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  1. Arrived from the gym minutes ago, feeling big and all pumped

    1. Shelby
    2. Built22


      perfect worship time

  2. Going to a party tonight, tank top shirt for the guns out and other stuff cause the night is going to be awesome

    1. Shelby
    2. MLMuscle


      Awesome!  Put on that tanktop and be sure that you flex and show off all nite!   

    3. MrMuscleWorship


      Have a great night hunk!

  3. Pumped here at the gym! Feeling huge and so horny.

    1. Aalereon


      A handsome, tall and muscular guy feeling horny? It doesn't get much better than that!

    2. Aalereon


      A handsome, tall and muscular guy feeling horny? It doesn't get much better than that!

  4. At the gym, midnight time since i work here, everyone ended their sessions. What should i do?

    1. klern


      Workout even more?

    2. Shelby


      Looking forward to some new pics buddy - can only imagine how much more you have grown :)


    3. kamimaree


      Well i work in a gym too xD everytime im bored i work on my chest or back 

  5. Had a great time at this week on the gym and today was the greatest one. Feeling huge and extra swole.

  6. Back from the Gym now, great pump on pecs and biceps!

    1. peakock


      Awesome, how about an update pic then? You look great from what I can see!

  7. Thanks for following me.

  8. Nice pics man... are you on instagram?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ctico


      so I cant follow you?


    3. Felixes


      Exactly, in the next week, i am going to get my new phone, in that way, i am going to approve everyone to follow me there.

    4. ravenweremuscle


      Are you really only 17 Felixes?

  9. Felixes

    From Dork to Beast

    I identified myself a lot on this history, great job, man.
  10. Felixes


    Most of the time i try to not jerk off or fuck with anyone i met cause of this.
  11. It's terrible not be able to work out cause of a flu.


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