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  1. Thanks. The support and encouragement really help and mean a lot. <3 Domorice, I'm shying away from exact measurements because I'm not the best with physique numbers. I want to minimize any problems and leave some things to the imagination. Part Six Gus awoke with a yawn and a stretch. He sleepily made his way to the bathroom to use the toilet. The aroma of scrambled eggs cooking in the kitchen drifted to his nostrils and woke him up. He followed their scent to find Tyler serving their breakfast. "I didn't want to disturb you," Tyler smiled. "You looked so peaceful. I'll, uh, fix the bed frame later." There was a lingering but shrinking part of Gus that was somewhat surprised Tyler had stayed after getting his sexual needs met. Although Tyler had more or less moved in unannounced, he had been nothing but genuinely kind, remorseful, and helpful. The athlete beckoned Gus to his seat and the two ate. "So, now what?" Gus broke the silence. "I'm a man of my word," Tyler slowed his eating down so that if Gus was still hungry there would be plenty left. "Today, I'm going to sweat, lift, sweat, and lift some more. You have me by the heart and by the balls. My body is going to hate me, but I'd do it again tomorrow for you." When breakfast was over, Tyler took their dishes and cleaned them. He took some of the supplement that Gus had prepared and began lifting and exercising. Gus looked online for clothes that would fit Tyler that could be shipped to the apartment same-day or next-day. As tempting as it may have been, Tyler couldn't be naked forever. After a few purchases, the two discovered that Tyler liked being a couch for Gus. He alternated between holding a plank position and doing push-ups while Gus sat on his back and watched Netflix. When Tyler became weary, he would swallow a mouthful of supplement. Gus could also lean in close and kiss Tyler or fondle him. The panting and glistening football player savored every moment. It was hard work, but the look on Gus's face made it all worthwhile. A squad of cheerleaders, a yelling coach, and a large marching band were nothing to that smile or the slightest touch in just the right spot. Tyler needed a break and Gus needed to run errands. Beyond getting some household supplies, the fridge needed to be stocked if the football player's bulk was to be maintained. He insisted that Gus grab some more supplement while he was out. Gus was certainly open to the idea, but he wasn't sure if he had enough spit in him to fill another bottle. When Gus returned, he found Tyler was apparently in the bathroom and couldn't answer his ringing cell phone. The call was going to voicemail as Gus walked in. He put the groceries down on the counter and glanced at the phone's display. "It was your coach," Gus called out to him. "He left a message." "The pass code is 5721," Tyler called back. "Hey sport, this is Coach Jones," the phone blared. "I had your results rushed. Looks like that 'ol injured foot of yours is going to be just fine." The man's voice lowered in volume so no one else could hear, "Again, the school wanted to rule out steroids but I was more concerned about deeper medical problems. You understand, right? I have never seen a young man grow like you have, but apparently something just activated some latent genes inside you---" Something, indeed. Gus saw that Tyler had already finished the second bottle of supplement. The intellectual side of Gus was curious how his DNA mixed with the supplement could be such an effective catalyst for Tyler's DNA. Could it be that Tyler's truly was changed at such a deep level? What if, they continued the experiment? For science, of course. "Now, son," The recording continued, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, but there is a good chance you are going to be drafted by some pros soon. I can't give you team names yet, but you'll be hearing from me again real soon." Gus stared at the phone. Many boys dream of becoming a pro athlete. Football was Tyler's life. This was an opportunity of a lifetime! "Tyler, can we talk?" Gus knocked on the cracked bathroom door out of courtesy. "Yeah, come on in," Tyler panted. "I'm almost done." The curtain around the bathtub was drawn closed. From the movement, Gus wasn't entirely sure if Tyler was trying to get clean or masturbating. He decided to ignore it. "Coach called and said you can stop pretending you have injured your foot." "Great!" The water was let out of the tub, "Could you...hand me a towel please? Thanks. You, uh, might want to go back into the living room area. Please? I just don't want you to get hurt if I slip and fall on you." Gus shrugged and did as suggested. He was putting the groceries up when Tyler walked in. Gus almost dropped the milk at the sight. Tyler's body was even larger and thicker now. The hair that covered his chest and stomach had grown like weeds over his shoulders and around his back. His face looked like he hadn't shaved in a few days. Even carefully sitting down on the sofa on account of his swollen balls was not enough; the legs of the couch broke under his bulk. "Sorry." The football player said sheepishly. "Well, I guess that second bottle was no less potent?" "That and, well..." the football player shrugged, "I just can't touch my penis or nipples without frustrating myself. It's like I can't make it on my own. I get to thinking about you and..." Tyler's voice became a deep growl and his growing penis almost flipped the coffee table. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths. Grabbing the nearest weights, he got back to lifting. He was more beast-like than ever. His grunts and groans sounded primal, like an animal. "Listen, Tyler...I want to talk about your future." "I know I've kinda moved in on my own. That was never my intention, but I understand if I've worn out my welcome." "Well, no. You can stay. I'm talking about long-term." "What do you mean?" "Like for your career..." "If I don't go pro," Tyler panted, "I'll do something related to sports, I guess." "Coach Jones said there is a good chance of you being drafted." "Then so be it." "I thought you'd be more excited! Wasn't that a dream of yours? Not to mention it also would do wonders for the school. Donations would pour in and a lot of good would come from that." Tyler stopped lifting. He didn't say anything. He just looked down at the floor in silence. "Would you go with me, Gus? Would you be by my side every step of the way?" "Is...is that what you want?" "Gus," Tyler looked up with tears forming in his eyes. "I have dreamed of winning the Super Bowl since I was little. But these last few weeks? The thought that lingers most in my mind's eye is being with you. I...I think I love you, Gus Holiday. Yes, I want to win championships! Yes, I want to become a hulking beast! But most of all, I want to be with you! Yes, I want you to have your way with my body...but I want to see you smile! I want to hear you laugh! I want to make sure you are never bullied again! I don't want you to shed a single tear ever again." A smile stretched across Gus's face as his heart became as big as Tyler's muscles. He put down the gallon of milk on the counter and walked over to his brawny companion. He straddled him and leaned forward into him, gazing deep into his eyes. "Well, Tyler," Gus kissed him passionately, driving the football player wild with desire, "I will be more than happy for you to be my Beast. I will look forward to standing with your teammates on the sideline, cheering you on at the Super Bowl. But first....you need to finish this third bottle so we can show Coach just how good your genes really are, while I prepare our lunch." Thanks again everyone for the encouragement and feedback. I've enjoyed writing this story for all of you and I already have ideas for another a story.
  2. Part Five Tyler placed Gus down on his bed as he savored every kiss. Gus held him by the tie like a handler holds the leash of his beast. The athlete moan with a quivering lip, allowing his smaller roommate to take charge. The bed creaked under the weight of the Tyler's bulk. "It's been a long week for me," Gus straddled the quarterback's stomach, running his fingers through the carpet of chest hair. "I've been wanting to do this since the seventh grade." Gus squeezed the massive hairy pecs and felt them bounce. Tyler flexed his arms with a smile, basking in Gus's appreciation. Tyler's large, sensitive nipples were getting far more attention than he had dared to give them on his own. He was already moaning loud enough for a noise complaint from the next apartment and Gus was just getting started. Tyler's manly grunts became deep and primal as Gus wrapped his hands around the football player's enlarged penis. There was a new bottle of moisturizer on the table. Gus applied the cooling lotion onto the shaft and slowly worked his way up and down, circling the head with just a fingertip and fondling Tyler's balls with the other hand. "Oh! Ah! Ah! I-I need you Gus!" "You...know," Gus said between kisses. "It could have all been a lie. You could have your orgasm and then not need me anymore..." Sudden panic and surprise flashed across Tyler's eyes. Gus hadn't stopped though; he was pushing all of the athlete's buttons. His brain and body were running in different directions. "I..I wouldn't" Tyler panted, "I mean, I would still need you! I still need you! I apologized! I'm sorry!" "I know," Gus grinned devilishly as he left the throbbing penis to return to Tyler's chest and nipples. "But suppose I do forgive you....but still decided not to let you orgasm?" "Fuuuu---" Tyler's eyes rolled backwards as his head sunk deep into the pillow. His body's urges becoming feral and desperate like a wild animal in a cage. He could run a 100 yards, shrugging off defenders on the way to the end zone. He could out lift all his other teammates. But at the moment, those big, strong muscles that could do so much were helpless. They might as well have been hollow. He was thoroughly at Gus's mercy. "You've worked hard to get this physique," Gus gripped Tyler's penis again and was fully committed to giving the attention it was craving. "So...hard" Tyler moaned. "Yes, I didn't think a cock could get this hard." Gus circled its head again. "I helped you get this big, but I want you to get bigger, Tyler." "Anything, sir!" Tyler cried out. "Finish that supplement tomorrow." "All OF IT?" "All this muscle and you don't have the stamina to get through foreplay? Pity." "I WILL FINISH BOTH BOTTLES TOMORROW!" "I'll have all day tomorrow to watch you lift and exercise. You are mine, understand? Now, legs up, Beast." Gus finished inside Tyler, whose head, penis, and balls looked like they were about to burst. He was whimpering when Gus climbed back up to look him in the eyes and kiss him. His fingers raked through the chest hair matted with sweat, occasionally teasing his nipples some more. "I'm going to hold you to it, Tyler. You are mine." "Y-yes, sir!" Tyler's were forming tears. Gus squeezed out another handful of moisturizer and continued back on Tyler's penis. This time the movements were continuous and quick. Tyler let out a beastly roar as his body shook. Now it was the bed frame's turn to cry out for mercy. He ejaculated load and after load, creating a large mess everywhere. Tyler was about to reassure his host that he would clean it up, but Gus was already sound asleep, snuggled deep in the hairy muscles. It truly had been a long week for Gus. Having Tyler reenter his life could have been the last straw, but instead it was a turning point for the two of them. Tyler drew Gus close and held him like the soft pillow that he was. As he drifted off to sleep himself, he thought about having to finish both bottles of supplement. It would be difficult, but not impossible. "I'll surprise him," Tyler thought to himself as he engulfed Gus with his bulk. "I'll make quick work of the two bottles and ask for a third bottle. What's the worst that could happen?"
