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  1. how should i know if they arent laughing at me? u w u i never been approached when i went to gym
  2. the first time i went to gym is with my friend. now i have no more friend who have the same interest as me. most of my friend are busy with their project and have less time to spend on gym. planet fitness? never heard of it. sadly, i couldnt find any friend who is willing to go to gym with me. still having the thought of shameful to go to gym . im located somewhere near the middle of the ring on the earth. only two season here, hot and rain. money is not an issue, its myself is the issue i think. about my self confidence. hahah, what i mean is i get intimidated by people who have big muscle and like to flex it on the mirror at the gym. im still scared shit to go to gym due to my body getting fatter cause of stress and exam. training partner is tough to find. no shit. even on the internet, the other guy who have the same interest is miles away from me.
  3. Roboprobo: yea. Im really at ground zero. Last time i went to gym. My friend did show a few way to lift but things went sour in our relationship. So i unfriended him due to personal choice. Everytime i went to gym i always have this fear of people thought like they are gonna say, god who is the fatty who works out here, he shouldnt be here, etc Thats why i still fear go to gym. Almacarthur: i'll gonna check out the intermittent fasting. From previous experience, eating less did help. A lot. As for gym partner, i couldnt find one as well. Let alone i have fear of the people in it. Like last time, some people flex. I felt so intimidated by them.
  4. i know. but im still lost. sigh
  5. I always skip breakfast and straight to lunch cause i dont usually eat braeakfast. And there is a time gap of 16 hours everyday between dinner and the next day lunch time. I try to cut on tea and coffee as well since those two are always with sugar. Now only taking regular plain water. As for gym, i still have the issue of afraid being alone and how people would react if i were go to gym. I still have this perspective of people like to gossip and stare at each other in gym.
  6. i gotta admit, my bad habit is ruining my life. chat? how? im still in need of an aim sigh
  7. hey guys. i dont know if its proper to post here or not. i was never the body of what i always drew and i needed help. due to stress and exam, i gained a lot of weight. and its becoming really uncomfortable in the clothing. i used to go to gym, but i had other dedication at that time. now that i stopped working and resuming study, i thought maybe it is time i go back. during that time, i didnt lose much, and i kept getting distracted by phone and limited time, which is a mistake. the only time i lose weight is the time i dont eat much. and i notice jogging everyday didnt help much in losing weight. what should i do? i was aiming to achieve to have at least 20% body fat from current 49%. what diet should i eat and how much. what kind of workout is suitable for me.
  8. oh god htank you so much for this. damn, i really miss your story. thanks for the follow in tumblr as well
  9. anybody got story from john d? if i remember the name correctly
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