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  1. Zane pulls his car into a hotel parking lot where Leon is staying at. He hopes to surprise him with a gift. Zane walks into the hotel lobby amd goes to front desk. "Hello ma'am. Do you know which room Leon Burkett is staying at? Zane asks politely. "Room 305 sweetheart" she says "Thank you". Zane takes the elevator to the 3rd floor and walks to room 305. He knocks on the door and a female voice answers. "Come in" she says Zane answers the door to see Tanya, Leon's sister laying on the bed half naked. Zane being the innocent man turns around out of respect for Leon. Tanya, trying to mess with Zane, does her best to seduce him. "Oh come on babe. Leon isn't here. You really don't want none of this light chocolate?" Tanya asks seductively. "I appreciate the offer but i have a girlfriend" Zane says. He really doesn't, and he's blushing hard ". I'm just messing with you. What you doing here?" Tanya asks. Zane turns back around "I came to bring gifts for you and Leon." He says. He has bag and he pulls out 3 sets of keys. 1 house key and 2 car keys. He also pulls out $500,000 in cash. "Oh what's this for?" Tanya asks. "It's for you and Leon. I bought y'all a better house than that shitty ass apartment. And I even bought y'all each a car. Sure they're not DeMarcus boosted cars but they're just as good." Zane says "Aw, that's so sweet of you" Tanya says. "May i ask where Leon is anyway? Zane asks. "He's at the apartment getting it fixed. Where's the house?" Tanys asks. "Outside of downtown Atlanta in the suburbs." Zane says. Meanwhile Leon is putting plaster down on the ceiling where Zach made the whole. Hes cussing him in his mind wondering why he was even friends with him. He even destroyed his cousins gift from California. While finishing up he hears a loud V8 and tires screeching with the engine revving up to 8,000 rpms. Speak of the devil. "Open the door Leon. I know you're here." Zach says. Leon is hesitant to open the door as he doesn't anything else to get destroyed. But the fact thst zach commented he was gonna make a bigger hole in the door than the hole he put in the ceiling, he literally put everything down and went to open the door. "Aw, i was hoping to bust another hole in something else today." Zach says. Leon looks up and down Zach's body to see he's wearing nothing but his shorts with a big hole in the middle, he's has a 3 months workout build, and there's blood splattered on his body. "Can I ask why you're naked and bloody on my doorstep?" Asks Leon "Well..." Zach says. He pushes Leon to the side to get in the house. Leon looks at him like "WTF? He gon disrespect me in my house?" But there was really nothing he could do cuz he much weaker Zach is so he goes with it. He sighs and closes the door. He turns around to see Zach sitting on the couch. Leon sits on the smaller couch facing the balcony. "Lemme start from the beginning. I like to go the old construction site on the western side outside of downtown. There are drift meets every Saturday night. And you know i have a Mustang your cousin sold me." "Ok..." "There was this one guy I kept losing to named Ken Harvey. Him and his RX-7 was unstoppable, until last night." "Alright..." "The event was whoever could score the most points while drifting around the site in the closed course they had set up. It was the longest course too." "And how exactly do one get said points?" "We attached a Classic Need for speed underground drift scorer on each of our cars. Anyway Ken went 1st and scored 550,000 points then i went and scored 790,000 points." "That's actually impressive" "Right?! So I won and that didn't really sit well with Ken. So he gets out and tries to beat me up. So i grew to the body i have and beat him up. First he tried to throw a couple punches and i just picked him and threw him to his car. He then got in his car and tried to run me over. I just stopped it with my hands and it totaled. I opened his door and delivered 5 punches to his face. That's where blood came from." "Did you kill him?" "What do you take me for? No he's not dead, he's in the hospital." "Oh thank god. So where did the hole in your shorts come from?" "A girl informed us that the construction site will be a police station. Nobody was really with that idea. So I decided to destroy it. Would you like a visual representation?" Zach asks that question with an evil smile on his face. Leon already knew what was gonna happen, he already fixed one hole and was in the process of fixing the other. He didn't want his house to destroyed. "So I grew my cock up to the bottok,of my pecs, and let loose. When i tell I've never felt an orgasm like the one i had, bro..." Zach says. Leon is sweating hoping he'll just tell the story, despite how disgusting it is. "My cum blasted through the railbeams, the pipes, the wood, even the reinforced steel support beams. And instead of everybody running away, they all cheered for me which is a big confidence booster. So I came harder. My cum skyrocketed through that building. My cock so big and veiny even my balls were veiny too. I destroyed that building with my nut." "Cool. Can you leave now?" Leon asks. "I could, but I wanna surprise you with this." Zach's cock starts to grow out into the hole in his pants. 