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    Huge muscles with the display of strength
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    Looking for my soulmate! Or my growthmate
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    I want to blow up with muscles, to rip out of my clothes while flexing
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    Muscle, growth & theft (too the good guy =D)

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  1. Sometimes life gives you lemons... well this time it did. 
    With more free time on my hands and the single life, it's the time where change is easily possible. 

    Unfortunately I need to move and that means I need to find a different gym.. that sucks coz this one was working for me to find my rhythm. We will see where i find a new place and new gym to go for it!

  2. I would like to order a package like that :D I really like your stories! They are great
  3. I've got muscle soreness in my calfs, i feel them with every step. It kinda gives a satisfying feeling. Whats next?

    1. roboprobo


      good nutrition to heal fastest.

  4. O motivation, where are you? I wish working out was in the stories, magically and quick :P

  5. Well squats aren't as bad as i thought. I'm having a hard time walkin on the stairs now xD Sunday is going to be my next experience, till then i just keep eating =D

  6. My arms are still sore from the workout.. I'm going to procrastinate the second workout.. till tomorrow. I'm not flexibel to do squats XD any pointers?

  7. Okey, it has been a long time... But after the setback of an illness, that took a long time.. I started today, i got some tips from a roommate.. just to be realistic, going to fitness. I'm not motivated enough or confident or dedicated enough to go for extreme. Just lean for me :D

  8. Cool story. To reareact on your also, Your charters are short enough to read in one long long breath, so there was no need for a White line break to show a paragrap. The enter did a good job of making it all clean and good to read! P.s. Your stories are amazing =D
  9. Wow! That was amazing, i really loved everything of it. You are one amazing writer, thanks for this awesome story
  10. Well, that didn't end so well for the priests.. such a bummer for them. I really admire your writing skills, the story is really exciting and inviting to keep on reading every word. I'll be looking forword for what will come next Thanks all these wonderfull chapters
  11. Wow! So amazingly hot! Well written, i like it a lot!
  12. Monday was the first step towards my goal to be sexy and fit :P. I went to a gym nearby to check the place out, i got some advice on how to use some machines and get a taste on working out there. Unfortunataly i'm afraid it's a bit small and that it will get crowded onces the vacation is over. I don't want to deal with waiting to use a machine.. that will bring me out of my concentration. How do you guys deal with that? Well next week i'm going to take a look at ano...

  13. Ooo Nice story! Where can i sign myself up for these patches hehe. Awesome story! I love how you have written those conversations between the two. Keep it up, i'll be waiting for the next chapter(s) =D
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