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  1. Next couple pages Sponsorship to help keep creating theses stories is always welcome! Click the link to my Patreon in my signature!
  2. Thanks @DutchPump! Trying something different for this comic. Wanted to kind of do a homage to original DC print comics.
  3. First Scene of a new MG comic I'm working on...
  4. Thank you so much for the kind words! They are very much appreciated And all I can say to your questions is that, my story lead you in the correct direction...
  5. Just have to wait and see.. I did set it up for a return later if I’m up for it
  6. AND NOW... the FULL story and Conclusion to "The Muscle Factory" (64 pgs) Patreon sponsorship to help fund these stories is greatly appreciated! (Link in Signature)
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