30 seconds later it's length stuck out to at least 13 inches and that's soft. "I haven't released in a couple hours bro. I'm MAD horny" Zach says. His cock then grows thicker to match the width of the hole. "Bruh please! Not in here! I just fixed this mess!" Leon yells. Him yelling only made Zach even hornier. "You yelling for me to stop only makes it better for me!" Zach says. His cock has hardened and is standing up to his chin. His balls have grown to the size of Bowling balls. "This is how i destroyed that building!" Zach yells. As he said that a large volley of cum rocketed out of his cock into the ceiling, busting an even bigger hole than he did 3 days ago. The cum went through the plaster with effort and was flying 200ft in the air. And that was only the first shot. Zach aimed his cock in front of him and shot a second stream of cum at Leon. Leon, growing up in bad neighborhoods instinctively dodged the shot of nut and it hit the Flat screen TV and the wall behind it. It made a big hole in the TV and wall and chunk of the both of the debris crashed into Leon's room. Some of the jizz left a big track on the ground when it tapered off. "Nigga, what are you doing?!" Leon yells "Doing you a favor" Zach says. Zach stood up with his cock bouncing up his chest. He walks out the front door and shuts it. Leon gives a sigh of relief that a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He goes into his room and checks the damages. Yeah, there's a big hole in the wall. The TV is destroyed and there's a big splat of nut on his headboard. He's surprised it didnt make through that hole either. He sits on his bed, with his head in his hands wondering what he ever did to deserve this. He gets his phone out to call insurance and starts dialing the number. He gets on the phone with an agent. "Hello? Hi sir, my name is Leon Burkett. Yes... Yes my wall has a big hole in the middle and..." A car comes crashing down in the room. He was so close to it, it damn near gave him a heart attack. He was lucky he didnt get hit by the debris. He looks up to see a car size hole in the ceiling and Zach comes crashing down, putting a crater on the floor but luckily not completely breaking through to the neighbors below, who are currently at work. Zach hulked out a lot more. He now looks like the Hulk. "Bruh what the fuck?!" Leon yells. Zach just ignores him. Instead he picks up the Chevy Malibu by one hand on the back bumper and spins it around. Leon quickly ducks and runs out the apartment. Seconds later the car comes crashing from the front of the building, completely destroyed. Zane and Tanya come drifting in the parking lot in a 2016 BMW M5 to find Leon on the ground. Tanya runs out from Zanes car to Leon. "Oh my god, baby brother are you ok?" Tanya asks. "One, you're only 3 mins older. And 2, physically yes, mentally no. Why? BECAUSE ZACH JUST DESTROYED OUR HOUSE!!" Leon says. "Bro, trust me I just did you a favor." Zach says. "I told you not to surprise him like that!" Zane says. "Surprise?" Leon asks. "They bought us a mansion towards the east of Atlanta, and gave us an extra 5 million dollars." Tanya says. Leon looks at her, dumbfounded. He has the feeling that she's lying, but believes her anyway. Leon gets up and looks at the damage Zach created. All four of them look to their right and see the apartment owner comes at them with a crowbar and they hear sirens in the background. Zane, Leon and Tanya quickly get in the M4 and Zach shrinks back and runs back to his mustang and speed off. They sped off to the mansion and luckily they were gone before the cops arrived. They get to the mansion and get out their cars. They all gather around it at the front door, looking at it. Leon and Tanya just got rich and can finally get some money the right way. "Hey Zach, why are you naked and bloody?" Tanya asks. "Well..." Zach says. "Uh uh! Not here! Tell that story somewhere else!" Leon yells.
  2. I quite possibly could be looking at my death right here. I have a giant veiny dick pointed at me with a ball energy growing bigger vand bigger. I'm on one knee, panting because I've used all my energy. I can't really move or stand. I know if i stand I'll just fall back on the ground. I just fought a maniacal teen with muscular and energy beam powers, and I'm close to death. "Well. Did we learn anything? I've learned that you're nothing! Nothing! But a regular human being with no powers. And now you'll get a taste of what real powers are!!" Avery says. Ben sees this and matters into his own hands. He grows his body into a sprinters build. His arms become slightly more vascular, a 6 pack of and pop out of his stomach, 2 by 2 by 2, his pecs growing forward slightly and both his legs become thicker that the shorts he was wearing tear slightly at the legs. "Are you ready lil girl?!" Avery screams. I take as he's about to release his energy. "Here...!" Ben runs around towards the catwalks to my right. "It...!" I see Ben come around from a jet towards me. "Comes!!!!" A Bright blue light comes from his cock and flies towards me. I feel like cell testing vegetas final flash thinking it wasn't gonna do anything, but i knew i was gonna die. Ben comes in a flash picks me up from the beams path. He drops me towards the wall and then runs around and deliver a punch in Avery face, Knocking him out. He runs back over to me to check on me, but I'm too distracted by what his energy beam did to the hangar. The