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  1. CHAPTER III The truck was going uphill. “Here we are. Just stop right there.” Meryl, who was seated at the back seat, pointed at a bamboo-fenced hut before us. Sarah parked the vehicle by the cogon grass field. We all got out. Paul jumped out of the truck bed and the vehicle sighed its newly found relief. He was naked, larger, divine. He stretched his hefty arms as if grace remained despite his overly hulked body. The second truck arrived. Diego got out of the driver’s seat. Meryl approached the young driver. “Tell Noel to prepare dinner. And tell him about the emergency. He knows what to do.” Diego ran into the hut. Another cry of relief came from the distant truck. Sir Enzo got out of the truck bed. He was shirtless. His now bigger muscles danced as he walked. He went to Sarah who hugged the big man at once, her hands exploring the gentle beast beside her. She only came up to his waist. She traced his supple abs and tried to reach his chest. Sir Enzo responded with a faint smile and caressed her tiny head. His nose reached down towards her hair. “It’s gonna be okay, honey.” “I hope so, dear.” “Can you get a blanket or something? It’s getting cold.” “Keith!” Daryl got off of the truck bed last. He was a huge silhouette against the setting sun—the god of strength descending to slumber with the quiet earth. I took in a lot of what may be a final vision. He moved closer to me, adjusting the hem of his shirt. “Are you okay?” he whispered. “I’m tired and sleepy, that’s all.” “I can carry you if you want to doze off for a while. We still have hours before it begins.” “Daryl, I don’t want you to do this.” “We don’t have a choice.” “Are we all here?” Meryl asked. I stepped back to see everyone in the dirt road. Shadows of all sizes and two old trucks. The crickets’ hymn joined in this visual composition. Everyone in the team was here—all six of us. I was with Paul yesterday. Students were rushing in the street, getting inside jeepneys. The cafe was almost empty. I poured packed sugar into my latte. “I’m shit scared, man,” Paul said. He was bigger now as were the others. He told me he’s a nine-footer at the moment, and his customized shirts from four months ago were useless. He was wearing a skintight tank top, the hem only reaching his upper abs. “I really am. I mean, I really wanna fuck anyone right now but I just don’t know what’s gonna come at me.” “And the experts?” “All promises. Things just got weirder and weirder. How’s the boarding house?” “Tita was dealing with the damages.” There were screaming and shaking in the house some nights before. I tried to recall that event as I was sipping my coffee. I was filled inside by the surge of hot liquid as it overflowed. It was the eighth time with Daryl today and he only got more insatiable these past few days. “Ugh,” I came at the same time. He was stretched on his now legless bed. His arms and feet brushed the floor as they don’t fit in the bed anymore. He was bigger, as big as Sir Enzo was four months ago. I was then mopping the bedroom’s cum-flooded floor. Daryl was drying himself off with the blanket. It was drenched. “Such a hassle every time,” I said. “Sure you won’t mind when you can have this all for yourself.” Daryl flexed his biceps. He eyed every bulk of his body and every engorged vein wrapped around his paper-thin skin. He always looked pumped these days. His cock turned hard again. “Shit. Ugh!” His strong shot hit my face. I licked the hot and salty liquid dripping into my mouth. He was cumming for the next two minutes. I realized that he has puddled the floor that took me so long to clean up. “You gotta stop doing that.” “Sorry, Keith. I’m always on fire. Shit. I never felt this hot before.” “Well, if I have that kind of body—“ “No. I mean it’s like a fever. My head hurts.” “Should we look for a doctor?” “Nah. Nothing like a cold shower can’t solve. It will cool down eventually. Yeah, I think I’ll shower. Be back in a while.” “Take your time. Here’s a towel.” “Have another one? This isn’t enough.” We were then writing our final paper. The scent of roasted coffee blended with the aroma of Daryl’s shower soap and constant musk filled our hot room. Dvorak was playing from Daryl’s laptop. He turned it off. “That’s enough music for now.” A moan and a scream from a distance cut of our studious solitude. I tried to guess where it was coming from as I felt the ground slightly shake. Daryl smiled. “Will and Benji.” he said. “They’ve been fucking like crazy this week.” “Fucking like cats. School pressure?” “Well, have you seen the size of those two? They’re massive!” “Unimpressive. They should take a look at you.” He chuckled. “Yeah. But I heard they grew together. They were awake so they got to see it happen. Can you imagine that?” I can imagine it quite well. Will had filled me in with the details right after the holidays. They were in his house binge-watching a Netflix series until early morning. They were alone in the loving room sofa. Will was snugged in Benji’s then soft arms. They heard a ripping sound. “Shit,” Benji said as he checked his torn shirt, his sides exposed. “You’ve been eating too much rice.” “I’m not fat.” “It’s okay,” Will laid his head down Benji’s chest. “I love my man big and cuddly.” Will felt Benji’s chest get harder and warmer. He felt its intense rise and fall. Benji grabbed the remote from the side table. There was another rip. “Will?” Both changed their