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  1. Gym Daddy Bryan walked through the double doors of the gym that Monday evening. It was day one of his six-day workout week. Bryan had a desk job that put him behind a cubicle for a reputable pharmaceutical company for eight hours a day, and getting to the gym was cathartic for him. He scanned his app at the gym counter and proceeded to the men’s locker rooms. Bryan had been working out for six days a week for the better part of three years. With proper diet and steady work, he’d built quite an impressive body for himself. He prided himself on being all natural. Still, at age 28 and only 180 lbs., he was fairly strong for someone his age and weight. Once in the locker room, he changed into his gym wear, quickly shedding his usual polo and khaki pants for Under Armour shorts and a tank that showed off his nice build. Bryan took out his shaker cup and pre-workout from his bag. He mixed a couple of scoops into the cold water from the water fountain nearby, chugged the watermelon-berry flavored mix, secured his bag and proceeded out to the gym floor. This would be his normal routine for quite some time. “Hey Bryan, can you stay over a bit? Monica is still on maternity leave, and I need help finishing this project.” Bryan realized that staying over time with his boss would be more money, but would mess up his normal gym going time. The gym was open until midnight, so he would still have some time. Bryan agreed to work the extra time, and would just go after work. The project was simple. Vials of a new type of testosterone were to be delivered to a Hormone Replacement Therapy warehouse. The formula, imported from the middle east, was reported to have stronger effects than that of regular testosterone. The clinical trials had been tested on mice with positive results. Bryan had seen these types of “new” products all the time. They change one ingredient, market it as a “2.0” type of deal and then sell it for a higher price. Oh well, he would still get paid. He finished boxing up the last of the vials and turn to leave when his foot hit two vials on the floor. Bryan checked the box to make sure his count was correct. Something about the shiny blue liquid in the vials caught his eye, and when his boss had his back turned, Bryan scooped them up and placed them in his pocket. If he was off, he could just replace them during the next shipment. That evening it would be around 8:30 when Bryan finally arrived the gym. The entire clientele had changed. Usually, there were many professionals there during the earlier hours...single mothers taking spin and body pump classes, computer tech nerds who would utilize the personal training room, and a few college kids here and there. The weights would be normally empty so Bryan could get in and get out rather quickly. Tonight, however, was not the case. At this time, there were the bodybuilder types getting in their second workout of the day, the meat heads who would “bro” them to death trying to get the secret to who their steroid dealer was, or secretly lust after them. Bryan stayed to himself. Some of the muscle studs were hot, but since they weren’t Bryan’s usual crowd, he hesitated to say anything to them. “Hey man, you busy? Can you spot me?”, came a deep voice from behind Bryan. Bryan turned around and his mouth almost fell to the floor. Behind him was a bald black man, had to be no taller than 5’10” and a tank. Everything on him look pumped, like an off-season bodybuilder. His muscled chest protruding through his painted on t-shirt, his four blocky abs visible through his shirt. The massive vein in his biceps snaked down to his forearms, as the big slabs sat resting on his thick lats. The man was truly massive. He had to weigh 250 lbs. His face was kind of weathered though. “Name’s Freddie”, said the old tank. “Bryan”, said the 20 something trying desperately to keep his eyes from drifting downwards towards the protruding crotch no more than one foot from him. “Can you give me a spot? I’m turning 52 in a week and I can’t push the big weights around like I used to.” “Sure”, said Bryan. Bryan thought to himself, ‘he must have been a beast in his hay day, but time catches up to everyone I guess.’ Bryan prepared himself to help spot maybe 215lbs...275 at the most. Stepping to the bar, Bryan counted four plates on each side. That was 405 lbs. He couldn’t bench that much. Hell, he didn’t know many people that could. Freddie got under the bar, and said “lift off on three”. “1...” “2...” “3”, and after a sharp intake of breath, and a jerk from Bryan, Freddie held the bar over his chest, slowly lowered it down, then pushed it back up for one rep, then another...and then another. After eight reps, he lowered it to his chest, and roared a primal roar that made pre-cum leak from Bryan. Luckily his shorts were black. After two more grueling reps, Freddie racked the bar with a clang that echoed throughout the entire gym. “Wow”, stammered Bryan, that was incredible. Freddie looked and smiled. “Thanks man. I’m trying to battle age, but it’s a hard thing to beat. Thanks for spotting me. Are you in here often? I don’t see you a lot.” “No”, said Bryan. “I’m usually here during the earlier part of the day. But if you ever need a spot, I can start coming a little later in the day. It’s no big deal.” “Thanks man” With that, Bryan continued his own workout. He watched the old man continue to bench with drop sets, and then move on to another exercise. Bryan noticed that Freddie did full body workouts. Despite his older age, Freddie’s muscles seemed to carry a bloated pump. Bryan paced himself in order to finish right around the same time. As he headed back to the lockers, he saw the big man posing in the mirror, his frame pulsing and writhing with mature muscle. “You like what you see, boy?”, came Freddie’s deep voice. Bryan quickly moved to his locker, but the old man, still shirtless, came over to where he was. “I could tell you had a thing for this muscle since your boner almost smacked me in the face during my bench press. Why don’t you come help an old man clean up back at the house? I’ll let you pin me after I shower. It’s time for my HRT this week anyway.” Bryan could barely contain himself, and as he changed into his gym gear, he heard the faint clank of the two glass vials still in his pants pocket... Turns out Freddie lived not too far from the gym. Years in the US Marines had shaped his body, but now retired, he served as security for a reputable casino on a Native American population. Living near the desert away from Los Angeles, Freddie was able to afford a really nice house. As Bryan pulled in the driveway of the two story house. Following Freddie inside, was a really nice layout. His military retirement didn’t go unnoticed. In the kitchen were marble countertops lined with supplements. Freddie offered Bryan a seat and disappeared into his bedroom. The master bedroom was on the bottom floor...presumably because of Freddie’s age thought Bryan. Within a few moments, Freddie returned with a syringe and a bottle. Here’s the test they prescribe for me. Draw 2 ccs and pin the right cheek. Then we can get to know each other better. Bryan went into the kitchen to grab a paper towel and some alcohol. While his back was to Freddie, he drew 1 cc of the blue liquid into the syringe. He then drew the 2 ccs of Freddie’s HRT, recapped the needle and walked back over. Freddie had turned and presented his muscular ass to Bryan. “Pin daddy, boy”, he growled. Bryan rubbed the alcohol soaked paper towel over the skin, and plunged the needle in, emptying its contents. As he finished the syringe, he heard a low moan come from Freddie. After clotting the injection site, Freddie turned around and grabbed Bryan by the back of the head, forcing his mouth on his dick. Bryan began to suck Freddie for all he was worth. Freddie’s fat cock was veiny and at least eight inches hard. The organ was engorged with blood, making it extremely heavy and powerful. With Freddie’s added power, Bryan’s throat was getting a thorough pounding, but he was skilled, and soon Freddie erupted down his throat. After licking his new muscle daddy clean, Bryan made his way back to his car, and headed home to get some sleep for work the next day. --- Tomorrow would be no different for Bryan. He would finish up at work, file some extra work and finish some extra projects, and then head to the gym at his new later time. Freddie was already in the gym when he got there, but he seemed bigger. He now wore a sleeveless shirt and a pair of gym shorts that hugged the middle of his monstrous thigh. He was going through his full body workout, at the bench press but no spot, and just re-racking what seemed like 455lbs. Bryan was in awe. Freddie gave Bryan a large bear hug when he saw him. Too Bryan’s surprise Freddie had just completed his fourth set of 455lbs. His chest and arms looked completely pumped. “Ummm Freddie?” “Call me sir, boy. Don’t make me punish you again.” “Sorry, sir. How much do