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  1. MuscledJunk

    Bicep Flex

    Can someone post a link?
  2. MuscledJunk

    teenage destroyers or muscle snuff stories

    Does anyone have a story
  3. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Das Warten hat sich gelohnt
  4. MuscledJunk

    The Police Brute - Episodes I - III

    Right underneath the first one
  5. MuscledJunk

    The Police Brute - Episodes I - III

    Sorry it took so long. I had a horrible case of writers, but part three is finally here. I hope it was worth the wait. If not, I'll try to redeem myself with next episodes, which will hopefully not take as long
  6. MuscledJunk

    GymJunkie Muscle Comic/Stories (UPDATED 8/28/18)

    All three of them are AMAZING
  7. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Jetzt wird es richtig spannend
  8. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Man sagt ja immer Qualität vor Quantität und die hast du ja geliefert
  9. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Können wir uns schon auf Teil 2 freuen?
  10. MuscledJunk

    You're Fired!

    I too want more
  11. MuscledJunk

    Journey with Journals - Part 4 Added

    I think that our protagonist will be able to change the bodybuilder's weight, height, penis length, sexual orientation etc... with the journal
  12. MuscledJunk

    A Growing Love, Pt. 2

    Are you sure that you aren't a professional writer?
  13. MuscledJunk

    The muscle app (3)

    I hope Chad just ends up draining every football player and turns into a beast

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