, the fear welling up inside, I could feel rough hands on my hips as I started to sink further, it was pure terror as the toy twitched, IT TWITCHED INSIDE OF ME! the leathery skin shifting as the veins pulsed with … something, you couldn’t call it blood, it was just a toy right?? Haha, I really was panicking then, more than ever, what ever it was I was riding, it sure as hell wasn’t some ordinary toy, it was something straight out of hell and it’s master had a hold of me, pulling me down, those fleshy spikes scraping against my insides in such and exquisite manner, it was starting to move on it’s on, driven forwards into me by phantom hips, I could feel the burning flesh against my cheeks, heavy balls swinging and the breath, like a furnace blasting at the back of my neck. In moments it was all over, the beast reared back, slamming forwards, the leathery black dick swelled, my bed lurched forwards, hitting the wall as my body was flooded with magma, the burning was like nothing i’d ever felt, and i’d grabbed a metal pan handle that had been in the oven for an hour. Gone, the hands, the hips, the inferno against my neck, the now limp dong slid free of my stretched hole, followed by a the demons, glowing, yellow seed, every drip scorched the hardwood floors as my sphincter tightened.. nothing can really describe the pain I felt as I flopped back on the floor, the monsters voice returning, as nothing but a cackle, echoing in my head as my hands clutched at my stomach. I was sweating again, every muscle in my body tightening, my back arching as the extra fat seemed to melt away, the beads of sweat on my skin flashing to steam as I writhed on the floor, muscles endlessly tearing and knitting themselves back together, thicker than ever. My shoulders grew broader, traps, I had traps now, thick cannon ball shoulders, biceps and triceps that had tripled in size, my normally smooth white skin marbled with throbbing veins while he cooed in my ear, and to this moment, I cannot tell you what it said, all I remember was my chest on fire as my pecs grew out over a rippling eight pack before I finally passed out. When I finally came around, I was not the person who arrived in Tasmania the day before, I was lying face down, slowly pushing myself, muscles rippling as I looked up at the mirror door to the wardrobe, I WAS HUGE! my pecs were rounded, creating a shelf, I was shocked just to have pecs let alone ones that angled my nipples to the floor. They cast a shadow over the biggest six pack I’d ever seen, the rolling hills that made up each column of muscle were divided by a wide and deep trench. The next thing to grab my eyes were my quads, I’d always been straight up and down before by now their sheer size seemed to force my feet wider apart. Then my eyes fixed on my cock, it was at least a foot in length and easily a foot in length, maybe more, I still haven’t gotten around to measuring up. My fingers curled around the shaft, pleasure surging up my spine as I did, slapping the thick head against my thigh and then I heard his voice in the back of my head again, “Not my finest work … maybe you’d like to go for another ride kiddo..” I had to stop, well, almost, just long enough to write this down, I’m sitting on the floor with a chromebook trying to type while the urge to go again builds, I think this is enough for now, HE is getting impatient.
  7. michaellinn

    Stepdad to Daddy - Day 1

    what hulklust said.

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