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  1. I'm sure he'll be dreaming of exploring until he can get out there and do some more himself. I don't really know where I want to lead him next though, so It might not be continued for a long while
  2. This is one of my first attempts at writing. It wound up a bit shorter than I intended, but I hope you like it ^^; ___________________________________________________________________________ The drone of the helicopter drowns out all sound and the humming of the engine resonates in my chest, amplifying my excitement. Looking down at the mountain range below, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as I can’t contain the grin that grows on my face. I’ve been exploring the small cave systems of these mountains for the last 3 years, and after mapping what I can with sonar and seismic detection of waves, I think I’ve finally found a cave entrance to take me deeper into the bowls of the mountain. The pilot I hired to bring me this far starts shouting into my headphones and breaks me from my thoughts as he says we’re beginning the decent towards the cave entrance. The tiny opening is just barely visible from above, a black hole amidst the tough rocky surface. A surface so rough that once we’re 25 ft above, the ladder descends and I’m left to climb down on my own. I catch the worried look on the pilots face just as my head goes below the helicopter bed, my arms tingling excitedly as I climb down the ladder. I know my colleagues think I’m crazy, but the jolt of excitement I get as my feet touch the ground is all I need. They all say I’m reckless and that I was born in the wrong age for this kind of explorer’s spirit, so I have to resort to these lone expeditions. As I make my way into the small hole on the side of the mountain, I shuffle down with a light on my forehead and my belly against the ground, dirt flying in my face as I crawl deeper and deeper into this hole. The rocks at my belly are smoother than the ones at my back, a sign of water possibly flowing out from deeper within. Considering the altitude that doesn’t make much sense to have a nature water deposit in a cave like this, but I shake the thought from my mind and press on. After a minute or two of this crawling, the path before me finally begins to widen. Slowly it gets wider, slowly I feel my backpack stop rubbing against the roof of the cave which allows me to get on my knees. Another five minutes in and I can crouch, the feeling that this cave is worth the danger making my excitement roar to life again. My body ignores the discomfort from all the crawling as after a full 30 minutes of going in deeper I can finally stand. With a grin on my face I have to wonder just how deep this cave goes. After another 30 minutes, the walls of the cave seem to have finally reached their widest point at roughly 10 ft in diameter. The whole cave seems to maintain a strange cylindrical formation. I pull out my notes to jot down my findings, my typical procedure being I do so every hour or whenever there is something particular to note. Pencil in hand I begin writing, but I briefly notice the paper flutter, and then it flutters again. Confused, I concentrate in the quite until I see the page flutter again, a tiny breeze accompanying the flap. I hurriedly finish my notes, put the book back in my bag and grab a thermometer instead. Pointing it at the rocks, it reads a cool 9° C. Annoyed that I don’t have anything precise to read the ambient temperature of the air, I decide to check the rock surfaces periodically as I move deeper into the cave, despite knowing they’ll be cooler than the actual air. 9°, 11°, 7°, 10°, 13°…. 25 minutes go by without any conclusive results before I finally feel it for myself, the breeze brushing past my cheek. Excited, I go deeper still, the breeze popping up every few minutes, until the air seems to be noticeably warmer than before. The next rock reads 12°, and frustrated I give up on this method, trusting my instincts to feel the temperature changes instead. Deeper still the breeze on my cheek is warm, and the air feels almost tropical. My eyes light up as that must mean some kind of geothermal activity. Maybe a geyser lays deeper in this cave, which might explain the smoother rock bed here. I wipe the sweat from my brow and press on. Unable to smell sulfur, I doubt my hypothesis a bit, but still the air feels warmer and the cave even begins to feel humid. I then notice the ground beneath my feet begin to tilt upward more drastically. It was subtle at first, but soon it’s like climbing up the side of a hill, my legs shaking at the exertion. I take deep breaths, the earthy smelling air getting thicker as I climb. At the point where it seems to reach a roughly 45° angle, I stop to catch my breath. Laying back on the ground, I can feel the floor of this cave is moist against my back. I didn’t realize the air was this humid now with all my sweating, but I take the time to jot down some notes, grab some mountaineering spikes from my backpack and tie them too my boots. I also pull out a pair of small climbing pickaxes just in case things get steeper still. With my footing more secured, I continue my climb. The incline only seems to get steeper as I move on, but luckily the rocks also seem to easily give way here as I proceed with my pickaxes in hand. Each one pierces into the rock with surprising ease, making my climb proceed quickly as the air gets warmer and denser still with moisture. The earthy smell of it seems to pick up some weird salty undertones, but it takes all of my concentration to finish