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  1. Where can I find the story "passing through town"?  Can't find it... What is it about?


  2. Do you follow BeastMuscleShow on YouTube?  lots of liftncarry, flexing, etc.

    1. picmeup


      Yes...I love watching him lift!!

  3. Big Tyler - Final chapter

    Thank you liftme, I must admit though... Your "Jeff the roommate" story inspired me! One of my favorite stores. You need to do more as well!
  4. Big Tyler - Final chapter

    Thank you all for your encouragement. After reading stories for all these years from @Londonboy, @Reeza, and @Liftme, I thought it was time to try myself. Thanks you for all of your encouragement while writing this story. Maybe I will continue with the works of Big Tyler in the future, but I just want you all to enjoy this final journey... Tyler walks up behind me and says “the best is yet to cum.” Kyle looks down at us and smiles. “Look how cute you two are, going to town on your daddy’s man tits. You boys like that don’t you? He bends down, placed a hand under each of our asses and up we go into his arms again. Kyle wa definitely more aggressive than his brother, but there was still a gentleness about him as well, but I couldn’t figure it out. Kyle looked back and forth between the two of us as said, “My brother Tyler and I, we do everything together. We always have. I guess that is part of being a twin. We know what each other wants. When we found you two on the interenet, we both knew we had to have you.” Under normal circumstances, “had to have you” would not put up a red flag in my mind, but with these two gentle giants, I knew that they meant that they owned us now. We were not there slaves like our needs didn’t matter to them, but more like their little pets. I spoke up and repeated “had to have us?” Tyler walked up from behind us, I could feel his warmth on my neck. He reaches for my waist and with just the strength of his biceps, He pulled me away from his brother and with one easy jerk, he spun me around so that I am facing him. He lowers me, letting my cock rub down his chest, He paused flexed his pecs and my cocked got lost in the crevis. He used my body to move me back and forth, my cock trapped, I let out a scream that sounded like 2 pitches higher than my regular voice. Tyler laughed with excitement. He stopped because he knew that I was about to cum with all that has happened in the past hour. Everything that Tyler was doing to me, Kyle was doing to Evan, although Kyle was being more aggressive with Evan, because that is what Evan wanted. Kyle put me down on the ground and led my head to his left man tit. Kyle did the same with Evan. Tyler and Kyle back up away from us and start stripping for us, taking off their jeans, revealing their 12” package. Evan and I were fixated on these mountains of muscles. Kyle walks toward the other bed that was in the room. There were two workout belts, and some rope. Kyle grabs the workout belts and walks over to us and tells us to put them on. Once they are on, Kyle sits on the edge of the bed and welcomes of us over to him. “Ready to go for another ride?” He grabs out belts and before we could respond, he stands up and takes us up with him. “Little brother, we are going to get a good workout with our boys don’t you think? He starts to curl our bodies, one at a time, first me then Evan. We are his human weights. Once he was done with his reps, he moved out of the way and Tyler did the same thing with us. Back and forth we went between these two muscle giants as they did shoulder presses, bench presses, preacher curls, you name it, they did it. One of my favorite ones were I think were called shoulder extensions. But Tyler had us lie down on the floor, one on each side, grabbed out belts and started lifting us so our bodies were way out to his sides. I felt like I was Superman. It was amazing. When he put us down, the two of them took off out belts and had us face each other. They put the hands in between their legs, and lifted us onto each of their biceps. They started flexing and our bodies went up and downl, rubbing our cocks along their mighty forearm. They leaned Evan and I together as Tyler said, “you guys are going to spend a lot of time together, so recommend you get to know each other. They forced our lips to touch, Evan did not take any time to force his tongue