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    Muscle growth and Domination are two but also like many other things.
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    Height : 5'11"
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    I am looking for guys to chat with and hopefully find a workout partner for IRL. I like to read and write stories about muscle growth too.
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    Height - 6'6"
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    Cock - 13" erect (8" soft)
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    The Salt
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    Dancing with a Dragon
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    U4ia gym
    The game of champions
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    Underwear, Domaination and a few others.

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  1. In some IRL cuddles. either as the big or little spoon. sadly no guys want just to cuddle. 

    1. beastcz


      I would love to just cuddle. 😁

  2. This was a one hour writing prompt that just scream to me after the hour was finished. Hope you enjoy everyone. Watching the male cheerleaders workout and do the flamboyant routine of the cheer squad, Lyon whispered to himself, "Homos, they don't even get that they have prime chance to feel up some of the hottest women on the school ground but they never take those chances." What the watcher did not see was the head cheerleader that just came out of the locker room when he said that. She dabbled in witch-craft and smiled as she cast a small spell on Lyon. She tapped him on the shoulder and smiled. "Excused me," she said as she let the magic flow into Lyon, "Can you leave so we can practice without perverts looking at us." Lyon gulped as he could feel the magic but mistook it as female alpha power. He nodded and left the gymnasium. Kicking a rock once he was out of the building, Lyon walked and found himself at the open air lifting zone of the school. There were a few bodybuilders and meatheads working out there. Most of them were shirtless and wore compression shorts. Lyon found himself staring at them when one started to workout. The way the body moved and flex as they worked out showed that they know what they were doing. Then he heard a chuckle from them as they pointed at him between sets. He blushed and said out loud, "No homo." The young man did not notice that after he said that, his body changed a bit. Muscles became more defined but still not noticeable under his clothes.The gymrats laughed and continued their workout. Lyon kept watching as they worked out and sometimes even when they showed off a bit. They knew they had an audience and loved to show off their strength and bodies. Again as Lyon watched, he said to himself, "No homo." A bit more muscle added itself to his frame and even some hair appeared on his chest. The youth scratched his chest when this happened but still did not notice the way his pecs were a bit larger than they were that morning. The bodybuilders started a bit of a pose off and Lyon said those words again as he watched in awe. "No homo." His shirt started to get a bit snug but he thought it was just because he was standing in the sun for while and it was a day where there was a bit of heat. That is when he decided to go get a drink from the fountain. The closest one was in the locker room of the weight room. Lyon got to the water fountain and took a long drink. Finishing the drink, he enjoyed the cool feeling that was spreading into his body as the water went into his stomach. He turned and was greeted by a perfect view of the open showers. There was a swimmer, naked and shaving his body, but that is not what Lyon noticed. The swimmer was very endowed which was heightened by him being clean shaved. "No homo, No homo, No homo," Lyon said quickly. This time his muscles burst in mass, body hair became even more pronounced, and his shirt ripped at the seams where the arms met the torso. “Fuck,” he said as he heard the rip and notice how his body has been changing. “How the fuck this been happening,” he asked to no one and just noticed how tight his pants were getting. He looked down and noticed his thighs were thicker. He grinned when he noticed how large his groin looked. Stripping down, Lyon walked toward an open stall and turned on the water before starting to jerk his cock. Not only did it feel good to stroke his cock, it was large then it was this morning when he jerked off. He bit lightly on his lip to stifle a moan and closed his eyes. Lyon focused on the pleasure of his engorged cock was giving him. Lost in the pleasure, he did not feel the passing of time until he heard the water hit something. Opening his eyes, Lyon saw a member of the wrestling team looking at him and stroking his own cock. “No homo,” Lyon said and this time felt his body grow. The pleasure increases as all his muscles stack on more size. His hand was forced open as his dick widened as well lengthened a bit. Using his free hand, Lyon reached up to his chest and rubbed his pecs feeling the growth of hair. Lyon groaned as he felt the weight of his pec and his thumb rubbed over his nipple. He heard the wrestler take a step and grope his chest. “No homo,” he moaned as the wrestler massaged the pec as he felt the growth kick in. The wrestler took the chance and pushed Lyon to the wall and took Lyon’s cock in his hand. “No homo,” said the growing youth before the wrestler shut him up with a kiss. It was rough but it did its job along with making Lyon realize that he was growing facial hair too. The wrestler’s hand was calloused but felt good on the sensitive skin of the shaft along with his own hand. Both felt the growth stop but continue to kiss. The wrestler broke the kiss and got on his knees and engulfed the cock head. “No homo,” whined Lyon as the wrestler started to suck on the head. The growth added to the pleasure Lyon was feeling as the wrestler sucked his cock. Both were moaning but the moans of the wrestler sent vibrations right to Lyon’s balls. Within minutes, he felt his balls draw up and moaned. He was about to shoot his load when the wrestler removed himself from the enlarging cock. The next thing Lyon knew was that cock was now resting between the wrestler's ass cheeks as the wrestler aligned the head with the asshole. “No homo,” he whimpered as he felt the wrestler push back onto his cock. “Fuck yeah,” moaned deeply the wrestler as he began to feel the growth in his chute as he fuck himself on the cock of the growing muscle bear, “Your dick feels soo good in my ass.” Lyon could not believe how good a tight but yielding ass felt. Tighter than any pussy he fucked before and that was including virgins. The muscles of the ass worked on his cock as the wrestler worked back and forth, milking the cock for ever drop even before the orgasm. It was slow at the start and getting used to the feeling, Lyon grabbed the wrestler’s waist and began pounding the ass. This change of power made the wrestler moan and say, “Break in that new cock of yours bro.” Fucking the wrestler only lasted fifteen minutes as Lyon was already close to cumming before the ass was introduced to his cock. The two of them were grunting and growling with pleasure when Lyon said right before organism hit, “No homo.” the wrestler moaned loudly as he felt his ass fill with both cock and cum. The now muscle bear was panting as he felt the pleasure of his orgasm and growth intertwine. Both allowed the post orgasm high clear way before removing each other. The wrestler chuckled as he felt the overflow of semen flow out of his used ass. “That was great bro,” he said as he stood up and smiled at Lyon. “So what about homo now bro,” he said with a bit of mirth in his voice. All Lyon could do was smile back and say, “Yeah homo.”
  3. MuscleBearDaddy

