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    Lifting, cooking, traveling, eating, wine.
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    5'10", 238#, 48c, 18a, 34w
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    Mega muscle daddy size. Looking for other like-minded buds who are into gear, growing, and getting as beefy as possible. 6 pack abs I'll never have, nor do I want, but I appreciate a man who has them just as much as a man with a rock hard roid gut. I am married to a beefy muscle cub who is my training partner and supports my growth - I recognize I am lucky to have this!

    Wouldn't mind any sponsors to help me grow to unlimited potential. Genetics are good. Gear does well in my body. Glad to chat about options.

    Profile name: I used to live in Atlanta, Georgia (thus GAMuscleFan) and haven't felt like changing the profile name.
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    5'10", 300#, 58c, 22a, 35w...or beyond
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    Dylan Cruckshank, Misha Parkour, Dave Barabas
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    Growing out of my clothes

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  1. Had my first pants blow-out at work while sitting down for a meeting. Most amazing feeling ever knowing it's because I'm growing.  Don't want to stop!

  2. Bouncing back from some health issues and feeling 110% ready to eat & grow

  3. Making great progress, seeing solid gains, and then diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Sonofabitch...

    1. GAMuscleFan


      That's the plan!

    2. Jocaflo


      But how are you going to put it into practice? In other words, what are you doing to get better?

  4. Feeling thick, bigger, stronger after the holidays with family. Their compliments are my motivation to grow!

  5. Excellent opening. Some great visuals in my head of exactly how strong and powerful Matt is right now. Looking forward to Chapter 2!
  6. Found a salted carmel whey isolate protein by Rule 1. Mixing it with low fat chocolate milk and it tastes too good to be true. 30g protein per shake, low sugar, taste is amazing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GAMuscleFan


      It tastes too good to be true. Rule 1 is an up & coming product line.

  7. 7:30 am in Indianapolis and already thinking of my 5:00 pm lift today with my buddy. Mind over matter indeed!

    1. Jocaflo


      I may be off here, but I think that the real pleasure comes when you leave the gym and are able to see the results of your work-out.

  8. When your 315# bench becomes a 335# bench after one week of focused eating and lifting. Getting thicker & stronger!

  9. When 315# bench press and 300# squats become "easy." That totally happened today. Time to pack on some more size and strength!

  10. Just took a leap of faith and quit my toxic job. Taking a month off to focus on my muscle building. WOOF

    1. jojo9


      Damn, good for you. Cant wait to see what you do.

  11. It finally happened - ripped a good pair of dress slacks putting my hands in the pockets because my legs and ass are growing. WOOF!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Augment


      Could get expensive

    3. jttwentyseven


      Lucky! Keep growing so it'll keep happening! That's something I wish would happen to me.

  12. That moment when you post a pictue on Facebook and a buddy of yours comments with, "you're huge now!" Talk about motivation...

  13. Benched 315 for reps. New PR that needs to be broken soon...gotta grow!

    1. Mdlftr



    2. GAMuscleFan


      Thanks BUMassive - always watch my form as does my lifting partner. Sore as hell the next day, but its worth it!

  14. When a college aged muscle stud callls you "daddy" at the gym. WOOF!

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