into my mouth. I could tell he was trying to find his place in the pecking order between us. For me all that mattered was that I was Tyler’s little boy. “are you guys ready to cum?” Evan and I were speechless and beyond ready. Tyler said, “so I want to prepare you son, this is going to hurt, but you have to trust me, it will be worth it.” With that he turns me around so I am facing away from him, he wraps his arm around my waist and places me on the tip of his 15inch cock. “are you ready?” He starts slowly inserting his cock into my ass. Once he knows it is in, he lowers me with more force so his cock is fully inside of me. I let out a scream, the pain was beyond words, but then it was done. Then felt complete, like my ass was made for his cock like a glove. Kyle did the same with Evan. They walked towards each other, Evan and I just there for the ride. They have our bodies positioned so our cocks were is each other mouth. You boys have fun with each other, but do not cum until we tell you to, is that understood?”. And whatever you do, don’t let go of each others cock. Our mouths were full so we could not say anything so all we could do was moan in agreement. The two giant brothers start thrusting us back and forth on their cocks. Evan and I sucking away on each others cocks. This went on for 15 minutes, each thrust getting more intense, I had to cum, but I remember their command. So I didn’t. Finally it was time, Tyler said ok boys, let it go. I was able to lose control and that is what I did, that is what Evan did, that is what Kyle did, and that is what Tyler did. We all came at once. I could not hold all of Evans in my mouth, it started spilling out the sides. I didn’t think my orgasm was going to stop. I could feel the leakage from my ass as Tyler was still coming. My body was so hot, growing with intensity as his seed filled the inside of me. Once the twins knew that we were done, they walked over to the 2 beds and sat down. Not even removing their cock from us. Kyle held his boy in his arm, and put his mouth to his ear. “That’s my boy! Did you enjoy that?” Evan just layed his head back into Kyle’s chest and took a deep breath, smiled and enjoyed the arms of his big daddy’s arms around him. He was in ‘Daddy Extasy”. Kyle placed one of his giant hands over Evan’s and whispered into his ear “Yeah boy; this is mine and mine alone now…I know I don’t have to explain that to you because you want nothing else than to please me. We are going to have an amazing life together.” Tyler did the same thing to me, he walked us over to the edge of the bed, and he sat down, with his cock still inside me. He wrapped his arm around my chest with such gentleness that I just melted into his chest. There is no other place I would rather be than in my daddy’s arms. Tyler grabs my waist, twists me around, so I am facing him, still inside me. He puts his hands on both cheeks and looks down at me with a huge smile. “my son, I want to be your protector, your lover and your friend. I never want you to need for anything ever again. We are bound together from this day forward.” I felt like Tyler was saying his weddings vows to me. He looks down and places his hand on my throbbing cock and says to me “This is mine and mine alone…I am your muscle daddy .forever.” Kyle and Tyler stood up, taking both Evan and I with them. Kyle spoke saying “I think it is time for us all to get cleaned up and head for dinner. Evan and I are going to take a shower here. Tyler, why don’t you take Chip and get a shower in your room and we will meet in the lobby in an hour. Tyler agreed, but how are we getting back to our room, we are completely naked. Tyler grabs his jeans and puts them on, so my ass is still showing, but mostly covered up. He grabs one of the blankets from the bed and wraps it around me. He has me lay my head on his chest, and he walks out the door. I can feel his heartbeat. Then I can feel mine, and I realize that at that moment our hearts were beating as one. When we got back to the hotel room, Tyler finally lifted me off of his cock and placed me on the bed. He looked at me with those gentle eyes and said: “My son, this is the first day of the rest of our lives together.” I knew that my life would never be the same again, and I would lose my old identity, and submit to the new title as “Tyler’s human plaything.”
  5. Big Tyler part 4

