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  1. just saying but try a less dark font due is a bit dificult to read
  2. i think it had orange as a background color and the link goes to a story where either a photo mabye 2 photos as visual to the story
  3. Hola, mi nombre es Luis de Ciudad de México, Busco amigos musculosos de esa misma ciudad, saludos!!

    Diapositiva2 - copia.JPG

    1. LuisCervantes


      Thanks for add man!! do you know where is the instructions and links to upload stories here?

  4. i cant remeber the name of that site had muscle growth stories that had story and 1 or 2 images depending of the story
  5. this isnt in the wrong story place this is for the aniverasry stories unless it is one of the authors for the aniversary
  6. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11609-p1.html there
  7. http://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1791945-Anime-Muscle-Giants/action/outline i think is this what you are looking for if isnt please tell me
  8. wanted to revive this i have an idea but need help to make it long enoght to make a chapter
  9. Freakin awesome avatar!

  10. Story by muscle12 Edited by scriptboy This is the story of Nate, a 19-year-old virgin who was having a really hard time because his friends were having their first love at such young age while he was the only one left and to make things even worse he was straight while his friends were gay. One day while Nate was with Kevin, a 21-year-old friend his apartment was caught in fire and he lost all his clothes, he asking for a place and he got in the house of his mostly gay friend who was a muscular and super ripped guy named Max but for his age it was so weird since he was only 18 but to his group of friends he was the youngest. Nate saw that Max had won so many trophies and medals in Bodybuilding shows and he had a good house. After he settled in the room Max had given him Max left to go on a date so Nate left to check the house. After a while he went to the kitchen to see if there was anything to eat. When he opened the fridge he found a ton of food and drinks! He decided to grab the ones nearest and closest to the fridge door, he prepared to eat everything in sight. As soon as he started to chew on the food and drink the drinks, a sudden rush of energy ran through him. He kept on eating until both his plate and his drink clean. Soon afterwards, not only was he overcome with energy but he was also in need of a sexual release since he felt his cock become a little tight in his pants while walking. His cock slowly grew and grew until he saw his little tool become a big tool in his own bedroom. As he orgasmed using his new tool for the first time, an image of Max and his friends were starting to form in his head and this was starting to make him moan out loud. Soon after not too much time he began to cum and he soon saw that his cum was more than any time when he had jacked off before. He started to feel his muscles burning and he saw his legs growing thicker and wider. They were filling the pants and soon burst out of them, showing two thick, long legs which matched a new cock but the growth did not stop there. His right arm started to grow and grow, becoming a thick arm with veins as he could feel his new legs with his new arm as the left arm grew to match the right arm. His pecs soon inflated while they were starting to make room for his new muscled neck; his abs popped up on his stomach like one-for-one in rows of two going 2 to 4 to 6 to 8 as he soon ripped the remaining of his shirt apart. When he walked to the mirror to see the new Nate now all he saw was that he had become a muscle guy, and while he flexed he heard Max’s car coming and he went to the living room. Just as Max entered his living room he saw the new Nate with his new body. Nate kissed Max who returned the kiss as Nate ripped Max’s clothes because he started to get really hard. Max soon got his ass fucked up and they had sex where Nate’s cum filled Max with white, thick semen but after pulling out his cock Max grew and soon he fucked Nate again. After two hours of nonstop sex they stopped since they became large, musclebound, sexy monsters as he called the friends for a "party" and after calling the last friend they kissed and rubbed their bodies and cocks against each other making them hard as the first friend entered. The End?
  11. wrong place man you should post this in the searching for a story part
  12. he want any story iwht best friend muscle growth
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