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  1. Woah this is awesome! I hadn’t thought about this story of mine in a while, and hearing you bring it to life was awesome! Thank you so much, I’m honestly very flattered. You have my blessing to do this with as much of the story(or any of my stories) as you want!
  2. garrix

    The Wellspring

    Chapter 2 “Dude, Juan only dates huge guys” “Really?” Connor responded, turning to his friend Russell. “What makes you say that?” The two were standing in the bar, casually chatting about their love lifes. Connor had started seeing Juan casually in the last two weeks, and his friend Russell always seemed to have the gossip on the muscle bears in town. “I mean, you’re big, “ Russell began “I’m sure that's one reason he likes you, but you should have seen the last guy he dated. He was seriously huge” The bar was crowded, but he could still hear every word his friend said. Connor wasn’t small by any means, but he didn’t consider himself huge. At about 6’ and 220 pounds lean, with 18” arms... he got plenty of attention when they went out, but he wasn’t usually the biggest man in the gym. “So wait, how big was his last guy?” Connor asked. “His last boyfriend… the guy before you… I think his name was Carlos, he was Mexican. But I mean he was actually Mexican. You know? He hadn’t been in the US long. Didn’t speak much english. Anyway, he was seriously the biggest dude I’ve ever seen. He had to be 5’10” and waaaay over 300 pounds of solid….beef. He was immense.” “Woah, seriously?” Connor asked. “Yeah, he was freakishly big, and I think he got bigger the few times I saw him.…Like I said he didn’t speak much English but he seemed nice” “Wow. Why have I never heard or seen this guy?” Connor asked again “Dunno. He sort of was here and then disappeared. Didn’t seen him out and about for very long. Maybe he went back to Mexico?” Russell continued. “So how long have you known Juan?” Connor asked. “Well, I don’t really ‘know’ Juan… and he’s only been in Portland like a year and a half. He was in San Diego I think before then. But yeah, I don’t know him well… I just see him out from time to time. He doesn’t go out much, but when he does...he’s pretty hard to miss” Russell continued. Connor and Juan had started chatting over the aps two weeks prior. He didn’t know much about the latin muscle stud except that he was built like a brick house and lifted an insane amount of weight. Connor had to admit- he felt lucky that Juan had taken a liking to him at all. Juan was insanely hot. Handsome, huge and jacked… and hung too. But there was a lot he didn’t know about the guy. “And you knew his exes?” Connor asked. “Well, like I said, I met Carlos a few times. Huge dude. I heard he dated another monster sized guy before that. I don’t know the details. I just know Juan likes biiiig muscle boys.” Russell said, gesturing with his hands for emphasis. Russell turned to Connor. “And by the way, you’re looking buff dude. Are you on a cycle again?” “No, this time I’m not. I think I’ve just hit a stride at the gym or something. I’m not sure… but hey, I’ll take it.” Russell turned away from the bar and looked at Connor. “Well, you look great man. Any guy in here would be lucky to have you. I think you and Juan would make a cute couple” The two passed the evening together at the bar and went home. Connor got a message from Juan that night. That man didn’t seem to sleep much. “You up?” He asked. Connor got hard just thinking about being mounted again by that huge, hung latin stud. Juan came over, driving a pickup truck. It was around 2:00 am and the dude meant business. As soon as Connor opened the door, Juan was all over him…. Making out and stripping off his clothes. Juan looked so jacked… and he had this insane sexual energy about him. They’d hooked up twice already, but this was even more passionate than before. The two muscle stud were soon on the bed and Connor’s muscular legs were pushed up in the air. Juan began pounding his ass with an ferocity that he hadn't expected. It was hot, intense and somewhat surreal. Here was this big dicked, hairy chested muscle stud on top of him plowing his ass with this animalistic drive. It was like a porno come to life. Connor felt such a rush, almost like pins and needles on his skin. Connor’s dick was as hard as it had ever been… and it was like this insane energy in the room. They got into a solid rhythm, as connor massaged his dick. They came one after another. Juan’s big muscled body came down on him after, into a tight, warm embrace. Both of them were sweaty, covered in come and exhausted. They had fucked like animals for 20 minutes. Juan looked pumped, each of his muscles flexing, and Connor was totally flushed. His face and his body were red. He looked a little bit pumped too, he had to admit. The two cleaned off and snuggled in bed. When Connor woke up Juan was already up playing with his phone. “Hey big man, wanna go get breakfast?” He looked at the clock, a little groggily, it was 7:00 am. Connor had morning wood. And it was serious morning wood. The kind he hadn’t had in years. He was almost painfully hard. “Dude… I’m so fucking horny” he groaned. Juan, seeing another opportunity to get Connor off... began jerking the white muscle stud off slowly. It was the most intense hand job Connor had ever felt. It was insane. He couldn’t quick understand how or why it felt so damn good. Juan sped up. In a minute Connor felt the most insane organism in memory. It overwhelmed all of his senses. Juan was like a sex machine. While Connor was still reeling from the most insane organism of his life, Juan was getting dressed. “Ok good. I’m getting hungry. Lets get up” For some reason, despite the lack of sleep, Connor didn’t feel totally exhausted. He felt … well… caffeinated without having touch a drop of coffee. As Connor got up he swore his body felt different. First of all his skin felt a little more sensitive to his touch, but secondly, he swore he felt a little beefier. His arms, his chest… he looked pumped. Putting on a shirt from his dresser confirmed this. It was tighter than it had been last week, tighter in all the right places. The fabric hugged his chest, shoulders and arms nicely, showing off his beautifully built physique. A glance in the mirror though proved that he wasn’t just feeling bigger… he was bigger. Not much, but noticeably larger than he had been a week or so ago. More muscular, broader shoulders. Thicker, heavier looking pecs. Beefier arms. How was this possible? He looked bigger than he had just the night before. The two took off to an early morning breakfast at a nearby diner. The only other people in there were the elderly or perhaps night shift workers. Juan ordered a huge amount of food. A stack of pancakes, french toast, an omlette, a breakfast burrito. The waitresses eyes went wide as the Latino bodybuilder read out his order. “Hey, you gotta eat big to get big” Juan said with a sly smile. Connor couldn’t help but fawn over Juan. He was so handsome, so hunky, so freakin jacked. Did he look bigger too? Connor couldn’t tell. Connor read out his more modest order of an omelette and hash browns. Juan looked over with a devilish glint in his eye. “Its bulking season, right man?” Juan continued “Why don’t you add an extra side of pancakes to your order. Maybe add some more bacon. And double the hashbrowns…. Don’t worry. I’ve got it.” He said, flashing his wallet. Connor wasn’t sure what Juan did for a living, as the man had never been very clear on it on their few dates… but he certainly didn’t seem to wanting in cash. He had always had a lot of money. And he traveled often for work, usually to LA or down to Las Vegas. When the food finally came, Juan scarfed it all down with abandon. He ate all of it. An inhuman amount of food and it went by in a flash. Connor, for his part, managed to finish his plate, and the extra pancakes, hash browns and bacon without much trouble. He was surprised by his own ability to eat. “Thats what I’m talking about” Juan said as Connor finished up the last of his food. “Thats my big man.” Juan got the bill and paid for it quickly. As they chatted, Connor couldn't help but admire the Latin stud's bulging arms. Each big bicep flexed as he moved his hands to gesture. His bowling ball shoulders, his thick traps... The way his huge pecs were beautifully framed by his tight shirt. Connor started getting a boner again. Just everything about the man seemed to turn him on. Wherever he went, Juan raw sexual energy just seemed to radiate off him. “Can we go back to your place again? Juan asked, noticing Connor seemed like he was getting worked up again. “It looks like you’re tense again.” He said with a grin “And I need to make sure you’re not getting too tense” Juan ran his strong hang under the table and grabbed onto Connor's prominent bulge. “Yeah, we should definitely do something about this again” He said, tightening his grip around Connor’s shaft. Connors whole body felt electrified by Juan’s touch. No man had ever turned him on like this before. No man gave him such a turn on with just the slightest brush of his hand. Everything about him gave him such a raging hard on. His gorgeous radiant smile, his huge, sculpted, fantastically muscular body, his manly hairy chest and short beard over his strong square jaw. His deep voice. His presence. It was a presence of pure testosterone. How could anyone resist him? Standing up out of the booth proved to be a challenge for Connor, who’s big boner was prominently. snaking down the front his pants. He was hard as a rock and it was pressed tightly against his right thigh. He rushed out of the building hoping to have his boner go unnoticed. This brought a grin to Juan's face, who was excited to get another chance to release some of his own sexual energy into this growing stud. Juan couldn’t help but admire the man’s noticeably wider lats and broader shoulders as they left the building. Connor had probably packed on a good 5 pounds of pure muscle since last night. And as Juan would have it, Connor would be putting on at least another 5 pounds on his muscular frame before noon.
  3. Loved this story. Is it being greedy that I'd love to see a part 2? I always like stories where growth isn't contained to one person, but instead, is spreading to multiple people. very hot, hope it continues.
