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    Bodybuilding, powerlifting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and training to be harder to kill. I love lifting and training. I'm in the gym or on the mats everyday trying to get as big, shredded, conditioned, and freaky as I can. And of course I love muscle. Particularly the most freakishly, inhumanly, walking anatomy chart, skinless muscle. Both on myself and on others. Outside that, in "real" life, engineering and geeky stuff, music, hiking/backpacking/outdoors, adventure racing/rucking, yoga, and general fitness/sports.
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    5'8", 222 lb, 8-9% bodyfat. Right now I'm cutting to see how lean I can get and maintain. My goal is as close to contest shape as is maintainable and grow slowly from there. Stay freaky year round.
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    Friends, chat, finding others with similar interests.
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    My weight isn't as important to me now as conditioning. My dream state would be sub 3% bodyfat, absolutely shredded to the bone. Beyond any level of conditioning anyone has ever seen. Disgusting alien looking striated glutes, sunken in death face, paper thin dick skin, not one ounce of fat or water on my entire body. Vascularity so intense I look like Google maps on steroids. Pure fiber and muscle. An absolute freak walking anatomy chart that makes people puke and turn away in disgust when they see it. The absolute pinnacle of conditioning and discipline.
  • Favorite Stories
    Tale of muscle growth in a teenager. This was the first story I ever read and it floored me that there were other guys out there who had the same thoughts and desires I did. All of the "Jeff" stories by ShreddedFreaksLover.
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    Lee Priest, Tom Platz, Markus Rhul, Flex Lewis, Branch Warren, Andreas Münzer, Dorian Yates, Paco Bautista, Jose Raymond.
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    Extreme/freaky vascularity and ultra shredded conditioning, military/law enforcement, Under Armour/spandex

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  1. Awesome man. I'll be interested to hear what you experience. I've heard of other adding Beta-Sitasterol or Saw Palmetto to this mix as well. Some report it helps, others say no change. I've been thinking of adding in some saw palmetto and seeing if it does anything for me.
  2. Quick small update: I was sitting at my desk today chatting about shredded as fuck, striated jaw line, sunken in, bodybuilder diet faces with a buddy and I noticed my pants were getting moist. I started leaking a bit! Not much, just a couple slow drops, just enough to get things a bit moist, but it's something. My cock was soft but I had been softly playing with it. I'm not a leaking faucet yet but it's a start. I've been fantasizing about having ropes drooling out when I lift and this is a first step. In other notes, I'm horny as fucking hell all the time, which wasn't the case before I started the sups and my orgasms have definitely gotten more intense and pleasurable.
  3. More Xtube motivation (NSFW): Gorgeous hard cock and dripping precum ropes: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/lots-of-precum-and-cum-24963901 Not the best video but rivers of pre flowing from this guy's cock: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/dripping-lots-of-precum-and-two-quick-cumshots-37318641 Starts slow but starts leaking like a fountain: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c47793e80315
  4. For anyone interested, these are the exact supplements I'm taking: Pygeum: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FQ6C2CZ/ Sunflower Lecithin: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003BHZ71G/ Zinc: Just some zinc I picked up at Vitamin Shoppe
  5. No, but it's something I've wanted to try. The only one I've seen/heard of is the Aneros brand but I've never tried one.
  6. Thanks for the follow. 

