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    Super strength, huge muscle, ripped smaller muscle, fantasy, sci-fi, sports
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    5'11, 300 pounds, mostly of fat.
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    5'11 230 pounds of muscle, 20" arms, 44" chest, 36" waist
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    Wonderful Accident of Nature by Musclehintz, the My Nephew Stories by Ragmansm, Beyond Sexy by Zangetsu, the Dylan stories by Musclehintz. Anything by Chip Masterson. Almost anything by Londonboy
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    Male bodybuilders: None because I am straight. Female bodybuilders: Colette Guimond, Kashma Maharaj, Danielle Reardon, Trudy Ireland
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    Super strength, huge muscle growth, smaller overpowering bigger, muscle grandpas, Gary-Stu types that are smarter, stronger, more muscular, faster, etc.

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  1. iceman751

    Stories where Superman isn't the victim.

    I have been guilty of this myself, and it's probably because Superman is the measuring stick as far as super strength goes. The kinds of feats of strength that he is capable is awesome. So obviously if anyone is able to overpower him without the need for Kryptonite or magic, they'd have to be even more awesome. It's not that I hate Superman, or see him as boring. I really like Superman, actually I like him more than most heroes, including Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk. I just love the idea that he is so strong, but at his greatest, there is someone out there that is not only stronger, but a lot stronger, that is one of my favorite fantasies.
  2. iceman751

    You Might Not Survive the Experience (WARNING: SNUFF)

    Haha, this was just what I love about your stories man, your gift for description never cease to amaze me or turn me on immensely. I don't know if it was patterned off of Beyond Sexy by Zangetsu, not that you don't have a history of super sexy description, but it does remind me a lot of that, in terms that anyone who sees him in the flesh is guaranteed to cum harder than they had ever cum in the lives. But even so, this beautiful beast does more for me in a couple paragraphs than Mr. Sir did in about 3 or 4 stories worth of lines, and that's no dig at Zangetsu, that story was greatly written, but you just cram so much awesome stuff into so much smaller a space overall, and I give you top marks for that.
  3. Actually, I think I will put them in the unfiltered section, in fact I started already with The Tiniest Bully, now I have to go find the other ones that I have written to post in there.
  4. Yeah, that is me, actually, lol. The last new story I wrote was for the Evil Super Kids Storyathon. The Jamesborough Murders.
  5. iceman751

    Too Big

    Another great tale of muscle lust between two males, a small one, and a much, much bigger one from you LB!
  6. iceman751

    Young Tony Stories

    It really doesn't need to be, the story gave no indication that Tony was below 18 years of age, at least from what I could see.
  7. iceman751

    Young Tony Stories

    Sure, I would love to see it, the Tony stories were a real turn on, and I'm sure that story would be just the same.
  8. iceman751

    Young Tony Stories

    I remember a different set of stories about who may or may not be the same Tony when he was growing up, preteen and teen and he was plenty big and strong then. I remember him twisting a horseshoe like it was a straw. The first 4 chapters of it, I don't know if it can be found anywhere on the web, but chapters 5.1 to 18 can be found in the archive. You can click on the first one and push next and it will take you to all the chapters. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/1578.html
  9. iceman751

    Dork to Beast, Finale

    Really loved this whole story, and I love how it ended, with Danny and Dwayne coming together to test each other's muscle and strength, with Danny finding out that Dwayne, despite the fact that he was so much smaller, may have been even stronger than he was! And perhaps much, tougher, I guess because Dwayne was even denser. But of course the parts coming into that were cool as well, especially Dwayne's fighting sections, the first, he took it easy on the guy because his wife was pregnant, so he just easily tapped him out and didn't hurt him that bad, but with Tommy, he took pleasure in ripping him apart and not letting him tap out until he made Tommy feel more pain than he had ever felt in his life combined, to pay him back for his woman beating ways. It's good that all that power didn't go to his head and turn him into an amoral d-bag, he still has morals and wants to see things done the right way. Also, I love the idea of them synthesizing more, stronger batches of the thing that made them into super muscular, ripped, super strong nerd gods, and giving them out to other nerds, I love the idea of the tables being completely turned, the jock bullies being made into the bullied ones by the much bigger, stronger nerds. Great chapter to end it all, or maybe this is only the beginning of a larger World where nerds rule?!
  10. iceman751