beam was big enough to dig into the ground and travel across the hangar. Thr jet that was behind me was split into 2 with burns marks in the middle and a hole big enough to fit a Halo 3 scorpion in the hangar wall. Needless to say, I would've died. "Are you okay? Can you breathe? Hey. Hey. Christina? Can you hear me?" Ben kept asking I was still too distraced from the Cock kamehameha I almost died from. "Yeah, yeah I'm good. But uh... What the fuck was that?" I ask "Well if you haven't figured it out, we both have the power to grow our muscles at will to whatever we want, and have the ability to shoot energy beams out of our dicks." Ben says. He says that so nonchalantly like it's normal. We are a force of people with super powers but that's new to me. "Ok... Just out of curiosity. How does that feel?" I asked. I legit wanted to know. "Basically, it feels like a thousand orgasms into one. So fucking good" Ben says. Captain Aqua and her assistant, Isabella came running in. "Christina!! Are you okay?!" Aqua asks. "Yeah, just out of energy" I say. Isabella begins looking around the hangar, to see a big hole in the wall, a jet broken in half, and a passed out muscular 19 year old with his dick out. "My lord, you just can't keep out of trouble can you?! Do you know how much this is gonna cost for repairs?! I come back from a business trip and this is the first thing I see. Ridiculous." Isabella says. "When are you going to realize, that there have been bigger damages to this exact hangar that I haven't caused? Instead of being mad because that's what you do best, Lemme explain myself." I say. Isabella walks towards me, grabs my head and close her eyes. She has the ability to read minds and saw the same thing i saw. "That explains that boy over there". Isabella says. Aqua gets a random water bottle on the work bench near the catwalk and uses that to wake Avery up. How exactly? She uses her water bending to make a harsh stream of water and sends it to Averys face. It looked like a firehose on his face. *cough* *cough* *cough* "What the he-" *cough* *cough* "The hell are you doing?!" "We could ask you the same thing" Ben says. Avery gets up and sees the same damage I explained earlier. "Oh shit. Where is Christina? Is she alive?" "Yeah, I'm all good-" That's when Avery grabbed me and hugged me to death. "Oh my god! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Avery kept saying that, while he swinging me around in his arms. "Bruh, I'm not mad. That was one of the best fights I ever had!" I said. I was deadass too. I legit had fun with that. "Wait, really?" Avery asked. "Yes. Thank you for a good fight" I say. "I just wanted to know, what possessed you to do that?" Isabella asked "... To be honest, it was a feeling of pride. Me and Ben were almost killed a while back, and the whole time the person who did it kept demoting us. Kept saying we weren't nothing but regular human trash. Since then I've been training to find and beat that guy, and get my revenge." Avery says. Huh, maybe we do have something in common. "Well... Thats interesting. Clean this place up and head back to the meeting room. There's a big mission we'll have to take care of" Aqua says. "And she means within the next hour!" Isabella says. 1 hour later... "We all know we got something stolen back in the secret base back in Miami, and we're going to get it back. And everybody invloved in this case whatsoever will get taken down." Aqua says. I was the only person confused about this whole thing. I've been in this force for 3 years and I never knew about somerhing getting stolen. Ben and Avery are focused on what's going on. I assume it must ve about them since they were transferred here from Miami. "With the little drones we put in every city for safety, I've cased 3 possible targets. 2 mansions in Hollywood hills. An apartment complex in Atlanta, and another mansion in Miami." Isabella says. "Soon we're gonna team up and go to these places in pairs. Me and isabella are gonna go to California. Ben and Christina go to miami. Avery and another person will go to Atlanta. Our goal is to find THIS." Aqua says. She pulls out a picture of a Blue and purple gem. Ben and Avery both sigh heavy. I guess this makes it personal for them. "No matter what happens, we get what was stolen from us. Just no killing" Aqua says. "Now lets move out!" 30 mins later... Ben is getting both of our stuff packed into a jet. I come over to Avery who is standing alone, leaning against a wall with his arms cross. He has this annoyed look on his face. "Hey, this is Carson. He has lighting powers." I say. "Oh really? Shock me here little man" Avery says. Carson points his finger at Avery and a small lightning bolt shoots from his finger and hits Avery. Avery steps back a couple steps to regain his balance. "You mean to tell me a little bolt that small hurt that much?" Avery asks. "There is no limit to my power" Carson says. I walk back towards Ben where he's in the private jet starting it up. Before I get on Aqua comes up to me. "Listen. You may have been the best soldier we have, but you have to be careful this time. We don't know who were dealing with this time." Aqua says. Then she hugs me, which threw me off "Oh I will." I say. Then she walks away. "Alright Ben lets get to Miami." Ben lifts off and fly towards the sun. I wonder what we'll do in Miami.
