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    Male bodybuilders: None because I am straight. Female bodybuilders: Colette Guimond, Kashma Maharaj, Danielle Reardon, Trudy Ireland
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  1. iceman751


    Another great read from the master of the exact story that I love, I can't tell you how many times that I have gotten off on one of your many incredibly muscular, strong, handsome, sexually superior men. And Austin appears to be another in that mold. The only thing that I found lacking was descriptions of his power, if you do a second chapter or more, I'd love to see examples of how strong he is. Other than that, though, I enjoyed each and every bit of this!
  2. Great continuation to a great story, I absolutely loved it, Ruben is such a beast and now he might be turning Doc into a little bit of a beast himself. I look forward to more!
  3. While I'm not the biggest fan of violence and threatening, I will say that the way Ruben did it made it feel like he wasn't really serious about hurting Doc, but it was still cool hearing about how big and strong Ruben was. I look forward to seeing more examples of his strength.
  4. I've always been a big fan of your writing, and this story only reinforced that, Ruben is such a huge, sexy older beast, and wants to get even bigger and stronger! Nothing wrong with that, I hope he reaches his goals and then goes beyond them!
  5. I have often seen your description on Skype and on a couple of chats/RPs that you posted on this site, and they turned me on like few other things I can remember, the intricate muscle description, the fact that there is nothing on the human body that you can't pump up at least some way, like your face, or your cock, to the point that it's as veiny, striated, skinless, freakish as possible, it's an instant turn on to me. As was reading this story, wow, I just loved the visualizations that you used, some really hot description. I can't wait to see how he actually achieves this, and maybe even goes beyond his goals, if possible!
  6. iceman751


    Well, I haven't done this too much when it comes to male muscle stories, but I have done it a lot of times in the female muscle stories I write. The things I do is if I am able to get in contact with the author of the character, I ask permission to use them, and usually I do get their permission, I did that with Michele Roppo for using Annie Ample and Becky Biceps. I did for Mr. Shhh for using Monstra. But there are other examples where I have no idea how to get in touch with an author to use their characters, in those cases, I give full credit to those authors, I let them know in a pre-story note that if they want me to remove the story because of my use of their character, then I will. But as of yet, with those authors, no one has contacted me, so I figure it was okay with them that I used their characters.
  7. I write sitting on my desktop computer, sometimes while listening to music, sometimes not. I find that I write better while listening to music, as it really activates the other sections of my brains, opens up more creative avenues. But it also depends on what kind of mood I'm in. On my older computers, those that used Microsoft XP, I usually wrote them on Microsoft Word Processor, saving .wps files. Since I have gotten my new computer, I have been writing using Open Office Writer program and saving them on my computer, or using googledocs and saving them automatically on that. Most of the time, when I write, it's free flowing, the story comes to me as I write it, though I have certain ideas in my mind that I want to use for it, certain scenes that I try to write the story around.
  8. iceman751


    Well, I guess it doesn't really matter to me if the story is short or if it is long, it's the content that is in it. A prime example is any of the newer stories by Musclehintz, who is without a doubt, my favorite current author on this page, no offense to anyone else. Musclehintz just puts incredible description in his stories, he put so much great stuff in a short amount of space. Of course, if the story is longer, then I'm fine with it, it just depends on how the story is described and such.
  9. Great list, I enjoyed quite a few of those as well. Some that aren't on there: The Future of Man by Chip Masterson Supermanhandled by Chip Masterson The Monolith by Chip Masterson Beyond Sexy by Zangetsu The Dylan series by Musclehintz The Rick Series by Freaker
  10. Awesome! Just another incredible read, have always loved your style from the first story I read from you, and this is no different, great muscle description, great feats of strength. Great description of just how superior Link is to every being in Hyrule and it's surrounding areas. I especially loved that he came so forcefully that it completely destroyed a mountain! What power!
  11. Yeah, I think I might have read that story someplace else, possibly Deviant art, I enjoyed it though, but I also enjoy that she's far stronger now. Would love to see that gone into, the bus lifting pic was very nice, it seemed easy to her, as if she could lift up something much heavier without too much trouble. The only problem is incorporating it into a story and having it make sense.
  12. Wow! Great pics, what an insanely strong woman! Definitely would love to see more of her strength, in both story and picture form!
  13. Great story, while I am not the biggest fan of outright violence in stories, I will say that both of the people in this story are just bad people, for whatever reason they resort to domination and violence as a first impulse. I guess that's the drug, mostly, but being a nice guy myself, I couldn't see my personality changing 180 degrees like this, no matter what I was taking. But of course, I'm not the one writing this story, so take my personal opinion with a grain of salt, as far as the narrative is concerned, I'm completely fine with it. I like muscle growth and strength gain a lot, and seeing both of them change was cool. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
  14. While this forum is considered male muscle growth, I have always been straight myself and have been interested in female muscle more than male muscle, though I still love the male muscle stories that have been posted here a great deal, it's good to see that I'm not the only one who also loves female muscle stories. Great stuff, I would love to see how big and strong Nadia is up close, and I would have no problem assuming the beta male role in her presence. She's awesome! Somehow I can see her bending down and deadlifting the front of that bus.
  15. iceman751


    Wow, insane! I loved each and every word of it, it may have been short, but it was so hot that I really want to see more as soon as possible. I love that it was from the first person perspective and that I was the one being the absolute gorgeous beast of muscle and cock. I would love to know how I got this way, how strong I am, and how many people I've fucked ever since I first became sexually active.
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