    m/m Spice

    Can not wait for more of the story. I do wonder what happen the first friend that he used the spice with.
  4. Chapter Three : Horn Of Pan While I was looking at all my newest changes in the mirror, all satyrs came and took a knee. The old Boss stood and keep his eyes lowered as he spoke. “You are what we call a Horn of Pan.” He offered his hand and I took it. The boss lead me the throne and gently had me sit in. “Sorry, I never introduced myself or allowed you to do the same.” He bowed. “I am Gautier Boss Strong-horn. May I have your’s?” “Navin,” I answered as i watch the there satyrs get a banquet ready. I was surprised when I saw meat being prepped. “Um,” I said, “I thought satyrs were like vegetarians.” Gautier chuckled. “We are still men here,” he replied, “we still need protein and meat is the easiest source for us.” Then Gautier winked. “Other than seman.” One satyr brought a book out and hand it to the boss. “Here are a book of spells that we satyrs can use.” He handed it to me and I read it. The first spell was entitled ‘Lust Entanglement’ and Gautier chuckled. “Yes that spell is the first one more bucklings are taught once they are fully in their horns. And before you ask, yes it was most likely the spell that Brian used on you to stop you from running.” I smiled and looked around for Brian. He was helping on getting the tables set up and he did look a bit worried. “Gautier,” I said, “Brian looks a bit worried.” The boss looked over and nodded. “I bet it because of finding you,” he answered trying to the other satyr’s attention. “You are the first horn in a few centuries.” Sighing he went and grab the satyr. Brain blushed and look at me when they started to walk back. “Brain want to ask a question,” sighed Gautier before leaving Brain and I alone. Brian shuffled his hooves as he look at the ground and not at me. I grab his waist and pulled into my lap. “You know you have speak to ask me what you want,” I said as I started to play with the satyr’s nipples. Brian moaned squirmed in my lap. He tried to play with my cock but I took his hands and and putting them in a tight grip. “Speak your mind Brian,” I said in deep voice that seem not my own. Brian seemed to relax and look at me with a glazed look. “Horn,” he spoke in a soft voice, “I wish to come with you if you decide to leave and start to a herd.” Brain leaned his head back onto my shoulder, he blinked and smiled. “Thanks Horn I would not have the courage to say that if you did not order it.” “The name is Navin, Brian,” I said before taking the satyr’s lip and started to kiss him. He melted into my kiss and started kiss back. Whistles and catcalls could be heard as we kiss. I just flip them off as I break the kiss. “And I think you will be a great member Brain, when I leave.” Looking though the book, I find a spell. “Pendent of Illusion,” I said as I read the spell. Perking up a bit, Brain read the spell with me and bounced in my lap. I rub his head, “Yeah we can leave the forest with this and blend with the rest of man.” Then I grab his neck and pulled him into a kiss, only to break it after a moment. “But first let us enjoy the celebration that is being held.” Seeing there was a few satyrs that were not doing much, I called them over. The group were different sizes but had one thing in common, each had a set of reeds pips around their necks. They all knelt and bowed their heads. “Stand up and be mirthful,” I said, again with that deep voice. They all stood and smiled at me. “Are you guys musicians?” They all nodded but one said, “But we are not that good.” Each of them blushed after that was said and the one that spoke continued, “It not like we are not trying but it seems that each time we play, the reeds seem not to play right.” After hearing that, I had an idea that might help