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    illustration, drawing, muscles
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    5'10", 193 lbs (87.5 kg), Auburn hair, Brown eyes.
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    mesomorphism, natural muscle, gay culture
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    6'7", 245 lbs (110 kg), 50" chest.
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    I'll get back with you on this.
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    Peter Molnar, Calum von Moger, Graham Hill
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    muscle and organ exaggeration, natural muscle, sudden growth, transformation, positive improvement.

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I've cum while reading this story. I think the pacing is excellent and only wish there was more. I encourage you to keep the fetish stuff going. Besides it being hot, the people who don't get it just won't keep reading. Also, while you keep getting fans for your story here, I'm wondering because of the episodic nature of your writing, perhaps this belongs in the "continuing stories" section. No matter, I check both threads and will continue to look for your handle next to a new story or this one.
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