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    I'm not comfortable telling.
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    real profile.
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    Cute boys. Cute girls. Video games, anime.
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    I'm not muscular at all. I'm a chubster o3o
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    What I am now.
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    Pectacular Romance
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    *Shrugs.* Buff Anime boys>Real Buff boys sorry.
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    Muscle Growth, especially pecs...My BIGGEST fetish though is beefy boys being super kind and nice and cute.

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  1. Ushimoo

    God Complex?

    Got any stories where a dude gets super infatuated with himself, and starts calling himself and his growing body 'godly' and stuff like that? I'm really into guys just obsessed with themselves. Sorry if this is a weird one.
  2. Ushimoo

    Pec stories?

    Are there any stories out there that particularly feature pecs/pec growth? I know about spectacular Romance already.Thanks in advance. Sorry if this questions already been asked.

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