them. I call over a few other satyrs and whispered into their ears. They chuckled and got on their knees and started to suck the musicians cocks. “Now play,” I order to see if that help or make it harder for them to play. With a few hiccup and miss notes, the musicians started to play. The music flowed over the village and everyone’s step perk up. Some even started to hum to the tone. The musicians and their cocksuckers, moved so I can enjoy the view and show that the music was doing to the village. The music lasted until the meal was finished and the musicians came up to me. “Thank you,” each of them said to me before getting a meal to eat. Brian and I were both served a large plate of meats and vegetables. I noticed a musician got up start to play while another went behind him and started to rim the musician. The music was jubilant and just added to ambiance. After a few moments, an other musicians join in with their own oral sex to make the music play right. The sky grew dark and the nocturnal beast started to move about while the last of the meal was eaten and a show was started for my viewing pleasure. Feats of strength, flexibility, and dexterity was the main source of entertainment with a few comedians and musicians in between. At the end of the last act, I got up and went to the performer to pushed him onto his knee so I could face fuck his pretty mouth. This stated an orgy and the brave came up to me. They worship my body in ways I never thought to be arousing. Grabbing the satyr’s horns that I was facefucking, I let out a loud groan and unloaded my first load into his gullet. He got off my still hard dick, smiled and said, “Thank you.” All the satyrs either sucked or planted their ass on my cock. I was craving some cock myself and decide to to go to the a hot satyr. Once to him, I pushed him to the ground, straddled his waist, aligning dick tip to my hole and started to ride his fat dick. I also grab a nearby satyr and took his shlong to the root. Both were shocked by my actions but enjoyed the pleasure I was giving them. I look up and saw Brain behind the satyr I was blowing, smiled, and started to fuck him. This got him to shoot his load right away and I drank it all. That is when I started to go faster on the satyr’s cock I was riding. Using my ass muscles in time with my bounces, I heard him whimper and then groan as his seed flooded my ass. I hummed as this happen and unleashed my last orgasm of the night. Laying back, I made him spoon me as I feel asleep with his cock still planted in my ass. Brain came down and laid in front of me, making sure his ass was right against my cock. Chuckling, I made sure to wrap arms around him and fell asleep.
  5. I am looking for a story where a scientist creates nanobots that change all the men in the world into horse hung gay muscle men. The details I can remember are that he injects himself with them first, goes to an all male bathhouse, and starts the spread there(spreading the nanobots by touch and air). The nanobots also make the ass into a sex organ as using the waste from all the food as fuel so they can take the extra large dongs up them with ease. Any man infected at the beginning of the story felt a tingle in their ass once infected and the nanobots were active. Also any male that was in puberty some of the effect doubled and the nanobots were inactive until the youth had puberty. In the final part reveal that the scientist that made them was task with how the anus worked now.
  6. Fellow St. Louisian here. Nice to meet you. Going to be working out once my check comes in. 

  7. "You can check out any time but you can never leave' XD
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  11. This is the place you post your fursona pics. Here is mine.
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