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  1. When you see what the scheme (and yes it is a scheme!) is, you'll understand why :-)
  2. I think Bryce is going for something more gradual but noticeable
  3. Maybe...but don't imply altruism where there hasn't been any yet :-)
  4. Previous Parts Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 8.5 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 11.5 | Part 12 | Part 13 ==================================================== Author’s PSA: If you’d like to be a part of this story as the cast expands, let me know, I’m happy to work you in! Let me know what you might like to do, be, etc. I take requests, no promise that I can do all of them. ==================================================== It was 5am. Tom and I would head to the gym at 6:30. I was awake and getting ready. I texted Jeff. >>> Dude. You awake? <<< Yeah, stud. What’s up? >>> Soooo...took your advice and got actually a couple of hook ups… <<< Yeah? How’d it go? >>> Well, good I think. My ex girlfriend swallowed a load from me, then we had sex for an hour later. I think she gained 15 lbs of muscle. <<< How large was the load she swallowed? >>> Not large. She caught it in the air like a trick lol <<< LOL! That would have been something to see! How about after? >>> I unloaded a lot into her during intercourse. It was constant for an hour. And I could have kept going but I stopped when she looked exhausted. <<< Bryce, you are relentless, boy! :-) Can’t wait to have you back here lol. >>> LOL! Just don’t make my cock bigger. I already have trouble with the thing now. Good trouble, but still trouble. You should have seen her face when she saw it. <<< Oh, I bet. >>> Odd thing...she pretty much went into extended orgasms without even touching me when she saw my body. <<< Oh? Interesting…although you do have possibly one of the hottest builds around now. That’s a good bit of beef you carry for your height. >>> Yeah, it was odd...and really rather hot too, honestly. And then my best friend, guy who’s like a brother to me, came onto me too. <<< Any orgasming there? >>> Only the one I gave him jacking him off. He didn’t get any of my cum in him, so no growth for him there...but… <<< But? >>> I’m going to make him a shake this morning. And I’m going to lace it with my cum. <<< That’s GENIUS, Bryce! It’s right in line with what I’m thinking about, to see how we can grow others. It looks like getting my cum inside you at this volume has caused a chemical reaction…. Jeff got seriously into science chemistry bro mode, and I scrolled past it all at this point. <<< ...and now you can grow others with your cum too! Spectacular! >>> So hey, just wanted to let you know how things went, and what I’m going to do next. <<< You miss me, Bryce? WIth all that hooking up going on, lol! >>> I miss your pecs squeezing my cock and milking me. Your biceps swelling in my grip, the veins causing indentions in my fingers and palms. I miss rubbing my penis up the valleys in your abs and letting my cum pool around each one. But no, I don’t miss you...just your muscles lol. <<< LOL! I’ll take that :-) Later stud! ====================================== Tom came out of his room into the kitchen at 5:45 in only his gym shorts. In the morning light I could see better that he had really taken to working his body into far better shape than it had ever been in. I remember when he and I would talk about muscles and bodybuilders when we were younger, and we both thought he would be the one with bigger muscles. Funny how that turned out. At least for now. I passed him a 24 oz. shake I had made for him before his workout. “Drink this up. We’ll see how the supplementation works I put in. If you like it, I’ll get you some more.” “Cool, bro. What’s it cost?” “Nothing for you, Tom.” “Awesome, Bry! What’s in it? “It’s the regular smoothie you drink with your preworkout energy booster you like. I added in a supplement, it’s all natural.” He was already drinking. “Tastes good. I can’t tell any difference from normal in the taste or texture.” “Here’s to good things progress,” I winked to him. He gulped the entire thing down. Tom always could scarf food and drink like it was going to be taken from him any second. The shake finished off, Tom slapped the empty glass on the counter. “Man, that was good. It feels a little heavy.” And he rubbed his stomach, which looked slightly more full than a moment ago. “Great! That means it’s working!” I said cheerfully as his stomach puffed up just a little bit more. “Okay,” he said somewhat skeptically, as he rubbed his stomach again. His abs were still firmly in place, but there was a bit more belly bulge and his waist had grown maybe an inch or two since ingesting the shake. “Hey man, trust me. Where do think these bad boys came from?” as I crunched my abs into view. Tom’s cock leapt to attention. “Y...yeah. Okay. Let’s get going then!” We got in Tom’s car, and he took his usual spot in the driver’s seat. “Shit, dude, this stuff is bloating me like a rotting pig!” he laughed as he had to push his driver’s seat back. “HA! Then that means it’s REALLY working!” I thought I’d prepare him for what was going to take place. “You work out in the full gear you have on today?” “Yeah, man. I don’t show it off at the gym, too many other guys and gals there can show off more.” “Well, you will today. Lose the shirt.” I laughed. “Lose it NOW!” He looked at me with a squint of his eye. “Lose it NOW or I’ll take it off you. And you know I can do it.” I grinned, and I watched his cock spring up in his shorts even more than before. “Alright, alright, man. Why so determined?” he joked as he pulled his shirt over his head, bring his tight little delts into full view. “Because the program we start today you’ll want to see the results of as you go.” And then I began to hear that familiar, lovely gurgling from within Tom. “This is going to be FUN!”
