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  1. Another awesome chapter @londonboy Really awesome stuff, I just would love to see more of Mighty Mouse's power, especially considering that you had him mention some things that he could do, with only his breath, I would love to see him do that, can he launch a wad of spit at a mountain and make it crumble into a million pieces? Can he win a tug of war against a bullet train? Can he a tank on his head like a hat? I look forward to the answers to these questions and more!
  2. Loved reading this story Londonboy, a complete and utter turn on, I loved that you went into two parts, the initial part with the jocks and then the part with Jamal, showing off twice, first with his breath, holding the big jocks there against the dorm with a steady stream of his breath, and then showing off against a guy that towered over him by a great deal and was 10 times bigger than him body wise, and was quite strong in his own right, and yet was completely overpowered and dominated by the puny looking guy with ease! Great stuff, I look forward to more of this kind of story from you!
  3. Man, another awesome chapter of this story, love what this little guy is capable of, and also love that maybe, he's capable of so much more than he has been showing. I don't know if he was being hyperbolic when he was saying he could lift a building, that he could defeat an army, I would love to see something on that level, if possible. I don't know if it is right for the character, himself, but I just love seeing bigger and bigger feats of impossible strength attempted and then shown to be utterly easy for him. So yeah, I look forward to more!
  4. Really, really enjoyed this, I love this kind of thing, a guy known for his dominating strength and huge body being easily overpowered, dominated and fucked by someone much, much smaller than him is right up my alley. I would love to see more of this kind of thing! Especially to see exactly how strong this in comparison, tiny young guy is!
  5. Awesome writing again, I just love how he continues to show off his insane strength with feat after impossible feat, all of which are easy to him as ripping apart a piece of tin foil is to the normal man, but instead of tinfoil, it's a piece of thick, heavy, strong metal. I cannot wait for more! I hope we get to see him lift and destroy a car, perhaps even a Humvee. Keep up the great work!
  6. Another insanely awesome chapter, I loved that you did a little background on how he got so strong, just waking up one day with enough power to punch a hole through concrete and getting stronger every day since, and now? Well, according to him, he could defeat 300 guys the size of the guys in the weightroom put together, something I would mind seeing put into practice, like a tug of war, 300 guys against just him, maybe it's so easy for him he doesn't even need to use 2 hands! Maybe not even all his fingers on one hand even! I look forward to more!
  7. I know I don't comment much anymore, but when I see something like this, something that is right up my alley like this so is, I can't help but say something,, tiny, but ultra-strong guys showing off, wish there was more stuff like this out there! Keep up the great work LB!
  8. iceman751


    Another great read from the master of the exact story that I love, I can't tell you how many times that I have gotten off on one of your many incredibly muscular, strong, handsome, sexually superior men. And Austin appears to be another in that mold. The only thing that I found lacking was descriptions of his power, if you do a second chapter or more, I'd love to see examples of how strong he is. Other than that, though, I enjoyed each and every bit of this!
  9. Great continuation to a great story, I absolutely loved it, Ruben is such a beast and now he might be turning Doc into a little bit of a beast himself. I look forward to more!
  10. While I'm not the biggest fan of violence and threatening, I will say that the way Ruben did it made it feel like he wasn't really serious about hurting Doc, but it was still cool hearing about how big and strong Ruben was. I look forward to seeing more examples of his strength.
  11. I've always been a big fan of your writing, and this story only reinforced that, Ruben is such a huge, sexy older beast, and wants to get even bigger and stronger! Nothing wrong with that, I hope he reaches his goals and then goes beyond them!
  12. I have often seen your description on Skype and on a couple of chats/RPs that you posted on this site, and they turned me on like few other things I can remember, the intricate muscle description, the fact that there is nothing on the human body that you can't pump up at least some way, like your face, or your cock, to the point that it's as veiny, striated, skinless, freakish as possible, it's an instant turn on to me. As was reading this story, wow, I just loved the visualizations that you used, some really hot description. I can't wait to see how he actually achieves this, and maybe even goes beyond his goals, if possible!
  13. Awesome! Just another incredible read, have always loved your style from the first story I read from you, and this is no different, great muscle description, great feats of strength. Great description of just how superior Link is to every being in Hyrule and it's surrounding areas. I especially loved that he came so forcefully that it completely destroyed a mountain! What power!
  14. Yeah, I think I might have read that story someplace else, possibly Deviant art, I enjoyed it though, but I also enjoy that she's far stronger now. Would love to see that gone into, the bus lifting pic was very nice, it seemed easy to her, as if she could lift up something much heavier without too much trouble. The only problem is incorporating it into a story and having it make sense.
  15. Wow! Great pics, what an insanely strong woman! Definitely would love to see more of her strength, in both story and picture form!
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