positions. The rip was bigger showing his enlarged lats and hairy armpits. At a sudden, Benji’s buttons flew right against the TV. His pecs bulked out of the thin shirt. He now looked like a gymnast. “What’s happening!” “Ugh.” Will, meanwhile, felt immense energy filling him up from his balls. He was hot and aroused and almost out of breath. His shirt got tighter until it ripped in the back. “We’re growing.” “What?” “We’re growing. Muscles. We’re growing muscles.” Will lifted Benji’s shirt up. What once were belly fat were now rock-hard abs, all eight of them. “See?” Benji’s eyes widened as his obliques began to show. He turned the hem to see his lats growing before his eyes. He flexed. They both smiled. “What’s causing this?” “Who cares? Ugh.” Will’s shirt ripped in the front. His pecs got rounder and fuller, pushing out his former thinner self, weighing like a fast-growing fruit. “Flex them.” Benji said. “I can flex them!” “Shit.” “Ugh.” Will’s sleeves ripped to reveal his juiced up biceps and shoulders. Benji’s bulky pecs and upper arms also freed themselves out of his shirt as well. They took off each other’s tattered clothing. Two bodybuilders: full, meaty, tight, and glistening under the solitary warm white light. “Check this out. You like that?” “Yeah. Touch this.” “Shit.” “So hard.” “So strong.” “So manly.” They were exploring all the muscles memorized from their Anatomy class. They were now visible and good to touch. They pushed themselves further and further apart as their bodies got bigger and occupied more space. Benji squeezed Will’s ass which was getting rounder and fuller. It was rising. Will’s quads and calves bulked and tore his pajamas. His growing cock filled in the remaining spaces of his boxers until it ripped it into pieces. Benji realized he was now eye to eye with Will’s nipples. Will pushed Benji to the sofa and kissed him hard, his eager tongue invading the unprepared boyfriend. Benji screamed as his hands felt the slight growth of Will’s muscles. Meanwhile, Benji’s briefs struggled to contain his also growing cock. It peeked out of his underwear hem and, fully erect, ripped the sorry fabric in seconds. “Look at us.” “Yeah.” “So fucking big.” “Sexy.” “Turn around.” “What?” The bigger Will forced his hands to Benji’s still growing back and glued him into the couch. His wet cock barged into Benji’s full ass. “Agh!” Benji screamed and groped the sofa’s edge. He was getting too gigantic for the furniture that it crashed down lower into the floor. “Fuck.” Will felt Benji’s ass loosen a bit. He took his cock out as Benji tuned over to face him while lying down. His then chubby boyfriend was now huge beyond belief, exceeding Will’s beloved size. Benji has gone beyond the bodybuilder mark and has now reached Incredible Hulk monstrosity. Will shivered when Benji’s giant hands held his armpits and forced him into his bigger and more superior cock. It was tight, impossible, but Will never felt anything like it before. “Harder.” “Yeah.” “So big, tight.” “Powerful.” “Manly.” “Godly.” Both gave in to the irresistible primal urge. They came at the same time, their cocks shooting fountains of hot and dense liquid like wild hoses left shooting water alone in the garden. Will laid his head on Benji’s bigger chest as they listen to the subsiding dripping sound. “That’s big and cuddly for you,” Benji laughed. They fell asleep until late afternoon that day. “Shit.” I said, getting myself out of my reverie. “If only I knew you’d grow, I should have stayed at your house during the holidays. I could have been prepared.” “Like how?” Daryl said. “Like I could have brought my varsity jacket with me. I would have come raging into your room. You would have been reading a book.” “Then you would’ve yelled at me for not having done your homework.” “Then I would have cornered you. I would have lifted you up from the floor while you would have been screaming and shaking.” “Then my buttons would’ve hit you in the eye. My nerdy shirt would’ve ripped my sleeves to expose my growing pecs and arms.” “Your quads and legs.” “My abs.” “You would have gotten heavier. I would have put you down.” “And I would’ve screamed. You would’ve seen my back getting bigger and my arms ripping my sleeves. You would’ve been scared.” “You would have stood up and would have been a foot taller. You would have lifted me up from the ground. You would have noticed my hard on and realized I have a thing for bigger guys. You would have put me down and let me suck your cock. I could not have because it would have been too big for me.” “But you would have begged for more.” “Aah!” The screams from Benji’s room got louder. It was more agonizing than before. One of them might have been in pain. I worried that the neighbors might complain about this sex-crazed house every night. “That must be intense,” Daryl said. “Ours could have been as intense.” “Yeah. But there’s like the two of them, you know? Muscle to muscle. It’s something like each of them couldn’t handle. Too much testosterone, I say. Imagine me and Sir Enzo—” We stared at each other for a long time. We were silent. He turned to his laptop and played Dvorak again. Only Dvorak and our typing made any noise to the rhythm of the sensual screams below. There was a loud and insistent knock on the door. “Daryl! Keith!” It was Tita’s voice. I rushed into to the door. “Keith!” Tita said. “You two need to get out. There’s fire in the first floor!” “It was a minor property damage. ” I said to