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  1. Mature

    Ben and Roger

    Love it, happy it's about these two. It's genuinely nice to read like a happy story
  2. Mature

    Ben and Roger

    Loved that part
  3. Mature

    Ben and Roger

    Love the new part happy it's about these two
  4. Mature

    Ben and Roger

    Roger and Ben are the much more interesting side to me, not arsed about Tom
  5. Mature

    Ben and Roger

    I agree love the slow burn but also so hungry for more
  6. Mature

    Ben and Roger

    I really wish this had continued I loved this
  7. Awesome, I can't wait to read more ?
  8. I knew the ending would be some sort of cliff hanger about Jed growing!!! Amazing writing but you've left me wanting moooore!
  9. Brilliant two parts, I think I preferred Jed'a section to be honest, the emotional dynamic between father and so n was brilliant. I hope this ain't the end
  10. I kind of hope the height tales of soon, personally not a fan of the height but your writing is incredible and I'm invested in the story wondering what will happen next
  11. Mature

    Ben and Roger

    I'm excited for more
  12. I'm happy to see he has a great mixture of being dominant but not a prick lol. great to see Jed growing too at a decent pace
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