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    Muscle growth and Domination are two but also like many other things.
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    I am looking for guys to chat with and hopefully find a workout partner for IRL. I like to read and write stories about muscle growth too.
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    Height - 6'6"
    Weight - 372 lbs
    Chest - 55"
    Waist - 40"
    Cock - 13" erect (8" soft)
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    Dancing with a Dragon
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    Project Cerulean MX
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    The game of champions
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    Underwear, Domaination and a few others.

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  1. MuscleBearDaddy

    Muscle suit version 2

    Muscle Prince...hmmm.
  2. MuscleBearDaddy

    Muscle suit version 2

    Looking good man. Now thought of a question that just for laughs. They call guys that dress up as women Drag Queens, so what do they call guys that were muscle suits? Hunk Kings?
  3. Fellow St. Louisian here. Nice to meet you. Going to be working out once my check comes in. 

  4. MuscleBearDaddy

    Muscle suit version 2

    How long does it take to make a suit? Edit: sorry if you have answered this question before.
  5. MuscleBearDaddy

    Muscle suit version 2

    Beard is looking good along with the suit.
  6. MuscleBearDaddy

    Looking For a Beginner Friendly Workout

    Hey there. I am going to start working out more and was wondering what you guys suggest for a beginner to start at for his workout?
  7. MuscleBearDaddy

