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    Pup play and BDSM. Massive furry and gamer. Really want to blast the gym and become the biggest tank I can. No limits growth
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    105kg, 5ft 9. 43 inch chest, 38 inch waist, 16 inch biceps.
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  1. I must keep on this! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minutes passed like hours. Hours seemed to take days. Exhaustion had certainly set in. Just as Danny felt he was going to pass out, there was a noise. It was a door opening. Very quiet, and in the distance, but sure enough, it was there. He called out, his voice weak and scratchy from his dry throat. A male voice reached out from the distance. Well spoken, and formal, it finally offered him interaction. “And here we were, thinking you wanted to be here. If you’re not ready to take your body to the next level, we can have you returned home?” The voice pondered in amusement. Danny fell still, from where his body had been pushing at his restraints. “No. I’m staying,” he croaked, resigned. “Good!” Replied the Jovial voice. “Let us get started then!” Danny's hood was removed from his head, and bleary eyed, he surveyed the scene. The room was dimly lit, but actually huge. The lack of echo, he realised, was from the sound proof cladding all around him. He was seated on a metal chair, on a wooden island in the middle of a sea of sound proofing. There was a pathway that led off into the darkness, but there wasn’t enough light to see how large the room truly was. There were three figures around him. One directly in front, was a slender man in a white lab coat, and unusually square glasses. He looked well-to-do and professional. On either side of Danny was a security guard. Semi-military uniforms and masked faces. This definitely wasn’t a good situation. “We’ve developed a pioneering new serum. At its base, it works to duplicate and multiple muscle fibres, thus increasing strength and size. In animal testing, we did have issues with it also increasing the thickness of the heart tissue, so we tried a way of isolating the muscles during injection, rather than infusing to the bloodstream. It is a more painful procedure, but it had great results in the lab. But the best part, is the greater the muscle mass, the greater the results.” The scientist smirked at Danny's intrigued look. It was obvious he was thirsty. A way to increase size and strength, with only a needle? It was his dream. The scientist continued on, “We will need to take measurements, for clinical purposes.” At this, the two guards on either side of him, unlocked his restraints and stood him upright. With a tape measure and callipers, the scientist went around Danny, taking vital measurements, and jotting them down on a noteboard. Height - 68.9 inches Weight - 202lbs Biceps - 19 inches Chest - 48 inches Waist - 30 inches Thighs - 26 inches Calves - 18 inches “Satisfactory,” the scientist eventually proclaimed. “For there to be growth, there has to be growth material in your body. I won’t bore you with the science, but we have a concoction that we will need to inject into every major muscle group. This will not be pleasant. Do you wish to be sedated?” As he was calming to the situation, Danny thought on that. He decided against it however, as he wanted to see every part of this process and commit it to memory. “Very brave,” he was commended. “If you will follow us to the next room, we will begin the procedure.”
  2. Sorry for the late reply to this guys. Almost a year, but went through a bad breakup, ended up homeless for a while. Scuppered my progress so i'm restarting, but I shall let Danny continue his journey: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The entire workout was even more intense than usual. His mind always on the goal of size, but driven by the prospect of getting bigger, and this mysterious note, pushed him to even greater heights. Each set was ended with a thud, weights hitting the floor making the ground shake just slightly. He never dropped the weights as he viewed that as arrogant and ignorant, but when you lift over a certain amount, there's an inevitability it's going to make noise as it goes down. He skipped the shower as usual. It wasn't that he was lazy or enjoyed stinking, but fresh sweat in his mind was the mark of a true gym goer. He never smelled bad anyways, he just wanted everyone to know he earns his size. The beefy cub swaggered out the gym, and stopped by the shop for a bit of a show off, and to get another drink before getting on the tram home. Taking up his own seat, then a bit of space on either side, he got a few looks but he lapped them up, loving the way that people's looks betrayed their thoughts of admiration and attraction. His usual routine was on the cards for tonight, but he couldn't help but feel electrified. This feeling carried him all through his work the next day, and he was visibly antsy as he counted the minutes down until he got out of work. He had decided to go to the gym later as it was a 24 hour gym, and he would finish up right before midnight, hoping the excitement would make for another good