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  1. musclelaz

    An updated index of the Old Story Archive

    thanks so much! but now I realise it's not the story I was looking for haha... but I must say I'm glad I found this one again too! so hot! Fun reading stuff from dimplexca again... Anyone can help me with a story, (thought the name was Business Trip, but I guess it wasn't then lol... maybe Business affairs? or Big Desires?)... Anyway, it used t be on Coiled Fist too and it was a (three part?) story about two co-workers slowely gaining muscle and in the last part they go on a business trip. They come in a hotel and have to share the king size bed... they start making out and grow huge.... one of the guys' but busts out of the front of the hotel somewhere... The author may be sexiscriptor... or something like that sound familiar? grtz Laz
  2. musclelaz

    An updated index of the Old Story Archive

    thanks for the archive! I've been looking for "Business Trip" from Dimplexca for ages. It's in the list, but I can't open it... typical 😛 can anybody help me? thanks!
  3. musclelaz


    Nederlandstalige zuiderburen ook ok?

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