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  1. Love this idea!! Can't wait to see more extreme changes and good prompts!
  2. Olis deepest desire is to be more alpha than any man he meets, so he is continually getting more and more masculine and alpha as he roams the world and has a better version of whatever the man he sees has that's better than himself
  3. Oh man, I absolutely love the Alphas you write, especially these ones that get so overwhelming with how much testosterone they produce and other males submit on instinct!
  4. miniace2009

    The Barfly

    Oh man I need more! I hope we don't have to wait another week!
  5. Super hot part! Though I noticed he called him a dumbass with no retort
  6. Since I've been on this site, and the last one, people gently nudge authors to continue stories; not because they feel like the author OWES them the story but because they genuinely want to know what happens next. Yes, most likely it's a sexual thing and they want more new content to jack off too, but it's not a BAD thing to ask for more chapters to a story. I haven't seen any of the comments get really bad. People send George RR Martin death threats to finish writing his books.
  7. Looks like it's missing the clothes variable here stallion shake
  8. It's called I think "The Growth" and hasn't been posted here...
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