the climb, as I manage to see the top of this now roughly 75° slope glistening in the light of my headlamp. Almost there, I feel a rush of adrenaline as I move to reach the end of this climb, my lungs on fire with this humid air. With a final push, I swing my arm over the edge and pull myself up over onto the flatter ground. It’s not flat for long as looking over I see the ground dip and fall off to my right not 10 ft away. Cursing at my luck, and at the strange formation of this cave, I lay back and decide to rest. The heat in my lungs makes it hard to take a good breath though, and I’m panting in these moist earthy fumes for a while before I catch my breath again. Even with my head feeling kind of foggy from the air, I decide that giving up at this point would just drive me crazy, so I dig through my bag for my rope. Pulling it out, I begin to dig my pickaxe deeper into the floor of this cave in order to use it and an anchor to descend down the other side. My thankful attitude towards the rock’s weak structure when climbing turns into a disgruntled one as the floor seemed to fall away whenever I struck. As I chip away at the surface, expecting to find something sturdy beneath, I feel my pickaxe hit a new texture. I strike it again, hoping to finally find purchase, but instead I’m met with a rumbling in the earth. Ducking down, getting my chest to the ground quickly so I don’t fall, I begin to hack at the same spot hoping that once my pickaxe is stuck I’ll be able to hold on to something secure. The rumbling of an earthquake shakes the very ground beneath my feet and the ceiling above my head. Fearing for my life, I hack at this same spot again as small chunks of this brittle rock begin to fall around me. My face goes pale white as I feel the ground beneath my chest seem to crumble away. Still unable to pierce the subsurface rock, my ax springing back every time I strike, I feel my center of gravity shift as the rock beneath me falls off to the right. Not knowing what’s down there, I try to cling at anything, but the whole cave seems to be moving around me, until finally I slip. Falling, my arms and legs flail about as I try to find purchase in any of the rock walls. I make contact with my boot spike or my pickaxes at times, but I only manage to slow my fall as I slide off the wet walls that reflect the light of my headlamp like they’re dripping. I look about for ledges to hold until my lamp hits up against the side of the cave wall and leaves me to fall in darkness. A feeling of vertigo hits as I feel weightless, as the air gets harder to breath as it burns in my lungs with the earthy/salty smell that fills my head, and as the deep rumble of the cave gets louder. I imagine the death that waits below as I am unable to stop my fall, until I feel my body crash into a pool below. Hope wells up in my chest as I struggle to loose my backpack, letting my pickaxes sink as I try to swim up to the surface. The water feels so heavy, swimming through it is like molasses, until my head finally breaches the surface where I gasp for breath. The warm water clings to me, tingling against my skin like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Bubbles rise up from below and release the same smell from before, a distinct musky smell that burns my nostrils with it’s potency down here. My head feels dazed, foggy and overloaded with sensation from all that’s going on. Swimming to the side of the pool, my hand comes up against the rock wall. The wall continues to shake with the force of the earthquake, small rocks fall from above as they splash around beside me. It has no ledges, no blemishes at all, just a smooth slippery surface that’s impossible to climb. I bash my hand against it in despair, only to have it spring back, like my pickaxes before. Confused, I push against the wall and feel it give way slightly. Its almost like rubber as it gives way under pressure with elastic force. Unable to comprehend what’s going on, I bang at my headlamp, spurring it back to life after the fall. The wall before me isn’t made of rock, it’s dark pink and fleshy, oozing out the clear liquid I’m floating it. I jump back in surprise, and looking all around every inch of what I see is this nightmarish flesh. The shaking looks more like a squeezing and contracting, as if something is building up. Looking at the liquid I’m floating in, and smelling the air, I’m horror struck as I can now only see it as pre-cum and the smell of sex. I feel my body heat up, my dick spurring to life against my will with this horrid realization. I must have hit my head, on the way down… maybe I’m already dead and this is just hell. The bubbling of the pool of pre seems to get stronger as I see the cave walls shake and undulate with more vigor. I feel the smell invade my mind with the same fogginess from before that I can now place as lust. The smell driving me into throes of pleasure against my will. My body responds and I feel the heat envelope me and a tingling sensation crawl up from the tips of my toes up to my head. I pant in the air, my mind loosing ground to the lust as I reach out and touch the cave wall. It feels so thick, and I wonder how anything can be this massive, this insanely large that I can’t even wrap my mind around it. My hands begin to move up and down the cave walls, feeling the flesh contract and expand, sloshing the pool about with me in it. I’m beyond understanding it as the lust takes over like a haze and my body is left to enjoy the consequences. Floating in the pool, I look up and watch the enormity of the cave shake, my hands reaching down to free my dick