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    Super strength, huge muscle, ripped smaller muscle, fantasy, sci-fi, sports
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    5'11, 300 pounds, mostly of fat.
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    5'11 230 pounds of muscle, 20" arms, 44" chest, 36" waist
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    Wonderful Accident of Nature by Musclehintz, the My Nephew Stories by Ragmansm, Beyond Sexy by Zangetsu, the Dylan stories by Musclehintz. Anything by Chip Masterson. Almost anything by Londonboy
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    Male bodybuilders: None because I am straight. Female bodybuilders: Colette Guimond, Kashma Maharaj, Danielle Reardon, Trudy Ireland
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    Super strength, huge muscle growth, smaller overpowering bigger, muscle grandpas, Gary-Stu types that are smarter, stronger, more muscular, faster, etc.

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  1. iceman751

    Spank Bank (Commentary, NOT a story)

    Great list, I enjoyed quite a few of those as well. Some that aren't on there: The My Nephew series by Ragmansm The Danny & Tetsuo series by Chip Masterson The Future of Man by Chip Masterson Supermanhandled by Chip Masterson The Monolith by Chip Masterson Beyond Sexy by Zangetsu A Wonderful Accident of Nature by Musclehintz The Dylan series by Musclehintz Tristan by VRGoh The Rick Series by Freaker I will make it known that a few of these are found in the unfiltered section of this forum, which means they have younger characters. They are My Nephew, Danny & Tetsuo, Tristan and certain parts of A Wonderful Accident of Nature. If you don't like stories with that kind of content, then don't search those stories out, the rest should be fine.
  2. iceman751

    Breath of the Wild

    Awesome! Just another incredible read, have always loved your style from the first story I read from you, and this is no different, great muscle description, great feats of strength. Great description of just how superior Link is to every being in Hyrule and it's surrounding areas. I especially loved that he came so forcefully that it completely destroyed a mountain! What power!
  3. iceman751

    Nadia, Alpha Teen Female

    Yeah, I think I might have read that story someplace else, possibly Deviant art, I enjoyed it though, but I also enjoy that she's far stronger now. Would love to see that gone into, the bus lifting pic was very nice, it seemed easy to her, as if she could lift up something much heavier without too much trouble. The only problem is incorporating it into a story and having it make sense.
  4. iceman751

    Nadia, Alpha Teen Female

    Wow! Great pics, what an insanely strong woman! Definitely would love to see more of her strength, in both story and picture form!
  5. iceman751

    Better Off Ted - Part 1

    Great story, while I am not the biggest fan of outright violence in stories, I will say that both of the people in this story are just bad people, for whatever reason they resort to domination and violence as a first impulse. I guess that's the drug, mostly, but being a nice guy myself, I couldn't see my personality changing 180 degrees like this, no matter what I was taking. But of course, I'm not the one writing this story, so take my personal opinion with a grain of salt, as far as the narrative is concerned, I'm completely fine with it. I like muscle growth and strength gain a lot, and seeing both of them change was cool. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
  6. iceman751

    Nadia, Alpha Teen Female

    While this forum is considered male muscle growth, I have always been straight myself and have been interested in female muscle more than male muscle, though I still love the male muscle stories that have been posted here a great deal, it's good to see that I'm not the only one who also loves female muscle stories. Great stuff, I would love to see how big and strong Nadia is up close, and I would have no problem assuming the beta male role in her presence. She's awesome! Somehow I can see her bending down and deadlifting the front of that bus.
  7. iceman751


    Wow, insane! I loved each and every word of it, it may have been short, but it was so hot that I really want to see more as soon as possible. I love that it was from the first person perspective and that I was the one being the absolute gorgeous beast of muscle and cock. I would love to know how I got this way, how strong I am, and how many people I've fucked ever since I first became sexually active.
  8. Well, it's an interesting start, though I was hoping that Andy would show more of the power that impressed me from the first chapter, though I guess you have to make the Baltic Butchers more impressive to show that if and when they are defeated, it makes whoever defeats them all the more impressive. So yeah I look forward to more.
  9. iceman751

    ***Cyclist Man Crusher*** (Part 2)

    Oh, no one in particular, but I would like them to be as big as possible, and as arrogant as possible, I love seeing guys who think they're all high and mighty get their ass handed to them.
  10. iceman751

    ***Cyclist Man Crusher*** (Part 2)

    Really like your writing, love how your guys may be smaller in overall body size, but they are incredibly strong, able to lift the bigger guys with seeming ease, I wonder if Ben will sic his bodybuilder friends on Rob and Rob takes them all on at the same time and defeats, then brutalizes them all? If so, that'd be a story that I'd love to see!
  11. iceman751

    ***Crushing The Mountain***

    Well, I'm of two minds for this story, I did like the power and muscle description that you put in, the two guys had to be powerful to do the things that they were able to do to the Mountain, so I'm wondering why they had to assault his balls if they were really that strong, they could've overpowered him without that. I am sorry, but I think that is an easy way out, these guys didn't seem to need to do it, but did it anyway. My question is why? To humiliate him? It would've humiliated him enough to overpower him after being declared the Strongest Human Being alive. I am also not a huge fan of snuff, but at times, when it happens in some stories where the muscle description and feats of strength are written well, then I'm okay with it. This story is just bordering on the okay side of that. In some ways it reminds me of Musclehintz' more evil, violent stories, though in his stories, there's only one incredibly big, strong bad guy, not 2 (or as it turned out 3) I don't know, I guess all I can say is that, if there is more to this universe, I would rather like to see them do more feats of strength, show off more. If not, well, it was a good story for the most part. I enjoyed it for what it was.
  12. iceman751

    Stories where Superman isn't the victim.

    I have been guilty of this myself, and it's probably because Superman is the measuring stick as far as super strength goes. The kinds of feats of strength that he is capable is awesome. So obviously if anyone is able to overpower him without the need for Kryptonite or magic, they'd have to be even more awesome. It's not that I hate Superman, or see him as boring. I really like Superman, actually I like him more than most heroes, including Batman, Spider-Man and the Hulk. I just love the idea that he is so strong, but at his greatest, there is someone out there that is not only stronger, but a lot stronger, that is one of my favorite fantasies.
  13. iceman751

    You Might Not Survive the Experience (WARNING: SNUFF)

    Haha, this was just what I love about your stories man, your gift for description never cease to amaze me or turn me on immensely. I don't know if it was patterned off of Beyond Sexy by Zangetsu, not that you don't have a history of super sexy description, but it does remind me a lot of that, in terms that anyone who sees him in the flesh is guaranteed to cum harder than they had ever cum in the lives. But even so, this beautiful beast does more for me in a couple paragraphs than Mr. Sir did in about 3 or 4 stories worth of lines, and that's no dig at Zangetsu, that story was greatly written, but you just cram so much awesome stuff into so much smaller a space overall, and I give you top marks for that.
  14. Actually, I think I will put them in the unfiltered section, in fact I started already with The Tiniest Bully, now I have to go find the other ones that I have written to post in there.
  15. Yeah, that is me, actually, lol. The last new story I wrote was for the Evil Super Kids Storyathon. The Jamesborough Murders.