Paul. He took a sip of coffee. “It only burned their room. We didn’t have time to check it out as we were all outside. The firemen came just in time to put out the fire. But-but they told us they only found ashes.” “You already know this, but they’re not the only ones.” Paul typed something in his phone and showed me the screen. It was a news article. The images showed houses burning and scattered ashes on beds. “They’ve been happening all over the world. All Kolossos’s Sons.” “Daryl had to leave that night.” I remember. That night, we stayed at a friend’s house. We couldn’t sleep nor think about our pressing deadlines. We only stared at each other for hours. The TV was blaring in the background. “Daryl?” I said. “Is this why you felt so hot earlier?” “I don’t know. Really Keith, I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Daryl was snugged in a small quilted blanket, cross-sitting against the wall. I let out a yawn. My eyes was getting heavier. His phone rang. I heard him rush out of the room. My mind was unclear. I was lost, going through a dark and sinister maze. I had visions of good moments with Daryl confused with the events from a few hours before. I was falling asleep when Daryl returned inside and banged the door. I looked up. It was the first time I ever saw the giant cry. “It’s Tita Merced,” he said. “Had to get a bus ticket back home. Emergency.” He then let out his exhausted sorrow and knelt before me, almost leaning against my smaller body. I hugged him. He was holding on to me for comfort. At that moment, I had to be his source of strength but I could not give it to him. I just patted his lower back. “I heard about it as well.” Paul said. “I PM-ed him my condolences. Told him I couldn’t come to the funeral. Is he still in Hermandad?”. “He’s coming here as we speak.” The door chimes resounded throughout the empty cafe. We looked into its direction. A gigantic man was struggling to squeeze himself in the small door. Outside, a woman was assisting the giant in. After twists and turns, the giant was inside. It was Sir Enzo and he was larger than before and more defined. Even without meaning it, his impossible width and bulk exuded aggressiveness and wonder. His body bragged the thick veins that covered his every inch, save for his gentle four-eyed face. He was shirtless. I guessed reaching the twelve-foot mark excuses any Titan from wearing a shirt. He was breathing hard. The woman entered the cafe. It must be his wife, Sarah.
  2. CHAPTER II “Coach won’t let me play.” “Sorry?” The usual commotion in the cafeteria subdued what Paul had been saying. “I said Coach won’t let me play, man. He said I needed to be checked since what happened last week. I told him I’ll be an asset for the team. You can’t be too tall, can you?” I became aware of the muscle giant before me. Paul was casting his huge shadow blocking an otherwise normal view. He had the same proportions as Daryl’s but not as tall. However, unlike Daryl, Paul’s rough face suited his muscles. At the moment, he was devouring the whole chicken like a caveman on his first meal after days of hunger. His biceps twitch with every his bite and his pecs danced along with his every slight movement. “He kinda has a point,” I said. “Yeah, sure. Fine. But he won’t let any other Kolossos's Sons join the team either when other universities are doing it. We’re doomed. You’re eating that?” “Help yourself.” The noise in the hall got louder. It was nearing lunchtime and the staff were rushing to keep every big boy fed. Paul and I both heard a commotion. Plates and trays fell and scattered on the floor as two other muscle beasts bumped into each other. We both looked to their direction. It was Benji and Will. Will was apologizing and Benji was mending his torn shirt. “You know how hard it is being this big?” He flexed his muscles, his eyes scanning every inch of his body. “It’s fucking awesome, man. Fucking awesome—but a real pain sometimes.” “What really happened to you anyway? You and the others?” “Daryl too. Big guy. You know how lucky you are? Well, we still don’t have a word from the experts. All they’re saying we expect an increase in libido, as if I need experts to tell me that I’m horny.” He drank from a gallon of milk. “You should have been there last week.” I have been asking anyone about that event in the university which concerned all school authorities. Good enough, Daryl has provided me with the details when we had our occasional dinner at Kiko’s. He was hesitant at first but I insisted. He said all Kolossos's Sons in the university had been in the gymnasium. They were lined up in rows and they filled almost every space available. They were sardines, or I should rather say, whales, in a small tin can—muscle to muscle, skin to skin. The heat was unbearable and everyone was sweating, so the hall could have had an awful odor. “Welcome, gentlemen.” A stout woman held the microphone from the makeshift stage. “As we all already know, since last December, men all over the world experienced an unexplained physical growth overnight, and that includes some of our students, teachers, and staff. It is a significant part of the university’s mission to answer for whatever calamities our community faces and to device solutions whenever we are left unprepared. Considering the physical, mental, and emotional instability that we may be undergoing, the Committee has decided to aide those of us who need to cope with this new reality and to