  4. garrix

    The Wellspring

    Chapter 1 I had been driving for hours and desperately needed to pee. It was very late, or very early, depending on your perspective. I would have just pulled over to the side of the road, but it was pitch dark on this section of the Interstate. I saw there was a rest stop coming up, just 5 miles ahead. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing it would only be minutes away. I pulled into the rest stop, parked and ran inside. Once inside I gave the place a quick scan. Surprisingly well maintained. I headed towards the urinal. A huge relief, like a weight had been lifted from me and as I walked over to wash up, I took advantage of the time to freshen up a bit. I took off my tee shirt and used some of the liquid soap provided to wash my face and pits- a “pirate bath” as I heard it called. Something to keep me from stinking so bad when I got home. Being on the go for the whole weekend had forced me to postpone my routine jerk off times and I was already horny as hell While I was adjusting my jeans, fussing with my hair and admiring my fairly athletic upper torso, I noticed a vending machine that had all condoms for just 50 cents apiece mounted to the wall. I always wanted to get some, so I pulled out some change from my jean pocket, walked over to the machine and dropped my dirty shirt down on the floor, while I attempted to dispense a few different ones for my collection. Once I had successfully purchased a few, I reached down to pick up my tee that had fallen down and head back to my car. As I put shirt under my arm, I felt this gooey liquid stuff against my right side. My shirt must have soaked up something from the floor and now it was all over my right arm and side of my torso. “Fuck” I exclaimed, and rushed to wash it off. I turned on the water and got some towels wet with soap to do the job. When I raised my arm to access the affected area, the skin had broken out in a rash.I felt this insane rush of energy overtake me. My arm felt hot. “Holy shit” I shouted. Suddenly the heat began to spread, and my nerves seemed to be firing in overdrive. Everywhere I touched with my hands had become super sensitive and warm. My stomach felt queasy and I felt like I this odd sensation move through my body. I felt like I had this insane amount of energy. Had I absorbed some drugs somehow? Was that goo some kind of hallucinogen? Why did I have so much energy all of a sudden? Why was my face flush? I felt this insane rush. I started to get a headache. I started sweating heavily and my heart began beating harder. My muscles were spasming. Flexing randomly and tensing. I felt so overheated. This was it, I thought. I had touched some toxic gunk and was now going to die right here in this stupid rest-stop bathroom. Then something odd happened. My body began to feel like it was swelling. I couldn’t be sure, but it seemed like my muscles were… expanding somehow as they tensed. Each time they flexed and spasmed it felt like energy rushed into them. I looked down at my arms. My biceps were tight, flexing as I stood there in shock. It looked like they were swelling up. Maybe an allergic reaction, I thought. My whole body was starting to grow more muscular, causing my shirt and pants to grow tighter and tighter. I peeled off the shirt rapidly, and rapidly tried to undo my pants. My defined, chest was flushed red and looking pumped. More pumped than ever before… My pecs were pushing outwards, growing into a huge shelf. My shoulders widened and my neck thickened. My arms grew bigger and beefier as my whole body swelled with what must have been close to 50 pounds of muscle within moments. I looked at the mirror again. I didn’t look like myself anymore. I had a huge powerful chest, a thick neck, huge bowling ball shoulders and pumped, defined arms. My ass began pushing against the seams of my tight boxer briefs. I saw my legs were growing along with the rest of me. I looked like a semi-pro bodybuilder who had maybe stayed in a sauna too long. I was red and covered in sweat. My skin tingled. I looked incredible, but it was so unreal. Was I still growing? My vision seemed to be a little blurred and my headache came back with a vengeance. It looked like my beard was coming in… as if I hadn’t trimmed it the day before. And on close inspection, my chest seemed to have more hair as well… and even the hair on my head looked longer. Were my eyebrows bushier? What the hell was going on? I sauntered off as quickly as I could in my new car back to my car. My center of balance had changed. It was hard to sit up normally as my muscles were still spasming and tight. Everything felt unfamiliar. Once the car was started I painfully put the car in reverse and pressed on the gas, but my feet were throbbing because my shoes were too tight.I managed to get the car oriented so I could re-enter the freeway, and tried to get up to speed. Right away I realized that I was so overwhelmed with nervous energy, my headache was so intense, that there was no way I could drive. I carefully pulled off the road and with all my and put the car in park. I lay back in my seat just feeling the seat belt digging into my growing body. I was soaked in sweat. It was like the most miserable kind of migraine. My beard definitely looked fuller and longer in the rear view mirror. So did the hair on my head… and even the hair on my thicker, beefier forearms. I closed my eyes and I think between the overstimulation, the headache and the hyperventilation I passed out for a little bit., because I didn’t notice the highway patrol car that pulled up behind me. My head was slumped over and the officer tapped on the glass me to wake me up. I must have looked like I was having a seizure because he quickly opened my door and then grabbed me. “Sir”, he said as he held me. “Are You OK?” I sort of came to, and he asked me if I could get out of the car. I tried to talk, but was unable to, and I think he assumed I was on drugs. He unbuckled me from my seat belt and grabbed a hold of me. As he pulled me from the driver's seat I took hold of his upper torso, and was squeezing him hard to be able to stand up. It was strange as the nausea, headache and nervous energy seemed to subside as I held on to him, in fact I was starting to feel better, the longer I could make contact with him. My vision cleared, my muscles stopped seizing. Soon I had enough energy to speak and I begged him to help me. However, the officers eyes looked glazed over. Something was freezing him up, causing his whole body to tense up. I could actually feel it. His arm muscles were flexing and seizing just as mine had. He felt suddenly so much warmer in my arms. I could tell he wanted me to let go of my grasp, but it felt good and I wasn’t about to disconnect from him because holding him made me feel so much better. Soon the patrolman sensed that something was happening. His uniform was rapidly getting tighter. His chest began to rapidly thicken out and inflate, and shoulders widened, and his uniform started getting tighter around his growing frame. My grasp was so strong that he couldn’t let go and he began to look somewhat panicked. On his face, thick stubble appeared. His traps seemed to rise thicker. He was wearing a short sleeved shirt and as I grasped his muscular arms I could feel them tense and grow, like thickening cables of steel. It felt so sexually erotic as I was blowing up his muscles bigger and bigger.. Feeling his arms grow thicker and more massive as his whole body gained huge amounts of muscle. I could sense the guy was in shock as his body was growing larger out right in front of him. It seemed only a moment later he was sporting a thick beard that was growing high up on his cheeks. His hair on his head was growing longer. I saw a thick hair spreading down his growing forearms. This 6 foot tall, well muscled highway patrolman was becoming enormous. His uniform was beginning to constrict him. It looked painted on. The buttons looked closed to popping off. His breathing was so heavy, emphasizing his new, hulking pecs. I realized right then and there as my head cleared and my body seemed to feel a little more normal, that whatever happened to me was now being transferred to him… only he was getting even larger than I was. This officer, who had probably been a lean 190 pounds before, looked now closer to 300 pounds of beef, stuffed into a bursting-at-the-seams uniform. This officer had become storage for the enormous amount of energy I needed to get rid of. I could feel my heartbeat return to normal to I had full consciousness now and was fully aware of what I was doing to this man. Soon his form fitting pants were busting apart as his growing ass rounded out. I could see he was losing consciousness. , I lowered his increasingly heavy body down by the side of my car. and tore open his too-tight uniform to reveal his now massive heavy chest. I lowered down and explored his growing, increasingly massive body with my hands, so I could press more energy into his body faster. He now looked to be well over 350 pounds of overblown muscle. So much beef was still piling on to his frame. I continued to push more energy into him, watching him swell and his beard grew as he laid there overwhelmed and unconscious. I couldn't believe how much energy I had to give to him. I continued to strip off his busted pants to reveal quads that were incredibly thick. They had developed a massiveness, a heft. Every muscle on his body was now becoming so overdeveloped he hardly looked real. He was a muscle monster, unconscious on the ground, growing with each breath. I was getting him to the size that people had only ever dreamed about. My dick was throbbing. Something turned me on about seeing this incapacitated officer grow larger and larger under my hands. I was doing this to him. My excess of energy was turning him into a freak of muscle… turning him into the most muscular, most massive man alive. I had the power to do that to him, and I was eager to see that become a reality. Traps grew so thick and massive that they rose to his ears.. His arms started to push out on the ground further from his resting torso as his lats grew wider and wider. His calves looked like the size of watermelons. This man was now inhumanly large, and hair seemed to sprouting everywhere. His chest, arms, shoulders, abs, legs were all growing thicker hair. His beard was now full and again, just like me, the hair on his head was looking longer, as if he hadn’t cut it in two months. Finally, I felt my own energy levels return to a balance. I looked down at the massively overgrown, overbulked, hairier officer sprawled on the ground before me. He couldn't have been much less than a 600 pounds. He looked like an insane morph of a mass monster, only every extreme curve and bulge of his hyper-muscular body was real and tangible. This was a freak passed out on the soft ground by the highway. I checked his pulse. It was elevated but he was fine… He was breathing. His mountainous, hairy pecs were rising and falling. Completely unconscious, unresponsive, but breathing. I debated calling an ambulance right then and there, but how could I explain his condition? How could explain what had happened? If he came to he would accuse me of doing it to him. I was now myself again, albeit, a still much more muscular version of myself. I couldn't help feeling my chest and stomach and admiring how jacked I had become. I was still much heavier than I had been before the rest stop. I estimated I was maybe around 220, 230 pounds. Tiny compared to the unconscious monster at my feet. I slipped back into my car and started it up and took off like the wind down the freeway, wanting to get as far away from where I was- I was confused and deeply aroused. I and just wanted to think and put the last hour of so into prospective. Surely the officer would be ok when he woke up, right? Surely I didn’t do anything to harm him. Was this just a bad dream I thought? I must have been speeding like hell, because before I knew it there was another highway patrol man coming from the opposite direction that was slowing down to cross the median. Fuck yes I was speeding and looking down the speedometer showed me going around 100 mph. Now I was really scared. He caught up with me and made me pull over. Shit, how was I going to explain this reckless driving of mine, surely I was going to jail, I thought. I looked in the rear view mirror as he walked up to the car with his flashlight. He was latin, like me. I checked myself out in the mirror too and I looked ok. I was heavily bearded, muscular, shirtless, covered thick, lean muscle and a hairy chest. Huge quads stuffed into too-tight shorts that showed the massive erection I sported… but I didn’t look or feel like