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    6'2, 245lbs, 20 inch biceps, 51 inch pecs
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    6'3, 280lbs, 23a, 55c
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    Radek Lonc, Paco Bautista, Mike Mentzer, Franco Columbu

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  1. Finally measured my biceps at 20 inches!

    1. moremass
    2. swolegoal


      Welcome to the club!

  2. Finally measured my biceps at 20 inches!

  3. I confess that I check Muscle Sightings every day to see if someone spotted me;p

    1. Mdlftr



      Put some pix in the Gallery and you'll definitely be spotted! I miss your updates on your pecs from the old forum! :)

    2. ThickRick


      Yeah, man. We want to sight you and say, "Damn! Look at that stud!"

  4. Measured arms at 19.8 today

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Buffaj
    3. ThickRick


      AWESOME! You've got about the biggest artillery of any Forum member. We all want to be like you, man.

    4. growinmuscl
  5. Great avatar showing the pecs!!

    1. Sparky


      Thanks man!

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