foster a sense of a strong and solid school community.” “Daryl?” Paul had just arrived and he just got himself into the line. “Shit, man. So the rumors are true. You are the biggest guy in campus.” “Not sure about that. You don’t look bad yourself.” “Can I feel?” “Sure.” Paul tried to reached Daryl’s pecs. He squeezed and caressed them to emphasize its sheer roundness while Daryl flexed and smiled. “Shit,” Paul said. “Today,” the stout woman continued, “we’ll have the first of our monthly session. We will be accompanied by experts from the Department of Science, Department of Health, and of course, our own guidance counsellors.” Several well-dressed men and women went up the stage. The stout woman introduced some of them before she gave instructions for the morning’s session. After half an hour, Daryl and Paul got themselves into a circle. Benji was there as well together with two freshmen, that librarian Daryl and I had a crush on, and Kuya Max, that fatherly janitor. All had bodies like war tanks and all appeared to unleash chaos if not for their casual clothing and friendly demeanor. The meager chairs creaked under the weight of these beasts from time to time. Only Daryl had to cross-sit. A thin young woman entered their group. She shook their hands and introduced herself as Gina while flashing her small town smile. She then sat down with the group. “How are you, gentlemen?” “Fine.” “Great. Everyone here is full of energy! Let’s settle down, shall we? Okay. The following activity is simple. For about an hour or two, we will simply allow ourselves to be open. We may share our concerns, our problems, feels, anything that came up after your overnight growth. “Uhm—what will happen to us?” Kuya Max said. “It’s true isn’t it? They say that planet’s causing this?” “The US government’s something to do with it, am I right?” “Aliens.” “It’s the end of the world.” “Well, Nostradamus has—“ “Guys, guys.” Gina spoke louder. “I know these things worry you. But I can assure you that the experts have been doing all that they can to study this phenomenon. But let’s focus on the present, shall we? Everyone, let’s take a deep breath. That’s it. Slowly relax our bodies.” The group turned silent and steady. Paul’s eyes wandered throughout the hall. “Yes. We have heard the news. Lots of stories. And they have been clouding our minds with anxieties and—stress. But right now, we are in a safe place. Imagine that safe place. In that safe place, we can share our problems. And nothing can ever hurt us. Feel better? Okay. So we’re going to do this by turns. Excuse me, sir!” Gina stood up and went out of the group. She returned with another with a hulking man who appeared to tower everyone in the gymnasium. Gina, who only came up to his crotch, was leading his large muscular hands. His face was careful. He was swaying his thick arms while treading the small spaces left on the floor. His immense chest darkened the young woman’s face from the light. The man’s gray tank top and khaki shorts stretched to accommodate only parts of this well cut beast. Daryl recognized him as his professor last semester. “Shit, man. Sir’s gotta be bigger than you!” Paul whispered to Daryl who was trying to control himself. “And would you look at that anaconda? Shit. He’s not really doing a good job hiding that monster.” “Alright, Sir Enzo?” Gina looked up, trying to make eye contact with the giant. “Why don’t you sit on the floor with uhm—“ “Daryl.” “Daryl. Great. Can you all move your chairs for Sir Enzo? There. Make yourself comfortable, sir.” The temperature rose in the group. All eyes were focused on this new arrival who made their group stand out in the hall. Sir Enzo’s strong manly scent filled every helpless nose with industrial vigor. Daryl was arm to arm with the clueless giant. “Hello, sir!” Daryl said. “Mister Buendia!” Enzo wrapped his thick arms around Daryl’s shoulders and gave him a shake of assurance. For the first time again, Daryl felt something heavy. “How are you, boy?” “Fine, sir.” “It’s okay. We can do this.” “We were just starting our sharing session, Sir Enzo” Gina said. “Why don’t you start? Introduce yourself to the group share us your experience of the growth so far.” “Uhm, okay. Hello, everyone. I’m Lorenzo Quinto—Enzo for short—and I teach here. I’m from the Religious Studies Department. Uhm, I’ll probably start with my size. I’m 10 feet and five inches tall. I don’t really know how much I weigh. A thousand pounds, maybe? Let’s just say I’ve been crushing a lot of things in my house, and my teenage nephew is starting to get scared of me. He would examine me from head to toe and would run straight to his bedroom, lock the door, and stay there for hours.” Paul snorted. Benji elbowed and shushed him. “Clothes can be challenging. I think you know that already. Fortunately, my wife is making me customized clothes at the moment. Meanwhile, I make do with what’s there. I also couldn’t fit in the shower anymore. No. So my wife had to fill the buckets every day and help me wash in the backyard with the neighbors watching. Some parts of my body, I just couldn’t reach. I’m learning to do it on my own these days, but my loving wife insisted she’ll do it. Every day. We’ve become a daily spectacle for weeks now and it really makes me feel uncomfortable. Sex can be—I can’t talk about it, can I?” “Maybe just how you feel about it.” “Well, it’s frustrating. It’s impossible. Size differences. Perhaps we already know this: after the