I was on drugs. I felt normal. Ish. He approached the car and was looking in the back with his flashlight before he confronted me. “Out of the Car”, He demanded, and I complied. “Officer I can explain this”, I tried to tell him, but he wasn’t interested. “Hold out your arms” he demanded and I complied. He made me do a sobriety test by walking the line. I tried to tell him I wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but this cop was doing everything by the book. Once he was convinced I was sober, he demanded I find my license and registration, and I quickly retrieved them from my car and gave them to him. He began to write down all my information, I was walking back towards him and I acted quickly and just grabbed his arms tight, catching him off guard. I closed my eyes and concentrated and began to pump energy into him like I did the last highway patrolman. He immediately tried to push me off but I used all my renewed energy to pump energy into him fast. His body was shaking as I watched this young latino cop lose control. His muscles tensing and flexing randomly. I kind of felt so bad doing this to him, but I wasn’t about to get a ticket… I couldn’t afford it. And besides, my throbbing dick couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it would be to blow him up to the size of the other patrolman. He pleaded with me to let go, his voice quivering as if he were being gently electrocuted… which in a way, he was. I just wanted to see his growth and transformation… and maybe, hopefully pass out before I got a ticket. It turned me on so much before, so I tore his uniform open and pulled his chest against mine. I felt his hairy pecs inflate with mass, growing heavy and thick. His shoulders widened and thickened even faster than with the other officer. He stopped talking then and then his eyes gentle closed. He had fainted as I poured energy into him. His huge muscles were getting so pumped now. He was getting heavier, thicker in my arms. I lowered him down by the patrol car, but kept my grip on him. I took off his pants. He was getting seriously big. Only this time I had a clearly view of his transformation, and I knew exactly what I was doing. This dude was gonna become a monster, just like his colleague on the force. His pecs were incredible. I put my head up to them, feeling them swell larger and larger, growing into huge, hairy mounds of solid muscle. I ran my hands over his now 20” arms, feeling them pulse and tense larger. 21”.... 22” …. My hands sped up the growth as I squeezed them…. 23”... and bigger and bigger they grew. I was turning him into a muscle freak. Making them totally freaky made their potentially future explanation of events less believable I figured. If I made them both so inhumanly large, maybe they’d have less grounds to come after me. Afterall, how would anything like this be explained medically? It was impossible. The second officer layed there, growing, his gigantic muscular frame slowly expanding in every direction. He was no doubt over 300 pounds… Then after another minute, probably close to 350… and then larger still. His clean shaven face was similarly sprouting a thick black beard. His chest was growing increasingly hairy. Every hair on his body seemed to get longer and thicker. Something about the energy that I was pumping into him was doing this. I thought about how both of these men would have a hard time fitting back in their cars… and who knows what their futures on the force would be. At their size it’d be hard to take them seriously as anything other than massive, immovable walls of muscle and brawn. And that is exactly what I had in mind for this officer. The excitement and clear image of their overgrown bodies in my mind seemed to speed up the transformation. This officer was becoming a behemoth. A second muscular freak. I checked to see if he was still unconscious, asking him to respond to my voice… Nothing. Still breathing, his massive chest heaving up and down. I was pouring so much energy into this man that it had totally overloaded his system. He could do nothing but sit there and grow ever larger under my gentle hands. I had created a second hyper-muscular, supersized masterpiece of impossibly exaggerated musculature. He was a beautiful, stunning caricature of what a ultra heavyweight bodybuilder could look like… well, one that hadn’t shaved or trimmed any hair on his body… And he was so handsome. The short beard he had grown during his transformation looked good on him As I stepped away I couldn’t help but admire his beautiful face framed by two supersized traps on either side. He had to be 5 feet across at the shoulders. So much muscle to feel, to squeeze, to worship. He was just perfect. Again I ran back to my car and raced off. I was in awe of myself and what I could accomplish. I had proven that I possess an individual power that could be incredibly useful… maybe even profitable. Most noticeable was how fucking horny I was. My cock had grown along with my balls and I felt like I could shoot off a whole quart of thick cum. As I drove along however, the reality of my situation came to me like a pie in the face. I wasn’t at all normal anymore, that gooy shit at the rest stop had transformed me into something else. Something inhuman, or alien. I was no longer the same Juan Ballesteros was just a few hours ago. I still looked like Juan, but I now had the ability to pump men into the most outlandishly hairy muscular freaks imaginable … But I did this without their consent. And mostly while they were unconscious. Perhaps they had even been in pain…. and that made me someone who was assaulting and hurting others, and transforming them against their will.. Even if it was hot how they turned out. These young men had friends and families and would never be able to explain what had happened to them. They’d be stared at as total muscle freaks wherever they went. Their careers on the force were probably over. I pondered this all the way back to San Diego. It was late when I got back to my apartment, and I immediately took a shower. I must have showered for half an hour, then dried off and too a good look at myself in the mirror. I looked so hot, so much bigger than normal. My beard was so dark and thick. I looked like a the perfect Latino muscle bear. I got a fresh pair of boxer briefs and a tee shirt, which was now skin-tight against my buffed up frame. I couldn't help but jerk off thinking about the men I had transformed. Their new, huge, hulking bodies. Their gigantic muscles flexing and bulging with each move. Fuck they looked so good. I came pretty quick, and holy shit did I cum. I don't think I had ever cum so hard or so much. It took me a while to dry off. I cleaned up and got into bed. I was exhausted from all the physical stress to my new body and feel asleep. ___________ Author's note: I recently created a thread about asking folks about the possible name for the opposite of the mythological creature of succubus/incubus. I am still unsure of what this name should be, but there are some good candidates on that thread. This particular story was heavily inspired and modelled after a gay horror story about an incubus. Being the MG fan that I am, I thought it would much better to turn it on its head and re-envision it as a man who transforms into the wellspring of nearly endless masculine energy. C
  5. garrix

    Mike n Me

    Not enough stories like this out there... I love reading about guys growing through actual eating.... its how its done after all...
  6. Loving this collection. I have another immobile story I've been thinking about writing... but haven't gotten very far yet.
  7. garrix

    The Arab Prince

    So hot and so well written. As another guy who, ahem, likes hairy chested Arab hunks, this pushes all of my buttons. Please tell me there are more chapters coming! Id love to see the prince continue to push his growth boundaries and maybe help make our protagonist grow a bit too. Perhaps the prince wants a bigger man to fool around with too...
  8. hey did you move to London?

  9. Chapter 6 - Conclusion Jaime had been Eric’s boyfriend when the labs attached to his family’s company began producing a new kind of steroid compound. Eric had directed that research for years, as he absolutely fetishized muscle growth, and desired nothing short of a miracle for muscular development. Once the experimental compound was ready, it was first tried on small mammals, then monkeys, then refined and finally Eric began trials on himself (the medical ethics of this were never sound, as Jaime told me). In a matter of a few months after beginning injections, Eric had achieved an enviable, muscular physique, all thanks to the miracles of chemistry. Jaime had been one of the first outsiders to see its effectiveness first hand. But something else had changed. Eric became more irritable and more demanding. He started acting more and more dominate, which sort of frightened Jaime. Meanwhile, the growth concoction was continually being refined: made more potent, more effective, and now: produced en masse. Eric had hoards of it. Jaime had been an athletic guy when they had started dating, around the same size as Eric at about 180 pounds. But after Eric’s successful cycle he begrudgingly agreed to be Eric’s second human experiment. After nearly a year of dating (and injections), Jaime had grown into an impressive 260 pound muscle bear. His growth had thrilled Eric, who got off on it. Jaime couldn’t pretend he didn’t enjoy his new size, but he didn’t want to get any bigger, and decided against continuing. Jaime saw an obsession taking over Eric, and was becoming increasingly concerned about Eric’s fanatical devotion to making men grow for him, and his increasingly erratic behavior. When Jaime decided to stop the injections, Eric was furious. Jaime had never seen him so angry, and Jaime couldn’t help but wonder what the first formula, and those trial injections had done to Eric’s mental state. After a few days, Jaime agreed to return to the cycle and grow more, but before they continued Jaime found something that ended the relationship for good: Jaime discovered evidence that Eric was working on a chemical derived from nightshade plants that could make people suggestable, more easily manipulated, and to his own horror he realized it had been added to his food. No wonder he was willing to try growing again for Eric. Jaime suspected it was part of his plan to find a willing human test subject to explore the limits of what his drugs could do, and he was not going to be that guinea pig. The two soon parted ways. Eric tried to get Jaime to come back, but to no avail. Jaime was too disturbed by the changes in Eric’s personality, by the possibility that he had been unwillingly drugged, and his endless begging for Jaime to restart trials of his growth drugs. After Jaime left, Eric saw another man, a handsome athletic black guy named Kamal, but that guy had seemed to disappear after some time. Jaime kept an eye on Eric’s activities from a distance, and knew about me, but he never intervened. Jaime had no idea how big I had gotten until he saw me come to his gym a few months ago. That's when Jaime realized that Eric wasn’t just blowing us up willingly, he was finding guys and using drugs and hypnosis to control our behavior. He was brainwashing us, turning us into huge, ever-growing meatheads, just for his pleasure. That's all he wanted, and through endless hours of programming, he made us want that life too. We needed to get Kurt out of that house and away from Eric. That was the first priority. I think Jaime took time to make sure that I was truly onboard, he didn’t want me to turn back to Eric and my old ways, he wanted to make sure I was thoroughly deprogrammed, truly myself. It took weeks of preparation, and Jaime grilled me, made sure I was ready. Jaime explained that we would have to lure Kurt out of the house again. The man was too big to be restrained several weeks prior, and he had certainly only grown larger since, and he would need to get his hands on the sedatives he uses to control our behavior. I vaguely remember Eric adding the cloudy liquid to the clear substance before injecting me. The wheels started rolling, and with some help from a former employee in Eric’s labs, Jaime found Eric’s storage facility and secondary labs. It was way upstate, in the woods. I barely fit in Jaime’s pickup, but we managed. It did look somewhat comical. “Ok hulk” he said to me with a smile “Time for a roadtrip” The storage facility looked decrepit from the outside, but the lights were on and the spaces were clean. It looked like regular deliveries of food were being made to the place, as the same pre-made meal company had huge piles of boxes stacked outside. Between the two