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  1. kauri

    The Grower

    no no no no no no no no no ? I don't want this to die ?
  2. Are you perhaps thinking of, http://alakazam1988.tumblr.com/post/160739629541/what-a-single-compliment-can-change ?
  3. would be neat to have Jed start to notice similar growth on himself, but just only notice it when something doesn't quite fit right
  4. I definitely want to see if the narrator decides to opt for the treatment his father is getting.
  5. :c get well soon if you ever need any support, you have us all here
  6. Waffle how's the dev going? You've been quiet for some time :C
  7. It seems that if your stats are larger than what cody can give you, say from winning lots at the casino, your stats get reset to the max values he can give you from the pump room.
  8. when having sexy funtimes with Malkorok the descriptors seem to be missing "Oh boy oh boy I've been waiting for this!" chuckles your olive-skinned companion, his throbbing erection swelling through the material of his No macro or passage called "FollowerMalkorokClothes" and all but soaking it with his pre. No macro or passage called "FollowerMalkorokClothes" No macro or passage called "FollowerMalkorokCock"
  9. Minor Proofread: "Below you, your normally tool stands erect and ready to be serviced" Ill let you know if I find more Edit: forgot to mention that's when looking in the mirror at the start from choosing average stats
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