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    Lifting, cooking, traveling, eating, wine.
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    5'10", 238#, 48c, 18a, 34w
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    Mega muscle daddy size. Looking for other like-minded buds who are into gear, growing, and getting as beefy as possible. 6 pack abs I'll never have, nor do I want, but I appreciate a man who has them just as much as a man with a rock hard roid gut. I am married to a beefy muscle cub who is my training partner and supports my growth - I recognize I am lucky to have this!

    Wouldn't mind any sponsors to help me grow to unlimited potential. Genetics are good. Gear does well in my body. Glad to chat about options.

    Profile name: I used to live in Atlanta, Georgia (thus GAMuscleFan) and haven't felt like changing the profile name.
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    5'10", 300#, 58c, 22a, 35w...or beyond
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    Dylan Cruckshank, Misha Parkour, Dave Barabas
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    Growing out of my clothes

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  1. GAMuscleFan

    Supergod part 2

    This is fantastic! Keep it up!
  2. GAMuscleFan

    Crockpot Meals

    I'm looking for good, balanced (protein / carbs) meals that can be prepared in a crockpot. I've got some good recipes for chili, a pork roast, and beef roast but those get old after a while. We are both powerbuilders - lift like powerlifters, train like bodybuilders. We count protein intake, not calories. If you have any one-pot meals, feel free to share. Thanks!
  3. GAMuscleFan

    Breakfast a very important meal

    Good question: I like the flavor better with the whites and the veggies. It's a flavor preference. I do use regular eggs from time-to-time, too.
  4. GAMuscleFan

    Breakfast a very important meal

    Breakfast: egg white omelette with crumbled turkey sausage and spinach, whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter, coffee. Then a protein shake in the car on the drive to work 30-45 min later.
  5. Had my first pants blow-out at work while sitting down for a meeting. Most amazing feeling ever knowing it's because I'm growing.  Don't want to stop!

    1. blowingupmassive


      Nothing better than having clothes get too tight because I am getting too massive.

  6. Bouncing back from some health issues and feeling 110% ready to eat & grow

  7. Making great progress, seeing solid gains, and then diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Sonofabitch...

    1. blowingupmassive


      Get well, and then get back to it.

    2. GAMuscleFan
    3. Jocaflo


      But how are you going to put it into practice? In other words, what are you doing to get better?

  8. Feeling thick, bigger, stronger after the holidays with family. Their compliments are my motivation to grow!

    1. blowingupmassive


      My family are all amazed at my size and they all agree that I should keep working for more mass. Nothing but compliments, I have a few friends who think I am too big, but my family thinks I look best when I am bigger and thicker.

  9. GAMuscleFan

    UMGSSS, Part 1

    Excellent opening. Some great visuals in my head of exactly how strong and powerful Matt is right now. Looking forward to Chapter 2!
  10. Found a salted carmel whey isolate protein by Rule 1. Mixing it with low fat chocolate milk and it tastes too good to be true. 30g protein per shake, low sugar, taste is amazing.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SeaMusc


      Damn, that sounds good. I just went and put in my online shopping cart...gotta try it out!

    3. GAMuscleFan


      It tastes too good to be true. Rule 1 is an up & coming product line.

    4. blowingupmassive


      I just bought a huge bag of this--this could be dangerous it tastes very good.

  11. 7:30 am in Indianapolis and already thinking of my 5:00 pm lift today with my buddy. Mind over matter indeed!

    1. blowingupmassive


      I am the same way, going to the gym is a total pleasure that I look forward to all day.

    2. Jocaflo


      I may be off here, but I think that the real pleasure comes when you leave the gym and are able to see the results of your work-out.

  12. When your 315# bench becomes a 335# bench after one week of focused eating and lifting. Getting thicker & stronger!

    1. blowingupmassive


      Good results are the benefit of your focus--keep it up.

  13. GAMuscleFan

    Plateau Busting

    I've hit many plateau's along the way. Most every time it's because I'm not eating enough clean food to keep me growing. I've started prepping meals for the office, and allowing myself more than one "cheat meal" per week to pack on some major calories. I also found that continuous sleep was holding me back. I was waking up every couple of hours to use the restroom as I was drinking a ton of water each evening. I cut back on the evening water consumption and found myself getting solid sleep, waking up more refreshed, and having some great lifts later in the day. Food + sleep were my discoveries.
  14. GAMuscleFan

    Favorite Bulking Food

    I've got two bulking foods: Sushi and sandwiches for me (turkey breast, low fat cheese, and loads of veggies on whole wheat bread with dijon mustard). My husband also makes some killer preworkout bars that taste like oatmeal raisin cookies. I could eat those all day long.
  15. When 315# bench press and 300# squats become "easy." That totally happened today. Time to pack on some more size and strength!

    1. blowingupmassive


      Keep adding more weight without sacrificing form and you will pack on size.


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