from the tightness of my pants. As the pre skims across my bare skin, my hands work it in like a lube. I feel my own body fall into the caves rhythm, my hand moving in time with the walls shaking. The bubbling reaches it’s peak, viscous drops of pre splashing across my face and into my open mouth. The salty taste of it only sending shivers of pleasure down my spine that make my hand move faster still. My eyes go wide as I feel climax approaching, and just as the pleasure takes over completely it feels like time stops. My hands grip at the base of my cock, my body burns with the heat of the pre, and my mind wades in a sea of pleasure, all in time with the caves sudden stillness. The moment seems to last an eternity as the cave’s motions all stop at once. The bubbling pool of pre goes still and I’m left at the height of my climax forever before I finally let go and feel myself erupt. Like the signal for time to resume, all at once the cave walls expand. Getting wider and wider, I begin to fall as gravity takes control once again. The cave walls must be 20ft across now as I’m falling with the pre down deeper, like the tide receding before a tsunami. Then before I can even perceive the change my headlamp goes dark as an incredible wall of force hits my back and I black out. The first thing I feel is the warmth, then the receding pleasure as my eyes begin to flutter open. I reach up and wipe my face as I open my eyes to see the sky above me. Still floating in something, I don’t have time to wonder how I made it out of the cave as I notice that the sky above is taken up by a massive titan like being. I first notice his cock, bobbing up and down with enough weight that it seems to shape the wind itself. A mountainous white drop drips from the end of it and lands in the lake of cum I’m floating in, making waves that wash over me as I struggle to remain floating at the top of it. Looking up past his cock, the godly muscle ripples against the sky, his body blocking out the sun. My line of sight continues up the canyon between his pecs until I see his chiselled face. His eyes seem to capture me, despite my microscopic size next to him, and I feel like he’s looking right at me. A chills runs down my spine as I imagine what unimaginable feats a being of this size could achieve, before I notice him shrinking. His eyes still locked on me at the center of his cum pool, a satisfied smirk on his face. It makes my heart race, and my blood pump faster, the heat of this lake filling me and making me grow. My eyes go wide as my body swells beyond human understanding, muscles clenched tight as I involuntarily pump them to feel them grow. My pecs burst out of my chest, pushing forward to the point where I almost sink into the lake. Until my abs become rigid like bricks to support the weight of my upper body and I manage to remain floating. I continue to watch him as he watches me, the air rushing in to fill the void where his body was as he slowly gets smaller. My clothes are instantly eviscerated by the sudden expansion of my body, the lake of cum soaking into my flesh and pumped through my veins. It feels like lead, dense and heavy as I change to support the weight and power of it. By the time all of the cum is soaked up, my veins pop up under my skin like thick cords, pumping mass and strength through my body with a seemingly endless supply. My thick chest reaches up above the trees, even as I sit there, and I can see the crater left where the mountain range once stood. The titans foot standing in the hole where the mountain once was, a body shaped stamp on the earth being all that’s left. The titan chuckles at my expression, a sonic boom of a voice as I cup at my ears to cope with the sound. I look up at him again, my own size beginning to match his, my body gaining an inch, a foot, a yard, with every one lost by the titan. I try to stand, the ground giving under my weight as I try to balance. Making it to my feet, my shoulder reaches up to his cock which lands on my shoulder. The weight of it makes me sink more into the ground, until I grow up and into it. It brushes past my shoulder then down my pec as I grow more, the tip slides across my abs as I come up to match the titans size. Finally I can see the sun again, the light blinding me as my body come up and over the titans own head He gives me a playful, or maybe it’s a thankful, squeeze around my cock as we swap places entirely. Standing up above the world, I look around with a feeling of absolute authority. I understand just what moving one leg would mean as I look down at a globe rather than a flat plain. With the size comes a sombre mentality, and a tiredness that hits me all at once. “I’ve been asleep for millennia… Yet your spirit for exploring this small world awoke and excited my mine.” I feel the voice more in my mind that though my ears as I look down to find the tiny titian smiling up at me. I know it’s his voice, as my eye lids begin to weigh down with the weight of a city. “It is your turn to sleep, and wait for my return.” His voice is calm, leads me down to my hands and knees. Then I lay down, my body filling the crater that the titan had left. I hear the vibrations through the earth as my movements shake through to it’s core, yet I can’t ignore the tiredness. My eyes close as the word sleep resounds though my mind. With my mind at rest, my body lulls and I realize in the back of my subconscious that I am becoming the mountain range. Everything still, as time stops and I fall asleep, waiting to be awoken once again.
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    D&D for Life