of us, we didn’t have much trouble breaking down the front doors. We predictably set off an alarm, but we pressed on into the building. We saw the beakers, fridges, and finally, containers of what looked like the injections Jaime and I had both taken for months. We gathered as many as we could into our bags, including what we identified as the sedative. Then we heard a noise, a heavy sound of something dropping. And then again. Footfalls, very heavy ones. They were coming from a space below the main floor. As spooked as we were, between the two of us, we would be a very intimidating combination. We headed downstairs to investigate, only to horrified by what we saw. Downstairs we encountered the largest, most impossibly blown up human being either of us could have ever dreamed. He looked absolutely unreal. He was about my height, had wild black hair and dark skin. His dark eyes were totally vacant, staring distantly, his gargantuan legs slowly lifting and lowering into ponderous steps. He had to weigh well over 700 pounds or more. His neck was nearly twice as thick as his head, and two overblown traps rose up all the way to his ears. Shoulders, five feet across or more, barreled out with arms so impossibly thick that they looked less than fully mobile. His chest had a thick rug of black hair, and stuck out into two heaving masses of muscle, grown more rounded and heavy than humanly possible. Beneath his furry pec shelf he had a massive hairy muscle gut that almost hid his nudity. His legs were so thick that it seemed to limit his ability to walk. His calves grew out obscenely on either side of his shins into enormous globes of muscle. Still he just stood there, naked, bulging in every direction, muscle straining against muscle, vacantly staring. I hadn’t felt small for a very long time. This was a man so freakishly muscular that he could barely move. All around this large room were empty containers of food. He clearly could still manage to eat, but he seemed only vaguely aware that we were standing right in front of him. “My god, what did Eric do to him?” Jaime asked in a hushed tone. “It’s Kamal. He’s turned him into a monster” I just backed up, nervous at this true muscle freak in front of me. I couldn’t tell if he was flexible enough to even come after us, or if he even knew we were here. It seemed like someone was around enough to check on him, to provide him food. Despite his drugged-up state, he seemed to be able to function. Finally, he looked right at us. It was disturbing, those vacant eyes seemed to want to say something, but no words came out. Silence and a small groan. "Let's get out of here” Jaime continued, grabbing my arm. I was transfixed, my eyes on this monster in front of me, who seemed both so frighteningly powerful, so inhumanly strong and dominating, and yet completely vulnerable and incapacitated by his own mass. We were both shaking on the drive back into the city. Both of us had not expected to see what we had. But it galvanized our mission. We knew that Eric had do be stopped before he turned Kurt into another lobotomized monster. We had to figure out how to lure him away from Eric. I called Kurt the next morning. “I want to finish the interview” I said, “Please let me finish it” I didn’t hear back that week. Jaime was contacting authorities anonymously about the lab in upstate, but it didn’t seem he was getting very far. I sent Kurt another email. Jaime coached me on what to say to lure him out. “I bet Eric would be interested in reading your finished interview with me” I wrote. Finally, two weeks later I received a reply. Not only was he willing to meet me, but he wanted to try and wrestle me. “I think we’re almost evenly matched, big boy” he said in the email. We set the time for him to meet me at my house. Jaime at the same time reached out to Eric, telling him he finally wanted to go through with another round of injections. He wanted to grow again. Eric agreed, and the two coordinated a time to meet. Another gym employee, Shawn, was to go to my apartment and let Kurt in and stall him. Both Jaime and I stalked out Eric’s house. We waited that morning for Kurt to leave. Sure enough we saw this massive, large bellied, incredibly wide man trod out of the house on time. Kurt wasn’t just bigger, he had blimped out completely. His spherical powerlifter belly dominated his enormous frame. He had to be well north of 350 pounds, and it looked like he had gained 60 or more pounds in the span of a few weeks. His muscular arms had bloated into huge hams, and his body radiated a new kind of strength and power. That's when Jaime made his move. He knocked on the door and waited for Eric to answer. Sure enough Eric opened the door, but Jaime audibly gasped at the sight in front of him. Eric had transformed like Kurt. He was thicker everywhere, and had developed a pronounced muscle gut that pushed over his waist band and put a strain on his shirt. His arms were massive and his shoulders were incredibly wide. Gone was the 220 pound muscle daddy. Eric was now a 300 pound grizzly. “Surprised to see me?” Eric said. “What have you done to yourself?” Jaime asked. “Been sampling the new wares. Just thought I’d try out living a little larger. I’m quite enjoying it.” he replied with a grin. “This new stuff works faster than anything we’ve tried before. Granted, it makes you grow a bit of a belly” he said, smiling and patting his gut. “But it’s phenomenal. This is four weeks of injections. I’ve put on 80 pounds in that time. I’m growing every day, and I can see it happening. You should try it.” He continued. “I don’t mind the belly, and I bet you won’t either.” “You know why I’m here.” Jaime began. That was my cue. Turned the corner and rushed into the house, tackling Eric as best I could. I still outweighed him by a good amount, and I took him totally off guard. Jaime closed the door behind us and pulled out a syringe. He prepped it as I wrestled with Eric, getting him pinned. Eric was strong, and far larger than he had been, but I still had considerably more pure muscle on my frame. He struggled, but Jaime helped pin him down. First was the sedative. I watched Eric’s eyelids droop as the mixture began to take effect. “I know what you did to these young men Eric.” Jaime began. “And I have to make sure you don’t do it to anyone else again.” Eric just groaned. “I’m going give you a taste of your own medicine, but it looks like you’ve already given yourself a head start.” I helped drag the enlarged Eric, my former master, into the guest bedroom. The enormous semi conscious man listened to Jaime’s words, and jaime prepared a second injection. “You are only ever going to inject yourself from now on” Jaime said. “And you will do everything to get as big as possible.” After this, Jaime just continued repeating those statements in various forms to the incapacitated man. I waited by the front door for Kurt’s inevitable return. Soon, the big man was lumbering up to the door. Armed with a powerful sedative, I tackled Kurt and jabbed him in the shoulder with it.. I was able to wrestle him to the ground, despite that he too had dramatically increased in size since our last encounter. And with some help from Jaime I was able to pick him up and walk him to the car. He was huge, and it was hard for him to fit in the back. Although I too was way too big for drivers seat, I managed to drive Kurt back to Jaime’s place, and with Shawn’s help, I made a bed for him. Kurt panicked when he finally woke up, but I was able to calm him down. It took time to explain to Kurt what had happened. I was patient, and tried to keep him happy and comfortable and well-fed. Jaime stayed behind with Eric, and then moved Eric out to the lab in upstate. Intoxicated on the growth cocktail he himself had devised, Eric was easily lead like a docile animal into and out of the car. In his suggestible state, his inner desires for muscle growth came out. For three days Jaime kept Eric in a trance-like state, re-programming him, and it only naturally let to his desire turn into the kind of muscle freak he had turned other men into. When Jaime returned, he brought a full moving van. In the back, laying on a mattress was the Kamal, the monstrously large muscle zombie we had found at Eric’s labs. Despite his frightening size, he was surprisingly calm and responded well to commands. This was a case of a terrifying overdose. His brain must have been totally fried from the sheer amount of chemicals pumped into his gargantuanly overgrown body, and he seemed incapable of true speech. But at least he was at least smiling when we took him outside. We were determined to try and provide him with a semi-normal life, in hopes that his mind would slowly return to him. Kurt's programming wore off relatively quickly. I had to sit him down every day and explain what had happened, and I knew it would just take time. After a few weeks of living together, the two of us grew close, and he began to return to normal, at least mentally. Physically he hadn’t stopped gaining size. As the weeks went on, even without injections, I watched his frame continue to thicken and expand, growing impossibly bulkier and beefier. An already massive muscle bear only grew bigger. He probably put on another fifty pounds before the injections began to wear off. He broke 400 pounds sometime around then, and now looks like a world-class powerlifter, one of the biggest, bulkiest guys I think I’ve seen anywhere. But oddly enough, I think the size suits him. He looks a lot hotter as a gigantic overfed meathead than he did as a reporter. Kurt is still competitive with me. He might outweighs me by fifty (or sixty) pounds (it's all just his belly, I tell myself) but I think I've still beat him on strength, though I’m not sure. He started taking on powerlifting and it’s clear that he’s got the strength to match the incredible size. He could seriously compete and win if he wanted. Jaime’s gym is thriving and we have a number of clients interested in strength building and bodybuilding competitively. Kamal had been missing for two years. With help from my gym colleague Shawn, He slowly did start regaining his senses, and joined Kurt in managing Eric’s old house. We formed a kind of fraternity, the four of us, all transformed permanently by the insane concoction still laying around. None of us really wanted to get bigger, except maybe Jaime, who complained about feeling small between Kurt, Shawn and I. As the weeks ticked by, none of us seemed to lose any size either. It’s like the drugs had permanently changed us. Recently I’ve noticed that Jaime’s arms and pecs have been looking a little thicker and fuller. I wondering if he actually is sampling something from the storage rooms in Eric’s house. I guess we’ll see. Kurt teaches powerlifting. I generally stay out of the limelight. I’m just the resident front desk “hulk” and I’m happy in that role. I’ve reconnected with my friends and family, but none of them can quite wrap their heads around what's happened to me. None of them have lost that look of astonishment when they see me in all of my 360 pound glory. They’ll be in shock for a long time. But I’m ok with it. The four of us are superhuman in a way, and I like it. Kamal generally stays at home. But I think we’re all happy. I’m finally at peace with my body, as big, cumbersome and intimidating as it is. For the first time in a long time, I like how I look. I even like to flex for people when they ask for it. _____ Working off an anonymous tip, Albany police descended on an abandoned looking lab in the forest. They broke in, and were utterly baffled by what they saw. At first, they couldn’t tell what they were looking at inside the dimly lit lab. It appeared to be a massive, bulging creature, sitting on the ground it looked to be the size of an elephant. Unbeknownst to them, a loyal lab scientist carrying a large amount of product escaped through a backdoor and ran off into the forest. As Police moved in, the began to see the enormous swelling mounts of muscular flesh that were helplessly flexing. Then they could make it out, Legs, huge, ballooned up muscular legs, and a massive mounded midsection, two huge, furry pecs and huge trembling muscular arms, all laying propped up against a back wall in a starfish position, nearly immobilized by his sheer mass. Without a doubt this man had been blown up into an impossible size through some sort of chemical wizardry. The man’s hands were totally dwarfed by tremendously over muscular forearms, every muscle had rounded out with bloated mass. His traps loomed over his head. This was a heavily bearded, beastly looking over-bulked freak, and he was was sitting, with eyes glazed, food in his mouth, muttering over and over again the same words: “I can’t stop growing”.
