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  1. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Ich LIEBE diese Story. Ich kann kaum auf den nächsten Teil warten
  2. MuscledJunk


    Can not wait for more
  3. MuscledJunk

    Bodybuilders in fiction

    I think he meant novels, movies, series etc..., that heavily feature bodybuilders but aren't erotica stories.
  4. MuscledJunk

    The Police Brute - Episodes I - III

    I've been very busy lately but I'm working on ep4 and will try to have it out by the end of the year
  5. MuscledJunk

    Bicep Flex

    Can someone post a link?
  6. MuscledJunk

    teenage destroyers or muscle snuff stories

    Does anyone have a story
  7. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Das Warten hat sich gelohnt
  8. MuscledJunk

    The Police Brute - Episodes I - III

    Right underneath the first one
  9. MuscledJunk

    The Police Brute - Episodes I - III

    Sorry it took so long. I had a horrible case of writers, but part three is finally here. I hope it was worth the wait. If not, I'll try to redeem myself with next episodes, which will hopefully not take as long
  10. MuscledJunk

    GymJunkie's CG Muscle Growth Comic/Stories (UPDATED 1/20/19)

    All three of them are AMAZING
  11. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Jetzt wird es richtig spannend
  12. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Man sagt ja immer Qualität vor Quantität und die hast du ja geliefert
  13. MuscledJunk

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Können wir uns schon auf Teil 2 freuen?
  14. MuscledJunk

    You're Fired!

    I too want more

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