  3. New story! Zach and Zane are driving to Leon's house in urgency. "Zach, slow down!" Zane yells. "Marcus sold me this car. I'm gonna drive it like I'm supposed to!" Zach yells back. "Like I said, Leon didn't even do anything!" "Leon was supposed to help you since you REFUSE to use the power I gave you!" "You mean the power that our father genetically gave us?! Yeah, sorry I don't use my power to destroy buildings and cause mayhem in Atlanta!" "Much destruction is needed in this broken ass city, so call it damage control" "Damage control?! So throwing a car through a window because you lost a black jack game is damage control?" "We don't talk about that. Besides we're here." Zach drift his car into a parking spot. Ever since Marcus trained him how to properly drive a car, he's been driving like crazy ever since. A 2016 Ford Mustang. He could do drifts like crazy. Zach and Zane get out and walk up to Leon's apartment door. Apartment 306. Zach knocks on the door very abruptly and loudly. Leon slowly walks up to the door with a gun in his hand. He looks in the peephole and see the 2 people he don't want to see right now. Especially after that scuffle 2 nights ago. "Open the damn door. We know you're home, cuz you're Altima is outside." Zach says. Leon slowly backs up from the door and cocks his gun. He didnt think he had to take a life today, especially 2 people he actually respect. He aims his gun at the door. Its all or nothing at this point. "Ok, this is taking too long." Zach says. Zach's right leg starts growing more muscular and vascular in his sweatpants. His thighs become more shredded and his calfs start to point out like a football. "Back up Zane" With one powerful kick, Leon's door is busted open. It sounded like a grenade went off. Leon started shooting at the twins but no success. The bullets literally stuck to the twins. Leon kept shooting until he ran out of bullets. "You mean to tell me this is your best friend? Since when does your best friend try to kill you?" Zach asks. "He knew the bullets wouldn't kill us. He just using that as a warning to stay back." Zane replies. "Yeah, exactly. The fuck you too niggas want?" Leon says. "Zane over here just got his ass beat, because he refuse to use his powers. And I hear that you were there but you didn't help him. So i just wanna know why." "You really think I would be able to take on those people? They had knifes, golf clubs, bats. Sorry that I'm not, you know, invincible like you are Zach." "So you left your best friend for dead because you were too chicken to even attempt to fight back. I know you had your hand cannon on you. But I,came here to give a little bit of a warning and a punishment. And Zane will assist me whether he likes it or not." "Exactly what are you gonna do to me?" "You'll see." Zach's left leg starts growing to match his right leg. "Lemme give you a recap on what we can do. We are the sons of Hanzo Nakimoto. His greatest feat was the power he inherited from his father, Lance Nakimoto. His power was being able to grow muscles on his body whereever and whenever he pleased. That includes this" Zach then takes his hand and rips his sweatpants and boxers clean off him. His cock is exposed and now growing in front of him. Zach is now smiling at the sight of his cock growing. Leon is looking rather scared of the snake he sees in front of him. "We can even grow our cocks, even they're not a muscle." "What's your point bruh? Are you gonna kick my ass?" Leon asks. "For real, like what are you planning Zach?" Zane asks "Leon needs to know not to leave you behind again." Zach's cock reaches up to the bottom of his chest. Zane is behind him looking real nervous on what his brother is gonna do next. His brother was always a loose cannon ever since he controlled his power. Whether the acts were good or bad, he always left a trail of destruction. Zane refused to use his power because he feared that he would turn out like his brother. Zane was the complete opposite of his brother. He was kind, soft spoken, had a good heart, and never had any bad intentions. He even helped the police to stop criminals when they couldn't. He only used his power when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. But that was rare. Zane is the nicer twin. It's even because of him that Zach isn't in jail yet. "You see this cock up to my chest?? I can grow it to however long and thick I want it. Plus anything natural with it gets stronger too." Zach says. "Such as..?" Leon asks "Such as this." Zach says. Zach's cock shoots a stream of cum upwards and hits the ceiling, denting it. "What the fu- what the hell are you doing?!" Zane yells. "Leons punishment" Zach replies. Leon was completely frozen. Shocked at the sight he just saw. Somebody really nutted in his house, IN HIS HOUSE, and put a dent in the ceiling from that nut, IN HIS HOUSE. "That was just pre, this is a real cumshot." Zachs cock begin hardening, till it becomes harder than steel. Pencil thick veins starts appearing, running from the base of his cock to the tip. Even veins appearing on his balls. Zach's hands turn into fists when another stream of cum next to the dent with the stream going through the roof and into the sky 50 ft in the air. Leon is in disbelief on what he just saw. He just saw the same guy nut again but put a hole IN HIS CEILING. "Whoo that felt good. But I'm not done yet. You're gonna come with me outside" Zach says. "You just put 2 holes in my ceiling! Im not going anywhere with you!" Leon yells. "You're gonna come with me or its gonna get worse." Zach shot another stream of cum upwards and put another hole in the ceiling. "Then I guess I'm gonna pay thousands of dollars to get my house fixed huh?" "Then I guess you can forget driving around for a while too huh?" Leon knew exactly what Zach meant by that. Zach starts walking towards the door with Leon and Zane trying hold him back with no success. Zach pushes Zane to the side and picks up Leon over his head. He throws Leon against a parked car, paralyzing his back. He looks up to see Zach holding his car, A pearl white 2012 Chrysler 300 in the air with both hands over him. He tosses the car straight up 500ft in the air. His cock grows up to his chin, riddled with more veins, and a lot thicker. He arches his back and lets out a big roar as a tsunami of cum shoot out from his cock and into the sky above like a rocket. The cum fly ups straight and hits the chrysler and punches a hole from the bottom and into the car, then it punches a hole through the roof of the car and it breaks into 2 halfs. 20 seconds later, both halfs of the car come crashing down beside Zach, along with a rain of cum showering him. He gives Leon a cold stare as a warning of what he is capable of. "I hope you learned something today. C'mon Zane we're going home" Zach says. Zane helps Leon up from his paralysis and holds him back from attacking Zach. "Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow to help you. Call a uber, go to a hotel and rest." Zane says. The twins get in the mustang and drift off back onto the road. Leon gets out his phone to call an uber and he reflects on the events that have happened in the past 3 days. He gets into a fight, doesn't help his best friend, get his house and car destroyed "Well, unlike my cousin, I only have to deal with 2 and not 7..."