  5. Previous Parts Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 8.5 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 11.5 | Part 12 ==================================================== Author’s PSA: If you’d like to be a part of this story as the cast expands, let me know, I’m happy to work you in! Let me know what you might like to do, be, etc. I take requests, no promise that I can do all of them. It was fun making plans for others! ==================================================== Melissa woke me up in the middle of the night. It wasn’t by snoring or sleeping oddly next to me. It’s that I heard a familiar gurgling and sizzling coming from her! She, however, was out like a light, naked in bed. I was grateful to be awakened by that sound, as a part of me was afraid with whatever’s gotten into my spunk that I had gotten her pregnant and it was rapidly accelerated. I knew neither of us wanted that at this point. The change was slow, but I watched as Melissa’s arms firmed up. She had always taken care of herself, and it showed. She had been a lightly toned young fox, but now she was growing some muscle on top of that. Her shoulders bulged out and her triceps inflated a bit. Her biceps got one solitary light vein running down them as the crevices separating her bicep from the rest of her arm formed and deepened a bit. Her breasts got a little bit smaller, and point forward more as the pecs underneath them grew more firm. She already had a flat stomach with a sexy line running down the middle of them. That flat stomach became a bumpy road with peaks and valleys as four abs leapt into view. Her lats pushed her arms out just slightly and her ass expanded and grew very hard. Her hamstrings, however, didn’t share the same amount of light growth that the rest of her body showed. They leapt out with a vengance, making her legs resemble large slabs of beef in a meat locker. Same with her calves, forming heart shaped diamonds on the backs of her legs. And with that, it was done. I guess her arms may have put on two inches of muscle, and she might be about 15 pounds heavier. She had gone from the attractive girl next door who was a treadmill bunny to the attractive gym user who had put in a decent amount of hard work, with athleticism oozing from her body. "Bryce, I'd really better go before Tom finds me here," she said groggily. "OK, let's get you out the window, just like the old days," I chuckled. But I definitely thought it might be a good idea to hide her from Tom. Not because he'd be weird about me having a girl at his place (it was far from the first time), but the muscle growth might cause a lot of questions I wasn't ready to answer yet. I picked her up (an easy task with my recent surge in strength and power), and helped her out of bed and into her clothes. I could already feel the increased power and size writhing underneath her more taut skin. Then I lowered her out the window gently and watched her new canyons and crevices catch the moonlight, casting all manner of erotic muscular shadows all over her body. I put on some shorts and left the room to go to the bathroom. While I was in there I jacked off again, and again after that. Tom had just gotten home and was in the kitchen. He hollered my way. “Bryce? Hey brother, how are you? I didn’t think you’d be awake.” I came out of the bathroom wearing only my shorts. Tom audibly gasped. “Wow, brother! You mentioned you had been working out, and it shows!” He squeezed my deltoids. “You blew all up!” “Yeah,” I said sheepishly. For some reason it embarrassed me a bit for Tom to see the new me. “I have been hitting the weights, eating better, taking good supplements,” I half fibbed. I just didn’t tell him what the supplements were. “You’re not looking too bad yourself,” I said. “How many you hiding under there, two? Four? Six?” I asked as I grabbed his shirt bottom rapidly, raising it up. “Hey, that’s a nice little ab garden you’ve got going!” I said as I gently punched them. “There are four plain as day, and two more coming in. Way to go dude.” I rubbed them gently, and at that he glanced up at me with a puzzled look. “Th….they’re nothing like yours. Bryce, there...there are ten abs I can plainly count on you…” “Twelve in the right light.” Tom gulped heavily and sweat was appearing on his brow. He pulled his shirt down. “Yeah, I’m up to about 160 now.” He rolled his sleeve up to his shoulder and flexed his biceps. “I’ve made a lot of progress here.” I reached up and moved my finger over Tom’s swollen mound, at least a firm 12 inches. The last I had seen him a few years ago, he was only between 8 and 