    What else could I do for Tyler that he has not already done with me. I had no clue what he had in store for me. He looked down at me. “Why don’t we go for a walk, I want to show you something.” He laughs “actually, I am going for a walk, you are going for a ride!!” HE reached down and grabbed me under my ass and lifted me in his right arm so I was resting on his right hip.” Here I was again, held as a child in his arms, as a father carries his young child. He walks out the front door and into the hall way. He pushes the button to the elevator. When the door opens there is a couple that is getting off. What a sight it must have been watching a giant carrying a full sized man like a child. They did not say a thing. They just looked up at him. He gives me a great big kiss right in front of them, like is showing them that I was his and his alone. He let the walk by as we went in. The door closes and he looks at me an just laughs. He was having fun watching peoples faces as he carried me. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before, but he had the same look in his eyes when he was buying the coffee yesterday when we first met, and when we walked through the lobby of the hotel. This was his dominance over me. I am really his little plaything. What is he planning on doing with me. I started getting a little nervous now. I started to squirm in his arms. “Whats wrong little guy? No need to fear, I got you”. I couldn’t understand what was happening. Did he really care about me, or was he just using me. But then I remember our evening together. He was so gentle. He treated me with all the respect in the world, but what is his infatuation with me. My mind was spinning…I never wanted to leave his side, but I was afraid. “I am not going to hurt you son”. “Where are you taking me?” I knew that no matter how much I squirmed, I was no match to his power and strength. I was helpless. “Don’t worry, I think you will like what I want to show you!” The door to the elevator opens and I realize that we are on another floor, but not the lobby. He stepped off the elevator and he started walking down a long hallway. “It’s ok, little guy! Just lay your head on my shoulder, you are safe with me.” He puts his left hand behind my head and pushes it down towards his shoulder. I could not move, he was forcing me to lay my head on his shoulder. It was so strange, I had no clue what his intentions were with me. I knew I had no control of the situation, but I also knew I was safe. He stops in front of a door and used a keycard and opens the door. Tyler looks at me with excitement, ”are you ready?”. A man about the same size as Tyler opened the door. Tyler walks inside with me in his arms. Tyler sets me down on the bed. Son, I want to introduce you to my twin brother Kyle. Kyle this is my new boy Chip”. Tyler steps aside and Kyle comes into the light. He is about the same size as Tyler. He is muscular, but not as big. Kyle looks at me and walks toward me. He is not towering over me while I sit on the bed. He reaches down and grabs me by my belt and lifts me off the bed in one arm. He is studying me, looking at my body from top too bottom. “looks like you got yourself a keeper little brother!” “and where is your little guy?” Tyler asked his brother. “Oh, I let him use the bathroom, give me a minute and I will bring him in here.” He sets me down on the bed, and walks in the bathroom. “hey little buddy, are you almost done? I want you to meet some people. I hear the toilet flush, and the door opens. I can’t see what is happening, but I feel a grunt coming from that direction. Tyler is looking at me like I am his prize, not just his son now. Kyle walks around the corner with a fully grown man in his arm. This guy had to be as big as me. He was a little younger with blond hair and you could tell that under normal circumstances, he would be an alpha. But to Kyle, he was just his little plaything. He is holding this guy with one arm wrapped around him. The man is facing away from him, pressed against Kyle’s body, feet dangling 4 feet off the floor. This is my little guy Evan.” Evan did not look like he was afraid, or in danger, but was comfortable in his position as this giant’s toy. Kyle repositions his grasp on Evan and sets him down on the bed next to me. Tyler looks at Evan and grabs him under his armpits and lifts him not just eye level but over his head so Evan’s head is touching the ceiling. “I thing our littles guys will get along just fine. You did a great job finding you boy big brother!” This is going to be so much fun. Tyler brings Evan down to eye level and places him in his left arm while he reaches down with his right arm and lifts me out of bed. “They are perfect together.” He