  3. Part Four Gus was curious what Tyler was planning, but he had to put it aside in his mind. He had a day of exams ahead of him and his brain needed to focus on all that he had learned. Tyler couldn't be a distraction, no matter what. Essay Question: "You are working on a highly funded research project studying a drug that promises to be a highly effective treatment for a number of diseases or ailments. Some of your results on Test Subject #3 indicate that certain genetic dispositions or interactions may lead to highly unusual metabolic and hormonal side effects. Your data cannot be confirmed without additional tests which are both costly and time-consuming. Those funding your research are expecting results soon and failure to deliver will most likely jeopardize their future support. Explore the ethics of the situation and how you would handle the situation." Gus grabbed a quick lunch. While he ate, he tried to relax. His next exam would start in a little while and he wanted to remain calm and focused. Tyler was still tumbling around in the depths of his mind. He had reflected upon the bullying he had received from Tyler, the other football players, and the drastic change he had seen in Tyler. Could his transformation truly be more than just physical? Rather than letting his feelings fester, he took out his phone and sent him a text. "Just checking in. One exam down. How are you doing? Are you okay?" "Yes, sir. How are you?" "Tired. A massage from those big, strong muscles would be great right about now." "That can be arranged. " "Are you plan on walking around campus with just a bed spread covering you? Besides, you injured your foot, remember? " "Tonight then." "I'm looking for to it, ya big Beast." "" Mentally drained from his exams, Gus had to run some errands but then he made his way back to his apartment. It was good night for Netflix and to have pizza delivered. He was going to have a nice, quiet evening...and maybe a massage from Tyler. As he put his key into the door, Gus heard the rushed sounds of the last second preparations. As he opened the door, the amber flicker caught his eyes. The warm glow of lit candles filled the apartment as soft music played, just loud enough to hear. The dining table was covered with a meal that was either catered or stolen through some inter-dimensional portal leading to the land where food magazine covers are made. Gus's jaw and backpack dropped to the floor when he saw there were even flowers. "T-Tyler?" "Good evening, sir," Tyler was standing next to a chair at the table. He had borrowed two of Gus's ties. Although he only had the bed spread to cover himself, he could at least wear a tie to be formal for the occasion. Strangely, the second tie was wrapped around his head as a blindfold. "Please have a seat, sir," Tyler felt for the chair and took a seat. "Dinner is served. Feel free to eat while you listen." Confused but intrigued, Gus took a seat. The food smelled delicious and it had been a long day. This was far more than he was expecting. He definitely wasn't expecting Tyler to be wearing a blindfold. He was just about to ask about it when the musclebound athlete anticipated the question. "The blindfold," Tyler shrugged. "There are some things I need to say, but I fear I'll lose the words if I so much as look at you. Sometimes you can have the words rehearsed in your head, but when it's time to speak them...they come out wrong or not at all. Believe it or not, when I came into the Health Center for the supplement, I was actually hoping to see you. I had seen you go into there before, but I didn't see you behind the counter. I just chatted up the girl working there while I waited. It didn't occur to me until later that you were in the back. I asked if I could speak to you, but you had left. She made some comment about you quitting work early. The way she said it I misunderstood her to mean that you had quit the job early! Otherwise, I would have been back everyday! I wanted to ask you to dinner.....this dinner. Well, not this exact meal....but my idea was if I could just talk to you....I could tell you how I felt. You see, my parents moved around a lot. It wasn't until middle school that I stayed in a single place for a reasonable period of time. I didn't have any friends, but I had sports. I joined the football team and with it came teammates who seemed to like me. I did everything to keep their approval....and unfortunately, that meant bullying others with them. I'm not proud of what I did. "Shame" doesn't cover it. Truth is...I was perhaps a little jealous of you, Gus." "Jealous?" Gus raised an eyebrow, "Of me?" "You didn't hide your sexuality. I did. I had to. I needed the approval of the other guys on the team. They were...well, I thought they were my friends. They were the closest thing I had to friends. I helped them win games, but none of them really cared about me. I fear I'm still a novice when it comes to making friends and I got lonesome for the times when I felt that I had some. Then one day, I saw you on campus. You were tutoring someone in the library and hanging out with friends. My heart ached for what you had....but it was also filled with something else. Joy perhaps? I had never seen you smile before, Gus. I was floored at how genuine and beautiful of a smile and spirit you had. If I had seen it in back when we were in middle school, our paths would have been different. But from that moment on, I was smitten. I developed such a crush on you. I had to talk to you. Coach was going to get the supplement for me himself, but I insisted on going. It was the perfect opportunity to see you, to apologize, and hopefully take you out for a dinner and a show. But that didn't happen...and then there was something about that one bottle of supplement...." "Uh huh..." Gus swallowed. "Once I started taking it, I started to change. I