  10. Chapter 5 "Be proud of yourself Kurt!" Eric said to me after looking at the scale. 250 pounds was a cause for celebration. “You’re bigger than me now!” Eric said enthusiastically. I had been packing away the food for weeks, and it showed. I looked like a big rugby player, or even a football player. I was big, for the first time in my life I actually felt big too. Eric took our weekly progress photo and added it to the collection. It was pretty amazing to see how big I looked in that photo. At first I was a little anxious about my belly and if I was getting too heavy to quickly, but Eric kept pushing me, telling me how hot I looked and how he loved my increasing size. I had to admit, the strength gains were a huge ego boost. I was feeling more and more proud of the weight I could push every day. Pushing 315 on bench wasn’t so bad anymore. I kept at it, thanks to Eric’s encouragement. Nothing was going to stop me. At night after the injections, Eric would lay me down and we’d talk throughout the day. He’d tell me how much he was proud of me for what I had already accomplished and I always felt energized, even more motivated to get massive after those sessions. I couldn’t trace back when or where this drive for size was coming from, but as each week passed my urge to grow into a mass monster only increased. I imagined myself at Jonas’ size and it started turning me on. I had never gotten turned on by that idea before, but now I was totally into it. Even during our fuck sessions, Eric would tell me how big I was getting and how big I was going to grow, and it always made me get off. I kept eating, training, sleeping, eating and fucking. That was my life, and I loved it. Eric was devoted to me, to my growth, to my success in the gym. He didn’t seem envious at all as I began to surpass him in strength. Sometimes I’d borrow his shirts, but soon it became clear that I was starting to stretch them out. When I hit 260 Eric took me out for a whole new wardrobe. Everything was XL or XXL (so I could grow into it). Part of the problem was the speed I grew out of my pants too. My whole lower body had ballooned, which felt great but started to cause new issues I’d never experienced before. The chaffing was real. My meaty thighs now rubbed together all the time when I walked. My ass was swelling out huge, which at first made me somewhat self-conscious, and required bigger pants. I went from 36s to 38s, and then to fit my ass I had to go up all the way to 40s. It gave me pause, I remember being hesitant about buying the size 40 pants. “It's not your gut, hon, its your booty” he said to me. I knew it was mostly true, but the size of my waistline was expanding with the rest of me. I had a hard time suppressing my insecurities, was I just gonna start looking fat? But that all began to change. I remember I stepped on the scale one morning, seeing 265 and feeling really proud of myself. I looked long and hard at my reflection, my widening, thickening frame. I had a belly now, no doubt about it, but instead of being insecure and anxious about it, I was turned on. I cupped the bottom side of my little gut with my left hand, feeling its weight. I didn’t hate it. No, actually, I liked the way it complimented my muscular chest and arms. It was a good look, I decided. The words “you like being thick” just kept rolling in my mind. I did like it. And I wanted more. The weeks rolled by, and I started to feel big. Less than a month after hitting 250, I was up to 270. My size was starting to really sink in. I was comfortably filling out an XL shirt, which was pleasantly tight on my 19 inch arms. Eric couldn’t keep his hands off me, calling me a “big muscle pig”, and I realized, that is what I was, I was becoming a big muscle pig. Eating was my life. Lifting and fucking were just breaks from the constant eating. My gut was permanently rounded out from all the eating, and Eric would rub it and tell me to keep going. Part of me freaked out about what was happening to me, another part embraced it as my new identity. I was a big, strong, beefy dude, and that should give me confidence. My face was filling out, sometimes I had a hard time recognizing myself. I had let my beard grow out and my body was getting hairier everywhere, something of a side effect from the “vitamins” I guess, but I liked it. It made me look like the kind of bulked up muscle bears you see on the bear event posters. Fuck, I was big and hot enough, that could have been me on one of those event posters. Our life continued week after week, endless streams of pre-made meals delivered to the apt, or just take out sometimes too. Progress photos showing my growth.I know Eric was a good cook, but rarely showed it. Instead we just ate and ate. All these meals were starting to have an effect on him too. I watched my big muscle bear boyfriend grow thicker too. He didn’t seem to realize it maybe, but he was probably a good 20 pounds heavier than when he had moved in. Most of it was muscle, but I could see his furry belly had thickened a bit too. At 280, even my XLs were getting snug. Somehow I found myself sauntering through a Big and Tall store looking for XXLs and XXXLs. Eric reminded me: 300 pounds would be in my near future. My whole attitude towards the gym and towards my body had changed. I was just meant to be the biggest dude in the room. I wanted to be the biggest man anywhere. I wanted to be strong as fuck, and big as a barn. My ass didn’t fit in the 40s anymore, so I went up to 42s, and bought some 44s, just in case. Growth is intoxicating, and the longer it continues the more you want it to continue. The more I wanted to be huge, the only problem was, and I told Eric this, was that I was nervous about what friends or family would say about my new size. What if they were concerned and told me to stop getting bigger? I didn’t know what to think. But I guess what was remarkable was how soon that worry disappeared too. After a few days, I *wanted* everyone to know how big a man I was now, how strong and how powerfully built. If someone told me I was getting too big, that’d be a compliment, telling me to keep going. Eric agreed. I really wanted Jonas to see how big I was getting, but I decided I should wait a few more weeks until I broke 300. Two weeks and almost 130 meals later, I hit it. Granted I was stuffed from the buffet I had gone to with Eric, but I was there. I felt so fucking heavy. The floorboards creaked under my feet now, my feet had widened from the increasing weight and my shoes no longer fit correctly. I looked absolutely massive. My shoulders looked twice as wide as they had been two months ago, and my arms had broken 21 inches around. My chest was thick, heavy looking, and rested just above my big round musclegut. I loved my musclegut, furry, round, thick. It was a source of pride. A big strong man’s gotta have a big manly gut too, right? __________ My life was starting to become somewhat more normal. I got a job at a nearby gym. I let my beard grow out longer. Everywhere I went I felt like I was looked at like a freak. At my size, I understand why, but this kept me from wanting to leave the house. It was Jaime, the gym owner, who treated me normally, who encouraged me, who let me feel comfortable in my own skin. He didn’t make constant references to my size, he didn’t stare at me. He treated me like a regular employee. I quickly became known as “hulk” or by the other employees and even some gym members, but Jaime always called me by Jonas. And I loved his gym, it actually had weights I could use. Not many gyms have 180, 190 or 200 pound dumbbells, but his did. And he was easy to talk to. As a big guy himself, he didn’t make me feel like a freak at all. My arms might have broken 25” but Jaime still found a gym shirt to fit me. Piece by piece, my life was regaining some normalcy. I was still lifting seriously, still eating 7 times a day, but I wasn’t a shut in anymore. I was talking to people. Maybe getting stared at, but at least it felt good to be out. And actually, I was starting to like my size. I was a freak, sure, but a lot of guys were actually envious of my size. 360 pounds of offseason but defined mass. How many men have ever reached this size? And I was maintaining is, seemingly effortlessly. Sure, I was a hulk, sure I’m huge, but I’m Jonas the hulk, and I had a life and people to talk to. I got along well with the other employees, many of whom seemed eager to know about how I had gotten so big. I woke up to the doorbell. It was 8:00am. I Looked out from the curtain and saw a massive burly bearded man I didn’t recognize. It wasn’t former Master Eric, or one of his friends, so who was this? When I opened the door the heavily bearded face that greeted me was suddenly recognized. “Kurt?!” I exclaimed. It was hard to believe that this beefy, thick bear of a man in front of me was that skinny journalist I had let into my house months ago. “Hi Jonas. How do I look?” he asked. Kurt had a meal in tupperware in his hands, with a fork in it, and another, I presume, in his backpack. “I’ve done some… growing.” he continued. Kurts face was much fuller, heavily bearded and his neck had thickened incredibly. Thick tufts of hair escaped from under his tight collar. Like what had happened to me, the Eric’s concoction had caused him to grow hair everywhere. His traps seemed to rise up nearly to his ears, and his whole frame looked so bulky, like a strongman competitor or a powerlifter. “I broke 300 pounds big guy.” he said, beaming “and I’m not stopping. I’m gonna be bigger than you soon!” I shook my head. This was all Eric’s programming talking. Not the skinny little reporter I was interviewed by. That previous Kurt hadn’t ever been able to understand the desire to grow, he didn’t have any drive or want for it. T I let Kurt in and stared at him. Eric’s handiwork really was impressive, and undeniably effective. He hadn’t lied on the phone. Kurt was enormous. An impossibly blimped out, bulked up powerlifter in the spot where a nerdy reporter used to stand. Part of me couldn’t believe that the massive bearded man in front of me was Kurt, but that familiar smile gave it away. “You look bigger too, I see” Kurt continued. I had done some growing since I had last seen him, but was pretty much sitting stable at 360 lbs. Granted I knew how massive that was, I had no illusions about it, but I hadn’t put on any more size in the last month. And I was thankful my growth had subsided. Life at over 350 lbs gets surprisingly more difficult. From bus seats, to doorways, to simply maneuvering around other people on the street. Now that I was going outside and working at a gym, I was having to get used to a world built too small for me. “So I just wanted to come over and say hello, since it’s been awhile” Kurt said “and I wanted to tell you that I’ve found my calling. I’m gonna grow huge just like you.” “Kurt” I began “You have to understand, Eric isn’t who you think he is, this desire to constantly eat and get bigger, this isn’t you. You didn’t used to want this” I said in an exasperated tone, gesturing to his bulky physique. “Well. I do now, I want to be massive, and I’m gonna get so big that you’re gonna look like a shrimp next to me.” He puffed out his beefy chest for emphasis. I sort of went slack-jawed at this comment . “...Eric told me you’d be jealous.” he continued. “And I don’t have to listen to you”. For the next fifteen minutes I tried to tell him about master Eric, I tried to tell him about the cocktail of drugs he’s been doped up on and how they were making him easily manipulated and suggestible. I tried to tell him everything I knew, and everything I had realized since leaving Eric several months prior. Kurt didn’t listen, of course, and stormed off after my comments made him angry. He shook the place with his heavy footfalls when he stomped off, just reminding me of what a Only a few minutes later I received a second knock on the door. For a former shut-in, this was far more guests than I was used to in a week, much less one morning. It was my boss at the gym, Jaime, a big powerful muscle bear in his own right. I had only been working there for a month, so I was puzzled as to why he had come to my house (or looked up my address..) “Listen” he said firmly “I know Eric, and I know what he did to you... and that Kurt kid. I know, because I was the first guy he experimented on.” My mouth went slack for the second time that morning. “Eric has gone too far, and I’m going to shut him down. I just need your help”