scoots his hands down and places them under both of our asses. Then begins to lift us higher together. “Oh yeah, I can feel their lust for us big brother. We are about to have some fun with you guys now…are you ok with that.” I knew I didn’t have a choice. With that he throws us both onto the bed right next to each other. Kyle looks at Tyler “let’s get them undressed.” Kyle reaches for Evan and grabs him and pulls him toward the edge of the bed. He grabs his shirt and rips it off of his body, then he grabs Evan’s jeans, lifting him off the bed, he pulls on the jeans with both hands wrips those off his body. Evan’s body flopped back down onto the bed. I did not have a chance to move and he landed right on top of me. Not waisting any tme, Kyle reaches for Evan, pulls his leg until he is at the edge of the bed again. “can’t forget about these little guy. He grabs Evan’s boxers and gently pulls them down, touching his cock along the way. He grabs Evan by one arm and lifts him up. “That is how I want you from now on in my presence boy.” “Yes sir” “Good boy, I will reward you later for your obedience.” “Thank you sir” Tyler is watching this all happen, he sees how his brother is manhandling this guy and says “Go easy on him, he still human not just a toy.” I could tell that Tyler is more tender and compassionate of the two brothers. Then he looks over to me. He saw the fear in my eyes. He walks over to me, sits down next to me. He reaches over and grabs me, pulls me to him and then sets me on his lap. He starts with pulling off my shirt. I will not be so rough on you son…my brother can get carried away, but I know what you want.” After he takes off my shirt, he rubs my left nipple a few times before moving his hand south. HE unbuttons my jeans and reaches in and grabs my cock. It is hard as a rock. “I knew you would like this! Let’s get these off of you.” He stands up and has me bent over his arm. He pulls off my jeans and sets them aside. My boxers went with them. “There you go son…isn’t that better?” He sits back down on the bed, sets me on his lap again. I layed my head on his huge chest. “I bet you wonder what is going on here don’t you?” Of course, the thought did cross my mind. Here are two giant men, using 2 large men by normal standards, but to them, we were just children to them. Tyler started to explain what was happening. “Kyle and I wanted to find two guys, not just any guy, but ones that would be into all of this muscle. We wanted to find two guys that not only got off on feats of strength, but being lifted and carried likea child. We came across this potion that allows us to grow younger with the lust of another. We must learn to care for the needs of others. Your needs are much different than Evan’s, but you both have a lift and carry fetish. When I first started talking to you online, I knew you were the one. I knew that you had this fetish by being taken care of, like a father carries his son. Evan here has the same fetish, but he wants to be dominated by muscle. Kyle would not get the same reaction from Evan is he treated him like I am treating you. Evan wants to be lifted against his will.” Tyler looked over at Evan, “am I correct boy? Don’t answer…because I already knew it was true.” All of this was too overwhelming to me. Now I understood why he grew taller and wider earlier. It makes sense that both giants are 65 years, yet look like they are 35. Tyler knew what I was going to ask even before I asked it. ‘I bet you are wondering about our names aren’t you? We chose those names for online purposes because we did not want you to be turned off if you found out our true age before our meeting. My real name is Walter, and my brothers name is Chester. Now, would you have met us if we had names like those? Or would you think we were older and not as attractive? Tyler and Kyle are names that go with our new identity. I like Tyler much better than Walter. It makes me feel young again and in charge. So I hope this doesn’t change anything in our relationship son. I have enjoyed taking care of you.” He reaches down and caresses my cock and sack. I was starting to cum with his touch, but he nodded his head back and forth “Not yet my son…not yet”. We have other plans for you before we get to that point, but don’t worry, it will all be worth it!” Kyle walks over and grabs Evan in one arm and reaches down and grabs me out of my daddy’s lap and sets us down so we are facing his huge pecs. He takes off his shirt and grabs a hold of the top of both of our heads and forces us to open our mouth and take in his man tits. “That’s is boys, show your daddy what you got” Tyler walks over to me, bends down and says “the best is yet to cum!” To be continued…
  6. Big Tyler part 3

