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    Looking for guys who wanna push me towards my goals.
    Meeting like minded guys.
    Looking for a coach in bodybuilding.
    And looking for a ciach in posing/flexing.
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    First step : 100kg and stay at 14%bf.
    second step : 105kg and stay at 14%bf.
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    Marius Dohne
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    Showing off / flexing / posing / underwear / posing gear / wrestling gear.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

    I am really having a great time this USA ?? roadtrip. 6 days down and still 7 days to go. 

    I got invited to a Thanksgiving dinner today and to the gym. But first breakfast and after that we hit the gym. 


    1. Blueslugs7


      Looking good buddy 

  2. Glad that I also have time for sightseeing in between all things planned. First I hit the gym today : chest/arms//shoulders.

    After that we visited Sweet Water Creek State Park, man what an impressive park. In Holland we've never seen something like that. Really impressive. The driver also drove me to see some other  hotspots around town. A great day that we finished with shopping and dinner. 


  3. Any recommendations for what to do in Atlanta this weekend? 

  4. Fuck! Woke up way too early! 0300 i was wide awake already. At least I can workout before my schedule for today starts. The gym I am visiting is a 24 hour one so that's great. In Holland we don't have a 24/7 Gym as far as I know. Not in my town or surroundings anyway. 

    Early breakfast, early workout. Kinda nice, this way I have more time for some shopping 'therapy' ? and sightseeing. 


  5. Tennessee are you ready....?

    On my way to the airport for a 10 hour flight to the USA ?? 

    Meet-up with a couple of my supporters. Got a few sessions planned and getting introduced to an upcoming brand that's maybe willing to support me in my bodybuilding journey, to gain even more and mass and strength ? 

    Do you guys have any recommendations for things to do or skip in Tennessee?

    Hit me up. See my profile for my Kik and Skype accounts. 


  6. Nothing better then to start the day with a flexing session, as requested in tight whiteys. 


  7. On my way to the gym. Bring it, pump party ?


  8. Although it's my rest/cheat day my abbs are getting some tough love today. Recently i got introduced to 'vacuuming' and that's what i'm going to do. (Unfortunately they can't vacuum my house but tomorrow our maid will do that for us). 


    Anyone can recommend me any techniques? 

  9. Howdy guys, waking up at my part of this globe (The Netherlands) Having breakfast. 'Overnight Oats' : oats (duh!), chia seeds, nuts, dades, banana, raisins, egg protein, water and wheat grass. 


  10. Finished my chest routine this morning. Now it's time for the protein and supps intake.



  11. Yo Jarry, nice to meat you ;-) we keep in touch.

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