  7. This is what I want, he has a fucking river of pre (NSFW) https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/too-much-pre-cum-in-the-music-room-9148075
  8. This thread has some really hot descriptions and results, guys just leaking all day https://www.lpsg.com/threads/pygeum-overload-no-pun-intended.312095/
  9. 3/19/19: Small update: No pre yet but arousal, orgasm intensity, and cum volume are definitely up. Edging feels absolutely insane. I can feel the cum building and running up the shaft. My control has gotten better and I can hold it back and make it drool out just hitting a minor orgasm, then rebuild and explode full force when I want to. I've never been able to have multiple orgasms like that before. I can feel my cock wants to leak pre, but it's still building. I read posts of guys taking this stuff and they turn into pre-cum fountains. They have pre leaking down their leg when they workout, pre leaking just sitting at their desk mildly aroused, a long stream of pre hanging off their cock in the locker room, leaking even when completely soft. I really hope I get to that point. I can feel it coming and I want it so bad. I want this thing to become a pre cum and orgasm machine, it's all I can think of. It feels so incredible to ride that edge for so long. I swear you can feel your balls churning, building up the load, just waiting for release. I hope I get to that point where I can just leak constantly throughout the day. When I finally cum now it feels like it goes on for a minute. In waves of sensation. Pulsing over and over. Feeling the cum and pre churning in my shaft, pushing higher and higher. It's like no edging or orgasm I've ever felt before. It just makes me want to work on better control and techniques. See how insanely powerful it can become. Work to the point where I can hold it right on the very edge, my body and cock convulsing with pleasure, pre running out of my slit like a fountain. I want to precum more than most men cum cum at full load. Ridding it up and down over multiple dry and smaller orgasms. And then when I finally blow my cock shots for 30 seconds, volley after volley, waves of uncontrollable pleasure surging through my body. My cock like a firehouse shooting out impossibly powerful,, huge loads, over and over. My one cum load more than most men shoot in a week. Fuck!!! This makes me so fucking hard. I love this shit.
  10. 3/12/19: About one week in Small update on sups: I can tell with lecithin my cum is more voluminous and creamier, the pygeum definitely makes me feel hornier and my cock more twitchy. I'm not precumming yet but when I edge I can feel it brewing about to erupt. Even if it doesn't help increase my precum in the end I love how it makes my cock feel. It's only been a week so we'll see. Guys say it takes about 20 days to really kick in. If it keeps feeling like it has been I could see leaking like a fountain when I edge, I'd fucking love that. Turn my cock into a brutal cum machine. The head has gotten more sensitive too, I can edge just barely rubbing it now, after a while my whole body just convulses like it never has before. Right under the gland at the back. We'll see in another week or two, but I'm hopeful. I'd love to be training legs and have this thing leaking a slow droll of pre the whole workout. Being so turned on all the time my cock in always in a state of semi-edge.
  11. Hey all, Lately I've been on an obsessive kick with my extreme conditioning muscle chats focusing on muscular, freakishly conditioned, ultra powerful cocks. The general idea being a bodybuilder developing their cock to the same level of extreme conditioning, vascularity, and size as their anatomy chart shredded freak bodies. A true muscle god cock. Part of this (which you know if you've read any of my stuff) is that in addition to the cock itself, the balls are also trained to produce an endless supply of precum and cum. A cock that can leak precum endlessly like a river, cum gallons at a time, and never grow soft or tired. Perfectly controlled and trained to cum over and over, experiencing endless strings of orgasm, always in a state of arousal and power. An absolute cum and precum machine. This idea of leaking pre like a fountain, having massive cum loads, and developing absolute control over your cock makes me hard as hell. It's something I want, bad. I may not be able to train my cock the way I describe in my stories and chats, but I know there are methods to increase precum and cum volume and orgasm control and intensity. To that end I started doing some research. I came across mulitple forum posts and reddit threads talking about ways to increase precum volume (I've never really leaked pre so I found this highly desirable). The most widely sighted one is the "Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase" (https://www.thundersplace.org/male-supplements/holy-grail-of-cum-load-increase.html), which indicates taking lecithin, pygeum, and zinc to increase precum and cum loads. The lecithin is for load increase, zinc for hardness, and the pygeum for precum. Reading though the posts they're threads where guys talk about taking this stuff and their cocks turning into leaking fountains. Just standing around they leak pre like a faucet. One