    This is my vision big Tyler
  7. Big Tyler part 3

    I guess I got my answer then huh!!
  8. Big Tyler part 3

    Should I keep going?
  9. Big Tyler part 3

    So I wake up the following morning with the hardest morning woody I have ever had. I still had not cum from the night before, so I am so worked up it isn’t even funny, but I remember the promise I made to Tyler that I would not cum until he gave me permission. I realize that he is not around. I really had to take a piss, so I walked to the bathroom. When I finished I was walking back out into the main room and Tyler meets me at the door. He has a great big grin on his face “Hey son, how did you sleep?” “I don’t even remember falling asleep, but I had the best night sleep I can remember.” “Well your probably have never slept on top of a mountain of muscle before either have you?” “So Tyler, you mentioned you were filling our day with new adventure. I know there will be plenty of time to do stuff today, but can I ask you something?” I felt like a teenage boy asking his dad for a favor. He walks over to me with concerned eyes and looks down at me. Then he smiles, grabs me again under the armpits and lifts me until we are eye level with one another. “Son, you can ask me anything you want…and don’t ever be afraid of me. I am big, but I am not brutal. So shoot son…What can I do for you?” “Well that’s just it daddy, I need to shoot my load.” You told me now to cum until you told me to. I was so exhausted by our encounter yesterday and you almost brought me so many times to climax, but brought me back into reality before I went to over the edge. I have been patient thus far, but I don’t know how much more I can take sir. I look at him with these puppy dog eyes. Hoping to find some mercy. “Is that all that you wanted to ask me? I can help you do that!! The question is how? I don’t want you touching yourself. I want to do it for you. I want to serve you this weekend son.” I can see that wheels of his mind have been spinning thinkiing about a creative was to help me cum. I just thought that me wacking off was good enough, but not for Tyler, he wanted a more creative way to do it. “ah yes…I have an idea! I want to make this an orgasm you will never forget. Hold on a minute, he walked over to the dresser, set me down on top and stepped back. He took off his shirt showing off his huge physique once again. He pulled off his pants and boxers. He grabs his 12 inch cock, and rubs a couple of times, then walks back over to me. He has that wicked smile that would cause any man to submit to his power. He leans over and starts to kiss my neck. “You want to cum son?” I feel the warmth of his breath in my ear. I am going to give you the ride of your life. I am going to make you cum like you have never cum before, would you like that son?” with that, he picks me up again from my waist, backs up and holds me out in front of him. Up until this point, I have never seen this dominant side of him. He is looking at my body like he is studying me. He is holding me with just the strength of his arms. “You like that don’t you boy? You like Daddy holding you like you weigh nothing at all. Hell, I could hold you like this all day long. You would like that wouldn’t you? I am completely speechless, but as he is holding me, I can see that I am not the only one that is enjoying this, because his cock is standing at attention. He was getting off by his dominance over as much as I was being manhandled. His cock is at full attention. I reached out and put my arms on his biceps for support. They were like granite. They had to be at least 24 inches around. “are you ready son?” Before I could answer, he lifted me higher. Then he turned me around so I was facing away from him. He lowered me and placed me on his huge cock. He held me close to him by wraping his arm around my chest. I felt his warm gentle hand caressing my left nipple. With is right hand, he reaches down and grabs both of our cocks in his huge hand and immediately started stroking. His breathing was getting deeper. His hand on my chest is tensing, no matter what I did, I could not even move his arm. I have my eyes closed, and can feel the intensity of his strokes. I couldn’t hold on any more. I shot a load onto his cock and dripped onto the floor. I never knew I had that much in my body. I felt him laugh as he continued to stroke us both. The intensity was more than I could bare. My cock was so sensitive after the biggest orgasm I have ever had. His cock was so hot, intesified breathing, he moved hands to my waist, and started moving back and forth. I knew he was about to cum. He let out a yell that I am sure was heard 3-4 rooms over. Cum shot across the room and hit the front door. I was flopping all around, up and down, forward, backwards. I knew I was safe in his arms. Once he calmed down, he lifted me and with his right arm, he grabbed my legs and cradled me in his arms. He curled me until ours lips met. He kissed me deeply. He walked over to the bed, sat down, and set me on his lap. I placed his hand back on my cock and gently touched it. He smiled and said “That was fun, you just made my fantasy come true!” My eyes were wide with shock. I filled his fantasy? I pleased him, but he was the one that was pleasing him… Tyler looked at me and said…”do you want to help me do something?” I couldn’t imagine what he could ask me to do that he hasn’t done already. “Sure, what do you want me to do for you?” To be continued…
  10. Big Tyler part 2

    Thanks for the encouragement. This is my first story ever. It was never my strength in school. I guess it has to be something you are passionate about!! Also, Can someone tell me what color I should us for text so others can see it?
  11. Big Tyler part 2

    Thanks liftme, I thought about when I wrote it since we have the same fetish
  12. Big Tyler part 2