  11. Ok, so after almost two years I decided to finally finish this story off. One of the things I don't like about MG fiction is how repetitive it can be, in that there is rarely any real conflict, drama, and it just seems like guys grow and then are turned on by it. I've read a lot of stories like that, and I wanted something different, something darker and more dramatic. I'm not sure if the fiction actually loses its appeal or "fappiness" by doing this, but I hope it's still gets people's imaginations going as it has mine. Here are the last three chapters of my MG drama. ______ Chapter 4 I quit my job with the New Gotham weekly so I could focus more of my time on training and writing. Eric agreed that this would help me really make gains in the gym. I was about 220 lbs the day I called in and quit. I didn’t do it dramatically, but the editors said they were sorry to see me go. I wasn't, I was getting bigger and without having to run around everywhere I could really focus on making the gains I wanted. Truth be told, with Eric around the house all the time I didn’t find myself doing much writing. Aside from hitting the gym, eating and getting my daily shot of “vitamins” (as we jokingly called it),all we did was fuck. He was so into me. He loved how much bulkier I was. Sure I didn’t have really defined abs, but my arms were 18” already. I was getting bigger and I loved it. And so did Eric. We were getting competitive at the gym, which turned him on too. I was benching 225 easily and comfortably. He got me so pumped up for it each day. Our sessions there sometimes went on for two hours. I couldn't get enough of training and eating. It carried into the bedroom too. We fantasized together about my growing mass. He kept telling me how big I was going to get and I couldn't get enough of it. Eric and I spent so much time together, he barely even went to his job. Two weeks after quitting work I was pushing over 230 lbs. Nothing from my old wardrobe fit even in the slightest. Everything was comically small on me now. Even the largest shirts I was so excited to buy a month ago were now tight. I was now on the upper end of L territory. Soon I was benching 275 with ease. It was so fun to push out 10 reps at that weight. A month before I could have barely done 1 rep. Now 10 was a good warmup for 315. Other big guys at the gym were starting to acknowledge me. I was getting the sort of head-nod you get from serious lifters when they recognize another of their own kind. It was intoxicating. I wanted more. I wanted to grow into the biggest guy there. As I said before, I was eating constantly. About every hour I was eating. Without the appetite stimulants I couldn't have done it. Nine actual meals in a day. And boy, was it doing a number on me. By the end of the day my stomach was always barreled out, full and round with food. Everyday I woke up feeling heavier, bulkier, bigger. I was excited to step on the scale and see proof. I loved it, I saw progress happening before my eyes every day. Each curve of muscle on my arms and shoulders became slightly more pronounced each morning. My back was widening, my legs thickening, my pecs filling out. Sure I was starting to get a bit of a belly, and all the food I was packing in just emphasized that, but Eric assured me that it was the muscle growth that was dominating my physique. I was definitely packing on mass. I tried to get in touch with Jonas, but I didn’t hear from him. I figured I was growing even faster than ever. The cycle I was doing was much more effective than I realized steroids could be. Even Eric was baffled by the results. “Get the most out of this cycle, see how big you can get doing it” he kept saying to me. I followed true to that. What a rush. Eric practically had moved in with me and was keeping his eye on me often. He kept pushing the food, even when I forgot. I loved it, I loved his constant pressure to help me grow and become the mass monster I dreamed about. I did notice he seemed more distracted as time went on, as if something was troubling him. He never said what. ____ “Jonas, where have you been man?” Began another voicemail from Kurt the reporter. “Ive gotta tell you, I’ve started doing a cycle and things are really changing in my life these days. I want to meet up!” I turned off my cell phone and slipped it into my pocket. I had new shorts, new shoes, new shirts, all XXXLs and all straining to hold my 360 lbs frame. I knew leaving the house and getting away was good for me mentally, and things were starting to finally become clear. That cocktail of “vitamins” my so-called “master” had put me on, they were like no other cycle of steroids that existed. They were unrelenting in packing on mass, but they didn’t require periods off -cycle and didn't have the side-effects that dbol or testosterone have. Without the drugs in the last two weeks, my hunger had slowed down, and so had my growth. I seemed to have stabilized at the size I was now. Yet I hadn’t lost any of the fullness or strength to speak of. “Master” as he had me call him, was not pleased with me. He would come into my apartment roaring and demanding I get back on my cycle. Even then, when I was with him , I feel this urge to make him proud of me again. I want him to love me again. Ever since I’d pushed back, ever since Kurt told me to take control of my life, I’ve only seemed to make master more upset with me. I love my master. Or at least, part of me does. Part of me also hates even calling him that. When he’d yell and make demands, sometimes I’d just have to think about something else, imagine being somewhere else. I’d remember what it feels like to make my master happy. Then I’d fluctuate back to this confusion and anger towards him for what he had me do, what he did to me. But these thoughts come and go. I’ve been alternating between my will to get out and my desire to be together with him, to be happy, to be obedient. Even as I think about it I find myself going back to that place mentally, I feel myself moving away from it at the same time. As if part of my thoughts weren’t even my own. Like that desire and my obedience wasn’t really part of me, but something master wanted from me that I gave. And I’m not sure why I gave it so willingly. But I have been moving on. Quite literally. My daily walks became more common and I found I loved the fresh air like I had when I done sports. Part of me wanted to travel out and get away to clear my mind, to get away from Master and his domination. Surely enough I had seen so little of him recently. Time passed and I realized I was better off alone. It pained me to be alone, but it gave me space for to think about things I hadn’t thought of in months. I started ignoring Master’s messages, and just ignored his calls. I still hit the gym, I still ate, but now I felt I had all this new free time. I’d call old friends and reconnect, though I didn’t want to meet them yet. I didn’t want the shock of them seeing me. I went out shopping… I thought about getting a job at the gym even. Maybe I could be a gym desk monkey, something to do and pass the time to make a little money. The messages from master continued to roll in as time passed. It pained me to realize this, but when I got an angry messages from Master about Kurt, it confirmed my suspicions. One in particular came in one day, it left me speechless: “I know what you two did together, and I’m not going to let Kurt get away with his infidelity to his new master. If you think you’re big now, wait until you see what I’m going to do to your reporter friend! He’s on dosages twice of what you were on, and he’s going to blimp out so big he’ll barely be able to walk by the time I’m done!” This shook me. I wanted to warn Kurt, I tried to call him, but I didn’t get an answer. We were just guinea pigs to master. I had known there was one before me too, I’m not sure what had happened to him. Master never spoke of his sub before me. But it was clear, he just wanted to see how massive his subs could get from his drugs. He must have felt like he had free reign to do whatever he wanted to us. I just wanted Kurt to come see me again, so I could tell him about my new freedom and what his master was doing. I wanted to see him so I could get him from getting any more tangled up in all this. I wrote to him again via email, something I had so rarely done in the last year. But no response came for another week. Finally I got an email: “Jonas, I got your voicemail. I’m doing so great right now, you wouldn’t believe how fast I’m growing these days. All I do is eat, lift and grow. It’s like a dream come true right now. Eric and I moved into his place and he’s totally pushing me at the gym. I’m stronger than him now! We should definitely meet up, maybe next week?” It was official. I had been replaced. He had his new sub, and he was going to turn Kurt into a monster without Kurt even realizing it.
  12. garrix

    A Big Cheater

    Thank you so much mdlftr. I'm glad you so enjoyed it. It's really nice to see that someone really *got* what I was doing. Thank you again for your kind words.
  13. garrix

    A Big Cheater

    Hey everyone, I've long sort of wanted to create a forced growth story that involved these kind of themes, but never had time to do it before. I thought about breaking it up into chapters, but I decided to go with one long story since this is a one-off anyway. I hope you guys enjoy! _______________________________________________________________________ My boyfriend Aaron cheated on me. I found out the night before our one-year anniversary. I mean, I understand why he did it. He’s been complaining about my new size and my “excessive” body hair, for months. You see, Aaron wants a male model, and I am no longer anything like that. I am “grotesquely” muscular now (I mean, is 250 lbs of muscle on a 6’ guy that huge? I don’t think so) But for Aaron, that’s way too big. I’m way too big for him. He likes men smaller, more submissive. Aaron is a smart man. He’s extremely sharp, witty, funny. He works in corporate giving and has been able to climb a steep career later quickly. All these things drew me to him when we first started dating. The fact that he wasn’t exactly my type didn’t bother me much. He’s very handsome, naturally tanned thanks to his half Mexican ancestry, and after a day or two without a razor, he gets this nice thick designer stubble. The guy totally grabbed my attention when we first started dating. It wasn’t until later I realized how controlling he really was. Aaron likes those Anglo-looking smooth chested Abercrombie model types. He would practically show disdain for other Latino gay guys. He must have had some sort of complex involving his Mexican family. Personally, I don’t understand why. Maria, his mother, is an incredibly loving and caring woman, but he always seemed to act embarrassed by her. For a time, I almost fit the bill for the kind of white boys Aaron fawned over. I used to be pretty thin, 180 or so pounds. I didn’t know this about Aaron at first, but his attempts to control my appearance, to keep me and mold me into his type, became more and more apparent the longer we dated. I’d always been pretty hairy, so I had often been described as an “otter”, which didn’t bother me any. There are some hot guys that identify as otters, but Aaron wanted me to stay shaved and smooth. So I shaved for him. What dope I was. So back to me- I like all kinds of guys. I like big hairy bearish men or thinner handsome guys like Aaron from all kinds of backgrounds, but the type I’ve always really liked the most are those huge weightlifters. Even as a kid I’d lust over those super heavyweight bodybuilders in the muscle mags. Especially the offseason type guys- Big hairy, beefy, powerfully built men, and muscle bears. But who doesn’t like a big muscle bear? Obviously, these kinds of guys are pretty rare in the gay community and they’re thankfully not the only kind of men I am into. I had never actually even dated a big lifter (and I do like them really big). Everyone I’d been with up till then was pretty normal, generally athletic. Roughly same age. In fact, I never really expected to date some bodybuilder either. But eventually, with the ability to make changes in my physique becoming easier, with the certain, shall we say, abilities that I had been blessed with and practiced (as limited as they actually are) I decided to start making changes. The little tricks I could pull, the levitation of small objects or changing the color of cloth, I billed as a magic trick and it made me pretty popular at parties. I enjoyed my reputation as an occasional magician (even though the powers of the council frowned on it). But Aaron never found out about the real spells I could weave into my life, to him it was just parlor tricks. Which is just as well. I had recently began learning and expanding my repertoire, and with much excitement I was getting to the level where I could make the kinds of changes I really desired. Actual changes in the matter and size of an object, and then, of a person. I was starting to learn the spells that for so long had eluded me. I was gaining the technical ability that was going to allow me the body I had always wanted. The kind of body I had always lusted after. First I started to change my appearance with the simple things. Non magical things. I grew out my beard, which I liked a lot, and Aaron didn’t seem to mind at first, but he kept telling me “it’s getting long, you should trim it”. Then, like I mentioned, I let my body hair grow out. Aaron didn’t like this. He said I should shave it or “at least keep it trimmed”. Good lord could he be an asshole. He was so charming most of the time it was easy to forget how obsessed with appearances he could be. His constant preening in front of the mirror should have been my first clue. “you’re getting prickly” he would