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    Easton, PA
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    real profile.
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    Muscle growth, working out, devolution, ape/gorilla-men, neanderthals, werewolves, beast-men, etc...
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    5'10' 150, toned
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    friends, rp partners, etc...
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    7' 400lb hulking hairy gorilla-man, or totally ripped muscle-whore, either/or
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    Anything by FANTCMAN or Absman420.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Ahmad Ashkanani, Ronny Rockel, Jason Poston, Ahmad Ahmad, Logan Robson, Alexi Shabunya, Lloyd Herford, Dennis Wolf, Matt Kouba, Regan Grimes, Frank McGrath, Tom Coleman, etc...
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    um...Muscle growth, cock growth, devolution, werewolves, multi-limb, dumbing down, etc...

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  1. hey, hit me up on skype dude

    1. Rex20


      Done! added you.

    2. AlexMuskulos


      coll, message me so i know its you :)

    3. Rex20


      Ok, just did

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