9 inches. “Bryce...let me s..s..see yours.” I couldn’t pass that up, so I threw up a double bicep with my eighteen inchers. Tom sat down quickly in his recliner, about to pass out. “Tom, whoa, you ok buddy?” I went over to check on him, he was sweating profusely. I leaned on the arm of the recliner. “Let me get you…” And with that he pulled me in and kissed me. Quite aggressively, I might add. After a few seconds he let go. “Wow, Tom. Thanks!” I said. “Bryce, you’ve….you’ve got a dream body. I just want to….” I smiled. “I think I know. Stand up, brother.” He did. Without removing any of his clothes, I unzipped his pants and put my hand down his underwear. Then I grabbed his cock and tugged on it inside his underwear. It was already rock hard, a good 9 incher. Tom and I had seen each other naked many times, and we’d even experimented around with each other’s cocks. But it was the first time he’d allowed himself to be completely submissive. As I tugged on his cock with one hand, I pushed his pants down with the other. His pants fell over firmly toned legs that showed a nice teardrop forming above the knee. His calves had some good shape, his shins were no longer pipe cleaners. After his pants came off, I rubbed my free hand up his abs and over his chest. His pecs stood off of his chest. Formerly flat chested, he had built up some respectable muscle on his chest. As I rubbed up, he flexed and bounced his pecs, the sign that he’d gained enough muscle to have some fun with the pecs finally. I pushed and pulled on his cock from behind as he moaned and leaned his head back. He had about a half foot of height on me, but my size kept him balanced forward. I didn’t jack him too fast, I wanted him to savor and enjoy it. WIth my hand on his chest, I ripped his shirt off from the inside. Then I reached around and grabbed his cock with my second hand and two handed him for a more safe grip. I continued lightly pulling and pushing on his rock hard cock, which was turning dark purple at the head from the amount of stimulation. “Oh...b….Bry...Bryce...I’m so hard...I’m going to rip through my skin….” he gasped through the moans. I continued to push and pull. And soon I gave one good firm pull with both hands as Tom fired his load into the air, hitting the ceiling first, then landing on his feet. I held the pull for a good ten seconds, lifting Tom off the ground by his shaft. He shot bullet after bullet at the ceiling, and this time it stuck.A steady stream of extra jizz rolled down my hands as he throbbed for a good minute more. Once I could tell he had done what he needed to do, I let go, and his cock shrunk back to normal size. I eased him back into his chair. “So, Tom...I take it you dig what I’ve got here?” as I struck a most muscular that bulged 90% of my body’s veins through my skin. “Yeah, Bryce. I do,” he said, as he stroked his soft manhood a bit more upon seeing the veins. “Tell you what, I can hook you up with a plan and some supplements before I go. How’s that sound?” I said, flaring my lats out to the point that my arms were completely horizontal. "I think I'd like that, Bryce. When can we start?" I got giddy inside. "How about tomorrow morning? I'll go to the gym, get you on my supplements, and we'll work out together." "You've got a deal, Bryce. I'm gonna head to bed. Let's head out at 6am."
  6. As I expand the cast, if anyone else wants to be part of the story, let me know. Someone else and I came up with some fun things they would want to do in a story. Almost like a choose your own adventure.
  7. I think Jeff would call it research and experimentation.
  8. I also wonder, if she were to become a bloated mass of veins and muscles if there would be any way to reverse... yes these are all teases.
  9. And I think seeing him in this manned out star flipped every primal switch in her as high as they could go and she went straight on instinct and gut until she came down from the rush. Almost like she suddenly went into heat and had to release. and will she be the only one this happens to?
  10. Jeff's the one with the ex wife. Bryce has never been married. He and Melissa dated a couple of years in high school. Still...I wonder what that saucy next door neighbor will be up to...
  11. She didn't become pregnant this time out. But she was attracted to him before, and she had been into him before. Life stuff and time had separated them. It was a mutual separation on good terms. She also could have been so overwhelmed by what she saw that her reactions were initially involuntary. And who knows what will happen to her. Maybe it'll be something she likes...maybe not.
