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  1. I need a Buck... please tell me you have more chapters planned.
  2. Any relationship has its issues on every and all levels regardless of genders involved... I think gender is just another variable in the giant mix. However, speaking directly about sexual intercourse, when things get dull, at least we heterosexuals have a plethora of guide books ... some as old 2000 years (Kama Sutra and Ars Amatoria) and they even have pictures!
  3. Besides the typical movies (Hercules, Incredible Hulk, etc), my first in-person experience was at the 1984 Olympics. I got to see several events as a kid, but the most impressive were the weightlifters. I had no idea people could get that large or move that much weight... and so at the age of 7 the size and strength bug began to work its way into me.
  4. So in the US... about 4am Pacific, 7am Eastern
  5. Hello all, Thick Rick and I are heading out to the Lou Ferrigno Legacy in Rancho Mirage/Palm Springs, CA. It's this coming weekend (28-30 October) with IFBB and NPC shows. Anyone else going?
  6. Looks like someone already answered that question.
  7. Sorry for the delay in response... Life got busy. I think it was a great venue. And yeah, I was at the finals. It was pretty tense, but thankfully the medical team acted fast. I was towards the front near the stage, so hard to see what was actually going on.
  8. I always find it easiest to get suit separates... as in the jacket and slacks are sold separately. That way you can get things that are closer fits in both without one dictating the size of the other. The sad news is that you will still have to get some alterations to make things fit right. Rule of thumb, it is easier to make something smaller than to make it bigger. So, if the jacket is good at the chest and arms but circus tent at the waist, a tailor can take that in. Same with slacks, make sure the quads and glutes fit and have them taller down the waist.
  9. For those interested, I just uploaded pictures I took at the Competition.
  10. I remember finding the yahoo newsgroup waaaay back in 1996 while in college. I remember chatting with someone on an AOL chat room that directed me to the group. Back then, People would write stories and post them to the newsgroup effectively sending everyone an email of your story. I don't recall exactly when, but there was a point when the stories were filling up mail boxes too quickly. Thus, the original Muscle Growth Evolution site was born. The original site was meant to house and make it easier to read the stories instead of filling up mail boxes with stories you may not be interested in reading. In the initial years, the forum had a story section, a place to look for RP, and that's about it. But as the original forum title stated, it evolved. Soon many of us didn't just want to talk about fantasy but also about reality, evolve ourselves into muscle. As technology progressed, the site moderator added pictures, videos, chat, etc. Some internal strife happened, things became messy, and the original moderator shut the site down. This site and one other were born from the ashes. As the predecessor forum was about muscle evolution, so has this forum evolved. I think more and more of us are drawn to making muscle a reality, but still find the stories erotic and inspirational. I think we can all agree that we love muscle and that should be at the core of whatever mission statement or purpose might be created.
  11. Seriously, no one else here? If you google search it, you should find a link to watch the Internet simulcast.
  12. I think 90% of the films from the 80s would be considered cheesy by today's standards... Even back then, we knew most the movies were cheesy, but it was what the culture liked and consumed.
  13. Hello all, My year away from the Army has been a roller coaster transition back to civilian life. Recently I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Lots of things have contributed, but I mean to turn things around. One major issue is diet. Earlier today I took a pre-diabetic nutrition seminar at the VA, but I have more questions now than I did before the class. I decided I am giving in and becoming a meal preper. However, between my online research and the class, I feel lost. Has anyone else done meal prep to prevent diabetes? Any guidance is appreciated, especially if you have dealt directly with pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Reply here with info or message me directly. Thanks in advance for you help.
  14. Thanks BlowingUpMassive, still confused/overwhelmed with information. Thankfully I have a one-on-one appointment with the VA nutritionist in a few weeks (took forever to get the appointment, but I got it). Hopefully she will help clear up some confusion and guide me to the right direction.
  15. Wish I could go... but the Olympia weekend always lands the weekend around both my siblings' birthdays... so always have family functions. I, however, will be in Vegas a couple weeks from now (30 SEP) for a concert.
  16. I tend to buy shirts that fit me in the neck/chest/arm area. Inevitably they fit like a tent at the waist. So I just take them to a tailor to add darts. I do have some custom mades that fits awesome. However, the cheaper route is the dart additions to off-the-rack shirts.
  17. I would see him on social sites when I lived in Texas... I often wondered what he was like in person. I hope it went well!
  18. Yes, you are more muscled than the average person. Yes, you should take advantage of the foundation you built farming and use it for bodybuilding and/or powerlifting.
  19. I have a TENS... use it for physical therapy. Not sure I want those feelings magnified.
  20. time-future

    Happy 1st anniversary! When will we see more chapters?
  21. *cough cough* I wonder if we will get a sequel...
  22. The Persian mythology has Rostam.
  23. time-future

    Ahem, cough cough... Any update?
  24. I met him in person several times, though I have lost touch with him. Yes, he is massive. The biggest I saw him in person was at 310lbs. If I get a hold of him again, I will update you all on his growth.
  25. For the safety of your mailbox and good of the community, you should post here.