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    Bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, and training to be harder to kill. I love lifting. I'm in the gym everyday trying to get as big, shredded, conditioned, and freaky as I can. And of course I love muscle. Be it huge, ripped, or freaky shredded I love it all. Both on myself and on others. Outside that, in "real" life, engineering and geeky stuff, music, hiking/backpacking/outdoors, adventure racing/rucking, yoga, and general fitness/sports.
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    5'8", 232 lb, 9% bodyfat. I just competed in a powerlifting meet in December and am currently riding the bulk from that into the summer to try and pack on more size. Overall it's going well and I'm feeling very good and strong. I might then do a short cut in the fall just to lean out hard, and then onto my next powerlifting meet in December. Long term I'm working on adding more mass to get up to around 240-250, but staying under 8-9% and not do the offseason blowup thing.
  • What are you seeking?
    Friends, chat, training partners, boyfriends, finding others with similar interests.
  • What are your dream stats?
    I've been as high up as a soft 275 lb, but at my height it's very uncomfortable (I love huge muscle, but I also have to be a realist and make sure it doesn't negatively effect my career and work). Thus, lately I've been focusing on getting bigger, but also staying a lot leaner and closer to contest shape. 260 shredded to the bone (extreme contest condition) would be my fantasy goal.
  • Favorite Stories
    Tale of muscle growth in a teenager. This was the first story I ever read and it floored me that there were other guys out there who had the same thoughts and desires I did.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Lee Priest, Tom Platz, Markus Rhul, Flex Lewis, Branch Warren, Andreas Münzer, Seth Feroce, Miha Zupan.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Extreme/freaky vascularity and ultra shredded conditioning, military/law enforcement, Under Armour/spandex

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  1. sannong

    Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER EIGHT ADDED

    Love it! I love the descriptions of wanting (and being) so massive, so grotesquely developed and freakish that people can't even look at you without puking. The very sight of your inhuman body is beyond comprehension. The descriptions of the size and development of Mitch and Bruce are great too. You can almost see the monsters in front of you. Can't wait for more.
  2. sannong

    Vacuum Pose Training

    Thanks man. Ya, I've watched some of the videos and stuff. I was curious to see if anyone had first hand experience.
  3. sannong

    Vacuum Pose Training

    Hey all, I'm starting to train stomach vacuums everyday to get better ab control and get my waist tighter. I want to be able to pull off a vacuum pose at my next competition (that and just because I think vacuum posses and ab control are hot as hell). I was wondering if anyone has trained these much and what routines worked well for you (reps, hold time, how often)?
  4. sannong

    Jeff: Back freakshow

    Fuckkk! I love your stories! Incredible.
  5. Awesome! There's a few of us on here that pump actually. I have another thread under Personals. I'll merge the two together.
  6. sannong

    Electronic Counter Top Pressure Cookers

    Hm.... I will have to investigate this magical pot. I have a rice cooker and love it, but was unaware there were also these items.
  7. sannong

    Forum for teen bodybuilders

    I get where you're coming form, and as MLMuscle stated, bodybuilding.com does have a teen forum (though like all of Bodybuilding.com's forums, it tends to get off topic very quickly). But as one of our resident big guys, don't be shy! Like Doctor9 said, we were all small once too. I started lifting my senior year of high school at a sopping wet 140 lb at 5'8". I never played any sport and was a band and science geek. Starting off I did lots of stupid shit, lots. I started lifting with two other friends, they lasted about 6 weeks, and then it was just me. I never had a trainer or senior lifter to help guide me along and this was before the internet. All you had were these strange paper things with words printed on them that sat on shelves. Having a seasoned bodybuilder around helping guide me would have been awesome. Take advantage of the resources we have now.
  8. sannong

    Mountain Dog 2.0

    So I'm a bit of a John Meadows fan boy and follow a lot of his training and diet stuff. He released a new training program, Mountain Dog 2.0, that I'm going to try and was just wondering if anyone else had tried it yet. I've done some of his other programs too and had good results. http://www.mountaindogdiet.com/programs/mountain-dog-2-0-gauntlet/
  9. sannong


    As expandingmuscle said, try and stick to real food protein as much as possible. The only time I use shakes are for workout, all other meals are real food. There are multiple kinds of protein powders, but the main whey based ones are concentrate, isolate, and hydolyzed. The difference being how isolated and filtered they are. Concentrate is the most generic and least filtered, then isolate, then hydrolyzed. The price also increases in that order. With a higher grade you're getting more protein per unit weight (and the isolate and hydolyzed contain no lactose if that's an issue for you), but they also digest faster. That can be good or bad. Faster digestion means they are absorbed by your body more quickly, but are also used up more quickly. So if you're training and want fast access to protein, you want a fast digesting version, but if you're supplementing a normal meal, you want a more time released food source, so slower digesting is better (the slowest of which is casein, but that's not a whey based protein). When buying powders try and get the one with the least crap in it. Dextrose, maltodextrin, flavorings, other random crap, they all are just fillers and are often used to beef up a low quality powder. As far as not being able to burn fat, that's not the protein powder, that's just your diet in general. You can't gain mass and strength and loose fat at the same time. Not well at least. If you're gaining excess fat you don't want then that's a fundamental diet change.
  10. sannong


    I've found yoga really helps, along with other crosstraining. I haven't been near as tight since I started doing that. Other than that I always roll out whatever I worked, either with a rumble roller or a lacrosse ball, and take hot baths to relax everything out.
  11. sannong

    Ab cramps

    I've had them too. Make sure your electrolytes are in check (which will in general make you cramp, not just abs), and I find stretching them out between sets (hanging from a bar and pulling down) helps.
  12. sannong

    Teddy Bear - Film

    Agreed. The Thai bodybuilders were quite good too. I liked them all at the dinner.
  13. sannong

    Teddy Bear - Film

    I just stumbled upon this and I didn't know if anyone else had seen it or heard about it. There's a Danish independent film called Teddy Bear that came out in 2012 that stars the Danish bodybuilder Kim Kold. It's about a shy, introverted, 38 year old bodybuilder, who lives with his overbearing mother and desperately wants to find someone to be with (he's straight) so he goes off to Thailand to find a wife. I just watched it on Amazon and it's a good film. Not a comedy, very sad and moving at some points (and yes there are good shots of his muscles), but worth the watch. Especially for us introverted, quiet, lifters. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1729226/
  14. Nice, ya, there's some good tumblers and pumpers on Xtube. The silicone guys drive me crazy though. Tom Lord with his new enhanced cock, and bulgemark are a couple of my favorites. Fuck, havning a cock so massive you can take in another guys cock is insane: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/XL-DOCKING-20156462
  15. sannong

    Growth Part 14 - FINALE

    Fucking awesome!