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    Working out, cycling, walking, cars, music. Eyeing up muscular men. Rugby types, gymnasts, ginger muscle.
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    5'10, 180lbs.
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    Some muscle to feel. Friends, chat.
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    An inch or two more I am already, apart from the waist.
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    Peter Molnar, Roman Vevrecan, Calum von Moger, Adam Charlton.
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    Calves, calves calves. Feet. Strength. Veins. Hands. Hulking out. Muscle control. Car lifting, cycle kit and I love gingers.

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  1. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    Happy belated birthday 😃 @Shawn1978. Being 45 I remember that scene too, when Pam found Bobby in the shower. I digress. Back to AJ & Noah.
  2. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    Hehe. You have to be a certain age to remember that storyline @Shawn1978
  3. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    Omg!! Es scandalo!! Can't wait for the future chapters to see how this gets (or doesn't get) resolved,afterall one of Noah's worst fears have just been realised. Excellent I was nearly welling up as I read.
  4. Thanks for the follow. 

  5. Thanks for the follow. 

  6. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    I'm so intrigued to see how this pans out, but I'm looking forward to AJ meeting Noah's mother. I have my own version of AJ at my gym...short, wide, cute he even has the waddle. 😀
  7. Eadwig


    Just before I went to my first worship session a load of "What ifs?" entered my mind. The biggest "What if "was, what if I don't go through with it? There would be a lot of regret somewhere along the line. There has to be an element of trust on both sides. As you're meeting through Best Flex you can read reviews of previous sessions and even message each other for a time. Hopefully that will give you more peace of mind.
  8. Eadwig


    Is this a guy at the gym or someone through Best Flex/ Flex4Cash etc?
  9. Thanks for the follow. 

  10. Looking good mate!! Wishing you well on your growing journey.

  11. Loving AJ & Noah. Excellent writing.

    1. muscleaddict


      Thanks @Eadwig! I'm glad you're enjoying it! 😊

  12. Eadwig

    Secret gay code in old Muscle Mags...?

    I remember seeing a film/documentary about muscle mags in the 50's which mentioned this. It was called "Beefcake " made in 1998.
  13. Thanks for the follow. 

    1. Paarke


      No probs! I see you like two of my favourite things, calves and strength.

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