you weigh?” “It was the weirdest thing boy. I weighed 275lbs. this morning and felt strong as an ox. Ate like one too. I suppose I should let you give me that blue stuff more often.” Freddie winked at Bryan, and Bryan felt sick. Freddie had seen him, and realized the potency of the solvent. After the workout was finished, Bryan was back at Freddie’s house yet again. Freddie would have him pin him, fuck his mouth, and then send him home. Each of the days, Bryan would mix 1cc of the blue liquid with the HRT that Freddie was prescribed. Each day Freddie would show up looking bigger, and more massive. By the end of the week, Freddie weighed a whopping 360 lbs. of jacked muscle. Friday came and went, and Bryan had just finished up his job. He’d actually gotten off of work early, but waited faithfully before entering the gym. Freddie had so much domination over Bryan, that he would actually sit in his car and wait for Freddie to walk in the gym before him. Saturday, the old man was situated in the middle of the gym. Today he was wearing only some lycra spandex shorts, similar to what Kai Greene would wear...and some lifting shoes. At 390lbs., his insane bulge was fighting for air, while his naked torso was exposed leaving mountainous pecs, traps to his ears, boulder shoulders, arms that could barely bend anymore, and a bulbous muscle gut. His legs waddling over each other with every step he took. His back was so wide; it actually hid the entire gym worker who had been trying to talk Freddie into at least putting on a shirt. The workout was brief today, partly because Bryan kept having to hide his massive boner after seeing the powerful display that was his gym daddy. As usual after the workout, Bryan went to Freddie’s house. This time it would be different. Freddie didn’t take the HRT mixture tonight. It was the remainder of the blue liquid from the vial that Bryan had. After Bryan administered it, Freddie turned around and placed a chain around his neck with a lock. “You belong to me now boy. You’re my muscle boy now.” Instead of feeling a sense of capture, Bryan felt a sense of pride. His gym daddy was possibly the most muscular human on the planet. “Order us some food boy. Then come clean daddy.” Bryan ordered several large pizzas to be delivered. The app said about 45-55 minutes, so that would be time to clean his muscle daddy from head to toe. Once in the bathroom, Bryan was commanded to wipe the ass of the muscle bull, as he could no longer reach nor had the flexibility. Then once in the shower, Bryan dutifully cleaned and washed Freddie, feeling the pulsating muscles. At one point Bryan could swear the muscles were actually growing under his touch, but that couldn’t be possible. Once dried off and back in the living room, Freddie sat on the recliner and spread his mammoth legs open; his 15-inch dick hung over the seat cushions waiting at attention. Bryan knelt and began sucking the large monolith when the doorbell rang. “It’s open!” bellowed the black giant. Bryan dared not stop sucking the massive cock as the pizza delivery boy (thank goodness it was a male) stepped in. “Ummmm, where do you want these, sir?”, said the delivery guy. He couldn’t be more than 25 years old. “Bring em here and feed them to me.” “Ummm sir, I’m still on the clock—“ “That wasn’t a request boy!” As if possessed, the pizza guy walked over with an open box, and proceeded to feed Freddie slice after slice, which the older man gobbled down. Bryan could swear his muscle daddy was growing with each bite; his mouth being further molested by the growing obelisk. After two boxes, Freddie signaled to stop and tipped the boy, Bryan still sucking for his life. Moments later Freddie erupted down Bryan’s throat. As Bryan began to dislodge the cum splattered dick from his throat and stand up, he suddenly felt a vice grip on his quads. The huge hands encircling them were Freddie’s hands. Bryan looked to see that Freddie was immediately hard again. Using a free hand, Freddie grabbed Bryan’s boxers and ripped them away like tissue paper. Freddie then lifted Bryan like a toy over his pulsing cock. Bryan couldn’t help but notice the snakelike veins pulsing over Freddie’s body, sending blood to pump his growing muscles even more. Freddie’s eyes were now glazed over; the only thing on his mind was fuck. As his dick entered Bryan’s waiting hole, Bryan screamed at how thick his invader was, stretching him inch by inch until the 17 inch pole was completely swallowed and Bryan’s throbbing ass cheeks were