  4. Ok lemme stop stalling Aventador cop signals that they need all special response units. Which wouldnt be enough to stop the 7 bitches chasing me. And a police chopper comes in the air chasing the 6 isn't gonna help either. "Wait! Marc i got an idea! Head back to the house!" Jacqui says "The house?! Thats the first place they'll trace is back to!" I yell back "Just trust me on this." She says. She texts somebody on the phone to meet up at the house. Maybe she does have a plan. The McLaren cop is attemtping to ram Dominic car off the road. They're raking extreme measures now since talking it out wouldn't help. Dominic is trying his best to keep his car from going off the road. The cop is getting impatient and taking this to a next level. He pulls out his gun and shoots at his tires. I put bulletproof tires on his car. Why did i do that? The McLaren then speeds up in front of him and try to brake check him but it actually put a lot more damage on back bumper rather than Dom's front bumper. I put subtle armor on his car. Why do I do these things to myself? The McLaren has a plan C. He slows down and gets behind Dom. Dominic thinking his car broke down, he speeds up in hopes to catch back up to us. The cops Signals an EMP to try and slow his car down. His car is built with state of the art technology to send an EMP without anybody noticing. He thinks he got Dom beat. Except I put a hammer to block all EMP and pursuit attack vehicles. God I must hate myself. The last ditch effort he takes is to shoot Dominic in the head. He attempt to do that but instead I put bulletproof windows on all our car windows. Why me?! Dom gets bored, slows down and gives the car one more rear end hit to the cop and the car slides off to the side. Dom stops his car goes and checks him out. I one less problem I have to deal with for right now. The officer in the chopper says "officer down. I repeat Lt Gomez is down!" I need to shake these guys off now and head back to the crib I ger off the nearby exit and head back downtown with heavy traffic. The 6 in the chopper get distracted with the cops so they didn't know i got off. Im speeding down a long street but I had another idea. I slow down and allow the Aventador to catch up and get beside me. He gets beside me and I roll my window down. "Ay officer your name is Logan burns right? The cop who had a perfect record of taking down dangerous and reckless drivers?" I yell. "What does it matter to you boy?!" Logan yells back "I have an idea that can help both us and you. This Lexus can go up to 240+ mph thanks to this suped up 2JZ. You got an tuned Aventador SVJ that's nearly invincible. Call all your boys again for backup. When they come with more hypercars I'm gonna do my best to escape until you eventually catch me. When I tell them the specs of this car you will definitely get another promotion!" "You really wanna do that to yourself son?!" "We both are gonna have fun with each other! But dont think I'm gonna make it easy on ya!" I then hit the brakes and drift right onto another street and speed ahead. Logan hits the handbrake and spins in the road a couple times. "Ok young man. Lets get it. All units I need every single special response into to come assist me" he says in the radio. The captain on the radio says "Everyone?" "EVERYONE!!!" And speeds off. Jacqui is gettin more and more scared wirh my plans. "You really gonna let him catch us Marc?!" "Nah. the more carnage we create the more time we have at the house to prepare the plan you have in store. I just hope it will be enough time. The 6 should be looking all over for us until they think we got back into the house." The other 6 are still in the chopper and they dont know where i went. The police helicopter are still distracting them which will give us enough time. "Damn I lost them. Guys i lost them, keep our for that car!" Elliot yells. "We got bigger things to worry about then them right now!" Devin yells. "Descend now or we will engage!" The cop says "Alright bet" Liuz says and he opens the door. He has one hand on the side rail and the rest of his body is hanging out. He pulls put a desert eagle from his jacket. "We'll engage too!" Luiz yells and shoots back At the cop. Hes a terrible shot so no one got killed in the 3 mags he had. Thank God. The chopper reveals 2 50. cal miniguns and shoots down the 6. Elliot trys his best to land without killing anybody. They land but its on the side with the blades tearing up the ground, and the cops land their chopper. When they get out of the chopper, 5 more Porsche 911 carrera pull up and everybody pulls out guns. The 6 are hiding behind the chopper with the demand to come out with their hands up. "Luiz What the fuck kind of aim was that?!" Chase yells. "I may have missed with that deagle but i never missed with THIS" The tent in his pants suddenly gets bigger until the fly of his pants get ripped open. "I've gotten horny so I'll distract them. You get in their cars and find Marc and Jacqui." His dick has grown up to the bottom of his pecs and is leaking pre like a faucet. "I'm gonna explode any minute so get ready!!" He says with gritting teeth. "You have 10 seconds to come out or we'll shoot!" A cop yells "Dammit luiz I'm not leaving you behind lemme do this with you" Chase says. In an instant chase rips off his pants and allow his own cock to grow to his chest. "Ugh... Oh.... God..... How did I get so horny so quick?" Chase says "Probably your cock is now like 16 inches? Just a speculation dumbass" Reece says. "10!" "Ughhh....! It's hard to hold back! I'm gonna release a white ocean!" Luiz says "9!" "Oh shit.... I feel like I'm gonna flood this whole city!" Chase says "8!" "The 2 cars in the back. We go for those" Elliot says "7!" Devin looks back to see Chase' and Luiz' cock veiny and pulsing for release. "6!" "Oh god...! I'm leaking!" Chase says "5!" "I am t- too!" Luiz says "4!" "When y'all recover meet us back at the house" eliiot says. "3!" "Alright boys get ready" Devin "2!" "I can't hold back no more!" Luiz says. "Me neither!" Chase yells. "1!" Chase and Luiz both simultaneously yell "now!"
