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  1. Curious to try it out... I'm one to have irritated skin a lot. Any of you used it?
  2. growingbear

    Looking for advice on growing my arms

    Sorry for the lack of stats. weight: 210 lbs height: 6'2" chest:43" arms: 15" when i do do an arms workout, I usually do the following. 4 sets dumbbell curl 5 sets triceps rope extension 5 sets EZ bar curl 3 sets tricep dumbbell extension 4 sets preacher curl 5 sets on tricep extension machine 3 sets dips for some of the exercises above, depending on the day, I'll superset for the last set.
  3. growingbear

    Looking for advice on growing my arms

    Hey guys, looking for tips and advice on how to grow my arms. I've been lifting for 6 months and my chest has grown absolutely massive yet my arms have grown at a small rate relative. Thank you all for any help!

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