enjoyed the gains I was getting, but it further filled me with desire to hold you like a soft, squishy pillow in my arms. I saw you leave the Health Center the other day and after I confirmed you were the one to fill the bottle, I felt like perhaps it was fate? I had to get your number. I had to speak with you and see you.....but when I finally met with you, my desperation consumed me. All my passion, feelings, and lust for you flooded my head and body when I gazed upon you. Everything I had planned to say was gone. All I could do was offer a wimpy apology for years of pain....and offer my body to you to do as you please for whatever compensation it'd be worth. That is why I'm wearing this blindfold. I wanted to get this off my chest while I still had the words. It was my hope that we could start over....a fresh start." "I see." Gus sighed. Tyler removed the blindfold and became erect almost immediately at the sight of his roommate. The two sat in silence for what felt like an eternity. Tyler kept his head down to eat, but the anticipation made it difficult to get through the meal. Tyler got up to put the dishes in the sink when Gus spoke up. "So what show would have you taken me to?" "Well, turns out I couldn't get the tickets anyway," Tyler smirked as he washed off the dishes. "I think the best I could do tonight would be to clip bells to my nipples and bounce my pecs to play a song or dance for you." Gus laughed. It was a much needed laugh at the end of a long, stressful day. He got up from his chair to turn on some lights and blow out the candles. Then he picked up his backpack from the entrance way and brought it into the living space. "You know, Tyler." Gus approached the towering beast of muscle and hair and, grabbing the tie around his neck, pulled him down closer to his face, "I think seeing you change in the locker room in gym class was what really first stirred my desires for muscular men. Before you became a source of pain for me, I had my way with you in my imagination so many times...." Tyler was fully erect and throbbing. His furry, beefy chest was heaving up and down as anticipation filled his core. His breathing was swift and heavy and he was starting to sweat. His trembling lips were yearning for a kiss. "I have a surprise for you," Gus grinned. "Wh-what is it?" "I personally refilled your prescription for two bottles of that supplement," Gus winked. "They're in my backpack...I want to see if we can replicate those results and expand on them. Just don't crush me when you hold me tonight." Gus kissed Tyler, who almost ejaculated all over creation from there in the kitchen. The athlete picked up his roommate and carried him to the bedroom. He didn't know if he was going to orgasm that particular night; he didn't even know if he was going to fit on Gus's bed. But at the very least, Gus was smiling and the football player knew two things: the two of them were on better terms....and Coach is going to be surprised how much bigger he's going to become.
  4. If you have feedback, I'd love to hear. If you don't think it's hot, what are some tips to make it hotter? Part Three With the stress of exams and Tyler's surprise visit and attitude, it was only natural for Gus's sleep quality to be a little off. Try as he might to suppress his arousal, Gus was attracted to Tyler. As he succumbed to sleep in his warm bed, his mind drifted back to when he spat into the supplement. With his subconscious and imagination unleashed, he began to dream. He was back at the Health Center and Recreation Center. Being a dream, the gym and the pharmacy were combined in a way that only made sense in a dream. It was just another day at work, even though Gus was the only one there. Tyler walked in as he did on that fateful day, unchanged and seemingly the same cocky guy he was in middle and high school. He was dressed in a tank-top and shorts and began to work out while Gus stocked the shelves that were absurdly positioned between various weight machines. Tyler started with a swift run on the treadmill. When Gus looked down, he found he was holding the bottle of the compromised supplement. He had been stocking the shelves with it. He thought about giving it to Tyler, who was flexing to himself in the mirror while he ran. But before he could decide, he saw Tyler reach over for his water bottle and drink a whole bottle of the supplement. It didn't matter that it was a powder; in the dream, it flowed like it was a liquid. The sweaty athlete eagerly hurried over to the bench press and started lifting. Emboldened as if he was invisible, Gus came over and straddled the football player as he benched. Gus reached over and felt the muscles flex and work. Tyler huffed and grunted, his chest growing larger. His nipples started to become more prominent and his body hair grew like weeds, curling as they snaked their way out of the tank-top. Tyler had finished his set and sat up to work his biceps, which had also began to swell. With each workout, Gus's exploration of Tyler's body was more invasive and sensual, but Tyler didn't seem to mind. In fact, Tyler just kept saying "bigger" and "more." He was exhausted, but he had enough energy to lift Gus and place him on the counter. The panting athlete leaned into Gus, resting his face on Gus's soft belly. He was putty in his hands as Gus ran his fingers through his hair. Tyler began kissing him softly as Gus stroked his strong chest. The kisses became more passionate as his clothes were starting to strain under his growing bulk, eventually tearing from his size. Tyler grabbed another bottle of supplement and devoured it. He swept Gus up and wrapped his arms around him. Gus's face was nestled deep within Tyler's pecs as he carried him to a hot tub. In the warm, bubbling waters, Gus straddled the athlete's naked body and explored every inch of him. "You're wonderfully