  5. Graysons point of view. "Well i think this is a big misunderstanding. But I must assure you if you want to live to see tomorrow you best leave now." I know Jack said no killing but I'm too horny to even think about that and we're running out of options. I say that praying they know whats good for them, and they leave so i DONT have to kill anybody. My arms are getting bigger by the second, each second pulsing slowly getting bigger. My pecs, oh god my pecs. My pecs are becoming melons under this suit. I can feel my abs forming and hardening under this suit. My legs are getting bigger too. My calves about to rip out the pants, my thighs about to shred said pants. All it takes is one more hard flex and this suit is done. It feels so fucking good. Growing my muscles feel so fucking awesome. Especially under this tight suit. I feel so fucking powerful. And with my cock leaking pre and slowly growing, the pleaure MULTIPLIES. I can feel each vein on my muacles and cock form and get stronger. I love slow growth, and knowing im gonna potentially kill some people, make me feel even better. "Ok What the hell is your boy doing?" Marc questions. "Honestly, is he getting bigger? Like hulking out?" Elliot asked. "Elliot, Marc, if you want to live, hide behind your car. Things are about to get messy. Jack just stay behind me, I might need your help." I say smiling. "I got another plan. Just dont ask questions" "Ok I'm done waiting. I'm gonna shoot somebody." Avery says. "I'd rather not do that if you want to live. In fact id think you'd be better off back ay the base before i kill you the same way i killed your friends." I say smiling "That was you?! But how?!" Ben yells. "Why dont you shoot me and find out?" I question. They can't be serious with that though. They cant shoot me when I said they would get killed. "Say no more!" Avery yells and shoots me straight in the chest, where my heart was. I felt it and it tickled. Avery is dumbfounded. He is shocked that the bullet not only hit me but didnt penetrate bit also that I absorbed the bullet, gaining its power. "But b... b... But how?!" Avery yells. Ben yells "he said dont shoot him!" I sigh seeing that I have to kill some people tonight. "Well i warned you, and it looks like you just signed your fatality papers." I say. I gave my body one final flex before everything excluding my boxers were torn apart. I purposely kept those from ripping cuz I wanted to have fun with this. However jack is not happy for 2 reasons. 1. He told me not to kill anybody, and 2. That was his suit...
  6. Of all the stories I've read, i dont think any story would have leaking pre... But this is the one that did. I love this
  7. Art by Sinewypendels, Commission for Centaurus on Furrafinity, Holy shit, this art is Awesome! Candy was horny, And I mean HORNY. He hasn't but a nut all day and for him it feels like he hasnt cum in years. Candy nuts like a firehose. He can cum for hours nonstop. HOURS. NO ROPES. JUST ONE LONG SPURT. He had to CUM. And he was gonna do it in a fun way. Candy always cum in a fun way. Last time he came in a fun way, He held it for nonutnovember and all through December until new years Eve. He was in a club at the time, but when 12:00 hit, he came for a whole 12 hours. 12 HOURS NONSTOP. He has gotten a lot stronger since then. Candy was always a muscular cat and continues to get stronger and more muscular and vascular. Candy knew how he wanted to do this. He went inside a room, got in the middle of it, and got on his knees. His cock started to grow, he scrunches his face in the pure pleasure of it boning up. His traps amd biceps are so big and veiny, that feeling gets him boned up even faster. Finally reaching the peak of nearly 3 feet, he flexes his pecs growing them outward. He places his hand and puts them on his pecs and he squeezes his pecs on his giant leaking cock. That feeling alone was enough for him to go,over the edge. He came so hard and so powerful, his cum hit the ceiling above him, which is like 15 ft high. He's coming continuously, with no signs of stopping. He's filling the room. Literally FLOODING the room with his cum. He squeezes his pecs on his dick harder to cum harder. There are strings of cum hanging from the ceiling of the room. A 13 inch high pool of cum was filled. Candy is enjoying this and it looks like hes not going to stop anytime soon...
