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    real profile.
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    Muscle growth, inflation, sex, immobilization, cock growth, etc
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    I'm looking for a guy who wants to grow MASSIVE!!
    My instagram: muscle_fan_arg
    Discord: #3562
    Kik: one.million22
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    Mike gets Huge
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Sagi Kalev. Jay Cutler. Lorenzo Becker. Denis Sergovskiy.
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    Muscle growth.
    Force feedeing.

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  1. I want you to EXPLODE in size for me!

  2. I wanna blow you up massively! And then fuck you!

  3. Explode for me!

  4. If you can fit in your car, you are not big enough for me!

  5. It's so hard to find a guy who wants to blow up massive!!

  6. Who wants to EXPLODE into a fuckin muscle monster???

  7. I wanna turn you into a huge ball of muscle, and then fuck you.

  8. Grow MASSIVE! I want you so big you can't even walk through the doors!

    1. zine


      grow so big that you can't even walk

  9. Who wants yo get MASSIVE??

  10. I need someone who wants to grow past 500 pounds!

  11. Who wants to EXPLODE in size??

    1. Doctor9


      Oh, I think I can think of someone :P

  12. Who wants to grow beyond 1000 pounds????

    1. Yonker


      meeee!!! yoooo

  13. I need a 700 pound guy so  bad!!

    1. zine


      you should double that 

    2. Bratt


      Hell yeah!!!

  14. Mobility is overrated

  15. Explode in size for me!!

    1. Yonker


      colmo estas! yo he estado progresando en el gym y tu ?

    2. Doctor9


      I so wish...never big enough....


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