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  1. Are you really going to bring up the "right infront of my salad?" meme. Right now? Right in front of my salad?
  2. Chapter 5: Oh Father! Caleb adjusted his new manhood as he walked through the gym, stopping by the juice bar near the door. From there he could hear, and see the man that was causing all the ruckus. He was a gangly looking type of man with silver hair, thin and lanky, but tall, around 5’ 11”; he couldn’t have been much older than 30. The man was wearing what seemed to be a priest’s outfit, black shirt with a white collar, black pressed pants and black shoes. “I, Father William, am here to decry the indulgence that lives within these sinful walls! These men indulge themselves in their workouts and protein shakes! They live their hedonistic lives like they have nothing but muscle in their brains!” “Muscle on the brain huh.” Caleb said pulling out his phone. He opened up Mindbender and searched for Father William, finding him quite easily. The man had the most hate filled thoughts toward the gym, but deep inside those thoughts there was a recurring theme, muscle. It seemed that he was jealous of the men that were blessed with fine physiques. Caleb took that thought and enlarged it, making the thought of muscle predominant in his mind, but removing the jealousy from his mind. Father William continued to preach, with more fervor now as he tried to keep pushing the thoughts of muscle from his mind, but Caleb wanted to keep those thoughts there. Caleb went into his REAL-writer and wrote in that all men with naturally silver hair were genetically special. Around the age of 25 something happened to them. They started to get obsessed with muscle, so much so that even their bodies started to get muscular. Now Father William started to get flustered. The thought of muscle started to take over his mind, he was having a hard time speaking as he was getting distracted by the men entering and exiting the gym. As he kept on trying to preach his body started to inflate in his clothes. He started to remember his body growing about 5 years ago, getting more toned and buff. He wasn’t hulking out, he was just more well built genetically now. His biceps filling out his sleeves, his chest puffing out a little bit, his back straightening out, ass getting perkier. This didn’t affect just William, it affected all men with silver hair. There were a few in the gym, and they followed suit. Those that were already larger grew much larger, putting on about 25 pounds of muscle, meanwhile those that were just starting out at the gym gained around 10. Caleb went back to William’s thoughts and saw that muscle was all that was on his mind now, he was really fighting it. “Give into it, go into the gym” Caleb wrote into William’s mind. William resisted for a few minutes, but Caleb pressed on, eventually breaking William down, causing him to go into the gym. William looked around the gym, completely amazed at all the muscle in the room. He blushed as the musk tickled his nose, arousing his brain, causing his soft member to start to harden. He shook his head as he tried to get it out of his head, he was a man of the cloth, not a man of pleasures of the flesh. He pulled at his collar as he started to get hotter and sweatier. He really shouldn’t be here, he thought to himself, if he stayed for too long who knows what would happen. Caleb knew. Caleb was going to have fun rewriting William’s story. He opened it up and started to write. “Since a young age William had be infatuated with muscle. Having a genetic predisposition to be muscular he wasn’t going to let that go to waste. At 13, when he could get a gym membership. he started to go, one would say, religiously, to the gym.” With that over 15 years of pure muscle started to appear on the Father’s body. His shirt struggled to stay together with all that growth. He didn’t like doing it, but William had to undo a few buttons of his shirt to let the heaving slabs that were his pecs space. To him those extra buttons were like a woman wearing a low cut shirt. As he moved the sleeves of his shirt were straining to hold together as his arms swelled. The veins on his biceps responded to every heartbeat, pumping blood and muscle into the arms. His flat stomach rippled as eight abs pushed their way to the surface, flexing and rippling under his tight shirt. His black dress pants also strained to restrain the changes. His glutes tightened, forming a tight bubble butt. His thighs grew massive, now resembling tree trunks, his calves tight and strong. Even his shoes strained against the slightly larger feet. Father William passed by the mirrors and smiled at his body. He flexed his biceps for a moment, causing his veins to pop out, drawing the attention of others around the gym, causing them to talk amongst themselves. This caused William to blush, he kind of liked being the center of attention. Wait no, it was wrong, or was it? This is where Caleb intervened, it was time for the big change. He went in and changed William’s title for “Father” to “Daddy.” This had an immediate effect. William started to scratch his chest as silver hairs started to grow over his pecs. As he scratched the itch that came from the growth he started to move towards the locker room. As he did it was almost as if he were walking on a time line, the more he moved towards the locker room the more he aged. And he aged like a fine wine. His facial features hardened as they became slightly wrinkled and tanned. In fact his entire body tanned and hardened as the years of tanning took its toll on his skin. It was a fine bodybuilding tan. NAturally the extra years were spent at the gym. This mean that his clothes were strained to the maximum with his growth, and then the pressure was released. His clothes didn’t rip and explode, but they eased off and changed. His black button down shirt loosened as the sleeves receded, revealing his big biceps, swollen tri’s and hair-filled, sweaty armpits. The texture of the shirt changed to