  8. I'm gonna get out of my comfort zone a lil bit and try something new.
  9. I put a lot of love into this Lexus and I'll be damned if it fails me now, especially when i got 7 muscular guys chasing in a helicopter and a Benz. This is the test I wanted to put it on for a while, and driving going 150+ while dodging other cars on a highway, Perfect. What isnt perfect is that the police are in on the chase and they just had some cars shipped in from Dubai. And you know the type of cars they got in dubai?Oh you know, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, McLarens, Bugattis, Paganis, cars that are built to keep up to fast criminals like me. My Lexus can only go so fast. I played Need for speed most wanted 2005. Those heat 5 corvettes and I were evenly matched. Im getting chased by hypercars with no pursuit breakers here. And Jacqui is not helping the case whatsoever with her panicking. I keep telling her to calm down but she can't stop shaking in the seat. "Attention all units, attention all units. We have reports of a 2003 Lexus IS300, a 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG, and a news helicopter containing 6 shirtless guys in it going north up highway 45. I need the special response unit to come up and monitor the chase." They gon do more than "monitor" the chase. Dominic was catching up to us but got slowed by a McLaren MP4-12C. I got happy as hell till an Aventador pull up beside. "Pull over now scum" the cop says. I just casually roll down the window and yell: "They are trying to kill us!" "No excuse to be speeding down the highway!" So I think fuck it and put it in 5th gear and pull ahead of him. "Ok boys" the officer says. "We're gonna have with this..."
  10. ZFerrari

    no sex Ethan...

    Ok I didnt really explain how my life is hell with this kid. Ethan may be my nest friend but he gets me into a lot of trouble. I am a popular kid in Western Emerald high school. But I wasnt one of them snobby asshole kids tho. I was cool withpretty much everybody. I had my main squad: Rachel, Jacob, Don, Ethan, and Rebekah, but I also squad hopped. I was cool with: the goths, the nerds, the rednecks, and the sport guys, well most of them... I was cool with the basketball guys the volleyball girls and pretty much every other sports except football. The football jocks HATED ME. The hate is one sided too, since i dont hate them even though they try and beat my ass. Don was on the team and the only person that likes me. I guess I got a lil bit leverage from those assholes. Now why do they beat my ass? Because just about everybody knew about Ethan's power and the jocks who want to beat his ass come to me and either 2 things will happen: Either they ask me to get him for them or they beat my ass and send me his way so he can fight him. Usually B but sometimes A happens. But there was one instance that was so crazy I couldn't avoid talking about it. Friday after school, Me, Ethan, Jacob and Rachel hang out after school to get easy seats for the football game against Northern Emerald high school. The biggest game of the year. We have the biggest rivalry against them. Its so big, we got other schools in the county putting money on either schools. We tend to hang out on the bleachers for 3 hours before the game starts talking about a lot of shit. Some football players are practicing plays for their game. One of them Derek AKA our best running back notices us and comes up with plan. He lines up for a field goal but instead of kicking it straight he kicks to the sides and hits Jacob, square in the face, and gets a black eye. We all look to see the players laughing at us "Aw whats the matter? Did I hit you? Are you gonna your boyfriend Ethan to come kick my ass?" Derek says laughing. Ethan doesn't take that too kindly. He yells back "Do you want me to fucker?!" I tell him "Sit the fuck down Ethan. Don't worry about him" Ethan gives Derek an angry stare before he turns back on us. "Are you OK Jacob?" Ethan asks. "I'm fine" Jacob replied. Yeah he really doesn't look fine. Fast forward to after the game we end up winning the game 35-28 and people made a lot of money betting on us, and lost a lot of money. Me and the crew go to the parking lot and talk a lil bit more before we go home. And Derek, Don and 2 more players just happen to follow us out. This isn't good news. I tell everybody I got to use the bathroom real quick and head out. Rachel, Ethan, and Jacob seemed confused about that for some reason. "Heh heh heh. Ay Don is that your boy walking over there? Seems like a bitch to me" Derek asks. "Yeah. That's my friend Randy." Don replied. "And the shirtless guy over there with the short black hair, that's ethan?" Derek asks. "Yep thats him" Don says. "I got something for his ass. I'll be back" Derek says with an evil smile...
  11. Ok, I know some of y'all are waiting for the aftermath of elliot chasing DeMarcus and Jacqui, and to see what Grayson is about to do in the alleyway, and how ethan really got his powers, BUT, one of my top 5 favorite Nsfw muscle artists, Sinewypendels, just released a new artwork AND. I. JUST. CANT. STOP. THINKING. ABOUT. IT. I've had a boner for 12 hours now. I just had to make a story about it. Invert walked outside to a canyon or wasteland, or wherever the fuck he went to release some tension. He didn't cum for about 2 months, and for whatever race him and his family was, it's like he never nutted at all, IN HIS LIFE. he passed no nut November but that was a big mistake. His brother vesmir took part in nonstop nut november and he came EVERYWHERE. He was nicknamed "Mt Ves-uvius" he was a literal cum volcano with a 4ft cock. 4FT COCK! He was cumming holes in concrete walls. Yes you heard that right. He was cumming so hard, he was putting holes in concrete walls. Invert had a 7FT COCK. Only god knows the kind of damage Invert can do when he cums. Invert picked a spot and braced himself. He put the band of his short and tucked it under his swollen, veiny, balls. They were so fucking vascular. And his soft 2ft dick started to grow. Waves of pleasure shot through all out Inverts body. He clenched his fists and bent his arm downwards. When his dick finally grew to 7ft, his arches his back. All his muscles grew as big as he could flex. And his dick, OMG his dick, his 7ft dick was so fucking swollen and veiny, his dick was a muscle itself. His dick stood at attention for 3 mins before the laser shot out. "I'm gonna fucking..." Invert says while he slightly buck his hips for 2 more mins before he finally... "CUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!"
