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    fantasy profile.
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    Stories, fantasy / role play chats about muscle worship and sex. I love older men with muscle ... big time :)
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    Lots of Londonboy stories, older muscle stud / younger worshipper types of scenarios, bi or gay stories, superhero story, not into alpha / jock stuff
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    Lee Priest in his Superman costume at NOC and Arnold
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    Muscle Worship / Sex , superhero muscle, bi or gay

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  1. SupermanFan

    Ski weekend with Muscle Daddy

    This is PERFECT!!!
  2. SupermanFan

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

    It's your story and to each their own ... but I really hope this does not include incest.
  3. SupermanFan

    A new Superman- Roger

    Bummer i really wanted to watch the New Superman in action. Thanks for your efforts
  4. SupermanFan

    A new Superman- Roger

    Oh man I really need this story to continue!! I love New Supermen!!
  5. SupermanFan

    A new Superman- Roger

    love this! Please continue

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