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  1. shadownexus

    The Grower

    Really happy you're continuing with this story. let's see him grow huge and dominant!
  2. This story is great, I can't wait for more!
  3. shadownexus


    Loving the story so far, I'm glad I stumbled onto it. Great writing! I hope Alex grows Mike HUGE so he can take apart Carlos!
  4. This is amazing, I'm not usual one for the love story like this but it's great. Will there be any more in the future?
  5. Wow! Did this ever get continued?
  6. shadownexus

    The Grower

    Yes! I've waited for this! So happy you've had the time to continue. I'm hoping for more in the future.
  7. shadownexus

    Gene Hack

    Wow, this was amazing, please say more is in the works!?
  8. shadownexus

    The Grower

    This story is awesome. I can't wait for more. I totally want to see Josh have a massive growth spurt and make his brother look like an anorexic child in comparison !
  9. This is pretty awesome. Looking forward to part 3
  10. I'm totally digging this story. Loving Tom's dominant attitude!
  11. l'm all about the darker stories. Nothing gets the blood pumping like carnage and destruction ? Feel free to get in contact.
  12. shadownexus

    Camjerk 2

    Great story pasidious! Fucking loved it! To mimic everyone else part 3 please ?
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