workout. Two hours later, he was proven correct. The gym was quieter than usual so late in the day, but this just meant he had more free reign and didn't have to weight until other people had finished using his equipment. He was sure he could have demanded the equipment but he was confident, not an arrogant asshole. Besides, everyone deserved their chance. Waiting an extra couple of minutes wasn't going to kill anyone. He skipped the shower again as usual, and went outside the entrance to wait. Midnight came and went. Ten whole minutes of waiting and he could feel himself get slightly deflated. It was so quiet that even the automated lights shut off, and he had never seen that before. He was readying himself to leave when he pushed off the wall he had been leaning against, and fell flat to his face on the pavement. Winded by the impact, he tried to look around but felt his body immensely weak, and his vision was becoming blurry. A wave of realisation washed over him. He had been drugged. He tried to call out but to no avail, and within the next minute he was unconscious.. When he came too, it was still dark. No... He was blindfolded. the pressure of the fabric around his head was causing a throbbing. Or that could be the drugs. He tried to raise his hands to uncover himself but he couldn't. He was tied behind the back with coarse rope. As he continued to find his bearings, he realised he was seated. Some sort of metal chair, in a freezing room. He called out, to no answer, not even an echo. The room couldn't be too big then. His body panicked but his head was thinking things through. He needed to try and keep his head if he had any chance of surviving until tomorrow.
  3. Just a quick something I had an idea about. Let me know if you like where this is going! A thick layer of sweat and musk hung over the warm and humid performance that was Danny's Gym. Although calling it a gym would have been what he would have said when he first started. This was his gym anniversary so to speak, and it had gone from a tool to achieve his means, to a home and community. The unspoken bonds between his fellow patrons, the code and brotherhood of iron, and the admiration by those who lack the same dedication made this a temple upon which he worshipped every day. As he entered the large, open room filled with various machines and benches, he remembered the apprehension he felt exactly one year ago. Back then, he had very little clue of what he was doing, and most of the exercises he performed were merely a light warmup for the usual patrons. But back then, he was what he called skinny fat. He looked slim when clothed, but fat when nude. He had always had a problem with his body. In school, he was slim, and wanted to be slimmer. There was no discernable trigger point he could remember, but then one day he wanted to be big. Big back then didn’t have the same meaning as it did now. So he ate. He ate an awful lot, and eventually he ended up fat. His waist burgeoned around the forty inch mark, his chest sagged, yet he retained his skinny arms which always bothered him. He didn’t so much mind the extra size, however the jabs he was getting socially from his friends, and his lack of fitness started to bother him. So eventually Danny moved onto his dream. He had always loved the big bodybuilders and powerlifters, but always lacked the motivation. But this was it, it was the only body type he had not tried, and this was his way towards happiness. So he educated himself and hit the gym. His initial burst was immense. His twig like arms became more like branches in comparison. He easily achieved, then slightly surpassed average. He kept a fair bit of his fat for a while, but looking at him, you knew he was a strong guy. After about six months, he got really serious. His life was supplements, diet and routine. Every waking moment was thinking about how to get bigger. It impressed some of his friends, concerned others, but he was finally living his dream, to be the biggest he could be. Today, as he walked past the mirror in the changing room, exactly one year from the first ever time, he noticed how much he had changed. Slouched shoulders had changed into boulders, his posture perfect and commanding. His skinny back, once able to see his spine was rippling with wide, arching muscle. His arms were anything but average now and for the better. Thick legs, slabs of meat for pecs, juicy, vein lined forearms. He was bordering on what some would call perfection. But for him, nowhere near his goal. He had become obsessed with being bigger, and people had noticed. The right people. As he opened his locker, a note fell out: “We have been watching you danny. You’ve shown amazing commitment to the cause. Are you ready to take this to the next level? Meet me outside here tomorrow night at midnight.”
  4. Heh i've just noticed a few straight guys here and thought i'd do them a favour!
  5. This is the first story i've posted on here. Let's see what you guys think. WARNING: CONTAINS FURRY AND GAY MATERIAL Growing Bonds It's too long to post here. Read HERE
  6. Didn't realise there were such big guys up around this area! 

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