a sheer cotton, showing off the large, hard nipples that poked against the fabric. His pants started to lighten as they became grey and turned into a soft cotton. Inside the pants a bulge formed as William’s cock started to grow within its confines, but that didn’t last for long. The underwear that was holding back the growing python suddenly disappeared. This freed the monster, causing a thick, cock-print on the grey sweatpants. It kept growing and growing, until it reached about 8 inches long, still soft. William groaned as the changes kept coming. He flexed his muscles against the wall of mirrors in the far side of the locker room. He groaned as he admired his changing body. The more he flexed the more his muscles grew and defined. As he flexed, Williams cock started to harden. The more he flexed the more his mind changed. He always wanted to be the biggest cock on the block, to have others get on their knees for him. That was so long ago now. Memories started to fill his head, memories of him working out at the gym, getting big and buff, countless tanning sessions, and countless wins at bodybuilding contests. He smirked as silver hairs sprouted on his face, forming a nice stubble. Hair crept over his arms, the silver hairs turning thick and coarse, coating them like a forest. It spread from his furry chest down the hills and valleys that were his abs, coating them in a coarse forest of silver hairs. William grunted as he flexed his hairy body. “Now where are my kids” he smirked as he grunted and went back to the gym looking for his favourite people.
  3. Thanks so much! Hearing that people like it really makes my day! I'll try to continue as much as I can, but I always run into some issues when writing.
  4. @HanugumoIts more so the feeling of revenge. I know its not the typical type of revenge, but I thought that Caleb felt satisfied with changing them for them making fun of him being small for a gym owner. For the moment I think I am going to delay Calebs changes and possibly make them a bit more gradual until he feels he is the man he desires to be.
  5. I think its a bit shorter than my other entries, but it is my first time writing a scene like this alone. I would appreciate any and all comments to make it better. Chapter 4: As Real as it Gets As soon as they got into the locker room John pulled Mike down and began to kiss him passionately. They kissed each other sloppily, their tongues grazing each other as John pushed Mike against a wall of gray lockers. Caleb smirked as his cock started to twitch with excitement. He took a picture of the distracted couple and sat down where he could secretly watch them. He wanted revenge. First he wanted to take down Mike a peg or two. Or more like a foot. He slid Mike's body down on the phone, causing him to become shorter, but keeping all his muscle. He shrank down to 5 foot 5, but he was wide as his muscles grew in size to fit his shorter stature. The former hulking bodybuilder was now the shorter of the two. The couple adjusted themselves as to comply with the change, but to them it was far too normal. “Now let’s make John a big hulk.” Caleb said as he played with the muscle settings for John. 180 pounds was far to small. He doubled that turning him into a 360 pound wall of pure muscle. John’s muscles twitched as they began to swell. His pecs growing with each heartbeat, creating slabs of pure muscle that pushed him and Mike away from one another. His hands grew larger as he began to rub the crevices of Mike’s bulging muscles. John’s arms thickened as his bi’s and tri’s exploded with growth. His delts and traps swelling, giving him wide shoulders and a thick neck. His stomach rippled as a massive 8 pack emerged from the smoothness that it once was. John’s legs were the last to change, growing to be the size of tree trunks, glutes so tight that they could crack walnuts, and size 13 feet. The last thing to change was their more personal bits. With such a small stature Mike had to get a reward of sorts. Caleb started to increase the size of the bugle in the picture and at the same time the real thing started to grow into its now tight confinement. The bulge expanded with every second, until it was quite obscene. John smirked as he saw the strained workout shorts, and easily ripped them off, revealing a footlong cock, throbbing and drooling precum. John ran his thick fingers over it, giving it a good squeeze before he flipped Mike over and started to rub Mike’s aching hole with his large fingers. John dropped his own shorts to his ankles revealing his own throbbing erection, a nice sized 8 incher. He couldn't wait to get to the showers, he had to take Mike right now. John pushed his throbbing pole against the tight, never used hole. With a grunt he pushed into the virgin hole, eliciting a loud, long moan from Mike. John started to jackhammer into Mike, both moaning as the rapid intensity of John’s thrusts only quickened. The lockers they were using as a wall were rattling with the quick pace of their lust filled romp. Caleb watched all this, his own shorts on the floor as he furiously stroked his own, five inch erection. He he looked at it, he felt he could make it bigger. Opening Reality Bender he took a picture of his own cock. He stretched it out, moaning as it grew longer and longer, stopping at a nice and thick 12 inches long. He moaned as he went back to stroking his own cock with softball sized balls as the other two made love. “I love you bro! I’m gonna bust!” John said as he stopped thrusting, blowing the load his large balls into Mike’s hungry hole. The pressure against his prostate made Mike blow his even larger load all over the lockers. They both sat down on the floor panting as Mike replied “I love you too bro” before embracing the much larger man. Caleb was cleaning up the mess had done all over the wooden bench seat he was on. “I should leave these two lovebirds alone” he thought as he pulled up his pants and started to go back to the gym area.Where he could hear someone yelling from outside the gym.