merciless" Tyler moaned as Gus stroked the football player's large, throbbing penis. "You push me like Coach never could. I'm yours...make me your muscle beast." Tyler was swelling more and more. Gus's wet dream was concluding with the athlete's body growing larger than a king's size mattress and their affection becoming just as large. Satisfied, Gus reclined on one Tyler's pecs like they were firm pillows with a huge, strong arms cradling him. The alarm clock went off. It was morning and Gus had his exams that day. He found Tyler had prepared breakfast for him, but he refused to eat anything himself until after Gus had his share. The football player apparently didn't sleep that much the previous night. Gus ate his breakfast as Tyler did his pushups in the nude. It was a good view; Tyler had a very cute butt and his large balls were begging to be tickled and played with. He tore his eyes away from them when reality struck him. He wondered what was going to happen next. Was Tyler going to always be a nude occupant in his apartment living in the common area? How would this situation between the two of them get resolved? He had to put those thoughts aside. He had his exams today and he needed to focus. He grabbed his backpack and was on his way out when Tyler spoke up. "I've been thinking a lot lately," Tyler sighed. "I know you don't like me and have every reason not to. I realize I may not be able to heal all the wounds of your heart, but later today....I want to do something for you from the bottom of my heart. If it is not enough....if I can't make you happy, then I...I will understand." Gus bit his lip. There really was remorse in Tyler's face and voice. He looked hurt and honest. It stung Gus and he felt a little guilty. After all, it was one thing to teach Tyler a lesson; it was another to become a bully himself. The memory of his dream was mostly faded, but he did feel a stirring in his heart from the passion they had in the dream. "Okay," Gus nodded and hurried off to his exams. Tyler wolfed down his breakfast. He had lots of calls to make.
  5. Hopefully not too dark? I imagine Gus to be very intelligent but also very bitter. Regardless of whether or not he is a sadist----although, I could explore that direction if there is interest---Gus had never been in a position of power over his tormentor in school. Fighting back was never an option and standing his ground could just make things worse. Beyond the bullying, Tyler frustrates Gus on a few points. First, Tyler is very attractive but it is bittersweet since he made Gus's life hell. Gazing at his body in the locker room in gym class should have been a delicious feast for the eyes. Instead, there was an unavoidable aftertaste of anxiety, dread, and pain. There is an equal chance Gus imagined Tyler's comeuppance as much as he likely masturbated to the thought of his body. Secondly, life is much easier for Tyler, who doesn't have to rely on the assistance from the school for things like free or reduced lunch program. (Having to get by on junk food meant that Gus wasn't losing weight despite his poorer financial position, which only perpetuated him being bullied for his shape.) As the star football player, Tyler only has to make passing grades in order to play; Gus is having to study hard to be in the advanced classes to avoid his bullies. Tyler then got a full scholarship to the college to play football; whatever way Gus managed to get into his dream college, it was not easy. Tyler and his football buddies left a very lasting impression on Gus and his path. At this point, Gus can only see Tyler as he was in middle/high school; it could still all be a trick. But if Tyler was to somehow prove himself however........
  6. Wow, thanks everyone. Part Two Gus grabbed Tyler by the pubic hair and told him to get up off the floor as if he was going to pull on the mass of hair if necessary. Tyler arose as commanded. The long, sturdy coffee table creaked a little as Gus carefully seated him on it and looked him over. Tyler's handsome, masculine face was full of yearning. His eyes were hopeful and perhaps remorseful. His mouth hung open as he panted. His broad shoulders were the outset of a big, heaving chest like a mountain range covered in a thick forest of dark hair that begged to be ruffled and stroked. Two plump nipples rose from them like summits that needed to be conquered. His biceps were as large as Gus's head. The athlete's balls hung off the table like two grapefruit in a small bag. His long and girthy penis was still erect and throbbing against his body. If this was any other man, Gus would have ejaculated by now---a part of him was indeed very turned on---but this was Tyler. "Let's recap," Gus cupped one of the quarterback's balls with his hand. "You make my life hell for years, get a full scholarship at the school I feared I wouldn't be able to attend, and never apologized or showed any sign of growth or maturity as a decent human being until now...and only because you have reached a moment of desperation. You need me to give you an orgasm? What makes you think I should give you anything more than the time of day?" Tyler remained silent with his eyes closed as his erection wilted and became increasingly soft. He could only lower his head and mumble something. Gus gave his testicle a little squeeze and a slight slap. "Look at me and answer!" Gus barked as Tyler winced. "I...I need you, Gus!" Tyler frowned. "I'm sorry. I really am. I don't know what else I can do....you're all I think about. I want to make it up to you. Please let me make it up to you." Gus ran his hands through Tyler's thick chest hair, feeling the contours of the thick, strong muscles underneath. Tyler's lips quivered as Gus traveled up and down his stomach and taking a firm grasp of his pecs. His fingers found their home at his nipples. He circled them, like