kissing the hilt. As the older muscle god moved Bryan up and down on his cock like a sex toy, Bryan held on for dear life. Freddie then stood up with Bryan impaled on his dick. Bryan thought he was taller than before... Counter after counter, room after room, tables, couches, floors...Freddie fucked Bryan until the 28 year old cried in pleasure and pain, asking daddy to show mercy. After Freddie came six more times within Bryan’s ass, he popped the young stud off of his dick and keeping him on all fours, wrapped his meaty paw within the chain around Bryan’s neck, holding him there like a pup on a leash. Freddie “walked” his pup into the bathroom and stepped on his industrial scale. “Read it to me boy. Daddy’s pecs are too big”. It was true. Freddie could barely look past his chest. “485lbs. sir”, “said Bryan, proud that his gym daddy...no just his daddy...was the biggest most muscular man in the world. At the moment, he felt a sharp tug at the chain around his neck and blacked out. What seemed like hours later, Bryan regained his consciousness and found he was on the California King bed inside the master bedroom...Bryan noticed his ass was stretched wider, but felt full. An even larger cock was stuffed inside, consistently spewing cum. The behemoth underneath even larger than moments ago breathing and causing Bryan’s entire mass to rise up and down in synchronicity with the breath. Bryan gazed to the right and saw his pants on the dresser, and on the nightstand, a bottle of the blue liquid that was nearly gone. “That’s right boy. Daddy found the other bottle. When I last stepped on the scale it broke. Damn thing was only meant for 650 lbs. anyway, which means I’m a freak, and I’m still growing. But I don’t wanna break my boy, so I left three doses for you so you will be able to at least survive the fucks. You’ll move in here, be my muscle-boy, lift with me, be prepared to take my dick at least three times a day, and clean me daily while I flex and pump bigger. In return, I’ll fill you with my seed, fuck you senseless, feed you so you can grow bigger, and let you worship my muscles. This isn’t a request boy.” “Yes daddy,” said Bryan as he licked the massive nipple of his daddy’s chest and awaited the prick of the needle in his skin. Maybe he could sneak out another bottle or two during the next shipment. His daddy always had room to grow...
  2. Hey guys! Thanks for taking this awesome journey with me. This is the finale to this tale, and it's my hope that one of you talented people will illustrate the work. Maybe someday, I might post it again for a Continuous Story, but for now this is it. Again, thanks and enjoy the conclusion... Finale and Epilogue Amos looked back at Dante who finally stood, his head almost near the ceiling; he had to weigh more than 800lbs.; way more than enough to sqush the large demigod in the lobby. Amos looked on as Dante’s eyes turned a deep white, and he licked his lips as if he were about to eat a tasty meal… “Be out in a second, Mr. K”, Dante smirked, and stomped towards the locker room entrance… Kalfu was pumped. He had mustered the strength from all of his worshippers, all of his victims and had grown quite large. To him, he had to be the most muscular individual who ever walked the Earth. This was the first time he had to use the majority of his power. ‘Amos’ he thought…’that ancient decrepit old bodybuilder with dreams of grandeur…’ Kalfu should’ve killed him back then on that day. Now, here he was in the prison of his own making, ready to confront yet another Avatar of his own design. This time he would not make the same mistake. At nearly 600lbs., Kalfu looked every bit as intimidating as he felt…that was until he felt the rumbling. The ground began to shake under Kalfu; as if something large and ominous was heading his way. At first, he thought it was that large machine that humans liked to travel throughout the city in…a “streetcar” is what the mortals called it. One ran right in front of the gym…but no it was no streetcar. This was something else. Something bigger… Just then, from the locker rooms came a thud. There was another thud, and then a crack. Whatever was coming from the locker room was apparently too big for the door. Another CRACK, and then BOOM! The immediate bricks around the door frame exploded from the wall, creating a hole large enough for this creature to emerge from. An even larger Dante stepped forward, his body glistening in sweat from the growth, and Kalfu could see that his growth showed no signs