  6. Chapter 3: Going on a Bender As Caleb lay on the couch he fell asleep for a few hours, only to be awoken by the phone buzzing. “Wake up sleepy head! You got new apps to explore!” Viz yelled out trying to get Caleb to wake up. After a few minutes of yelling Viz decided to shock Caleb awake. Caleb moaned a little as the shock was not that painful, but annoying enough to get him to wake up. “Five more minutes mom.” Caleb said, reciting the age old cliche. It took a few more minutes before he yawned and stretched as he awoke. He rolled over on the couch and looked at his phone. The app store was now available “Sweet” he said with another yawn as he opened the app store. Located in side where a myriad of different apps, all costing well above the number of credits he had. “Damn I’m going to have to change a bunch of things to get those fancy apps.” He did find a few he could buy. He purchased “REAL-Writer, Mind Reader, and Mindbender”. “REAL-Writer” is an application that rewrites the history of an object, person, or even a place. Just find what you are looking for in the vicinity of the scanner and then write up what you would like to change. “Mind Reader” is just what it sounds like, it reads people’s minds. It scans for surrounding people and displays selected individuals thoughts as text. “Mindbender” piggy backs off that and allows the changing of those thoughts via text input. Caleb stretched as he got up from the couch. He walked over to his room and took a picture of it. Using RE-Ality Bender, Caleb changed his room to be something much more lavish. High end computer, comfortable bed, expensive clothing, the works. Though he went a step further as he felt power fill his body. He could control reality, bend it to his will, make the world his own. He smirked as the power filled his mind, body. His cock started to grow and harden as the thoughts of what he could do filled his mind. A lowly college student couldn’t live in this wonderful apartment. Using REAL-Writer he located himself as he started to type up changes to his life. Graduated from business school at 21. Founded a line of gyms called “Universe Fitness.” They became super successful and made him lots of money. As he wrote the words became reality. Caleb Anderson was now a mogul when it came to owning gyms, even if he wasn’t the picture of a gym man. He also put in that his apartment was on top of the crowning jewel of his gyms. The world shimmered as the view from his windows changed to that of being in a city penthouse. “This is great” he said as he looked out of his window and then looked at his phone. “Oh Viz, what do I need to do to keep you charged and well maintained?” Caleb inquired. “Well you dont really need to do much. The phone is powered by CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, so it doesnt need to be charged. Just dont feed me after midnight.” he said with a small chuckle. Caleb chuckled as he went to his room to get changed. He put on his best work out gear. Shorts, nice fitting sport shoes, and a slightly loose fitting tank top. He went into the entrance of his apartment, which was an elevator and made it to the gym. The gym was wonderful. It was huge and filled with all sorts of equipment. Treadmills, spinning bikes, and of course tons and tons of weight lifting equipment. The gym was full of the sounds of weights, grunts, and the large, almost quiet, fans that hung from the ceiling. Caleb looked around and saw that the gym had a mixture of men and women, not his ideal gym mix, he wanted it to be all men. He went into his phone and made some changes to the gym, particularly making it “MALE ONLY.” As he typed those words in the mix of the gym went entirely male. The women that were at the gym shifted, and turned into their male equivalents. The gym took on a slightly muskier smell as it changed. He walked around the gym welcoming the members and wishing them a good workout, that is until he ran into Mike and John. Mike was the larger of the two, 6 foot 5, bright red hair, could easily weigh 200 pounds of pure muscle. John was the smaller, leaner of the two at 5 foot 10 and around 180 pounds of muscle with deep blue hair. They both took a swig of their protein drinks as they looked down at Caleb. “Well, well, well. IF it isn’t the puny owner of the gym” said Mike as he bent down to mess up Caleb’s pink hair. John snort-laughed at Mike’s actions “Yeah the little baby owner” John replied. They turned around as they walked away. Caleb smirked as anger filled him. He whipped out his phone and opened up REAL-Writer. He opened up Mike and John and began to write. “John is the top of the relationship, Mike is the bottom, and not even a