sharks on the hunt. He pinched them, slowly twisting them. Tyler lifted his head and moaned loudly, locking eyes with Gus, as he became erect again. "Let's try this again," Gus took hold of the athlete's hand and brought it to the enlarged penis, guiding its strokes. "You want to make it up to me? Good. I'd like to see you try. I'm not going to just give you an orgasm. As far as I'm concerned, you don't deserve one, but I think I'll enjoy seeing you try to earn one." Gus got up, leaving the hulking football player to ruin another orgasm. Tyler found this one to be even more frustrating and intoxicating. He felt he was so close! Gus was right there; he even touched his body in ways like in his dreams! Tyler was now convinced more than ever that Gus held the key to his relief. He couldn't just pleasure himself in front of Gus. It was like Gus had to say a magic word to release him from this sexual bondage. Gus picked up the ice packets that had been dropped on the floor earlier, and threw them in the trash. Tyler whimpered as he dribbled. His refractory period was almost instantaneous. He was no less horny and still in need. "Clean that up." Gus tossed him a roll of paper towels. "Y-yes, sir. Sorry, sir." "You're welcome to leave anytime you wish...but so long you need me for an orgasm, you are mine." "Yes, sir." "I will start by having you clean the apartment. Those muscles should be big enough to move appliances and mop." Tyler was devoted to cleaning that apartment. He swept, mopped, dusted, polished, and scrubbed. He even did things Gus didn't think to ask for, like cleaning the lint out of the dryer's filter. Every nook and cranny was spotless. Gus had finished reading the last chapter of his textbook when Tyler was finishing up the kitchen counters. After a full inspection and account, Gus didn't want to admit he was impressed. The place looked better than the model apartment they used to show potential renters. Tyler's muscles were strong enough to scrub out some of most stubborn of stains that Gus had resigned himself to just living with. Tyler had worked up a sweat that matted the hair covering his body. His bulging muscles glistened and gleamed as his chest heaved up and down. Gus tried to hide how much the athlete's masculine aroma aroused him. That good physique was definitely more than just show. "It's a start," Gus handed him his cell phone from where it had fallen with the bedspread earlier. "I don't recall seeing you at the gym, so I assume you have your own set of weights?" "Yes sir." "Call your roommate and tell him to bring them here. You live here now, but you need him to bring your weights since you will be soaking your 'hurt foot' in the bath." Tyler did as he was told. When the roommate asked about his clothes and other things, Gus shook his head. Tyler told his roommate he'd only need the weights at the moment. With the call concluded, Gus led Tyler to the bath tub and turned on the water. The massive beast of a young man filled the tub and couldn't be fully submerged. Gus took out his phone and took several pictures. "In the locker room, when I was my most vulnerable and insecure, you and your friends put a spotlight on me." "I'm sorry. Take as many pictures as you like. I prefer you not post them anywhere, but...if you must." The mere sight of Gus turned Tyler on. Sitting in warm water and being lathered up by his hand made it even worse. Unlike Gus, Tyler's arousal was naked for the world to see as every contour was explored with with a warm, soapy washcloth. Gus, at the very, least could hide his arousal in his jeans. Gus took his time and before his own penis would betray him, there was a knock at the door. Tyler's now-former roommate arrived to drop off his weights. There were a lot of them and they had to set them up wherever there was room. Gus thanked him on behalf of Tyler, explaining that he was busy at the moment. Gus cooked dinner while Tyler lifted the weights. He needed to challenge his already remarkable muscles. With as much as his penis and balls were screaming out to him, he we going to need a more intense workout. Between cleaning, exercising, and the smell of the food cooking, Tyler was building up an appetite. When it was ready, Gus asked him if he was hungry. "Starving." "Lay down on the coffee table on your back." "Yes, sir." Gus walked over and sat down on the couch. He pulled Tyler's erect penis back so he could place the plate of food on the athlete's stomach. The scent of the delicious food filled Tyler's nostrils. Gus ate in silence, with one hand trying to hold the enlarged penis firmly back so it did not tip the plate over. Between bites, Gus would occasionally play with the quarterback's large, sensitive nipples. Tyler's stomach growled and his penis begged the entire time. "There were many times when the school's "free or reduced lunch" program provided my only meal for the day, Tyler." "I-I didn't know that." "Because of my size and weight, right?" "I'm sorry." "So, you can imagine how I felt when a bunch of football players would grab my lunch, toss it in the trash, and say I didn't need it....that I should lose weight...that I had eaten plenty already. The school lunch had vegetables, fruit, and lean meats. On those days, I instead had to manage to get by on whatever junk food I could get my hands on." "I'm sorry. Truly, I am." "I think you can get by tonight without something to eat." Gus put his plate in the sink and walked back over to where Tyler continued to lay on his back. He traced his fingers around the athlete's hulking muscles and teased his enlarged nipples and penis again. Then he gave Tyler's swollen balls another slap that made Tyler wince again and moan. As Gus walked towards his bedroom to retire for the night, he smirked and said "I look forward to how you are going to try to earn your orgasm tomorrow..."