    Making a Muscle Bro

    Salem sighed as he walked by his local gym. He could not get the courage to get a membership. Or even the nerve to walk in. The average man continue to walk his usual path when a beast of a man walked in front from a side street and almost bumped into him. “Hey there bro,’ He said is a deep but cheerful voice, “sorry about that, bro. I’m just heading to my gym.” Right then, Salem noticed his stringer, as it was from the new gym in the area, Broscle. “As an apology, I go will treat you for a workout, bro.” he said as he grabbed Salem by the shoulder, pulled him close, and made him walk with the muscle man. Within a few minutes, Salem and the muscle was at the doors of Broscle. “Home away from home,” said the muscle man as he walked into the gym with Salem in tow, “Bro, I’m sorry. I never introduced myself.” He chuckled to himself. “My muscles sometimes take over my brain bro. Name is Pete.” “Salem,” Salem said in a shy voice, “but Pete..” He was ignored as Pete got him a guest membership and towed him to the gym floor. Then Pete made Salem lift. They started with the barbells. Pete worked the smaller man till his arms were sore but wanting more. For some odd reason, Pete knew how what Salem could do without overexerting as they went on with the rest of the body. By the time they finished, Salem clothes were soaked with sweat. Pete took Salem’s wrist and dragged him to the juice bar. “Two Frat Bro’s Post Workout smoothies, bro,” Pete ordered. The bartender smile and made the drinks. Getting them, Pete walk to Salem and gave him a smoothie. “Drink up, bro.” the muscle man right before chugging his smoothie. Salem started to drink his slowly but as the smoothie hit his stomach, he started to drink it faster. After a blech, Salem said, “Damn, sorry. I did not think I was craving that smoothie.” He got up and threw his cup away. “Be I do think I need to stretch now,” he said as he we back to the gym to find the stretching area. “No need bro,” Pete said as he grab Salem again, “The smoothie had what your body needed to take care of the soreness, bro.” He then slap Salem’s ass and walked to the showers. Sighing, Salem walked to the showers to and saw Pete stepping out of his shorts, revealing a tight black jock strap that framed his bubble butt. The small man stop and drooled at the sight. Pete turn his head and winked as he took off his jockstrap as he walked to the shower stalls. Salem was stuck in a mental battle with a semi. ‘He sexy. No must not follow,’ he thought as his mental battle started. ‘Join him. NO must just shower and leave.’ Salem continue is mental back and forth when he heard a moan echo through the tiled room. Curiosity got the better of Salem as his feet walked into the shower stalls and found Pete stroking his cock while playing with his ass as water cascaded down his muscles. The semi was now a fully blow hardon. Salem walked to the stall, getting fully wet with his clothes on, and started to play with Pete’s pecs and nipples. “Bro,” Pete moaned as Salem squeezed the slabs of muscle, “Keep doing that.” And Salem did. Squeezing them. Rubbing his thumb over the nipples with each grope making Pete pump his large cock faster while grinding his ass on the smaller man. With a firm squeeze on each pec at the same time, Pete shot his load as he press Salem against the wall, grinding the hardon into him. After a few seconds of this grinding, Salem shot his load in his soaked shorts. Pete then turned and nuzzled into Salem’s neck. “Thanks bro,” he said, panting a bit, “I needed that.” Then the muscle man walked out of the shower and went to the locker room. Removing his clothes and doing a quick rinse, Salem walked out to find that Pete had left some dry clothes on a bench for him with a note. “Thanks again bro. Sorry about getting your clothes wet but that is much your fault as mine, bro. So here some gym clothes you can have. Bro, hope to see you tomorrow. -Pete.” Salem put the clothes (which were a tank top, gym shorts, and a jockstrap - all with the Broscle logo on them) on and also found a gym bag he could use for his wet clothes. He walked out and headed home. When he got there, Salem’s body suddenly got tired and he went to his bedroom. Collapsing on his bed, the man slept through the night. Walking up and getting ready for work, Salem notice some of his clothes were a bit snug but in a good way. His co-workers noticed something but could not place it as Salem word through the day. When he go off work, Salem decided to head to Broscle and get a full time membership. When he got there, Salem smile as he saw Pete working out with a few other muscle men. The smaller man wave to them and headed to the front desk. Salem got the second tier membership called ‘Bro-tastic Bod’. This membership allowed Salem to come in the gym at different hours that they posted for non members and a free shake per workout. Also, when needed a trainer to aid in the workout. Salem changed into the clothes that Pete gave him and went out to find a trainer. That is when he ment Samuel. Samuel was 6 feet and 4 inches tall man with a good natured smile which he needed being around 320 pounds of muscle. The pair went and started on a sixty to eighty percent weight training regiment. They also got Salem’s starting stats. Chest - 37 inches Arm - 14 inches Waist - 40 inches(Salem had a belly) Thigh - 18 inches Calf - 14 inches Height - 5’6” Weight - 169 pounds Just like Pete, Samuel made Salem workout without overexerting himself. Salem learn all the proper lifts and techniques from Samuel. Starting on the dumbbell curls and ending on the leg press, Salem went to the juice bar and ordered two Frat Bro’s Post Workout smoothies and drank them after paying for the one that was not free. The two shakes filled him as he want to the showers and washed. By weeks end, Salem’s body started to change and he needed a new set of clothes. He got a lot of larger shirts and pants along with a few things that fit at that moment. The only thing he did not buy was underwear for he bought a week's worth of jockstraps from Broscle. The end of second week, Salem notice his crotch was filling out the pouch a bit more. This made him walk with a bit more swagger. Then by the beginning of the fourth week, Salem started to bring his workout bag to work and changed into his gym gear after he was done with his work. He and Samuel measured at the end of the fourth week and the trainer grinned. “Looking good there,” He said to Salem, “You lost nineteen pounds and gain an inch everywhere but you waist which shank down by four inches.” Pulling the trainer down and whispering, Salem said, “Two inches down there.” He let go of the trainer and grin at him. Samuel grinned back and reach down to grope. “Easy there,” the trainee said, “You can see it later.” Both chuckled as the trainer pulled away and started doing a harder routine. Salem did each rep as seductively as he could and he grin as he noticed Samuel’s groin bloat up a bit during his squats. After the workout, Salem and Samuel makeout and grope during the shower. Samuel shot his load between their bodies as Salem grope his chest. Samuel’s fingers slip into Salem’s ass crack as he groped it, teasing the ring of muscles. Samel moan as his own load erupted from his engorged cock. Both grin as the finished washing up and exited the shower stall. The next day, the duo did a maxing out lifts session. Salem’s max also increase by 25 pounds except any of this leg lifts which increased by 40 pounds. That day, Salem ordered a different post workout smoothie, the Get Swole. He drank it and found it to his liking. The following months, Salem's body grew mass quickly and his mind slowed but that help him even more at the gym and his work. At first it was concerning but after finding a mistake in a file that he was assigned, his boss like that his work came to him without errors. After a few more late but perfect accounting books, Salem's boss granted him extra time all his work and a pay raise. Salem even started to talk like what he would call a 'bro' and did not mind. At the gym, Samuel told him that he could start working out by himself and Salem grin. He continue to workout just like Samuel taught him and even changed it up once in awhile. By the his end of his first year of being a member, Samuel doubled in weight when he started and looked like he belonged at the gym. He grin as he saw Pete and walked over to him and said, "Thanks bro. I could not got this big without you bringing me here. Other wise bro, I will be still wanting to join a gym but never get the courage to so." With that said, Salem reached for Pete's neck and pulled him into a sloppy kiss. Pete moan as he kissed back and the both started to grope each other. "Bro, later I will show you how big I gotten," Salem said as he grind his half hard cock into Pete's, "But first a workout is due." ((Sorry for posting late, thought I was later then I was. Enjoy everyone))
  8. MuscleBearDaddy

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    Just checking if the first post was up to date. April 16th for me please I have a story I need to finish for it. Edit : Should say that the story is something I took a break from..
  9. MuscleBearDaddy

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    Any Days left?
  10. MuscleBearDaddy

    Fursona Pics

    It seems we have a macro furry.
  11. MuscleBearDaddy

    Muscle night-clubs

    None in the US that I know of. Wish that there was.
  12. MuscleBearDaddy

    The last time you felt another guy's bicep?

    I think need to get rid of my virginity rub. I have not rub a guys bi before.
  13. MuscleBearDaddy

    Next Us Valley

    Was trying to quote "Hotel California"

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