  12. Previous Parts Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 8.5 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 11.5 I got into my hometown on a Thursday afternoon. I’d flown a quick two hour flight from my city. Honestly, other than my work (now my former work, since I’d been fired along with Jeff), it was the longest I’d spent in public since Jeff and I started living and growing together. I hadn’t expected the large number of looks I got. But I had to admit, I loved the attention. Kids looked at me like I was a superhero, and I’d flex my bicep for them, usually causing them to laugh. Many women looked at me as an object, and I was ok with that. Some looked at me as if I was grotesque, and I didn’t really mind. Some of the more upfront and courageous ones would ask to feel, and I never passed up an opportunity to flex the guns. And men looked at me with looks of jealousy, lust, and admiration. I was even more excited when they wanted to touch the guns! I couldn’t be the only 5’7” 205 lb muscle beast, but I could tell I wasn’t common. I was going to stay with Tom, a guy who was like a brother to me. I didn’t have any family left around this area, and Tom was the guy growing up who was always there for me. He was a few years younger than me, having just turned 22. He was still in the area, working a good job. We hadn’t talked as much recently, but I knew that he’d been a loner lately, no relationship with a lady currently on the books. He’d turned to the gym a couple of years ago, and he’d made good progress. He’d always been slender, but had put on some decent muscle. He came in about 6’, 155 lbs. He left me a key to his place, and had told me to let myself in as he’d be late tonight from work. I pulled up in my rental car, got out and carried my luggage to his front porch. As I got his key out and fiddled with the lock, I heard a whistling cat call. I looked up and it was Mrs. Ryder, his long time neighbor. She was a single woman, older than us by about 25 years, but incredibly...voracious. And very attractive - not just for someone in her fifties, but attractive, period. I had come back from college after my first semester and Mrs. Ryder showed a lonely young man some attention for the couple of weeks that I was there. It was a short-lived holiday fling, and we had both long since moved on. She did love herself some younger, more rambunctious men. “Hey good lookin’, don’t be a stranger!” Then it dawned on me...I don’t think she recognized me. I had plenty of time to be polite and neighborly later, so for now I just raised my arm and waved in her direction. When I did, her hand went to her chest and she undid a couple of shirt buttons and began fanning herself. I forgot...these biceps were still somewhat new to me. Apparently they held power beyond strength! I got in the house, put my stuff down, and felt my phone buzz. I pulled it out and read that it was from Melissa, my ex-girlfriend from high school days. We had dated for two years, but when we both went away to college, we decided it was best for us to split up and find our own ways in life. We had remained good friends and talked periodically. She was my first and would always hold a special place in my heart and mind. >>Hey Bryce, you in town? <<Yeah, I’m at Tom’s just settling in. He’s working late. >>Super! Hey, want to get a bite to eat tonight and catch up? <<Sure! I’m going to shower, let yourself in when you get here. I peeled off my clothes (all my clothes have to peel off these days, they’re so tight on my bulging muscles) and went into the bathroom. I stopped in front of the mirror and admired my throbbing pecs. Just a few months ago, I thought it would be a dream to be half the size I am now. These things are a wet dream come true for me! I was pretty sure all this growth and cum sharing had affected my libido, because sex was on my mind about 75% of the time, and 100% of the time when I caught my reflection in a mirror. My foot long cock sprang to action, and I gave myself a quickie into Tom’s toilet (I think I cracked the back of it firing my load). Then I jumped into the shower. I’d been in the shower a few minutes when I heard Melissa come in. “Bryce, I’m here! I’m just going to watch some TV, no hurry!” I could see her in the mirror in the bathroom. She looked like a more grown up version of the girl I had known over ten years ago. She was slender, took care of herself, had short cropped hair, and was wearing some casual clothes - shorts, a nerdy t-shirt, and a ball cap. She was just a shade taller than me at 5’8” but that was one of the things that we liked in our time together. She was lightly tanned and had a perky chest that wasn’t too big, wasn’t too small, was just right (see, sex on the mind). “I’ll be out in a few minutes, Melissa. Good to see you!” At that moment I got a text from Jeff. >> Hey dude...crazy ideas I’ve got rolling around, want to help me out with one while you’re out there? << Sure! >> OK. Remember how we wondered if my cum mixing with yours might have made any kind of reaction? << Yeah… >> So...let’s test it out. If you have a chance for a hook-up or