    I do have plans! Although not sure if they will come to fruition with school breathing down my neck at the moment...
  4. I wanted to say thanks for all the likes in my image gallery!

    I really appreciate it :)

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      You are so welcome. Your artwork is just great and I look forward to seeing much more.

  5. Hey! What's your profile pic from? Looks like a good read.

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      Wow, it really does! A girl who just a couple pages in is seen admiring the pecs on a gorilla.... Quite impressive haha

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      Hey! I saw that you entered the Discord chat so I sent you a friend request if that's cool. (I meant to explain, but I wasn't sure where toto type the message so It sent the friend request without any context)

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      It's super cool! Already accepted =D

  6. Solid, if not pretty bleak, ending. Couldn't see it ending any other way. Great work! Sucks that the seniors refused to look at his text messages to confirm tho... (Was a little confused when Scott mentioned Greg threatening him? I get that it's a lie, I just don't get how he got away with it) And one last thing... Sorry for being so nit-picky, but than is used in comparisons, while then is the correct one for listing sequential actions...
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    Muscle Cream

    Finally caught myself up. Excited to see how the heck Bryan is going to get out of that house!
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    D&D for Life

    If the picture of the thread is too annoying to look at, I'll just take it out and put the text in for you all
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    D&D for Life

    Pat 1: The Golden Ticket Crawling through the thick brush, Thoven’s thick masculine body wasn’t designed for stealth… The snapping of twigs and rustling of leaves gives away his position to the previously unaware orc camp. Thoven, realizing his cover was blown, stands to his full 6’4” height. His 240lb frame of solid muscle wrapped in tight fitting leather armor and a marvelous chrome breastplate barely big enough to cover his pecs creates quite an imposing figure. The orcs pause at this, despite outnumbering the Elven Paladin 10 to 1. That pause was enough for Thoven to take a long lunging step forward at the group of orcs. He raises his massive sword preparing for a long sweeping strike and… “…It’s a critical failure.” I hesitantly say as my d20 rolls to a stop on a one, the worst possible roll. I wince as a devilish smile creeps up on the DM’s face. Derek is known in our group for having the most severe ideas when it comes to critical failures. We’ve already lost 2 of our characters to his sadism at the beginning of our play through. Hopefully now at level 13, Thoven can withstand what Derek has thought up. Hopefully… With a strike that could have decapitated half the orcs in front of him, Thoven swings wide but loses the footing for his lunge. Grazing cleanly over the heads of the orcs, giving them haircuts in the process, Thoven’s sword lands in the trunk of a large tree to the left. Although, “land” might not be the right word as it doesn’t come to a stop until it’s cut clean through the tree trunk. With an earthen creak the massive tree comes falling down towards Thoven, the sound of it’s slow decent to ground sends chills down Thoven’s spine. So much so he stands there shell shocked until the tree slams into the ground, his massive body but a bug underneath. Dealing him… 58 points of damage. “Come on dude… at least let him roll to dodge if you’re going to deal 58 points of damage for a single failed roll…” pipes in Travis, his low quite voice coming to my defense as I myself am shell shocked after coming within 10 points of a knockout. His rather small frame dwarfed by Derek’s own hulking one. “It’s not like this is an important encounter to the campaign… We already beat your boss for the day.” Snickering, Derek just shrugs his overly grown shoulders, “A one is a one. If I didn’t do this, they wouldn’t be CRITICAL FAILURES anymore. And a near death AFTER the boss? THAT’S GOTTA throw you for a loop! It’s called suspense for a reason.” Ignoring his inaccurate use of the word suspense, I motion for Travis to back down. I’ll just graciously take the damage as none of us really want to deal with Derek’s bull headedness this late into the day. It’s something we have just come to accept as part of our after school sessions anyways. Not that we could kick him out of our group if we wanted to… This D&D campaign is actually put on by our school’s Gay-Straight Alliance as one of our guidance counselor’s (oh so often NOT) “Great Ideas”. So unfortunately we’re not some random group of friends who can start another campaign behind The Annoying One’s back. Our Guidance Counselor felt roleplaying cooperatively would be a great way for members to immerse themselves in the thought processes of others. A novel idea albeit, but the one