growth, I’ve—I’ve been looking for it more often. It’s like this desire that I cannot quench, you know? I’m worried I’m asking too much from my wife, but she said it’s fine and she doesn’t mind at all. She knows I have this urge so sometimes, she asks for it first. We can’t get it in, of course, so she would often just play with it after she had sniffed and licked and grasped every inch of this body. She had never looked so small and frail and I never had felt so large and powerful. She would say that I’m an idol that she had to worship. She would put her pretty face between my pecs and beg me to flex and crush her head with them. Then she would ride my thing like a wild bull she had to tame. She would wrap her arms around it, fondle it for hours until I reach climax and blow my load and she is entirely wet, bathed, drenched with my hot and juicy cu—O my God!” “It’s fine.” “Why am I grouped with students?” “It stays here, Sir Enzo. Would you like to continue?” “It’s not what it used to be, that just what I want to say. Thank you.” “Thank you, Sir. Daryl?” “Okay. Uhm, I’ve always been a small kid. I’m not really into sports or anything. I rather think of myself as the bookish type so at school I was usually—Most of life, I just think I’m one type of person and not another, if that makes sense. So when I just woke up like this a few days after Christmas, I first thought it’s an unwanted gift from Santa who doesn’t really know his kids very well. “I was still fresh from a dream that morning. It was dark and I was in a forest. I was alone, scared. Then there was dawn. Sunshine was warming my face and I felt hopeful. I realized that I was naked and exposed, but I felt free. Then after walking for a while, I came into a clearing as. I lied down the grass. I felt the dew touch my skin and I stayed there for quite some time. Then the bushes started to grow and grow and I felt my skin burn. Then they became trees. Their trunks got thicker and thicker. The outgrowth got greener and wilder until they have blocked the sun. Then the leaves turned, white, then pink, then red until I realized they turned to flowers, blooming with new life. Then I heard screams, angelic screams but like that of Sirens that want to pull me down the ocean. But I was on fire and I was blazing. I felt I had the universe within me and I can purify this world one day. It was wonderful. I screamed in ecstasy. “I woke up, sweating and breathing hard. I felt heavy and light at the same time. I don’t sleep naked but I realized I was. I looked at the window but my chest blocked the view. I could feel things crushed beneath me but they didn’t hurt. I then figured out I grew and I had crushed the bed. I was also soaked wet and realized I had—a nocturnal emission.” “Cum,” Paul said. “You were covered with cum.” “It felt like a hangover, but I was filled with energy. I headed for the mirror. The floor was slippery and covered with cum. When I looked at my reflection, I got scared. I was huge and threatening and I couldn’t be contained. At any minute then, I could have unleashed a powerful destruction. I saw a familiar face but it didn’t belong to that body. I couldn’t fathom how, but I sensed there and then that it was a gift from the universe. That body was mine and I should accept it with an open heart. “Then, my Tito Jed knocked. I looked for some piece of clothing but I chose to go nude instead. I was not my usual self. I had been transformed. I headed towards the door when it fell down itself and there stood Tito wearing only a towel. He had grown as well. He had lost his weak arms and his beer belly and I only saw rock hard muscles everywhere. He was not as big as I am, however. It took us a while to fully accept our new reality. When Tita Merced knew about us, she almost went crazy yet she still spent the whole day getting us clothes that fit and cooking us food non-stop. Tito was supportive of me even if he had things to deal with himself. Without him, without knowing others in town have grown as well, I might have to face this alone. Uhm, that’s it.” Daryl looked at Gina and straightened his posture. The group fell quieter. Even Paul was staring at the ground, his meaty hands clasped together. “Thank you, Daryl,” Gina said. She looked at Paul who took her notice. She gave him his signal to speak. “Sure, Ma’am. Hey everyone. Paul here. I’m a student. I’m an eight feet, three inches tall and I weigh about 780 pounds. Not as big as Sir Enzo here. You look very very good, Sir.” “Thanks.” “Anyway,” he chuckled. “Where do I start? I was actually outdoors when this happened. I had just left the club that morning and I was taking the train home then boom! I grew! I ripped out of my clothes. My head hit the ceiling and I came as I never came before. The passengers were soaked and I was virtually naked. Good thing I had seven or ten hulked-out studs with me or that would have been embarrassing. I talked to some of them and got their numbers. The train had to stop to the next station and I had to walk home like a happy man with a footlong cock swinging between his legs. “Well, I’m not ashamed of this. I’m proud of this body and I love each and every muscle of this war machine. If you all knew how I was working out my whole college life to achieve only a quarter of what I am right now. This should not be a ‘concern’. This should not be a ‘problem’. If Lito from that train stayed as he is, he would have to deal with his shitty boss for the rest