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  1. I have some pot and vodka if anyone would like to come over to my place


  2. Guess who stubbed his toe on 20mg of Oxycodone.

    I'm smoking pot now.That makes me want to drink.The vodka's chilled in the freezer. I'm gonna start drinking shortly. I'll take the pills 1/2 hr after starting drinking. Of course I'm gonna break them up to ensure POWER.There will be no pain or anxiety around here in a little over an hour

    1. ravenweremuscle


      Are you feeling alright? (Or rather, do you need an intervention?) :P

    2. TheFreakOfMayfair


      I really appreciate you sir.Thanks.I'm as fine and dandy as a pig in mud now.

      Where are you from?


  3. TheFreakOfMayfair


    I just rode my bicycle 95 miles to get some marijuana. That stuff is SO PUNGENT. Thank goodness nobody caught on. Got some pills too.
  4. Love your profile picture!!!

  5. I want to worship you 

    if yoy were the one in the profile picture 

  6. I have 1,000's of muscle pictures ranging from mild to wild if you would like for me to share them with you.  💪


    1. GabeMuscleMonster
    2. SMASHOR


      Too right...keep them coming (cumming)

    3. Mitzelgin


      FUCK this is HOT!  Imagining this big bull standing over me, with that big chest heaving in and out as he swings his big hard cock in front of me asking "do you like this?"

  7. I'm looking for a gay buddy in NW FL Pensacola Ft. Walton Beach area.💪

  8. I'm looking for a gay buddy in NW Florida.Pensacola,Milton, Ft. Walton Beach area

  9. It was in England like about the year 1100 or so,back when the king controlled EVERYTHING in daily life. If a married couple wanted wanted to have sexual intercourse they had to get permission from the king. If they were approved they got a document called " Fornication Under Consent of King" so people used the letters of the document's title,and FUCK was born. NOW YOU KNOW! 😀
  10. I'm lonely. I'm looking for a buddy about 40 miles SE of Nashville TN

  11. Go to YouTube look up UPSIDE DOWN AMERICAN FLAG PROTEST (1min21sec) I'm in the video, tell me what you think.