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    Weight Lifting, Video Games, Art, Stories, Basketball
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    6 foot, 170 lb
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    To gain muscle and get huge.
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    I'd like to cross over into the 200 lb range. I'm a tall, lean guy.
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    Mother Nature
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    Jeff Seid, Zach Zeiler
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  1. That’s exactly the one. Thank you sir!
  2. I recall reading a story once about this huge bodybuilder being forced to work out. A smaller guy, who was using some sort of power to force him to work out, would drain muscle from him. Th big guy would do pull ups, and the little guy would climb onto the big guy, and start draining him....slowly getting bigger and heavier, making it harder for the big guy to maintain his strength. This extends into a full workout, with push-ups as another exercise I remember. Anyone know what story I'm thinking of? I can't recall if it was on this site, Tumblr, or just via Google. Would love some help. Thanks!
  3. Just discovered you, and like your progress pics. Keep it up, man!

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