of his life. Frankly, Miss Gina, I think we’re treated like freaks here. A problem that you ‘experts’ have to solve.” “You’re not a freak, Paul.” “I am a freak! Look at me! You know what they say to people like me in San Geronimo? As if kissing boys doesn’t make me a man. But look at me now! Everyone, Look at us! We’re ten times a man here and we can shove our humungous cocks to those who say otherwise. You know what’s happening? We’re letting the school tame us. This country want to control us and use us for their own interests. I mean, who among us hasn’t received a letter from the military? I say they’re really afraid of us, afraid that we’ll shatter whatever devices of control they have created.” Paul stood up and other groups took notice of the new revolutionary figure in the hall. He ripped his button down shirt and set his long confined upper body free. It seemed that his muscles were twitching and growing to accommodate the newly found space. He then ripped his shorts in a single motion, revealing his angry, hard cock. Precum flowed nonstop from his pulsating manhood. Paul spread his arms and took time to savor this primordial delight. “Listen, everyone!” His deep baritone voice resounded across the hall. “I can stay like this forever. I know deep inside of you here and of all Kolossos’s Sons that you want to be what our overgrown bodies had already revealed. We all want to be this naked, savage, free. Yes, we are freaks. But we are also gods, and gods are not ashamed of their glory. Sir Enzo! You’re the biggest and most powerful man in campus. Don’t you love what you’ve become? Don’t you want to set yourself free out of the very clothes society made you wear? Come, Sir Enzo! Show us your real power!” “Mister Paul Alonzo!” Sir Enzo barked. His words reverberated across the gymnasium. Sweat soaked every muscle in the hot hall. All were silent save for the endless turn of the ceiling fan and the constant drip of Paul’s precum. “You think you’re in charge here Mister Alonzo?” Sir Enzo stood up. His tank top snapped due to his rage. He threw what remained of it to the ground. His chest heaved as he inhaled with all his awakened power. He body tensed and striations popped out to reveal an otherworldly creature. Sir Enzo walked towards Paul, as the ground shook with every loud stomp. Paul had to step back as the bigger giant got closer. “Don’t play God here, Mister Alonzo.” Sir Enzo slapped Paul and grabbed his shoulders, his large hands almost covering the student’s entire upper body. Sir Enzo then looked at Paul straight in the eye. His cheeks was turning deep red. “You’re nothing but a spoiled brat, one who doesn’t know his limits.” Sir Enzo slid his hands down to Paul’s bulky arms until he reached his hands. He squeezed them hard. “See these?” He led the small hands to his rock hard pecs. They rose and fell with the his pure internal rage. “Feel that?” he whispered. “Y-Yes, s-s-sir.” “Now I’m going to have to put you into your proper place, Mister Alonzo. I’m going to teach you a lesson. See these?” He flexed his biceps. “Y-Yes, sir.” “You haven’t seen anything like it, am I right?” “Yes, s-sir.” “Say you haven’t seen anything like it.” “I—I haven’t seen anything l-like it.” “And?” “Th—They’re the hottest and most beautiful arms I’ve ever seen.” “And?” “And I want them to hold me and carry me and crush me, sir. You’re so fucking huge! So fucking strong and manly! You’re the biggest and freakiest man in the world! And I want to worship you, worship you so badly.” “You have to beg me more for that, Mister Alonzo. What else?” “ I-I want to be buried in your hot and juicy pecs, sir just like what you always do to your wife. I want to ride your elephant cock, sir, ride it till you cum nonstop and we’ll be swimming in it.” “Good. So who’s in charge here, Mister Alonzo?” “You, sir.” “Who?” “Sir Loren—“ “Look at me well and tell me what I am!” “A god, sir. You are god!” “Fuck yeah!” Sir Enzo’s shorts ripped setting his hard humongous cock free. The two giants merged, groping each other, with Sir Enzo leading the action. There were rips and growls in the circle, after which, the hot librarian and one of the freshmen ran towards the two behemoths and joined in the wild feast. Other giants began to leave their groups. A scream of intense pleasure ensued in a circle further away. “Fuck yeah!” someone cheered somewhere. Whistles and howls got louder as commotion rose. It took a while before everyone in the gymnasium realized what was happening. The Committee and the experts went around the hall to put order, but they were in vain. The sheer size of their study subjects prevented the authorities from doing so. Some ran out of the gymnasium, like Gina, but many of them joined the Kolossos’s Sons. Every giant grabbed any immediate person around. Benji was kneeling and sucking the hot librarian dry. Daryl was letting one of the freshmen explore his immense body. Paul broke further away from Sir Enzo to let three or five more giants join in the worship of the towering professor. Soon, couples and groups were on the floor, a sea of muscled flesh raging with its waves under the storm. Hot, white liquid gushed out everywhere like the most spectacular dancing fountain in the world. Everyone was soaked in everyone’s cum and they all turned white in seconds. The odor intensified and permeated the everyone’s skin. The floor was flooded, almost a half a foot deep and huge bodies slipped from each other. I heard the orgy lasted for hours and I had not believed that detailed until Paul showed me an uploaded video of the event. It still felt unreal that time. But when I, together with other student volunteers, went to clean the place up, my doubts subsided altogether. “I heard you were quite the motivational speaker,” I said. Paul had just finished his third gallon of milk. “I was only telling the truth, man. Those experts don’t know what they’re talking about. