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  1. shadownexus

    Camjerk 2

    Great story pasidious! Fucking loved it! To mimic everyone else part 3 please 😁
  2. shadownexus

    Full Moon Rising

    Interesting story. I want to read more! Can't wait for his transformation. Good job so far Rosie
  3. shadownexus


    Giants appear in most mythologies. For example :- The giants of Jotunheim, David and Goliath, The Titans to name few. But I don't recall any specific myths to do with growing physically, spiritually yes, most hero's tales were. My only theory (and it'll be a bit of a ramble so bare with me) is that gods/hero's had all their defining traits amplified. For example the idea of a perfect male in the past would have been strong, tall and physically capable. Over time those traits were quite literally made bigger too, I suppose due to fantasizing or exaggeration of the stories and then you end up with a 13ft guy who can shot lightning from his hands. While I have no proof, I believe that certain people would have fantasized about being those Heros/Gods with all the strength and size that went with it no doubt in a state of arousal. I'd love to hear other people's views on this. I also have further theories but I'll save those for later when my brain wakes up a bit more. Quite an interesting post GB😃
  4. shadownexus

    The last time you felt another guy's bicep?

    I'm envious!
  5. shadownexus

    Big Guys into Small Guys?

    Just found this thread and I'm glad I did. Gotta say I'd love to find a bigger guy into his own muscle, but I'm 6ft2 and it's hard to find men that are taller than me whilst still being built. But we can all hope 😁