complain. Once my body hair really started getting thicker after a few weeks I started getting real complaints from Aaron. I told him I was tired of shaving and trimming for him and I liked it and it was my natural appearance and he would get used to it. He didn’t take too kindly to my comments. He thought it was “gross” and needed to be trimmed. Well screw that. Then a month later I began the most serious of grievances. I started my big bulk. With my aforementioned abilities, I’m now able to make physical modifications that can be… rather dramatic. I’d done smaller transformation spells periodically. I’d changed hair color, even dabbled in minor spells that changed weight before. But all that was preparation for bigger things to come. This was going to be the most intense spell I had ever tried to cast, and really stretched me to try something I never thought I’d be able to do. Under the power of my body modification spell my physique began to slowly change. Each day after the spell had been cast I could see my muscles grow fuller, thicker. The gains I made were just slow enough that it might possibly be viewed as steroid induced, but fast enough to provide me with the results I eagerly waited for. Aaron certainly accused me of doing a cycle, which I didn’t mind. Watching my muscles inflated rounder, fuller, thicker day by day turned me on. It was such a rush, and I was getting so much stronger in the gym. In less than three months I grew from 180 to 225. I outweighed Aaron by 30 lbs, and was definitely outlifting him. It bothered Aaron a lot. It’s definitely a power thing, as a top he didn’t care for me becoming bigger and stronger than him. “You’re getting too big” he complained. I got big fast and it freaked Aaron out. He quickly went from being the bigger man to being smaller than me, less muscular and weaker than me. That really upset him, though he tried to hide it. At first he was competitive with me in the gym, but after I started out benching him and out lifting him, he lost interest in working out together and started going in the mornings instead. I know that was because he was embarrassed by how much stronger I was than him. Part of me was sympathetic. Aaron is a control freak and he must have felt like he could control his boyfriend before I started growing. I thought for a time of turning the spell on him and have him grow, but then I figured…He probably wouldn’t want to get that big. It wouldn’t be ethical to change someone without their permission, right? We stopped having sex. I know it’s because I had gotten too big for his taste. I grew to 240 and then some. I loved it. I was benching 275 with ease and with all my chest hair I was looking like a big muscle bear. My muscles budged in all my shirts. My arms were 19” inches around. I began to notice that I was (and am still) getting attention from a totally different set of people, and boy was I getting a lot of attention. The attention was also starting to come from kind of people who I also favored. Other big gay lifters. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe to fit my new size, but I was happy. I couldn’t keep all of my gains totally lean, so my midsection thickened a bit. My face filled out some too, but not too much. I just sort of bulked up into a big guy everywhere. My arms, my chest, shoulders, back, butt, thighs grew beefy and strong. I looked like the offseason bodybuilder, the kind I always wanted. I didn’t care if my abs were defined. My stomach was so hairy I couldn’t really see them anyway. Though, to be honest, I really only feel that big when I see a picture of myself. That’s the only time I really realize how large I am now. And that reminds me of when, a month before our anniversary, Aaron decided he didn’t want me in a facebook photo with him. He said with a half-joking smile “No one is going to recognize you anyway, now that you’re a roided out Sasquatch”. He told me I was “turning into a muscle freak” and that I “needed to stop juicing” so I could look normal in pictures again. I guess part of me knows I should have dropped him right then, or he should have dropped me, but part of me still had this attachment to his charms, which are numerous. And again, he’s also really handsome. For all of his apparent self-hate, I think it’s his mixed ancestry that provided him such stunningly good looks. So then Aaron cheated on me. Apparently he had been cheating on me since I had started bulking up. He was cheating on me before I even really got big! And then, a day after we broke it off, that asshole had the nerve to flaunt his new blond boy-toy in front of everyone on facebook. He didn’t give a shit about me. Now he could bring Elliott out in the open and show him off. The picture he posted of the two of them, with Elliott grinning like an idiot was the last straw. That dumb blonde twink and my idiot ex had really poked the bear, so to speak. He was going to get it. What it was, I wasn’t sure. So I was angry, feverishly thinking about what I could do. I could turn his stupid twink boyfriend into a toad (the council would never let me do that if they found out about it) or maybe I could make Elliot fat, or I could shrink his dick… (again, the council would notice) In actuality, I really couldn’t do any of those things. For one I didn’t know how to and for another, the council monitors the use of spells and especially, especially the use of curses. I think, to be honest, the regular spells don’t receive any attention, but using anything that can qualify as an actual curse lights up their screens like a Christmas tree. It would be seen. And I could get into big, big trouble. So what could I do, then? Something to fuck with Elliott and Aaron, but nothing damaging or hurtful. If I got audited, it would have to be something I could spin as a blessing, as harmless. It also had to be something I knew how to actually do. Something I had experience with. Muscles and hair, naturally. That's what got him to dump me, and well, everyone likes muscle, right? The council could overlook me giving some stupid gay man gigantic muscles, right? What if I made Elliot so big Aaron would be disgusted by him? What if I made Elliot so hairy you couldn’t even see skin on his chest? Or so huge he could barely move? Well , that is exactly what I decided to do. I will be honest, I sort of stalked Aaron and Elliot that week. By the time I cast the spell I had been observing them from afar for several days. I felt like I had to do this to perfect the spell. The greatest thing about my spell, if I do say so myself, is how layered it is. I really did my homework on this one, because Elliott would be oblivious. He wouldn’t notice a hair of his out of place, so to speak. Now that was my masterpiece. That took a hell of a lot of preparation too. Part of me was sure it wasn’t going to work. But sure enough it did. Elliot Zimmerman was soon going to turn into a gigantically overblown muscular furball. ____________________________________ Elliott and Aaron had gone to Palm Springs the weekend the spell took hold. As Aaron drove that Friday evening the first changes began. Dark hair began sprouting underneath Elliott’s shirt. His thin blonde treasure trail began to grow wider, darker and thicker. Oblivious to any changes, Elliott just scratched mindlessly as a fan of short, dark hair began to spread and first over his stomach, then over his chest. Aaron, concentrating on the road, didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The sun was setting, it was getting dark in the car anyway. Elliott’s beard began to sprout, growing high up on his cheeks where no hair had grown before. It came in thicker and darker than ever, contrasting with the light hair on his head. In the dark car, Aaron didn’t even see his boyfriend’s new stubble. The same dark hair began to spread over his forearms and on the top of his hands. Elliott’s body hair spread rapidly and grew long, soon completely covering Elliot’s thin torso. It rapidly formed a forest on his chest and stomach, all the way to the base of his neck. Black hairs began to poke out from under his collar. The growing fur began wrapping around to his back, spreading out into a striking pattern. It continued to lengthen and thicken until his entire back was covered in the same thick carpet of hair as his front. His chest hair had grown so bushy and dense that it began to poof out his shirt ever so subtly. Soon there was unbroken thick coverage from his beard all the way down to his toes.. Elliott had in the course of about an hour gone from a fairly hairless guy into an exceptionally hairy young man. At the same time, Elliott’s shirt started to get ever so slightly tighter around his lean frame. By the time he stepped out of the car in Palm Springs, Elliot was nearly 10 lbs heavier. He didn’t know that was the amount at the time, but it was apparent on his thin body that his muscles had grown. Aaron, upon stepping out of the car and seeing his boyfriend, suddenly became aware of the changes. First and most obvious was the thick stubble, which Elliott never had had before. Secondly, his arms were completely covered in thick black swirls of hair and his collar showed a thicket of long chest hair. “What the fuck is this?” Aaron exclaimed poking at the hair at the base of Elliot’s neck. “And when did you start growing a beard?” Elliot just shrugged. Nothing really seemed different to him, he didn’t feel any different. “I dunno” he replied This seemed to infuriate Aaron even more. “What do you mean you don’t know? You didn’t look like this when we left LA! Is this some kind of prank? Did someone put you up to this?” With his long fingers, Aaron grabbed some of the long hairs at the base of Elliot’s neck with his hand and pulled hard. “OW!” Elliot cried. “That hurt!” Aaron looked at the almost two inch long chest hairs he had pulled out that were now between his fingers. “Disgusting!” he exclaimed. “What kind of prank is this? Did you glue this on? Where’d you get this hair? This is disgusting Elliott, this is really gross.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about babe. Let's get inside the hotel.” Elliott replied calmly. The two made their way inside and into the hotel room. Aaron kept looking over his boyfriend, shocked to see his bushy forearms, covered in thick black hair. The hair continued up his arms and on the other side of his collar, he saw a thick fan of hair extending down his neck towards his back. Aaron could only guess what hairy mess lay underneath that snug tee shirt. And was it his imagination or did Elliott look bigger too? He couldn’t be sure. When they got into the room, Elliott, not keen on revisiting the strange behavior Aaron was displaying, just calmly set his stuff down and started the shower. Aaron looked on in horror as Elliot stripped of his shirt, unveiling what had to be the hairiest torso he had ever seen. Completely covered in swirling masses of black hair, from his stomach up over his chest and shoulders to his back. Everything was covered in a nearly equally thick distribution. Not only that, but the short beard he sported was looking longer, growing farther down his neck and totally merging with his chest. Aaron was beside himself. “Jesus christ, you’re like a fucking monkey! What the hell has happened to you? This can't be, this isn’t real!” Elliott just looked at him puzzled as he continued to prep himself for the shower, pulling off his socks and taking his braclets off. “I mean, this has to be glued on” He continued. Aaron walked up close, reaching out and touching the thick hair with his hand. It felt real, it looked real, but all that was impossible. How could a blonde guy have sprouted a total rug of black hair all over his body in the span of a few hours? Aaron looked up, in the light Elliott’s hair appeared brown, not blonde. “What is going on?! Is this like hidden camera or something?” Aaron continued. “It’s super gross. You’ve got to take this off.” “OK, I’m jumping into the shower now” Elliott said, ignoring the hysterics of his boyfriend. Aaron watched his boyfriend, now the hairiest man he had ever seen, turned his furry back to him and walked nude to the shower. “I think I’m going to hurl!” Aaron yelled back, full of hyperbole. Aaron started poking around the room, looking for a camera or some sort of indication that this was a prank. He tried to figure out if he was on something, maybe he was high? Maybe they were both high and he was hallucinating. Aaron splashed water on his face and then went to bed. He tried not to think about whatever was happening too much. He dozed off only to woken up a half hour later by the feeling of a beard rubbing up against his neck. Elliott was cuddling with him. Aaron could feel all this hair, pressing up against him as his boyfriend snuggled up close. “Off!” He protested “Off of me until you either take that nasty costume off or shave it off” He protested. Elliott again just shrugged his hairy shoulders and turned to face the other way, cuddling with a pillow instead. The next morning Aaron woke up, having nearly forgotten about the night before. Until he looked over and saw the large, dark haired, heavily bearded furball