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  1. Can't wait for the finale even though I hope the story's not over yet
  2. This is great. I hope you don't take too long to post the next chapters because I can't wait for them
  3. I hope Mark and his posse grow massive and think they can take Jacob only to find he's grown even bigger. Also Nathan worshiping Jacob is very very hot
  4. By far one of the best stories on the site. Great work
  5. This story is unbelievably hot. I hope Jacob will find someone who will worship his massive muscles the way they deserve to be worshiped. I know i'd worship them
  6. I found it. It's an amazing story https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11147-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11180-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11199-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11207-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11232-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11302-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11392-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11409-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/11439-p1.html
  7. Again, I apologize for taking so long but episode iv is finally here. I hope it was worth the wait and I promise to have episode v ready sooner
  8. I know I have taken my sweet time (over a year), but episode 4 is well on it's way and 80% done
  9. I know quality takes time but I just want to continue reading right after each part drops
  10. i think I have a pretty good idea of where the story is heading and i can't wait
  11. Elijah Cook: Most Wanted - Chapter IV [Coming Soon]
  12. Elijah Cook: Most Wanted - Chapter III [Coming Soon]
  13. Elijah Cook: Most Wanted Once a star football player and an American treasure, Elijah Cook once was a beloved and successful athlete. Under him the Rams won match after match and he became an idol for people not only all over the nation but also all over the world. He had everything from unbelievably great looks, a drool-worthy 200 pound body and a beautiful young super model wife to fame, money and respect. It seemed like he would be living the dream life forever until one tragic where at just the tender age of 27, Elijah was struck by a truck driver during a morning run. All of America held its breath as they prayed for their favorite starlet to push through the accident and get back on his feet. Push through he did and after almost half a year of recovery he came back but he wasn't the same. He was not as fast or as strong as he used to be and even though he put on a brave face for the fans, he new that he would never be able to play as good as he used to again. But he had to. His entire life he had worked for his career and he was not going to let it all slip away so he went back in hiding for another half year so that he could train and come back better and bigger than ever. Bigger than ever he was once he came back. So big that in fact no one could believe that he had grown 50 pounds to an astonishing 230 pounds of rock hard muscle in the six months since he finished his recovery. Drug tests found immense amounts of unknown illegal drugs in his bloodstream which led to an immediate ban from the NFL. That is when many believe his true downfall began. Elijah's first incident was when days after his ban from the NFL, he bumped into the new quarterback for the Rams who he outweighed by a good 30 pounds. Filled with rage, Elijah couldn't control himself and beat the living soul out of the poor quarterback. Barley escaping the situation with a small stint in jail and a massive fine, Elijah didn't learn from his mistakes, in fact he doubled down on them. He spent the following two years further destroying his reputation by getting into many more pointless fights and growing into an even bigger muscle head. Despite America collectively deciding to drop Elijah Cook, here we are two years later, with him being the most talked about person on news and media outlets across the globe. Why? Because even after all the things he had done in the past two years, he still managed to shook the world when in a fit of rage he murdered the only person who was still by his side, his wife Katie Cook, even though it was heavily rumored she was heavily unfaithful. Now all of his hulking 270 pounds are on the run, leaving destruction and showing just what his body can do every where he goes. Chapter I [Coming Soon]
  14. Close Encounters with Joshua Banks - Chapter II It had already been three days since my encounter with Joshua, but I just couldn’t get him out of my head. Every night I had dreamt of licking his humongous 19 inch arms, all of my jerk off sessions had been fueled by images of me caressing his body, my afternoons spent by the window, waiting for the muscle god to leave his home. Sadly he never did. It seemed almost as if he had disappeared after our encounter, but then I heard a knock at the door. Standing at my doorstep was, no surprise there, Joshua in a brand new but very tight shirt and a pair of shorts. “I know it’s really rude of me to be barging in like this and asking you for favors the whole time, but I really need a ride to the gym. It’s chest day and the weights I have at home just aren’t heavy enough for me. Usually my dad drives me but he’s on vacation with my mo,” Joshua said. He played the innocent friendly neighbor who needed some help but at this point I knew exactly what he wanted and I wasn’t about to object to it. I drove him to our local gym which was about 7 miles away from our street and as empty as a graveyard. It was old, the weights were rusty and other than they guy by the counter, there wasn’t a single soul in the entire gym. For most people the gym’s horrible appearance was a big reason why they didn’t go there but Joshua didn’t care. All he needed were big, heavy weights and the gym and those in excess. For his workout, Joshua asked me to be his towel boy. My job was to basically dry him off in between sets and pass him water. Today was his chest day so I knew I was in for a treat. I just had no clue how big that treat would be yet. Watching him workout was mesmerizing. It was almost godly the way he seamlessly pushed those immense weights up and down, his muscles slowly contracting and expanding. I