  12. Before I knew it his cargo pants started stretching and tearing at the seams. Little by little do i see his thighs and eventually they tear apart, revealing his muscular legs. Calves looking like a football. I've mever been scared but I'm low-key getting nervous. Avery took advantage of that as he saw my jaw drop. "Oh I'm not dont just yet" Avery says. Then his flat stomach starts morphing into and slab by slab. 2, 4, 6, 8! He grew an 8 pack! Then he flexed them to show his veins and to let me know this is the real deal. Forget low-key, now im really nervous. Lastly his chest expands and makes to large pecs with veins coming out of the nipples. Fuck nervous, now im scared. "So little lady. Are you ready?" Avery says smiling ear to ear. "Heh, I've faced muscular guys like you I can take you on." I reply confidently. That statement was somewhat true. I've fought muscular guys, just not guys who can grow muscle out of nowhere. I have multiple weapons ranging from dual pistols, to a ring that gives my earthbending powers to my bear fists. But this guy is no joke, so i have to use my bootleg Bo staff. Why is it bootleg? Cause its basically like Jades. I extend it and twirl it around in front of me and behind my back hoping to phase this guy. It didn't phase him but it intimidated Ben who was watching. Thats something i guess. Avery starts running at me full sprint, and i back up to a wall. He brings his arm back then forward for a punch. Before he hits me, I jump straight up and his fists break a hole in the wall. That's a big hole too. Before i land I deliver a kick to the back of his head and he faces hits the wall. When i land his right leg kicks back and hits me in my gut, causing to slide back. He gets his fist out of the wall and faces me. "Is that all you got, little girl?" He growls "I'm just getting started. Big boy" I reply. I then run at him and try to do a sweep kick. He hops dodging it, and before he lands kick me in the face, causing me to slide back. He runs at me, jumps up, puts his fist together and come crashing down hard, but I roll out of the way. The impact makes a crater on the ground. I then swing my bo at his face but he grabs it and knocks it away from his face. He stands up, I continuously swing at his face but he keeps dodging. Looking like a dragonball charcter out this bitch. I then give a quick jab to his gut, but nothing. No grunt or movement from him. He endured it. I look at his face in shock and he look down and smiles. I then do more jabs to try and phase this dude but nothing. I did one more jab with all my strength, but he flexed his and right before contact and the staff bounces off and hits me square in the face. I back up trying to recover from the pain and he walks up to me and says "You'll never beat me". I look at his face and the next thing i hear is fabric ripping and a great force hitting in the gut causing me to fly horizontally back and hit a jet. Why did hear fabric ripping. That couldn't be his...? Nah it can't be. I'm tripping . I look up to see that I'm not... His cock is probably the most veiny and muscular cock I've ever seen. How does his cock have abs? "Oh that feels so good to finally let my cock out again. Hey Christina, do you want option A or B to finish you off?" He says smiling "This is option A" He aims his cock and its pulsing and before i know it a big blob of cum shoots out and makes a hole in the ceiling and traveling at least 50 feet in the air. The shipmaster is not gonna be happy about one if his hangers being used as a training ground. A few more shots also shoot out then stops. His cock is leaking a park fountain with pre drilling down his cock abs and his real abs. "And option B is surprise!" Avery says smiling I say "Surprise me" smiling with confidence. I've been hurt way worse then this. "OK!!!" He aims his cock at me and shoots cum onto me meanwhile his hands are into fists, which means hes doing this with no stimulation whatsoever. "That's not my surprise. this is" avery says. Good cause covering me with his jizz was disrespecrful enough. But then i regret my statement. His cock aims at me, he closes his eyes flexes his arms and a ball of red energy start forming at his piss slit. And as time goes on its slowly getting bigger and bigger. One thing I cared about is my pride and i cant tell if it's about to be shattered or completely destroyed. Here I am, with a bunch of bruises, a black eye, and a bloody nose, about to die. All I see is a giant 30 inch long, 10 inch thick, veiny cock charging up its last but powerful attack. "Avery wait! You'll kill her" Ben yelled. At least I won't die alone "If she wants to see what she's dealing with and to get stronger, she'll stay right where she's at!" Avery yelled back I'm not really willing to stay where I'm at. I'm on one knee, panting, completely out of stamina, holding my left arm, and looking at a giant dick that's about to blast me either to the fighter jet behind me, or oblivion...
  13. "Orientation" Preview One thing I cared about is my pride and i cant tell if it's about to be shattered or completely destroyed. Here I am, with a bunch of bruises, a black eye, and a bloody nose, about to die. All I see is a giant 30 inch long, 10 inch thick, veiny cock charging up its last but powerful attack. "Avery wait! You'll kill her" Ben yelled. At least I won't die alone "If she wants to see what she's dealing with and to get stronger, she'll stay right where she's at!" Avery yelled back I'm not really willing to stay where I'm at. I'm on one knee, panting, completely out of stamina, holding my left arm, and looking at a giant dick that's about to blast me either to the fighter jet behind me, or oblivion...
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