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be this? You would, would you?” “I think you’re being—Still, you had let things run wild. You were all over the news.” “Well, what were they thinking putting us all together in one place? I never thought all of us were into men, at least not before that point. Everyone at that time was big and sexy and—have you and Daryl talked about this?” “Yes.” “Look, man. We were not ourselves, okay? Even Sir Enzo who wouldn’t hurt a fly was not himself. It’s kinda expected. Who knows? It might settle down once we get bored being big. It really doesn’t mean anything.” “I know.” “Wish you were in the fun though. Hey, you wanna play after class?” “That wouldn’t be fun for me.” “Right.” “Quite a name for you people: Kolossos's Sons?” “I know, right? Remember that new planet discovered a few years back? “Kolossos?” “Right. That one too far away to be seen but turned out to be orbiting our sun? Well, some groups believed it caused all of this. The government has contact with, you know, creatures from outer space. They were channeling the planet’s powers to create super soldiers, but the information leaked and so we got it” “Sounds like another conspiracy shit. Kolossos? That theory has never been credited by any serious authority.” “Yeah, I know, but the name stuck.” “Do you believe it?” “Who cares, man? As long as I have this,” Paul flexed, “It’s gonna be all fun from here.”
  3. I've been here for quite some time. I've always considered writing a story in the forums but never got the time (and inspiration). Plus, I'm slightly cyber-shy. Anyway, here's the first chapter of the story I'm working on. I'll be posting the following chapters here. Comments and suggestions are very much welcome. I hope you enjoy. RIGHT STAR CHAPTER I The sight weighs heavily over me. It was almost evening. At the distance is Mount Tulac, that sinister mountain that looms beyond the infinite rice fields. That immense shadow set itself up against the soft tangerine sky. I was inside the pick-up truck passing through the highway. Another truck follows us behind. Despite the cool twilight air, it was hot inside. There was just too little room in the vehicle. “I know it’s hard for you, Keith.” Sarah said, her eyes on the road, her hands on the wheel. We are all silent. It may remain so until we return to Manila tomorrow evening. I’d rather think of something else. The moment only speaks of what I fear most. In such cases, memory is a better friend. I was in my room at my boarding house five months ago. It was Sunday and the roads were too quiet for this chaotic city. It was a fine morning. I was looking at the university grounds from my window as I sipped from a cup of instant coffee. I picked up the newspaper on my study table. There were update articles about the Kolossos's Sons. It said in some part of the world, there was another. Most interesting ones were about some president or some heartthrob who depended on his former looks. They were too many and I was hoping for more solutions and less sensationalism. I flipped to Sports for my morning read. A few words from my Horoscope: Aries—“Others may be getting ahead of you. Don’t despair! Expect something greater for yourself.” Yeah. I was hoping to impress Coach Muller tomorrow at basketball practice. I know I’m good but if I was taller— There was an angry knock on the door. It must be Daryl. His luggage had been here before him last night. He had brought in more things than before. I guess Christmas had changed a lot of people. “Hey,” Daryl said, his face seemed to hover under the door frame. I stared at those sleepy eyes and that boyish smile with a dimple. I kissed him, my nose touching his glasses. “Miss me?” he said. “Very much. Come in.” “I would need your help for that.” “Give me that bag. There. Why don’t we warm up first?” We chuckled. He offered his right forearm first. It was as thick and meaty as my thigh. I eyed its supple mounds and crevices like a newly discovered knowledge. I wrapped my hands around it and pulled in with all my strength. I heard something get stuck in the doorframe. “Geez. I thought I had this figured out.” He twisted and turned his body to let himself in. When he finally did, I took a good look at his body. He was breathing hard and sweating a lot. I can see his exhaustion in his drenched white shirt which turned pink hinting at his light brown skin underneath. It hugged whatever solid form God can think of in a primordial explosion. That Big Bang formed his present mound pecs like surging tanks about to crush me, his massive legs that remind me of foundational steel frame, his apelike arms that were hung relaxed in a diagonal angle. Thick veins snaked around his body only to disappear under his meager clothing. Daryl was all meat in all side. He was trying to keep balance. I moved back a few paces to give him space. His chest was heaving to take in the hot air. I couldn’t recall now how I used to be able to wrap my arms around this man. “Wow,” I