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    Muscle growth, inflation, sex, immobilization, cock growth, etc
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    Looking for friends to chat about muscle stories and videos, and maybe do some RP if possible :)
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    Sagi Kalev. Jay Cutler. Lorenzo Becker. Denis Sergovskiy.
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    Force feedeing.

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  1. Hola! Ahora que ya somos varios podríamos presentarnos! Aunque sea decir nuestros nombres y de donde somos/vivimos! Yo soy Agustín, de Argentina!
  2. Bratt

    The Growth (part IV)

    Is there ever gonna be a part 5 of this awsome story??
  3. Who likes being teased?

  4. Grow for me

  5. Pero qué bien estás!

  6. Bigger is ALWAYS better

  7. If you wanna grow massive, I'm your guy!

  8. Isn't it nice to grow someone to huge proportions?

  9. I really wanna grow someone huge. No limits!

    1. MuscleRoleplay


      added you on skype!

  10. Damn! I so need to grow someone right now!

    1. PecsonPecs


      My ears just perked up!

    2. Bratt


      I'd love to make those muscles bigger!

  11. Thanks for following me.

    1. Bratt


      You're welcome, hot guy!

  12. I'd love to force feed a guy and make his muscles swell in size!

  13. Man! I really need to grow someone!

  14. There's not such a thing as "Too big"

  15. Bratt

    Trucker Muscle

    Totalmente! (pobre el que lea esto y no entienda nada)