who needs that sort of empathy training the most ended up as Dungeon Master and is always focused on the “me” rather than the “we”. A way of thinking that might just be reflex for him as the school’s football team captain and self-proclaimed number one go-getter (AKA he’s loved by the teachers too, something none of us at the bottom of the food chain can quite figure out...). “WHAT DO YOU MEAN by spell shaping?” booms Derek, bringing me back to reality just in time to see Jastivan (Travis) save Thoven’s ass from a small hoard of orcs with a massive fireball. A small grin on Travis’ face as Derek can do nothing about the nat20 sitting neatly on our game mat. “Looks like we’re both pretty lucky, in our own ways.” I laugh, giving Travis a high five which he meekly returns. With the last of our battles out of the way, Derek grumpily leads our group back to town so we can cash in our treasures, rest and level up before our next session. With all his chances to kill us out of the way, what is usually a pretty lively part of the game turns into just a conversation in the meta game as Derek leaves his character voices behind and basically just deals with our characters as himself. Packing up our stuff for the day, me and Travis skedaddle before Derek hones in on us to relieve some of his pent up frustration. We laugh together about today’s victory over the boss (AKA just Derek trying to seriously kill us with some random monster from the monster manual) on our way to our local board game store “High Adventure”. They have a massive selection and everyone there is super knowledgeable. This one guy who works there named Jordan has been playing D&D since the game first came out! We always go to him for the best news on what adventures to try and what we really need in order to play. “Oh guys! Over here!” we hear Jordan as we walk into High Adventure, whispering at us from the D&D shelves as he frantically moves books around. “I was just ‘restocking the shelves’ before you get here. Didn’t want anyone but you guys to get their hands on this.” he says secretively, pulling out a very thin gold trimmed D&D book. “I was shocked when I saw this on the shelves this morning... I got a copy a long time ago, and it’s probably the best thing that ever happened to me.” Both Travis and I look at each other, neither of us knowing what to make of Jordan’s excitement and this apparently great buy. “So uh… What’s with the book Jordan?” I ask, noting by the gleam in his eyes that he was clearly waiting for me to do so. Rather than actually saying anything though, he simply pulls us behind the shelf and hands over the small book. Travis and I thumb through the surprisingly few number of pages, realizing quickly they are all just the same thing; gold inked character sheets on aged paper. Shocked and disbelieving I say, “Really Jordan? You’re this excited about some dumb character sheets with gol…” until Travis slaps his hand over my mouth, both him and Jordan glancing around frantically as if to make sure no one overheard me. “What?!?” I gasp as I pull Travis’ trembling hand from my face. “Is… Is this really?!?!” Whispers Travis, his excitement now on par with Jordan’s as he seems ready to jump up and down, quite literally. They share quite, reaffirming nods with one another, clearly privy to some sort of knowledge they have yet to share. “Guys… At least let me in on what’s so great about these dang charac…” “SSSSHHHHH” they both scream at me in whispers. “OK! Ok, I get it… These are The Shit. Excuse me for being a bit curious…” I bite back sarcastically, confused as to why they don’t just tell me what’s up with these damn old, gold character sheets! With a seriousness I don’t think I have ever seen in him, Travis breaks me from my pouting and asks “Do you trust me?” Taken aback by his serious tone, I just nod. “These… There is no way I can explain the details, but if these are real… You’ve just got to trust me here. This purchase could change our lives. We’ve always been the kids at the back of class playing our little imaginary games, ever since we were little. But this! This will make all that time worth it.” Stunned to silence, I try and wrap my mind around what the implication is here, but these guys are being way to vague. If Travis is this set on it though... “Well then,” I say decidedly to Jordan. “I guess you’ve got yourself a sale.” Leaving the store and Jordan behind, our new purchase in hand, Travis and I head towards my place since it is only a few blocks from High Adventure. Travis and I don’t talk along the way like we usually would, Travis being too busy shaking with excitement, while I for the life of me couldn’t understand what was causing that. There’s no way that some fancy character sheets would cause Travis to freak out like this. So then what is it? Travis’ excitement feels infectious as I conjure my wildest imaginations to play with the idea, which gets me nowhere fast. I just get some dumb ideas like these being part of some super high-tech new game system for D&D, or that the gold leaf is real gold? Neither of which sound convincing enough to explain