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  1. Hey dude what's up

  2. Hey dude what's up

  3. Hey dude what's up how old are you 

  4. Hey dude your ripped are you real if so how old are you 

  5. What's up dude your ripped how old are you 

  6. Hey dude that really u in the profile pick if so how old are u

  7. Hey dude what's up is it really you in the photos 

  8. Hey dude what's up you got huge gains how old are you

    1. Vonny


      Thank, man! I'm 21. 

  9. Dude your ripped how old are you 

  10. Dude your ripped how old are you 

    1. LAComplex


      Not me in my profil pic unfortunately :(. It's french bodybuilder Loic Zine.

  11. Are u real 

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