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  1. chegsuk

    Wikipedia Channel

    It's ok, trawling sites I found it! http://metabods.com/mb/index.php/The_revisualizer
  2. chegsuk

    Wikipedia Channel

    Hi all, Been searching for a story I read ages ago where a guy is working for a new "wikipedia" channel and transforms the guy on screen. The problem is, if I try and search anywhere for it, all I get are links to wikipedia articles about the related words I type in! Any help appreciated. Cheers, X
  3. chegsuk

    Workout With Superman

    Ok, this is driving me insane now as I've always been proud of my ability to find things I want online. I'm looking for a story which I know I read ages ago, which featured a guy who won a workout with Superman and through some sort of drink (I think), grew to match Superman lift for lift. Something in the back of my mind says it was an edit of another story to change the central character from a woman to a man. Help please! X

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