next to him. The man still had the face of Elliott, but his beard looked to be three inches long. Every inch of his muscular body was covered in a carpet or black hair. Even though he was still laying down, there was no mistaking that Elliott was bigger. “Jesus, Elliott, what has happened to you?” Aaron asked loudly. Elliott’s eyes flickered open and he stretched his long, powerful arms “Wha?” the man groaned in response. “Elliott, wake up. I know this can't all be real. Take this disgusting costume off, stop trying to pretend… “ As Aaron said this he pushed his hands into the powerful hairy expanse of Elliott’s newly muscular back, feeling the rippling cordes of solid muscle. There was no mistaking the feeling of pushing into muscle like that. Aaron moved his hands around to Elliott’s larger shoulders. this wasn’t fake, this wasn’t a costume. This was real hair and real muscle. Aaron’s eyes grew wide as he realized that the man he was in bed with was indeed Elliott Zimmerman. Overnight 40 lbs had piled onto Elliott’s frame. The man had rapidly grown from a twink to a superhairy musclebear. Aaron felt like he must have been losing his mind. He had to be dreaming. His boyfriend looked like he was just inflating with muscle. The man half asleep next to him was over 220 lbs of sculpted, hairy, muscular beef. Elliott groaned again: “I’m starving. Can you get me something to eat?” Aaron decided he’d probably need some fresh air. “I’ll get something.” Aaron said, throwing on a shirt and heading out. He tried to clear his mind, figure out a rational explanation for everything. He tried to reason with himself, figure out why he might be hallucinating or dreaming. By the time Aaron return with some coffee and a bagel, Elliot was up out of bed, a shirtless hulking beast hunched over the table in their hotel suite. He was busy cramming food into his mouth. The man looked absolutely massive now. “Goddamn, what has happened to you?!” Aaron exclaimed again Elliott looked up doe eyed. With food in his mouth. “Huh?” He muttered. “Oh, sorry, I got hungry and you took so long… I ran downstairs and got some stuff.” Elliott had now surpassed 250 lbs and was growing just a little larger with each bite. Aaron stood there, mouth agape. He was watching his now dark haired boyfriend grow beefier by the second. With eat bite there would be a slight swell of his rounded shoulders, or a flex of his thickening traps, or a little twinge on his meaty forearms. Aaron stood there silently, able to see his boyfriend blowing up into a furry behemoth right in front of him. Elliott didn’t seem to mind the changes . He seemed actually to not really be aware of them, except for in the sort of most vague terms. He knew his shirts didn’t fit him anymore, but he didn’t really seem to know why. Even when he looked in the mirror, which now reflected gigantic bodybuilder with enormously broad, bowling ball shoulders and massively meaty, extremely hairy pecs, Elliott didn’t seem to process it. Elliott continued to stuff his mouth full of the pastries, sandwiches and snacks he had found downstairs. He had virtually stockpiled food in the hour that Aaron had been away. And soon he was pushing past 270 lbs of offseason fur-covered muscular beef. Something about his heavily bearded face also made him look different. He looked even darker. “There’s a taqueria next door we should go to!” he said with a near perfect accent. “Stop it! Stop it!” Aaron exclaimed. “You’re turning yourself into a monster! Stop eating!” Elliot stopped, but he just stood there, puzzled. Neither of them really knew what they could do next. As the day wore on the growth continued, it slowed down, but it continued throughout the rest of their Palm springs vacation. Aaron was shaking though, the changes put him on edge. Nothing seemed right. Even Elliot’s face was becoming harder to recognize. His hair was black, his skin was tan. His nose, something about his nose looked different. He sounded the same, he was the same height, but everything else was so totally transformed that Aaron hardly couldn’t believe it was real. Much to his own disgust Aaron had to track down a big and tall shop in town to find clothes for Elliott to wear. At his new size, nothing he owed would even come close to fitting. “Gracias mi amor” Elliott said when Aaron returned with his new clothes. “Te quiero muchísimo”. Aaron just sat there puzzled by his flawless Mexican accent. Elliot didn’t ever speak to him in spanish. Part of Aaron wondered what it would be like to parade around with a huge 300 lbs slab of muscle freak on his arm. It might come with a certain cache to be seen with a giant gay muscle freak who could be seen as “his” boy. At the same time, Aaron was still disgusted by how overly hairy and large he was. In his mind, it was beyond disfiguring. Complete excess.Totally gross. He has never been with a man so big, but at least Elliot seemed as placid and under control. Maybe he could turn out to be a giant muscle slave of his afterall. Watching Elliott walk now would almost be comical if he wasn’t so baffled and shocked by the transformation. The huge man now sauntered with his legs apart, thighs bulging so thick that they inevitably rubbed against each other, his back so broad that it forced his hefty arms up from his sides. Later that day Elliott wanted to go to the pool, but no longer owned swim trunks that would even get past his bulging calves, so regardless of the rules, Elliott went skinny dipping behind Aaron’s back. Staying at a gay establishment proved beneficial for the enormous muscle man. They were quite tolerant of his rule breaking. Elliott attracted a huge amount of attention from the gays around him. Aaron was beyond embarrassed. To him, Elliott looked totally deformed from too much muscle. A body warped into a ridiculously unattractive size, covered in so much hair that he looked more animal than human. Elliott’s beard was wild and untamed, growing down to the top of his overgrown chest. Nonetheless, somehow this huge hulk was attracting choruses of “woofs” from the older men around the pool, all of whom were impressed. “Is that your boyfriend?” one older bearish man asked Aaron poolside. Aaron nodded sheepishly. “Man, you latin boys sure can grow nice and big. What are you feeding him!?” Aaron didn’t even know how to respond. Latin? Was Elliott latin now? Sure enough, the dark tan he had developed, the excessive black hair, the strong prominent nose...long gone was that blond waspy look. Elliott could definitely pass for latino now. As he stood there, disapprovingly watching the whole scene unfold, he heard Elliott use the kind of slang his gay cousin would say. “Aye, papi...” he said to one of the 40 something bearish men flirting with him in the pool. What had happened to his boyfriend? Aaron cursed himself internally. He now had an overblown latino gorilla as a boyfriend. Had Aaron been with this freak the whole time? Had the small twink he had envisioned actually been some massively overgrown hairy cholo? Whatever was happening, this wasn’t for him. How was he going to get out of this? Aaron had enough of the gawking and attention from the rather rambunctious older gay crowd. They wanted a piece of his now enormous boyfriend. Elliott liked the attention, flexing his now 25” inch arms and getting a chorus of ooos and awws. Aaron stormed off, something Elliott didn’t fail to notice even in the crowd of his adoring fans. Elliott went out with his new “friends” from the pool, eating and drinking that evening. Even some fooling around. By the time Elliott returned to their room at midnight, he was shirtless, bigger than ever, and drunk. How 350 lbs man could get that drunk was a mystery. They left palm springs the next morning. Aaron didn’t say a word to the overblown muscle bear next to him on the car ride home. He was passed out anyway. There was hardly room to move in that car, with Elliott's shoulders pushing right over the seat into Aaron. It made for a cramped driving experience. Aaron kept looking over with disgust at the overgrown freak next to him. At least he had trimmed his beard back. He was still so gross though, his muscles so bloated, so covered in sweaty, nasty body hair. And his face- he wasn’t even handsome anymore, with that big nose, huge black eyebrows and beard. Aaron said to himself. A disgusting, ratty mess of hair everywhere. And all that enormous disfiguring muscle. He looked totally deformed to him now. How could any man find this pile of meat attractive? Some guys must be into the missing-link look, he reasoned. Aaron heard his soon-to-be ex mutter something in spanish in his sleep. ‘And now he’s Mexican, of course’ Aaron thought to himself. He had the face of some nasty gay cholo like his cousin and his friends. He cringed at the idea of dating one of them. _______________________________ 10 days after I had laid the spell down on Elliott, I gasped at the beautiful,freakishly large muscle hulk my work had created. He was walking in WeHo, crushing the sidewalk and getting stares from every passerby. His thighs rolled around each other, fighting for space. His shirt and shorts were barely containing all his hairy mass. Dark hair, dark eyes and the biggest muscular build I’d ever seen. Every inch of him bulged with extreme mass. I really didn’t even recognize him. He was like a dream. Gone was that twink I hated, here was a overgrown, hirsute latin mass monster I had created. He really did look latin too. Extremely handsome. I was quite proud of my work. The sheer freaky size and furriness factor was the only way I could be sure I was looking at Elliott. 400 lbs superhairy muscle freaks don’t exactly come along every day. And he was far inconspicuous everyone was staring at him as he sauntered along, his huge mass flexing and bouncing with each step.. And clueless Elliott knew no different. It was as if he had always looked this way. He imagined being 400 lbs of rippling muscle was just as natural for him as having black hair and a furry chest. Although now he found himself single again. After Palm Springs Aaron had stopped talking to him all together. He wasn’t even responding to his texts, even the little love notes he had sent in spanish. Elliott was truly a sight to seen. Every muscle bulged and flexed with just the slightest movement. His traps, his massive rounded delts, his huge furry chest and thick, hair-covered cobblestone abs. The man’s massive back was even covered in a carpet of hair. There just were no bodybuilders who compared to him in size now. XXXL shirts were struggling to hold together on his massive frame. His arms were pushed out far to his sides because of the sheer size of his lats. God, he just exuded testosterone. He just exuded a hyper-masculine, overblown sexiness. So much muscle. So much to flex. And Elliott was totally clueless about why he was so special. Our eyes met on the street. Fuck, I wanted him so badly. I wanted that gorgeous, huge muscle beast. And damn it, I was going to have him. ____________________________________________________________ Aaron was still shaken by the weekend with Elliott. How could anyone transform like that over a few hours? He kept looking at pictures in his phone of the smaller blond man he had dated before Palm Springs. A total opposite of the mexican muscle freak he had left with. He wasn’t crazy, he couldn’t be. There was something going on that caused Elliot and even his previous boyfriend, Kevin, to grow into huge bodybuilders. He couldn’t say how, but it must have connected back to Kevin. Aaron had a new man that weekend. Some hookup from Grindr named Spencer. A cute, shorter recent grad from UC Irvine. Spencer had the lithe little build of the white guys he usually went for. It was in such dramatic contrast to the monster he had just parted ways with, not hairy, not dark, not overgrown. The two jumped in bed together the first chance they could. As Aaron lifted Spencer’s legs up in the bed and began pounding his ass, something strange started happening. The few hairs on Spencer’s chest started spreading, growing a little thicker and fuller. With each thrust Spencer’s body inflated ever so slightly larger, growing more muscular, more defined. Aaron looked down after a moment to see a now hairy chested, athletic looking man who was starting to visibly grow in front of him. He stopped pounding him immediately, freaked out by the noticeable developments. “Ay, No terindas!” Spencer said in effortless spanish. Aaron’s blood ran cold. “Fuck!” was all Aaron could mutter as he watched his Grindr hookup’s dark chest hair grew visibly thicker, spreading over his shoulders. At the same time, Spencer’s muscles started to balloon, becoming heavier, thicker and larger right in front of him. This time, the whole thing was happening even faster.
  14. So well done. Rarely do I see such a good piece of fiction on here. Bravo!!
  15. I love this story, it was fantastic. 302 lbs is still not big enough, I mean, to truly be punishment. He could cut down to a very ripped 260 lbs and compete. No, 302 offseason pounds is a blessing. He needs to get bigger still
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