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    Working out, cycling, walking, cars, music. Eyeing up muscular men. Rugby types, gymnasts, ginger muscle.
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    5'10, 180lbs. Skinny fat dad bod.
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    Some muscle to feel. Friends, chat.
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    A lean 200 lbs.
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    Anything involving Strength. AJ & Noah.
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    Peter Molnar, Roman Vevrecan, Calum von Moger, Adam Charlton, Mise'l Jeddore, James Hollingshead, Nick Walker.
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    Calves, calves calves. Feet. Strength. Veins. Hands. Hulking out. Muscle control. Car lifting, cycle kit and I love gingers.

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  1. Thanks for the follow.  

    1. BigRedPanda


      you're very welcome!

  2. Great start to the story. Another vest ripping pot boiler . Welcome back @muscleaddict
  3. Looking beastly in your progress pics. Nice one !!!

  4. Thanks for the follow. 

  5. Thank you for following me.

    1. Eadwig


      You're welcome. 

  6. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    Happy belated birthday ? @Shawn1978. Being 45 I remember that scene too, when Pam found Bobby in the shower. I digress. Back to AJ & Noah.
  7. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    Hehe. You have to be a certain age to remember that storyline @Shawn1978
  8. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    Omg!! Es scandalo!! Can't wait for the future chapters to see how this gets (or doesn't get) resolved,afterall one of Noah's worst fears have just been realised. Excellent I was nearly welling up as I read.
  9. Thanks for the follow. 

  10. Thanks for the follow. 

  11. Eadwig

    AJ & Noah

    I'm so intrigued to see how this pans out, but I'm looking forward to AJ meeting Noah's mother. I have my own version of AJ at my gym...short, wide, cute he even has the waddle. ?
  12. Looking good mate!! Wishing you well on your growing journey.

  13. Loving AJ & Noah. Excellent writing.

    1. muscleaddict


      Thanks @Eadwig! I'm glad you're enjoying it! ?

  14. Thanks for the follow. 

    1. Paarke


      No probs! I see you like two of my favourite things, calves and strength.

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