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  1. Thought I'd start a thread for any advice you might have to share, tips and tricks you're fond of someone else might not know, as well as any questions someone here might be able to help you with. I'll go first! Do you guys have any site suggestions you like to use that help you with muscle study/poses/figure drawing?
  2. kullizilla

    Galleries and links

    Wow, hey, sorry this took me forever to reply to- was having issues with the reply box showing up at all! Anyway! Here's my links https://kullizilla.tumblr.com/ https://twitter.com/Kullizilla
  3. kullizilla

    Galleries and links

    Share your gallery links and other related links in this thread
  4. kullizilla

    Post some bigness here!

    Haaaaangonasecond! (I'd post more, but you've already seen all the bigness I've done xD)
  5. kullizilla

    Sometimes I want massive muscles. But others...

    I loooooove mpreg. A LOT. Lol. Or fat guts.. or muscleguts.. any kind of belly I'm all about that : D I've been a bit hesitant to post mpreg muscle stuff tho, idk how that would go down I guess?
  6. kullizilla

    Favorite muscle areas?

    Arms/shoulders I think, lol. Massive broad backs are yummy too.

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