  7. Author note: This is my first story. Any similarities to any other stories are coincidental. Feedback appreciated. The last time Gus saw Tyler they were in middle school. Tyler was tall, confident, and athletic even back then. Gus, well....he was the exact opposite. He was like a soft, little overstuffed pillow who was more at home in the biology lab than the locker room during gym class. Tyler and his football buddies teased Gus for his weight, who consequently buried himself in his studies. He knew that being in advanced classes meant being away from Tyler and his teammates. They would never really see each other again until college. While Tyler had gotten a football scholarship and was the star quarterback, Gus was able to skip several entry level class using the college credits he earned from the Advanced Placement classes in high school. Every football season, his past bully was glorified. Flyers for the upcoming season were everywhere and featured Tyler's handsome face and athletic body. Gus just tried to ignore it all. He figured he could keep his distance and remain happy. He didn't care for sports all that much. Besides, he was there to get an education to get a good career. But the posters were everywhere and, as much as he hated to admit it, he found Tyler to be a very handsome guy. The memories of the hardships he faced made his attraction to the athlete a near-unbearable frustration that was about to become exasperated. Gus needed a health/physical education credit. Apparently the powers that be at the college think that students should be well-rounded. He was almost certain that if Tyler had been present in his academic advisor's office he would have made a jab about him already being "well-rounded." But while Gus was having flashbacks to gym class, his advisor began explaining a unique opportunity. "It's like this," she explained. "Normally, your options would be limited to either playing a sport or taking a health class that would involve physical activity, such as an aerobics class. But you actually have some wiggle room. These requirements were updated to be effective for students entering at the level you skipped. Now. You will still need to have a health credit, but given your career path, I believe I can manage to get you an intern position at the Health Center. We should be able to apply it to your health requirement under the guidelines that were in effect when you entered the university." Gus was gay, but he could have kissed his advisor, Mrs. Susan Greene, right then and there. The Health Center was the informal name for the campus clinic. It was the place for students to go if they were sick or needed medicine. It was also located right next to the Recreation Center and gym. The two buildings were attached to one another, which meant that a student who pulled a muscle or sprained an ankle could easily get bandaged or some muscle relaxers. The athletes liked it because it meant they could get supplements from the pharmacy to or from their workouts. And so, it was only a matter of time that, despite all his best efforts and wishes, Gus would cross paths with Tyler. It was 3:45PM on a Monday. Gus and Karen were working far behind the counter when the bell rang. Tyler had opened the door and walked in. On the security mirror, Gus could see it was Tyler and even worse, he appeared to have a prescription in hand. That meant he might have to interact with Tyler. It was obviously the perfect time to hide in the back to fill some orders and check inventory. "Coach said you had this supplement I could try," Tyler smirked as he slid the paper to Karen, who was all too eager to help the school's star player. "Absolutely!" The girl almost giggled. "We don't keep that one on the shelf though. We'll have to get it from the back." "That's fine. I'll be right here." Tyler smiled. Karen raced around to the back. In a whirlwind motion, she grabbed a scoop and shoved it into Gus's hand. Before he could say anything, she was pushing him to table where a large bucket held the powdered supplement. "Here! Fill this bottle. Fill another bottle and I'll let you leave early." She huffed and ran back to chat up Tyler. The two were insufferable. Each groan-worthy flirtation made the scooping process seem even more tedious. Karen said something and it made Tyler laugh. It was that distinct laugh that was hearty, proud, and boastful. Gus felt sick. The last time he heard it was when Tyler was teasing him while he sheepishly changed clothes in the locker room. Perhaps it was not his best moment, but emotion overtook Gus. He spat into the bottle and poured a scoop over it. The laughter continued and his eyes filled with tears. Gus spat into it again and covered it with another scoop. It was kind of cathartic, even if the punishment for getting caught would have been significant. His mouth became too dry to do the same with the other bottle, so he filled it up as he was supposed to. At the very least, he could put the bottles on the pickup shelf and not have to interact with Tyler. "There's a second bottle just for you, darling," Karen winked. Gus left out the back. He had permission to leave after all. He probably would have left anyway. He couldn't stomach any more. At least the bottles were large...maybe he wouldn't be expecting Tyler to be coming back any time soon. The semester passed along and the campus was abuzz with Tyler's performance. Everyone was talking about how he was unstoppable. People started calling him "Beast" and the name stuck. He led the team to victory after victory, sending the team into the championship, but all Gus cared about was that maybe the flyers would finally come down. He had his exams and he fully intended to spend his time studying in his apartment. There wasn't going to be anything to distract him, but then his cell phone rang. Thinking it was his parents, he swiped the screen to answer the call only to see it was a number he didn't recognize. Confused, Gus raised the phone to his