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    St. Louis
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    real profile.
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    hypnosis, hypno, muscle, hairy men, athletes/jocks, musclebears
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    Work in progress :P
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    To get more muscular myself, and to help others become more muscular when they use my hypnosis. Also friends and potential future roommates (anyone willing to cut me a deal in exchange for regular hypnosis sessions? ;) ).
  • What are your dream stats?
    I love thick muscle but I don't know what stats would look best for my height. Who wants to help me find out?
  • Favorite Stories
    Prefer hypnosis - on either side
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    He's not a bodybuilder, but one of my dream men is Ben Cohen. However, if someone can help me grow even thicker - like Seth Feroce or Caleb Blanchard.
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    Hypnosis, muscle growth, transformation

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    http://musclemesmerizer.com & http://fitdimwit.com

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  1. nice to see you on here coach :)

    1. Mesmerizer


      Thanks and likewise!

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