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  1. yo ca va et toi

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    2. PecsBull


      je bosse la bro dsl

    3. DiZ


      Mais on peut s'parler ? Facebook, Skype ou Discord, voire WhatsApp ? :3 Pliiize !

    4. PecsBull


      ok sur discord bro ^^


  2. DiZ


  3. DiZ

    Muscle suit version 2

    The bigger, the better! Hope to see more!
  4. DiZ

    Muscle suit version 2

    Let's hope you find a bigger suit! Because it's not big enough at all ;p
  5. DiZ

    Website Links

    Here's my own Tumblr: https://dumbtoy.tumblr.com/.
  6. DiZ


    My God, Diablo III is actually cool. I always though it was meh. But it's very nice. All those years without knowing... All those years, lost... (Drama is my middle name.)
  7. DiZ

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    The real question is: do you follow them for what they do or for what they believe in? If you listen to a singer, that's because you like his music. But does learning that singer is homophobic (or something else, it's just an example) make his music less good? Not necessarily.