    Part 2 So I listened to Tyler and I did not move from the place that I was set. Like I lost all I had to my previous identity just a couple of hours before. I waited for Tyler’s return. He came back with a couple of glasses and a bottle of champaign. “There’s my boy” he said with a great big grin on his face. He walked over to the bed, leaned over and grabbed me around the waist, and up I went. Even after what just happened a couple of hours before, I could not register how a man could manhandle me like a child, and I weigh over 200lbs. He brought me to closer to him, and kissed me on the lips. His lips were so tender and sweet. He had a 5 oclock shadow, but not very scruffy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He turned around and sat down on the bed, and set me on his lap, and let me lay my head on his chest. “that’s it…lay your head on Daddy’s chest!! I am 45 years old, this man couldn’t be any older than 35. “I am older than you…and I feel like you want to take care of me as a father takes care of his son.” “How old do you think I am?” “I don’t know, between 35-40 tops” He laughs “Thank you son, actually I am 65 years old:” My mouth dropped for the second time today. “how can an old man, not even show any wrinkles and be as strong as an ox? I mean you are man handling me like a child and I am not a small man!” “I don’t know…genetics I guess. I have always been really strong. When I was 12, I got my first weight set. I couldn’t get enough of it. I would come home from school and start lifting for hours.” Didn’t your muscles fail on you with that much lifting?” “Not at all, in fact the more I lifted the more I wanted to get bigger. Kids in school would want to wrestle with me and ask me to do feats of strength. In that era, guys were not as big as they are now. So I would grab a couple of my friends by their jeans, one in each hand and lift them over my head. I would just laugh watching their feet dangling 4 feet off the ground. Sometimes they couldn’t help themselves and would come right in their pants by my power and strength. I never wanted to hurt them. In fact, I wanted to protect them. To show them that nobody could hurt them when I was around. Throughout the years, people would challenge me to feats of strength, but my favorite was lifting people when they least expected it. Kind of like did with you earlier. I know you were not expecting me to grab you in public and lift you under your armpits. I bet you didn’t expect me to lift you in different ways, without your feet ever touching the ground, did you?” “not at all” “That is what I love about my strength. Showing people that I am in charge, but also showing that not all muscle-bound freaks are assholes. When we first started chatting on the internet, I knew that I had to meet you. I wanted you make your wildest fantasies come true, but this gets me just as hard lifting you as it does for you being lifted! My son, I know that it hard to believe my age, but I am telling you the truth. I love being your muscle Daddy! Here, I brought us some champaign to celebrate our newly found relationship, but first let me help you get out of those clothes. I want to see what you got.” Before I had a chance to respond, Tyler took started to lift rip my shirt off my body. Then he stood up again, with me in one arm and unbuttoned my jeans with the other. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it before, but his forearm was bigger than one pant leg. Once I was stripped completely naked by this bohemeth in front of me, it set me back down onto the bed. He stood up, started removing his shirt revealing not a six pack, but an eight-pack abs. As his shirt started rising higher, he asked me to help him take it all the way off. As I did, I saw the mamoth chest, and biceps that had to be at least 22 inches. My cock has not gone soft since our encounter at the coffee house. But seeing him now, shirtless, I completely lost it. I had not even touched myself and my cock is shot out cum that went at least 3 feet across the room. “oh, you like my muscles don’t you? Well, I will let it go this time, but from now on, I don’t want you to cum until I tell you to…understood? All I could do is nod