had no frame of reference when it came to the weights he was lifting but whatever he was lifting, it barely seemed humanly possible. Feeling his ballooning muscles in between sets while pretending to dry him off was like touching a walking Greek god. By the time he had finished his work out, his clothes were barley containing his hulking physique. Luckily his shirt didn’t stay on long as he followed his final set with a mouthwatering side-chest pose which made his shirt split down the middle. “MEASURE THIS BEAST,” he growled as he hit another double biceps. It wasn’t even arm day but his almost volleyball sized biceps and grown by almost 4 inches since I last measured them, measuring in at 22.5 inches. I couldn’t help but foolishly attempt to wrap my hands around them, to no avail of course. Then came his freshly pumped, melon like two pecs. They were beet red and heaved up and down. I had problems wrapping the tape measure around them because Joshua’s back was just too wide. His chest was a staggering 59 inches. Joshua flexed his pecs and let out the manliest and deepest growl I had ever heard in my life upon hearing that number. The last thing we had to measure was his weight and while I was aware that he had packed on a considerable amount of weight, all muscle of course, I still was shocked at the number that flashed on the scale. He had “only” been 200 pounds a few days ago, but now he was 240 pounds. That’s 40 pounds of rock hard muscle in less than four days. I couldn’t believe it and Joshua saw in my eyes that I was confused. “You don’t believe that this is a 240 pound body?” he began while bouncing his pecs. “Well let me prove it to you.” He grabbed a 250 pound barbell, more than his weight, and curled it for reps as if it were nothing. And then after he was done showing off, he proceeded to BEND the barbell with his bare hands. He looked like a wild animal or a brute as he gritted his teeth and tensed every single muscle in his body in order to bend the barbell in half. “One day I’ll be able to break that shit in half as if it were cardboard,” he said as he dropped the deformed barbell to the ground. I just stood there in awe, pre-cum already dripping from my pants, watching his ripped back rippling as he walked towards the showers. To think that we were the same species, let alone age. The words “GET IN HERE” ripped me out of my trance. My mind immediately began to race with the endless possibilities and reasons he could want me in that shower with him. No matter how hard I tried, I could not think of any non-sexual reason he would ask for me to go in and I began to shake with excitement. Once I reached the door to the shower I took two deep breaths and then slowly pushed it open. “What are you waiting for? Get in here,” his deep voice commanded. “Wish I could do it myself but I am just too big to soap my own back.” “Erm…,” I stuttered as I watched the beauty that was his naked body stand underneath the shower. He was facing away from me so I had the opportunity to appreciate his gorgeous and incredibly muscled butt. I had watched more than my fair share of porn but none of the asses online where as great as his. He extended his arm and passed me the soap upon which I began to roam his inhumane back. I made sure to go over every single muscle and crevice. After I was done I took a step back in order to come down from the muscle induced high I was on. At this point my pants where already dripping in pre. “You didn’t soap everything,” he said as he flexed his butt. For a second I was shocked at what he was asking me to do but then I remembered the way he had been acting and the hints he had been dropping and I rushed to grab his ass. At first I was scared that it would be going too far but then I decided to just go for it and put my hand between his two ass cheeks, pretending to soap them. They immediately turned from two warm and soft pieces of flesh to two rock hard slabs. I winced a little in pain which made him laugh as he let my hand go. “You know,” he began. “It’s becoming increasingly hard to clean my armpits on my own too.” I did not need to be told twice and rushed to his hairy armpits. The smell of intoxicatingly hot and manly must filled my nose as he put his arm behind his head, exposing his armpit and flexing his over 22 inch arm. As I washed his armpit, I couldn’t help but move over to his beautiful bicep multiple times and catch a few feels. It did not take long until I felt something pressing against my leg. And didn’t seem short but I mustered up all my strength and managed not to look down. I moved over to his other arm to repeat my wash/worship ritual which only caused him to become even harder. Then something that could only be explained as a miracle of God occurred. The soap bar slipped out of my hands, right in front of his feet. I got down to pick it up but as I was getting up he lost his control. He couldn’t take the wait anymore. He grabbed the back of my head and using what I imagine is only a tiny fraction of his strength, he shoved his dick into my mouth. “SUCK THIS MOTHERFUCKER. 10 FUCKING INCHES OF MUSCLE MAN DICK,” he boomed. The past times we had talked he had always been so polite but now as he stood in his all his naked and pumped up glory he let out his inner beast and to be honest, with that body there wasn’t a single person on the planet he had to be polite to. I wasn’t an expert dick sucker by any means so being confronted with such a large tool was a challenge but I learned to adapt to it fairly quickly. Sadly for me it did not take long for him to start cumming and boy did he CUM. At first I tried to swallow it but it was so much and he just shot it so fast that I ended up pulling his dick out of my mouth mid-ejaculation. This led to him getting some cum on me, the floor and himself. “Oh God, now I’ll have to shower again,” he playfully complained. I had a better idea and began licking the come off his teaming hot body. My tongue traveled from his globe-like pecs to his unbelievable hard and sexy 8 pack. “Now I’ll leave you to take care of that,” he said while walking towards the door and pointing at my still very wet and still very hard dick. Before he left the shower, he turned around, did a magnificent double bicep pose and flashed me the most beautiful smile that mankind had ever witnessed.