    The Inheritance

    Awesome! Nothing I love more than an old, hugely muscular man showing off his power! Herc loved the reactions of his grandsons as they watched how powerful he was, I think I would be very much in the same boat, witnessing a giant studly muscle gramps eating concrete like popcorn or lifting a couple tons of concrete on a shoulder like it was a empty tray. I really would love to see more!
  11. iceman751

    Basically A God Part 2

    You know, I really enjoyed what I read in these stories, I am a big fan of the Mary Sue or the male equivalent, the Gary Stu, character type in stories, it seems like there's nothing that they can't do at an insanely high level, and Johnny seems to be that way, so strong, so fast, so full of all kinds of insane powers. He truly is the nearest thing to a God that any human has ever come close to, actually doing things that change the weather around him. So yeah, if there is a part 4 coming, I really look forward to it to see what else Johnny is capable of!
  12. iceman751

    Slumber Party Stud

    I saw your name and immediately clicked on the story, hoping for a nice, long story that would be incredible to read, so hot, knowing how strong, hunky, and superior the man/boy would be. But come on, you tease! You know exactly how to draw people in, and then you tease us by giving us something we want only to pull it from us right at the last second! I hope you are planning on continuing this soon, because if you're not, that's evil man!
  13. iceman751

    The Fighter

    I really liked the power and dominance that Seu showed, but it was against lesser competition, I personally would've liked to see someone far bigger and muscular than him come in, to show that his training is superior, despite him being the smaller one in the contest. The shock to the audience when Seu is met with someone taller, heavier, wider, more muscular than him, but witnessing Seu take him apart with seeming ease would mean all that much more. But that's not to say that I didn't enjoy how he destroyed the guys he did, or the ways he did it, I did like it, but again, the impact was fairly lesser because of how much bigger he was than them.
  14. iceman751

    Dork to Beast, Pt 6

    Wow! What a hot continuation of this hot story! I loved both parts of it, first of all, Danny finally finding out that Jack never really hated him all those years but secretly liked him and only picked on him to save face with his jock friends. Then you had Dwayne who seemingly keeps getting stronger and more ripped showing off against the real ring leader of the bullies, Tip, who got a little bit of the payback that was coming to him, my only guess is that Dwayne's fight will go one of two ways, instant knockout by Dwayne, or he allows the other fighter to pound away at his impenetrable muscles until Dwayne can just push him over with one finger. I vote for the latter that shows more dominance which seems to be what Dwayne is about these days. Great stuff, I can't wait for more!
  15. iceman751

    Dork to Beast, Pt 5

    Another really hot chapter, I liked how both Danny and Dwayne had their own segments this time, Danny totally mastering the sport of wrestling and turning on all the fellow wrestlers (except of course Jack, who he threw around like a rag doll and roughed up thoroughly and convincingly.) and then we had Dwayne, who made Danny's dad, who he probably had a crush on before the changes and now, seemingly has a crush on him now, loved showing him his insanely ripped body and it's power, not to mention his handsome features which turned Danny's dad on a whole lot, it seemed to me that he might have been one of the straightest guys on Earth before Dwayne came along, but now, he's probably aching to feel Dwayne's cock in his mouth and ass. I have no doubt that Dwayne is going to win the fight, most likely with only one offensive move. I can see him allowing his opponent to wear himself out by punching and kicking Dwayne until his fists and feet were unusable and just needing one punch, maybe even a body shot, to knock him out for good. I really love this story so far and look forward to more!