in agreeement This is the first time he talked to me as an alpha male. “Let me take off these pants and I will give you a full view of what I have in store for you. He pulled down with some difficulty getting past his gigantic thighs then calves. There was nothing on this man that was small. I looked at his cock and it had to be 12 inches and not even hard yet. He stood back up to his full height, he asked me to stand up on the bed. I did and realized that I am still looking up at him. Holy shit, did he just grow? Is he taller now than he was when we first met this evening? This can’t be possible. He wrapped his one arm around my waist and brought me to his side again. Both of us completely naked, he walked us over to the champaign and poured some into both glasses. He handed one to me and he took the other. “Here is to our new life together”, and we both took a sip. He then took me back over to the bed and sat down, shifted so I was on his lap again. I could his cock getting hard rubbing against my side and into my ribs. “I know you are wondering if I just grew again aren’t you?” I nodded my head up and down. He said “yeah, that is another thing that I should have mentioned before, but I knew that you would have thought that we were just role playing then and would never want to meet with me. So I did not provide you with that information. But yes, I did grow. I don’t know why, but when I get turned on and want to dominate another man, I have the ability to change my size. I know that you like tall men from out conversations, so I wanted to give you that privilege to see me grow.” I had so many questions for him, but I didn’t know if I could control cumming again if I received too much information. I asked him how tall he is, and his weight. He said “when I first met you, I was at my normal height at 6’8, and 320lbs. Now, after the change, I am 7’2 420.” My cock was trying so hard not to cum as he demanded earlier. “Oh, I guess that pleases you even more huh? Yeah, I know, you don’t even have to respond, your cock is standing at attention for your muscle daddy. But remember the rules”. I look down at his cock that is between us and I ask him what can I do for him. He told me that we would get to that later, but for now this is about me. “fulfilling your fantasies of being in my arms is just as a turn on for me to give as it is for you to receive. Just relax, I am not expecting anything in return, this is all about you tonight. However, I am not going to make it easy on you not to cum until I tell you to, is that a deal. I looked at him and said “Do I really have a choice?” “Not really!!” He said with a smile. Then he stood up, me going up with him. He grabbed me under the armpits again and hoisted me high so my cock was at his mouth. “here is your first test of endurence” and before he puts my cock in his mouth, he blows on it ever so gently that is sends shivers all the way up my spine. He shifts his hands and places them on my waist. He then starts to suck on my cock moving in and out by adjusting my body in front of him. How is this old man doing this. I keep having to remind myself that I am 230lbs, and I am being held like a small child. He is sucking me off while holding my body in the air. My feet dangling 4 feet off the ground. I can’t wrap my legs around his waist because he is thrusting my cock in and out of his mouth by moving my body back and forth. I tell him I am about to cum. He stops thrusting, but does not remove my cock from his mouth until he knows that I have calmed down. “Good job son, you really make daddy proud.”: He lowers me down so my feet are almost touching to floor, which made me level with his chest. His hands still at my waist, he starts to rub my cock along his abs and chest. He does this several times, before laying down on the bed with me on top of him. He is still man handling me, nestling my cock in the crevis of his chest and he flexes, I am trapped. He releases his grip and slides me down so I can lie my head on his chest…I am so exhausted, that I fall asleep as his chest rises and falls with each breath. He says in a gentle voice “rest my son, for tomorrow is a new day filled with new adventures.
  13. Big Tyler