  15. Close Encounters with Joshua Banks - Chapter I He was my neighbor, had been since I was a little boy and his family moved to our city but we have never really been friends because we were pretty much opposites. I was your typical video game addicted, friendless nerd, while he was the jock superstar of our high school. The fact that we were never really friends quickly changed during our last summer break before we went off to college. Both our parents were gone, we were home alone and thanks to some miracle, we became very acquainted with each other. It was a fateful summer afternoon when I decided to leave my natural habitat, my basement, and go to the balcony. I didn't leave because I wanted to get some fresh air or maybe a tan in the beautiful sun, but because I wanted to marvel at the beautiful view. And, wow what I view I had from the balcony. I could stare straight into Joshua's garden and watch him in all his 200 pound glory as he sat on a lounge chair, eyes closed and enjoying the warm sun. His muscles heaved, massive balloon like pecs moving up and down with every breath, veins snaking all the way from his massive neck over his huge guns to his thick forearms and tree trunk legs which could barely be contained by shorts that were about two sizes too small. I sat there for what must have been an hour, just staring at him, admiring every single part of his glorious body. But then after some time I could not take it anymore, my dick was begging to be released and so I did. I took it out and began jerking off, keeping my eyes on Joshua the whole time. Suddenly his eyes flashed open and looked directly at me. I was startled, frozen, unsure of what to do. My heart stopped for a second, fearing what would happen next but then flashed a killer smile and ran his hand through his brown hair, flexing his massive bicep. That was more than I could take and I blew my load right then and there. Ashamed and confused, I ran back inside, into the shower and just sat there, trying to figure out whether I had just imagined that smile and he was actually plotting a way to kill me or not. The thought of his massive biceps bulging out as he choked the life out of me actually aroused me again which triggered me to start another jerk off session. After showering I decided to go to the living room and watch some Netflix in order to get rid of all thoughts related to Joshua. That became nearly impossible when I heard a knock at the door. I took a deep breath, braced myself and opened the door. Joshua stood there, now with a shirt that did little to hide his hulking physique, but to my surprise he wasn't here to kill me. Instead he had a friendly smile on his face. "Hey, sorry to impose but I just lost my measuring tape so could I maybe borrow yours," he asked, acting as if he hadn't seen my jerking off to him earlier. "I-I-erm-sure," I stuttered back. "J-just wait a second." I rushed into the kitchen and fetched it for him. "Here you are," I said, trying to force a smile. He grabbed it and gave me a very strong handshake with his massive hand as a thank you. He turned around to leave and I was about to close the door, before he turned back around. "Actually, could I ask you for one more favor?" he began. "I need the tape to measure my biceps but it's a kind of hard to do that on your own. If it's not too much trouble, I'd really appreciate it if you came over and helped me measure them." I don't think that I have ever agreed to anything as fast in my life as to that. We walked over to his house, where he led me the home gym in his basement. My hands were visibly shaking, as he flexed his right arm. It just looked so marvelous as it squeezed against the fabric of his shirt. Then I put the measuring tape around it and God did his arm feel god. I only got to touch it with a few fingers for a few fleeting second but it felt so warm and hard. 17 inches was the number on the tape. "New record for this bad boy.," he smiled. "But we're gonna have to top that today. You mind waiting as I pump up these guns? It's not gonna take long. I just need you to measure one of them afterwards." That was a lie. It took long, he worked out his arms for an hour, but I was more than happy to wait and watch him. I felt like I was in heaven, watching him move weights up and down, pumping his biceps to new heights. My favorite part of his workout was when he did bicep curls. It was such a beautiful exercise to watch because you could his biceps or his thick looked as if they were about to rip out of their beat red skin. Luckily they didn't rip out of the skin but out of Joshua's tight shirt. The shirt had fought long and well but it proved no match for Joshua's arms, as it slowly ripped at the seams with each curl. After the hottest hour of my life (up until that point), Joshua asked me to lay on his back as he did push ups. "I always do a hundred or so push ups after each workout but they've become too easy so I need some extra weight." By then, my boner was unbearably hard but I didn't care and I doubt he did either. He took off his shirt and dropped to the ground, in perfect push up position. I slowly got his wide and shredded back, my boner pressing onto his hard, round ass and awkwardly holding onto him by his shoulders, because I was too shy to touch his arms. "What are you doing? You know you can hold onto my arms, right?" he said, seemingly reading my mind. So I did as I was told and if I hadn't reached heaven yet, I had now. It is a miracle that I didn't blow my third load of the day right then and there. In the entire 18 years of my existence, I had never felt anything so arousing. His biceps were like warm granite, pulsing with power and flexing and unflexing with every push up. I burrowed my fingers into his arms as they were unflexed, but they immediately pushed my fingers away once he went down and no matter what I did, once they were flexed, they were impenetrable. Finally after going up and down 200 hundred times at an unbelievable speed, I was instructed to get off him back and pull out the measuring tape. He gritted his teeth, growled and flexed his arm, somehow pumping up his already pumped to the max bicep even more, as I put the tape around his arm. I am not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to bodybuilding but I am pretty sure a two inch pump isn't normal, yet that is exactly what the tape showed. A staggering 19 inches. As I read him the number, Joshua raised his arms into a breathtaking double-bicep pose and roared: "I'M A BEAST." That was just the first of my many encounters with Joshua...
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