power bottom. They met each other when the gym first opened and they fell madly in lust when they saw each other. They can’t keep their hands off each other and PDA is common practice for them.” As they walked away they walked closer to each other. John extended his hand and grabbed one of Mike’s as they held hands through the gym. As they reached a weight station Mike couldn’t help himself and started to rub over John’s tighter, lithe, body. This elicited a small moan from him. Caleb opened Mindbender and went to work putting ideas in their mind. “Fuck in the showers” he wrote over and over in their minds. Expressions of pure excitement and apprehension filled their faces as they weighed the options of doing it right in the gym showers. Eventually Caleb won out and they buckled and started to head to the locker room. Caleb smirked as he followed them, but not before taking a few pictures of himself in the mirror wall
  7. @Hanugumo If someone were to do that they would be trapped in the phone until someone lets them out. You can modify yourself, but there is a way around it.
  8. @Hanugumo There is an answer to that question. It wont spoil anything but I wont say unless you really want to know.
  9. Chapter 1 There was a loud knock on the apartment door early in the morning, followed by a soft thump. Those were the traditional noises of a package being delivered. The loud noises roused a figure that was lying down on the older, almost tattered, but surprisingly comfortable, couch. The figure was a man, around 5 foot 5 inches tall, a bit on the short side for a man. He had slightly long, straight, brown hair that reached down to his shoulders and dark brown eyes. He was the typical, caucasian college student. At 21, he didn't care much for his appearance, he wore gray, baggy sweat pants, and a loose fitting white shirt. He yawned as he scratched his head and went over to the door. He looked at the clock on the kitchen microwave and saw that it was 6 am. “Who delivers a package at this hour, they usually don’t come until like 3 pm. He opened the door and there was a small silver package on the doormat. It was addressed to Caleb Anderson, the only person that lived in the unit. Caleb went inside and closed the door, perplexed at the package, he didnt order anything recently. He opened the package and it was a cellphone. “Heh, must be a prank phone” he said as he took the phone out and looked it over. It was gorgeous. It was a brilliant silver type metal, the screen was crystal clear and large. He looked it over and on the back it had an atom like symbol with a “Q” in the middle. “Quantum industries huh, this has to be totally fake, one of their phones is worth millions some say.” Caleb picked out a card that was in the box. “Congratulations! You have been selected to test, and keep, our new RE-ality phone!” it didn’t say anything else. “RE-ality phone? What kind of hot garbage is this?” He looked the phone over some more. It had no buttons, no ports, just some fancy looking cameras at the front and back. Suddenly the phone buzzed as it turned on. The Quantum Industries symbol appeared as the phone… yawnned? There were some applications already installed. “Reality Bender”, “Augment RE-Ality” and “Picasso”. The phone yaned again as a sweet sounding, male voice came from the phone. “Hello there new owner!” Caleb instantly threw the phone to the ground in surprise. “Owwww!” the voice from the phone said as it hit the ground. It buzzed angrily as it said “HEY! Careful with the merchandise! I maybe made of titanium and diamonds but I still feel things!” Caleb chuckled as he picked up the the seemingly sentient phone and looked it over. “Yeah totally just a prank.” The phone buzzed and zapped Caleb’s hand, causing him to drop it again. “Hey stop that! If you knew how much I actually cost you would be sucking my electronic cock right now!” the phone said as it buzzed angrily. Caleb picked up the phone from the floor once more “A feisty one aren’t you/ Fine ill bite, what are these apps for?” He asked. The phone, cleared his throat and said “The name is Viz by the way, I am the AI for this phone. And the applications in this phone are designed to modify the outside world. Think of it like augmented reality, only it’s really real.” Caleb chuckled once more and said “Suuuuuuuure” as he opened up the Augment RE-Ality application. This in turn opened up his camera app to take pictures with. He turned the camera to the front facing camera and took a quick picture of his face. It seemed like a normal picture, but lines pointed at different parts of his face, with options attached to them such as hair, skin color, complexion, nose, etc. Caleb touched