face and answered it. "Uh...is this...is this Gus? This is Tyler." "T-Tyler?" Gus stammered, "How did you get my number?" "I asked around until I got it. We need to talk." "Oh no." Gus thought as he remember spitting into the supplement. "He is going to kill me." "I'm...I'm sorry." "What?!" "I'm sorry. I should have apologized a long time ago for...you know, some of the things I said and did to you back in middle school." Waves of emotions washed over Gus as he processed what he was hearing. He never expected this. Surely this couldn't be some cruel trick, could it? Before Gus was able to respond, Tyler sheepishly spoke once more. "Listen, could you buzz me up into your apartment? Please?" "Okay," Gus bit his lip and waited for the inevitable. After a few minutes, there was a knock at the door. Though it was slow as if with trepidation, it started firm before becoming gentler. Gus turned the handle and pulled it ajar. He turned around and walked back into his living space without acknowledging his visitor with a look. It wasn't until he plopped down on his sofa that he saw why people gave Tyler the nickname of "Beast." Closing the door behind him, Tyler stiffly walked into the room. He seemed taller than normal and had a king-sized bedspread wrapped around him. Gus raised an eyebrow at the bedspread. Unless Tyler was planning on wrapping his corpse in it, perhaps he wasn't going to fight him. "Can I help you?" Gus swallowed, unsure of what to expect at this point. "I certainly hope so. Coach has been testing me for everything under the sun. I've been forced to pee in a cup almost every day now. I have examined everything I have consumed for the last few weeks. The only thing I can't rule out was a supplement I got a while back at the Health Center. Karen said you were the one who filled the bottle and..." Tyler was looking down at his feet. "...And?" Gus felt a pit growing in his stomach. Some ice packs fell on the floor as Tyler dropped the bedspread to reveal a body of enormous musculature. The slightest movement further ripped the clothes he had to have special ordered to cover his growing bulk. Stiff, gentle movements were the only thing that kept him dressed. "You did something to it, didn't you?" Tyler kept his gaze at his feet. "Did something?" Gus echoed in surprise. "Could you...could you do it again?" Tyler pleaded "Or at least tell me what you did?" A dumbfounded Gus sat there with his mouth open. In desperation, Tyler ripped his shirt and ran to kneel down before Gus. His pants ripped in the process. His gaze still firmly set on the floor below. "I don't know what you did, but you changed me. Look at me. I have more chest hair on each pec than all the men in my family have on their entire chests combined. My nipples are large sensitive. The more I play with them, the more I want to play with them. And my balls..." Gus followed Tyler's gesture to see that Tyler's balls had grown large and heavy. He obviously had outgrown his cup; his jockstrap was start to fail as well. A brief glimpse at Gus was all it took for Tyler to start to become erect. He apparently had gained the penis to match his new size. With his jockstrap now shreds on the floor, Tyler was now only wearing shoes, his lucky chain necklace, and a pleading look. "I need you." Tyler panted. "Please." A mixture of arousal and confusion danced within Gus. "You need...me?" Gus shook from his stupor. "For what? Sex?" "I...I can't." Tyler bit his lip. "I started on the supplement and everything was good, right? I was starting to become massive, just like Coach wanted. I just accepted the added body hair growth as a side effect. But I became so horny. Like really horny! I've never been this horny in my life! I started jerking off but I just couldn't get over that edge. At best, I could only dribble out a ruined orgasm that left me still horny. At worst, I had to just sit in ice cold water to become flaccid again. I began skipping class to have more time to work out my frustration in the weight room. I developed the nipple fetish, which further captivated me. By then, I had finished the bottle of supplement. A buddy got me more at the Health Center, but it was lacking something." "Something..." Gus was still processing. "I've been unofficially suspended from the team pending a doping investigation. Everyone thinks I've hurt my foot...Coach is at least letting me save face. After I finished the bottle you made, the erections stopped, but I was still so horny. I nearly fainted when I saw you leave the Health Center. You gave me first erection since finishing that bottle and I have had these erotic dreams about you ever since....but I still have not had orgasmic relief since I started the supplement....and...I...I...need....you." Gus reached over and started stroking the endowed penis. Tyler's deep moans and panting increased. The strokes were slow and deliberate, making their way up the shaft to circle the head before meandering back down again. His speed increased slowly and gradually. "Oh...OH GOD! YES! SO...SO CLOSE! CL-CLOSEST I'VE...I'M ALMOST---" Gus leaned forward and pulled Tyler's head closer to his own, looked him deep in the eyes, and said "I haven't accepted your apology yet." Tyler heart skipped a beat at the realization and whimpered at the abrupt end to the strokes. Gus let his index finger explore Tyler's big, sensitive nipples before giving them a pinch. Tyler's penis throbbed uncontrollably, desperate for more. The massive beast of muscle, down on all fours, trembled with desire as the anticipation churned within his gut. Submission was complete and authentic. "Are you really sorry? Or do you just want an orgasm? I think we should have a heart-to-heart and I'm going to fondle your balls and nipples while we have it, is that clear?" "Yes, sir." ------------------ ETA: If you are comparing my picture to Gus, he isn't meant to be a self-insert. I just wanted to make the "well-rounded" joke.
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