    So…here is my first story I have ever done. So please forgive me for any grammar or spelling errors I may make. I have been on this site for many years, with a lift and carry fetish, but never contributed a story until now. So here it goes. I met Tyler online in a chatroom for muscle guys and their admirers. I have been on this site before with not much luck. But that night was different. I started messaging him. He told me that he was a big guy, and he loved to show off for his admirers. Some guys find my fetish of being picked up and carried a turn off and end the conversation there. So…I was expecting another shutdown from Tyler once I told him my fantasy, but his response was quite different. He told me that he has lifted a lot of guys. In fact he does it quite often. I was instantly hard, and I knew I had to meet him. Just one more thing I had to know. You see, I am not a small guy. I am 6’1 230lbs, so most guys say that I am too heavy or too big to lift. When I told him my stats, he told me that he has lifted much bigger guys than me before. He said if we ever met, my feet would not touch the ground. That set me over the edge. I felt wet spot on my boxer briefs. . When you are online, you can be whoever you want to be, You could say you have blond hair and blues eyes and 6’4. When, in reality you have brown hair, and brown eyes, and no taller than 5’6. So Tyler and I decided to meet after several weeks of messages back an forth. I did not want to get my hopes up if he was not for real. We decided to meet up at a coffee house in town, and see where things went from there. He never told me his stats, but promised he was strong enough to make my dreams come true. I got to the coffee house a little bit early. I sat by a window overlooking the city street. I saw several people walking in and out while I was waiting. There was one guy that I saw I was sure was Tyler, but as I was about ready to say something, he smiled and then sat down next to a woman. I waited for 20 minutes, but there was no sign that Tyler was going to show. As I was about ready to leave, the door opens and in walks the biggest bodybuilder I have ever seen. My mouth dropped almost to the floor. This guy must have been 6’8 at least 300lbs, and not a single ounce of fat on him. When he saw my face, with my mouth wide open, he knew I was the one he was looking for. He smiled at me, and said “you must be Chip”. My parents gave me that name as they said I was a “chip” off the old block. “Tyler?” “The one and only” “Wow…” (Wow? You meet the man of your dreams, and all you can say is “WOW!!”) Tyler smiles again and looks down at me. He walks closer to me and I can feel the heat coming from his body. As he stands right in front me, he puts his hands under my armpits and just lifts me up so we are face to face. People are watching this giant man lifting another large man like he weighed nothing at all. I am still speachless. He wisperred in my ear “this is what you wanted isn’t it?” He continued to hold me in the air, my feet dangling off the ground. He this starts to lift me higher so I am about to touch the ceiling. I can’t believe this is happening to me. “Man…umm…umm… Tyler laughs because he know that he has me right where he wants me. “I told you that while you are with me, your feet would not touch the floor. Are you ok with that?” How could I not be? I am in the arms of my dream man, biggest man I have ever seen and manhandling me like a small child. “Are you ready to go?” “Go where?” I said “I got us a room at the hotel down the street.” We have the whole place to ourselves without a single person to bother us.” My feet are still off the ground at this point. He shifts me to one arm, pulls out his wallet with the other and orders a Caramel Latte to go. He doesn’t even care that people were watching, I was his little plaything. As we are waiting for his latte, he started talking to me. “I can’t wait to show you what I can do for you!” I was rock hard, and was poking into his side. He smiles, reaches down and flicks my cock and says “You think that you are hard now, wait until I get you to the room!” He adjusts me again and this time throws me over his shoulder so my face was in front and had a good view if his chest and abs. He grabs his coffee and walks out the door. As we are walking down the street, Tyler is trying to make small talk with me bent over his shoulder like this is a normal thing for him. He asked me how long I have had this fetish. I told him “as long as I can remember.” “Have you ever been manhandled like this?” “Um…only in my dreams. I am usually too big for most guys, but you lift me as I am only a child to you. Aren’t you tired yet Tyler?” “Are you kidding, you are so light, if we weren’t talking, I would forget you were up there! By the way, how does it feet to be almost 7 feet off the ground over a giant shoulder?” “Well to be honest, this walk is causing me to get nauteous being almost upside down.” “Oh man, I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable. How about I put you on my shoulders to ride the rest of the way. Without waiting for a response, I felt myself being pulled off of his shoulder and down his arm. He flexed his bicep and my body bouncing up and down until he moved his arm forward, grabbing my armpit with the other arm, I was dangling in the air as he held me up with one arm. The arm that I was riding on just moments before, clamped onto my right armpit. Without warning, up I went to sit on his shoulders. “How is that little guy?” “Much better sir” “please, you don’t have to call me sir, I am your friend Tyler.” For some reason I felt safe with Tyler. I never felt threatened. I felt like he was my protector. I wanted to be in his arms forever. Normally I would be self concious about people stairing at me, but I didn’t even think about it. All I could think about was Tyler manhandling me like a 100lb kid. As we got close to the entrance to the hotel, he reached up and grabbed me to lower me off of his shoulders. He held me to his side again as he did at the coffee house with one arm and me to the side, like a mother would carry a young child. That is what I was to him, a young child. We walked through the lobby towards the elevator. Tyler looked over at me and gave me a great big smile, kissed me on my lips ever so gently. “are you ready for the real fun to begin?” I looked at him with shock in my eyes. “The real fun?” He laughed. “This is only a glimps of what these arms are capable of. The good stuff is yet to come!” He swiped his card to the room and opened the door. He swung me around so he was now carrying me in cradle hold. “I want to make sure I carry you the proper was across the threshold. Your life will never be the same after tonight my son”. He carried me like a groom would carry his bride into the room, and for the first time, he placed me on the bed. As he stood up, he said to me “Now remember, your feet are not to touch the floor while I am with you, so stay where you are.” Then he walked away “don’t forget…:” and walked out of the room. To be continued…
  14. Old Man Stevens - Part Sixteen

    Londonboy, you have done it again! I know I may sound conceded, but I felt like you wrote that chapter just for me! I love your stories bud!! I can't wait for the next chapter.