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    Muscle Worship, Muscle Growth, Cocky Alpha Flexing, Pumping Iron, Gym, Gym, and More Gym!
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    6'0'', 165 lbs., Athletic Lifter Build
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    To share my muscle growth content with the community and RP while pumping iron
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    6'5'', 300 lbs., Body of a Beast!!!!!!!! Traps so fucking huge I can’t turn my neck! Mountainous pecs that keep me from looking down to admire my chiseled 8 pack and foot long cock! I can flex my biceps into bowling balls and bend metal like it’s nothing! In other words, I wanna be fucking huge!!!
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    "Basement Full of Muscleboy Gods" by Krisiar on Metabods
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    Caleb Blanchard,
    Zeb Atlas,
    Justin Bussiere,
    Daniel Carter,
    Steve Moriarty,
    Anthony Stevenson
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    Multi-Abs (8-12),
    Hyper Muscle,
    Massive Pecs the Size of Watermelons,
    Nip Cum,
    Forced Muscle Growth,
    Muscle Growth from Science Experiments (e.g. Captain America)

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  1. AlphaSeriesStud

    What started this for you?

    I’ve always been into muscles, but what made me realize I was into muscle growth more than the average gay guy was the transformation scene from the Captain America trailer.
  2. AlphaSeriesStud

    Best Gay Gyms in NYC?

    A coworker of mine started going to TMPL and was talking about how its a big spot for gay lifters. Was wondering if there were other gyms in NYC, particularly Manhattan, with the same crowd?
  3. AlphaSeriesStud

    Weight Gainer

    Check out this recipe for a homemade mass gainer: https://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/build-your-own-mass-gainer.html I tried it before and it works real well. Since you don’t want as much fat just substitute the whole milk for 2% or skim. It’s way healthier than market mass gainers filled with junk. Also, the whey can of course be whatever brand you use.
  4. Nothin’ feels better than bouncing the pecs after a nice chest day! 

    1. Ragnar12231


      WOuld love to see it ;)


  5. AlphaSeriesStud

    Advice for Setting Up a NSFW Blog?

    Hey guys - was planning on setting up a NSFW blog to put my content on. I was wondering what the best option to use was concerning access and legality. I originally wanted to use Deviant Art, but I believe there is a policy against porn, even for art marked as NSFW. Also, sites like Deviant Art and Tumblr require people to have accounts to view your content. I'd prefer to have a blog where you're just presented with an 18+ only prompt if you're a guest. I was also considering just buying a domain name and making a site myself, but I'm concerned about running into legal issues posting NSFW content without the right disclaimers.
  6. AlphaSeriesStud

    Bigger, Blockier Abs

    A lot of ab training content online is for cutting, and developing a thin waistline. And those worked well enough for a while. But like a lot of you guys, I don't want that - I want six bricks! So, what are you favorite routines for giving your abs more mass? What did you wish you knew before? Do you dedicate an entire day to abs?
  7. Thought you guys would enjoy this. There isn’t a general discussion / video sub in this club so I’m posting it here.

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