Travis’ current state. After a few minutes of walking in silence with our minds abuzz, finally we get to my house and we run up to my room. With no more walking to distract from the topic at hand, I open my mouth to speak. Before I get the chance to vocalize my thousand questions, Travis pipes up, “Don’t bother Caleb. I know it’s strange, but I really won’t be able to explain anything to you until we make a character using these sheets.” I try to argue, but not knowing anything here I just sit down on my bed defeated. I at least manage to give Travis an annoyed stare, my patience for all this vague talk about to evaporate. Picking up on this and knowing my more than inquisitive nature, Travis grabs the book. Removing a character sheet with surgical delicacy, he hands it to me and takes a deep breath. “Ok now, the fastest way to explain is to just do.” He says, his voice trembling, “Close your eyes and imagine your dream D&D character. What do they look like; are they muscular or skinny, gruff or graceful? Are they tall and heavy, or small and light? What are they wearing; a knight’s full garb, a wizard’s robes, or nothing at all? Get as much detail as your imagination can come up with.” I sit for a minute taking in his words, trying with all my might to decide on what I’d want my dream character to be. “Well?” pipes up Travis, a crazy grin on his face. “What did you imagine?” Before I managed to put it into words he’s looking over my shoulders, pushing down with his full weight in order to see. “This… This is just Thoven’s character sheet.” “Well it’s pretty hard to come up with something on the… Wait? What do you mean by that? How did you know I pictured Thoven?” Shocked, I tentatively look down at what really is just Thoven’s character sheet, exactly the same as the one in my backpack but written in gold. Weirdly enough, written in my hand writing too. “Dude, what the hell is this? I didn’t write this!” Freaked out, my voice comes out in a higher octave than it has in years. I drop the sheet to the ground and look at Travis, “Explain. Now!” Picking up the sheet, Travis returns it to me with a sigh as he says, “I guess that reaction is to be expected… This really isn’t something you could expect.” Glad to be reaffirmed that I am indeed not crazy, but terrified further by the route this conversation is taking, I take a deep breath. Seeing me calm down, if only a little, Travis continues slowly, “So, I know this isn’t what you want to hear… but these sheets really aren’t something I can totally explain either. Up until just now, they were just some wild rumour I had read on some small D&D forum. It’s hard to believe that they might be real…” Taking a few breaths, Travis spends a few moments to reorganize his thoughts into what better be how he plans to explain this. “I… Actually,” a thought popping into his head, “I’m just gonna bring up that forum post and you can read it yourself.” And with a few quick and practiced motions, he has the forum up on his phone, holding it out for me to see. Reading over the post a few times, I try to wrap my brain around the idea of becoming Thoven… Knowing this is ridiculous, I hand the phone back to Travis, a little upset and confused as to why he’s so dead set on getting me to believe this idea. “Come on Caleb! Where’s your sense of adventure. This is amazing!” Travis’ excitement keeping him ignorant to my lack of enthusiasm. “With these character sheets, we can actually LIVE OUT our D&D campaigns. I have so much stuff I want to try with you.” Blushing, he pauses to catch himself. “Just imagine what we can do. The possibilities are...” “Enough Travis…” The lack of belief in my voice makes it come out tired and impatient. “What are you and Jordan doing this for? I’m not dumb enough to be fooled by some crazy conspiracy theory and some trick character sheet.” “But the sheet… it knew…” ‘What? It knew what I was thinking? I don’t get why your doing this… Did you use some heat sensitive ink to make Thoven’s character info appear? You think I’d believe all this?” waving the character sheet around and pointing at his phone. “It’s insane. We don’t live in a world where something magical comes along to just make it all better.” “Yeah, but with these we can experience another world.” “Just stop… I don’t get why your pushing this so hard, but I’ve had enough for today.” I hand the character sheet over to Travis and walk him to the door. He slowly follows behind, not wanting to give this up but not knowing how to continue the conversation. “Can you go peddle your magic to someone else? I’m not buying.” I say, opening the door and waving Travis through. Just before he crosses the threshold of my front door, Travis stomps down and turns to me with what looks like a teary eyed determination. “Fine, I get how crazy it sounds. Just… next time we have our D&D session at school bring this character sheet with you. Then you’ll see.” He say as he shoves the character sheet into my arms once again. Before I get to protest he turns around and makes a very grandiose un-Travis like exit.
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