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    Working out, muscle growth, reading, music, design. Muscle morphs, Audio and visual growth.
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    5'6" 200lbs
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    Spandex, Lycra, leather, latex, singlets. Muscles and more muscles

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  1. It only will work if you use a computer.. if you using a cellphone it takes you to some porn site..
  2. I wasn't expecting Struck to be such a sweet story, it's really a great find, thanks for posting the link
  3. tobebig

    The Island

    It was very well written and touching actually
  4. tobebig

    The Island

    This was not what I expected.. A really great read though
  5. I'm really enjoying this story and the direction it is heading. Fantastic Job
  6. Fantastic start, can't wait to read where your take this.
  7. Great story, keep up the good work! Can't wait to read what you come up with next.
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