two...take it! Let’s see if anything happens. << Jeff...you’re serious???? >> Yeah. I know how reunions can go at times. Let me know how it goes, gotta run. TTYL. That was odd, I had to admit. I wonder what “crazy ideas” he had going through his mind. I’m sure I’d hear all about it in a few days when I was back home with him. I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist, and came out of the bathroom to get clothes. I walked by the living room where Melissa was. We’d been so close at one time that being naked in each other’s presence wasn’t anything that bothered either of us. “Hey, Melissa, good to see you!” I said as I passed by. She turned around to face me and jumped up from the couch. Then she stopped dead in her tracks. Uhoh, I had forgotten...she’s never seen me anywhere like this, with all this newly packed on muscle and size. “B...Bryce? I...is this...you? I…” “Yeah, it’s me. I’ve...been…” I stammered. Melissa collapsed. I reached out and caught her. With my strength, she felt light as a feather. I felt bad for frightening her and causing her to faint. But then I realized, she hadn’t passed out. She was moaning, and her eyes were rolling around up into her eye sockets. And her legs were flexing and twitching, her feet pushing out straight. And there was a very large wet spot on the crotch of her shorts. She was orgasming. The first spontaneous orgasm I had ever seen. This went on for a couple more minutes as I held her gently against my naked torso. As she slowly came out from the haze and realized her hand was against my granite veiny pecs, she reached her hands into her pants and caused it to happen again. She panted and gasped in my arms. When she came out of it again, her hands immediately went back to her pussy, but I grabbed them with my hands and held them. She pressed them against my chest, constantly groping lightly, never quite getting a good handful because of the thick density of the muscle that prevented much of a grip. “Melissa...I’ve been working out…” “Mmmm...yea, I can see.” Then I remembered Jeff’s text: “If you have a chance for a hook-up or two...take it!” Then I remembered a conversation with Jeff months ago, about his ex-wife: Melissa had already taken off her clothing. Yes, she was definitely taking care of herself. She had a slight squat booty and a flat stomach. Her boobs...they had no sag whatsoever. She began to undo my towel. I held her hands again. “Honey...there’ve been some changes down...there...too. I should warn you.” She looked at me and I’d swear she growled just a little bit. And down went the towel. She grabbed my shaft with both hands and pumped. It took only three pumps to get me fully erect at 18 inches, and only two more after that for me to shoot my load. She showed that coordination she was known for by leaping and grabbing my shots in midair in her mouth and swallowing. “You taste better than ever.” And she leaped onto my naked torso, behaving for all the world like she would devour me. Short of orgies with Jeff, I had never been this turned on. So, since I had Jeff’s blessing to do this, I lifted her ass with one hand and planted her on my rock hard dick. She screamed, first a scream of surprise, then becoming a scream of ecstasy. She rode me for the next hour, and I pumped and pumped into her constantly. I barely had to do any work, she was so excited and aroused she practically used my dick like a pogo stick. After an hour in which I showed no signs of losing any stamina or erection, she finally succumbed to exhaustion. I picked her naked form up, took her to the bed in the spare bedroom where I was staying, and laid her down on the bed gently. Her angelic form spread across the bed like a blanket with no life. “Don’t...stop Bryce. I can’t keep going...but I think you can. Keep it up.” I had always been a little heavier than Melissa, so I had experience being on top without being a pain. Now I carried twice the weight, but I could still please her without crushing her. She brought her hands up and rubbed my lats. I flared them out as she did, filling her fingers and causing her to gasp once more. I gently slid my cock up her and slowly pumped, working to protect her from harm. After another hour, I decided it was time to quit, even though I could still go. I laid down beside her, the smell of intercourse hanging in the air. I looked over at her and brushed her cheek with my hands. She groped my bicep with one hand and traced my abs with the fingers of her other hand. “Tomorrow, you’ll tell me more about this...but tonight...let’s just sleep. Like the old times.” “Yeah,” I agreed. Her eyes betrayed her exhaustion. “We’ve had a busy day.” She rolled over under the covers onto her back. “Good night, dear Bryce. I’m glad we got to see each other.” And then I noticed...her boobs...were perkier, pointing outward, and they looked slightly smaller. And her stomach bulged where it hadn’t before….
  13. Well, the cast IS going to be expanding Maybe you can find a place DM me more.
  14. Is it cheating if your significant other is ok with it? Maybe even encourages it?
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