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    Bodybuilding, powerlifting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and training to be harder to kill. I love lifting and training. I'm in the gym or on the mats everyday trying to get as big, shredded, conditioned, and freaky as I can. And of course I love muscle. Particularly the most freakishly, inhumanly, walking anatomy chart, skinless muscle. Both on myself and on others. Outside that, in "real" life, engineering and geeky stuff, music, hiking/backpacking/outdoors, adventure racing/rucking, yoga, and general fitness/sports.
  • What are your stats?
    5'8", 222 lb, 8-9% bodyfat. Right now I'm cutting to see how lean I can get and maintain. My goal is as close to contest shape as is maintainable and grow slowly from there. Stay freaky year round.
  • What are you seeking?
    Friends, chat, finding others with similar interests.
  • What are your dream stats?
    My weight isn't as important to me now as conditioning. My dream state would be sub 3% bodyfat, absolutely shredded to the bone. Beyond any level of conditioning anyone has ever seen. Disgusting alien looking striated glutes, sunken in death face, paper thin dick skin, not one ounce of fat or water on my entire body. Vascularity so intense I look like Google maps on steroids. Pure fiber and muscle. An absolute freak walking anatomy chart that makes people puke and turn away in disgust when they see it. The absolute pinnacle of conditioning and discipline.
  • Favorite Stories
    Tale of muscle growth in a teenager. This was the first story I ever read and it floored me that there were other guys out there who had the same thoughts and desires I did. All of the "Jeff" stories by ShreddedFreaksLover.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Lee Priest, Tom Platz, Markus Rhul, Flex Lewis, Branch Warren, Andreas Münzer, Dorian Yates, Paco Bautista, Jose Raymond.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Extreme/freaky vascularity and ultra shredded conditioning, military/law enforcement, Under Armour/spandex

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  1. This should be on every gym wall and burned into every bodybuilders mind.


    1. ravenweremuscle


      Who is to say that this HUGE man isn't cute. ;)

      BIG can be cute, it is purely in the eye of the beholder. :P

  2. So I restarted my Tumblr blog. I changed the name though it's now Beyond Shredded instead of Extreme Conditioning. Same theme and content though. Unfortunately the old one got deleted so I'm starting from scratch. Please share and follow!

  3. sannong

    Beyond Shredded - 16 Weeks Out

    For all waiting I do plan on continuing the story once I get some time over break. I tend to draw material from chats I have with other muscle lovers and use that as inspiration so I'm building up some new ideas. I'm also prepping for a bodybuilding show in real life, so things will synchronize with that a bit as well. It's easiest to write about contest prep when you're actually going through it. Thank you all for the comments. I love that others are also into freaky conditioning and cock development and it's getting everyone rock hard and leaking like a fountain.
  4. sannong

    Beyond Shredded - 16 Weeks Out

    Thanks man! I hope it inspired hours of edging and an insane cum shot. God knows nothing gets me harder and leaking like a fountain than this stuff.
  5. I don't know if anyone here has ever read the book Sliced by Bill Reynolds (https://www.amazon.com/Sliced-Bill-Reynolds/dp/0809241161) but it has one of my favorite and technically best descriptions of different body fat levels. In order from fat to skinless: Full house -> Hard -> Cut -> Defined -> Ripped -> Sliced -> Shredded. The descriptions of each are very complete and a good read. Obviously the last three stages are the best with Shredded being the ultimate goal of any bodybuilder. I've found these to be some of the best descriptions I've come across so I made a scan and thought I'd share. Good way to make a visual assessment of yourself. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fonlkh34gwj251q/Sliced_Body_Fat_Levels.pdf?dl=0
  6. sannong

    Beyond Shredded - 16 Weeks Out

    I just haven't gotten around to writing the next chapter yet. Life got busy. When the muse hits me again the next chapter will come.
  7. Started a new log for my prep: 


  8. sannong

    Entire Body is a Cock

  9. sannong

    Entire Body is a Cock

    I remember there was a story where a guy's entire body contained the same tissue as his cock so when he got hard his entire body grew and got ripped and massive. His cock also grew to enormous size. Then he had to get off before he could return to normal. It was set in a therapists office or something. Does anyone know what it was called?
  10. Not me (I wish) but I stumbled on this picture while on tumblr today. Don't know everyone is into siliconed cocks, I imagine we all are since we pump, but I thought this was just too gorgeous to not share. Massive, heavy, thick as hell. Size matching nicely with the guys thighs. Gorgeous bulge of cock meat.
  11. sannong

    Beyond Shredded - 16 Weeks Out

    Hm... so I'm getting that you like the story then? Gotta say man, your tumblr has been an inspiration over the years as well. I'm stoked that you like it! I may have to hit you up on messenger. Are you on discord too?
  12. sannong

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

    Hey guys, I train BJJ and was just wondering if there was anyone else on here who trains? I started about a year ago thanks to the influence of Jocko Willink and have loved/hated it ever since.
  13. sannong

    Beyond Shredded - 16 Weeks Out

    Thanks guys for all the incredible comments. I'm glad people are liking the story. I know freakishly lean bodybuilders aren't everyone's fetish, but maybe I'll turn some folks I future chapters I have plans for more in depth, highly detailed, descriptions of our main character's muscles and conditioning. How he's looking and feeling as the show gets closer and he gets leaner and leaner. What it feels like from the first person perspective to transform yourself into a walking anatomy chart. What it's like to see those changes occurring every day, both physically and mentally. The little things he discovers. The new cuts, striations, and new obscene realities of his body that he never predicted (muscle control, flexing abilities). I'll also go into how it effects his husband, coworkers, and students he encounters in his everyday life. My goal is to develop the character in the real world where his contest prep and goals to be the freakiest bodybuilder to ever walk on stage have to integrate with life, work, and marriage. I don't want him removed from the world and isolated, a singular freak in his own construction, but rather a real life person you could encounter in your life and who has a life (and fuck, imagine encountering him!). A ripped to shreds competitive bodybuilder as your coworker, professor, or buddy that you hang out with for game nights (yes, Settlers of Catan may make an appearance in this story). I find that concept a very interesting one to pursue. Is there anything people would particularly like to see or explored? Any comments or suggestions?

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