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    Working out, cycling, walking, cars, music. Eyeing up muscular men. Rugby types, gymnasts, ginger muscle.
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    5'10, 165 lbs. Skinnyfat/ average/ athletic depending on how arrogant I'm feeling;) . Up to 172 (Dec '17). 180 (Apr '18).
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    Some muscle to feel. Friends, chat.
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    An inch or two more I am already, apart from the waist.
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    Peter Molnar, Roman Vevrecan, Calum von Moger, Adam Charlton.
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    Calves, calves calves. Feet. Strength. Veins. Hands. Hulking out. Muscle control. Car lifting. Cycle kit.

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  10. As the title suggests do any of you hot guys post your workouts/ progress pics elsewhere?
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    Wish I could have experienced having a foreskin. Aside from muscle, there' s nothing like seeing an uncut cock slowly getting hard!!