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    fantasy profile.
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    Games, Chatting, RP, Muscle Morphs...
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    Mainly people to chat about muscle men and/or RP.

    A little note about RPing... I'm a logic driven person, which means that regardless how fantastic, surreal, uncanny or magical, reasons, actions and consequences must be logic and have a flow. If you for example grow up to the ceilling, there's really no point in trying clothes from a "normal" person, because they wont fit... period! If you start a scene at location X, and then there's no where in the story that moves you to location Y, you can expect to go back to X if you never left...

    I like realistic physics aswell, so if a character as a huge cock, that could not feasibly penetrate (oral or anal) another character, then it won't. I'm not into cartoonish condomization while RPing. There are plenty of other ways to use a big cock other than involving penetration.

    Also I don't play with cartoon characters, be it on myself or the RP partner.
  • Favorite Stories
    Mostly the ones from FantCMan
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Oddly, most of them are from arab ethnicity... Nasser El Sonbaty, Mamdouh Elssbiay (AKA Big Ramy), Fouad Abiad. Also Branch Warren
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Hyper in general: Muscle, Cock, and Balls growth, lots of body hair. Lots of cum, growth inducing cum, never ending cumshots, nipple cum...

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