the “hair” option as the hair in the picture was highlighted. “Fine I’ll play along” he said as he chucked. He chose the haircut to be fairly short, and for the hell of it, bright pink. As he chose those options he didn’t notice that his hair was retreating back into his head, growing shorter as it grew shorter in the image. It also grew lighter in color until it reached a bubblegum pink color. “Pretty sick image software, it looks real.” Caleb said. “Why don’t you touch your hair?” Viz replied with a slight chuckle. Caleb reached up to where his hair normally would be. His eyes widened in shock as he couldn’t feel it anymore. He ran to the bathroom, phone still in hand as he saw that he looked just as the picture looked. His hair was short and a bright pink. “No way” Caleb said as he touched his new hair. As he lifted his arm he got a peek into his armpits, the hair was also pink! “What the hell dude!” he yelled at the phone. “I told you I wasn’t joking!” Viz said as he chuckled a little. Chapter 2 Caleb paced around in his apartment; he was freaking out. He had pink hair everywhere on his body, and he well… kind of liked it to be honest. “How the hell do I explain this hair to anyone! It would be fine if it was just my head but it’s everywhere!” He then looked at the phone and said “This is all your fault! How do I fix it!” Viz calmly responded “Don’t worry about it. There are two things you can do. The simple one is change your hair back. The other one is to alter reality and make it be natural for you.” Caleb thought about the two options and decided “Well I kind of like it, so why not bend reality a little” Viz, without being told opened up the “Reality Bender” application. It looked like a traditional gallery of pictures, this one only containing the picture that Caleb had taken of himself. “So how this app works is that you click on the picture you want to and it will list the changes. All you have to do is write a little explanation, and then hit the ‘Bend’ button to change reality.” Caleb though for a second how to explain the pink hair. He started to type into the text box as he read it out loud. “Caleb was born with a strange mutation that actually occurs in about 25% of the male population. This made their body hair be different colors outside of the “normal” range of colors. Blue, green, and even pink were among the almost infinite amounts of colors that the hair could be. This mutation was actually random, there was no apparent genetic link among family members.” Viz chimed in “Are you sure you want to change such a large portion of the population?” Caleb thought about it for a moment, his thumb shaking over the ‘Bend’ button on the screen. He took a deep breath before finally pushing the button. All of a sudden the entire world shimmered. Caleb got a slight headache as new memories formed in his head. Not only that, outside a quarter of the global male population had their hair change to wild, and wonderful colors. Caleb’s headache subsided as Viz said “Reality Bent. Congratulations! You just did your first world alteration! You get an achievement and 10,000 credits that you can spend in the store once it becomes available.” Caleb looked a little confused. “Store? Like an app store?” he asked. “Yes. It’s not available yet, but eventually it will. In it you can find more apps that you can buy with the credits you get from changing things.” “Interesting. Any way to know when it will be unlocked?” Caleb queried. “That’s classified information. But have some fun with it and you will get it in no time.” There was one application left to try out “Picasso” Viz closed the apps and went to the home screen. “Now you have one app left. Picasso is sort of like a hybrid version of the other two. It lets you take a picture of an object, but it actually captures the object and stores it in the phone for modification and maybe later creation. Like say your couch. You can take a picture of it and it will poof out of existence for you to modify, its as if it never existed to the rest of the world. Then you can poof it back in with the changes done and reality will bend to fit it in.” “Fine lets try it on my couch” Caleb said as he took a picture of the old couch. As soon as the flash went off the couch disappeared from the living room. It appeared as a 3D model in the phone. Caleb played with it. He changed it to be brand new, super soft and comfortable, and made out of leather. After the changes he placed it back in the original location, popping it back to reality with a flash of light. He smirked as he laid down comfortably with a smirk on his face. This was going to be fun.
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