said. “Yeah. You like it?” “How tall are you?” “Nine feet, three inches.” He unpacked his backpack and put his things into his wardrobe which come up only to his chest. “Weigh about 986 pounds. Tito Jed had to scour the marketplace for a scale big enough for me.” “You’re one of the big ones?” “I was the biggest in Hermandad.” I was glad to finally see this new man. It was not a surprise, however. I’ve already seen pictures of his new body on Instagram and I’ve felt my hungriest the moment I chanced upon his post. But his presence here transformed this plain room altogether. Every object, including myself, gravitated towards this mega-planet. I started packing my gym stuff. “Keith, do you mind if I take my shirt off?” We laughed. He lifted up the shirt’s hem to his dark nipples. I saw his abs and obliques cut to utmost definition. They were tight yet bulky and they danced as he struggled to take his shirt off pass his chest. “Fuck it.” Dylan grabbed his collar and ripped his shirt down to the hem. He ripped his sleeves too. His glistened torso shone inside the dim room. It was like an intricate work of art, wet with flowing sweat. He growled, having set himself free. His musky scent spiced up the hot air. It aroused my nostrils and sent my mind to the fresh woods after a rain. I worried my clothes might catch his odor. But then, I would carry everywhere the imprint of this pure man and would have to bear its sensual lightness. Daryl dried himself off with his ripped and crumpled shirt. Gently, his hands moved from his chest down to his abs, overlooking unreachable crevices. He then wiped his hairy armpits and further back to his wing-wide lats. “Keith, can you do my back?” “Sure.” Daryl sat on the floor. He handed me his shirt and my fingers got wet I felt like wringing his torn clothing. I proceeded to his instructions and had to stretch my arms and push myself in to dry his immense back off. “Sorry, Keith. It’s kinda hard for me these days. I was lucky I was able to fit inside the bus coming here. But I had to walk all the way from the terminal. No taxi would let me in.” “Mmm—I wonder why. By the way, Tita had Benji and Will reassigned to another room. Said she can only fit the two of us here.” Daryl stood up and pulled down his skintight shorts which got stuck on his trunk thighs. I assisted him to ease his struggle. His flaccid cock, almost two feet long, freed itself out of his confinement. He held and eyed it for a while before he scratched his balls. “Had to give up underwear,” he said. “They’re really getting uncomfortable.” He took out a thick book from his headboard shelf. He lied down on the two conjoined beds Tita had prepared earlier. The beds slightly creaked under his extreme weight. This wild beast overwhelmed my senses, yet at the same time, this beast appeared as gentle as a water buffalo grazing on the fresh grass and not to be disturbed. Daryl’s eyes were glued to the book. “You’re doing anything today?” I asked. “I’ll probably just read. Want to be ahead of this semester’s requirements. Latin American History. Maybe we should travel to Mexico or Bolivia if we have the money.” “I’m going to the gym. Wanna come with me?” Daryl smirked. “O shit. Yeah.” “It’s not that. You know I don’t like working out.” I finished packing my gym bag. I looked out the window to check the weather. It was cloudy but there’s little chance of rain. Then I heard a slight moan behind me. Daryl was stroking his newly awakened cock. It stood almost three feet tall. Its veins magnified the presence of his manhood. He was still holding the book but his eyes were closed. He was whispering to himself but the words were incomprehensible. Aware of my presence, he stared at me for for minutes. “Keith, you think I’m acting weird?” “Not really. You’ve always been a porn star.” “I don’t know. I think I’m going insane lately. They say it’s just normal.” “I’d be doing what you’re doing if I have that body.” “You miss being the bigger man? “I’ll get used to this.” “I’m scared.” I laid my head on his hard chest. I then caught in the familiar odor of his minty deodorant mixed with raw his own sweat. He flexed his pecs and my head wobbled with the earthquake. We chuckled. From my angle, I can see his monumental cock and it seemed to breathe on its own. Meanwhile, copious precum flowed down the thick shaft. We stayed like that for five minutes. “Daryl,” I said. I turned over to face him. “I don’t care what you become. To me, you’re still that adorable guy I met at the bookstore. You’re that smart and brilliant man who tells me so much about the world and makes my life so extraordinary.” “Wow. I hope you also like this upgraded version.” “How does it feel?” I whispered. “You have no fucking idea.” He flexed his arms. I followed his signal and I bit my lips. I then caressed his bicep with my eager hands as I traced the intricate path of his thick veins. I kissed him hard. My hands began their exploration of this new world. “I need to go,” I said. I moved away from Daryl. He looked a bit concerned. I picked up my gym bag and I put my own keys in my pocket. “Don’t you wanna—?” “Let’s do it tonight. I want the time’s perfect for my first voyage. You sure you’re staying here?” “Yeah. I’ll just call for pizza or something.” “You’re jacking off this afternoon?” “You bet.” “I better get you some buckets—and a mop.” “How do you—?” “Trust me. You’re not the only one in this house.”
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