guy was in a locker room taking a shower, walked out, dried off, and had a huge rope of pre just hanging off his flaccid cock. Stories of shaving in the morning and ropes of pre forming and dripping down. Other guys have it leaking down their legs when they workout, especially when squatting or training legs. All producing rivers of pre when they edge, and then cumming like fucking fire hydrants. So much pre they can lap it up with their fingers and drink it. Now this may not be everyone's thing, but I want it so fucking bad. It's so incredibly hot to me to have a cock that just leaks with power. Always aroused. My own personal protein and pre-cum feeding station.The most absolutely masculine object there can be. I fantasize about it now. Changing in the locker room and there's a thick rope of pre hanging off my cock, sitting at my desk chatting and it's lubed up constantly, in the gym and it's dripping with every set. There's something so masculine and powerful about a cock that just leaks pre and can cum like a fountain. Almost alive with power and sensation. The ultimate symbol of your masculinity and muscle. Fuck, just writing this I can feel it building. I read posts on forums of guys who leak like fountains now and it turns me on so bad. Even leaking to the point where it becomes and inconvenience, too much pre if there is such a thing, With that in mind I started taking the stack, with some modifications. I started about two weeks ago with the following. The post talks about drinking plenty of water and taking L-Arginine too, but I do that already anyway for my bodybuilding training. Sunflower Lecithin: 2800 mg/day Pygeum: I started with 200 mg/day, but am increasing it to 400 mg/day taken in two doses Zinc: 50 mg/day I wanted to open this thread to post my results and thoughts and see what others have tried, what's worked, and share my experience. My goal is to leak precum like a fountain: at the gym, at work, anytime I'm aroused. I would love to be training legs and have my cock leaking a nice steady stream that trails down my leg, changing in the locker room and have ropes of pre hanging off my cock, pre drooling out as I shower and shave, so much pre I can collect it in my hands to drink. So much pre it becomes a beautiful inconvenience. When I edge I want my cock to have a fucking river of pre flowing out, so much I never need lube. And then when I cum I want my cum volume to be off the charts, cumming more in one load than most men cum in a week. Huge massive volleys of cum that explode out of my cock like a fire hydrant. Orgasms so intense my entire body convulses with pleasure. Developing such control that I can ride the edge for hours, leaking endlessly, experiencing orgasm after orgasm, cumming again and again and again. I want to turn my cock into the perfect cum and precum machine (yes, I get very passionate about this). So that's where I am. I'll be posting some updates I've shared in chats with people (post-dated) and then posting new updates as I have them. As this is an extremely arousing subject for me, my updates will generally be in the same vein, though I will try and be analytical as well. Thanks and I hope this is interesting to some folks. - Sannong Note: If this isn't the correct place for this post please move it, I figured since the cock pumping thread was here and this is closely related it fit.
  12. I agree. I think Brandao should have placed higher and I think Bonac had it over Curry. I think Brando could really do some damage in the coming years but you have to get through the politics of the Arnold and Olympia first. He brought some great conditioning and aesthetics. 1. Brandon Curry 2. William Bonac 3. Luke Sandoe 4. Cedric McMillan 5. Roelly Winklaar 6. Steve Kuclo
  13. Right now I'd say Bonac has it. I love Sandoe and Kuclo but Kuclo is too soft, Sandoe I think looks pretty good. I could see him getting second. Lenartowicz looks like a bloated balloon in comparison. Winlker's fucking massive but just not as aesthetic. He's always so jolly though I love it. I the new Brazilian guy looks great but i think he's just too small still for the Arnold. Give him a couple years, great physique though. https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhDUfan52m/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhCTTaHzZU/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhB99hnEa4/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhBI56nyJx/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhAxRBHzhw/ https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhGkeJHeLO/
  14. So is everyone excited for the Arnold Classic this weekend? I'm excited to see who wins, I'm kinda thinking it may be William Bonac's year. There's a pretty good lineup. I love Luke Sandoe, but I just don't see him coming in hard enough based on his pics on Instagram. What are people thinking? Is anyone going? https://www.arnoldsportsfestival.com/sports-and-events/ifbb-pro-league/arnold-classic/
  15. This should be on every gym wall and burned into every bodybuilders mind.


    1. ravenweremuscle


      Who is to say that this HUGE man isn't cute. ;)

      BIG can be cute, it is purely in the eye of the beholder. :P

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