of stopping. Dante was now eye level with the tallest gym equipment. He saw Kalfu, and for the first time he sensed it…fear. The demigod was actually fearful of Dante’s size. Dante could feel the hundreds of followers…people from all over the world, pledging their size and obedience to him, the absolute rush of power flowing through him. The closer he strode to Kalfu, the bigger and stronger he grew. Kalfu decided not wait. Immediately he threw a right hook into the muscle belly of the larger man. The echo thud could be heard and felt through the gym, but Dante did not budge. “What’s the matter Mr.K?” Dante mocked… “Out of followers to feed on?” Kalfu ducked back to a small weight plate rack. He grabbed an Olympic size 100lb. plate and hurled it at Dante like a disc. Dante, surprisingly quick, caught the plate and snapped it over his sequoia sized quad. Another plate was hurled. This time Dante caught the plate and with surprisingly quick reflexes, backhanded Kalfu, sending him flying into the front counter. It had been a while since Kalfu had actually felt pain. His large muscles and thick demigod skin had absorbed a lot of the collateral damage, but the force with which he was it was indeed painful. He struggled a bit to regain his composure. He’d never seen an Avatar this big. Dante was now clearing the 9’5” mark in height and weighing in at 1200lbs. with no sign of stopping in sight. Dante waddled over to the counter and grabbed Kalfu around his throat. SLAP! The other hand of the Avatar came across the face of the demigod. SLAP! SLAP! Kalfu was now on the verge of tears. Each painfully humiliating slap was stronger than the one before. After the slaps, came a gut shot from a powerful fist. Kalfu cringed in pain as his air left his lungs. The monster was easily holding him up with one arm and pummeling him with the other. “You toy with people’s lives for amusement! You take the good in people and use it for your own selfish gain. You call yourself a god of destiny…of JUSTICE! You’re too small-minded. You barely survive in this city, and you need an Avatar to help you thrive outside its limits. You’re the weakest god I’ve ever seen.” Dante berated the now battered and bruised demigod. Usually Kalfu would’ve healed as quickly as Dante could hit, but the aura Dante was giving…the same purple and gold one that protected his acolytes and Amos…enveloped his punches and slaps. Whatever he was hitting Kalfu with was sticking. Kalfu despartely tried to hit the massive and growing bicep of Dante, hoping…praying it would give way… It didn’t. The behemoth squeezed tighter, and after several gut punches, choke slammed Kalfu into the gym floor, creating a foot and a half deep crater. “Who’s your god, Kalfu?” Dante stood over the defeated demigod, one of his massive feet on the now incomparably smaller chest, the weight growing heavier by the second. Many of Dante’s followers had shared links to his ONLYFANS page in their Instagram stories, and more and more followers were joining and pledging their 5% to the growing hulk. Dante focused intensely, and he and Kalfu suddenly disappeared in a puff of smoke. In the dead of night, Kalfu and Dante emerged. Kalfu hadn’t counted on his Avatar learning to teleport this early. When Dante removed his heavy foot, Kalfu recognized his location…the cold pavement under his scarred and bruised back and the cold wet grass clutched in his left hand was situated only feet from a metallic green sign. The sign was separated by a thin white line; the top half reading “Louisiana State Line”, the bottom half “Calcasieu Parrish”. Kalfu had been taken to the Texas/Louisiana state line. “Let’s see how powerful you think you are, mighty Kalfu!”, mocked Dante. He grabbed Kalfu by the neck again, this time the demigod kicking and punching and spitting, doing everything he could to release the hold. But it was no use. Dante, by now, was too powerful and barely registered any of the attacks. At arm’s length, he held Kalfu past the sign, and Kalfu began to literally smoke… “Just as I thought…still too weak outside of your pitiful state.” Kalfu’s ebony muscles began to sweat. He was trying to hold on with all his might. “I wonder if I just hold you past this line, will you die?” “Stop, please. It’s too much!” “Pledge yourself to me, Kalfu. Worship the god that I’ve become.” Kalfu could only hang his head in shame. His entire body racked with agony as it was all his magical energies could do to sustain him. This is what he feared the most. “I’ll do it. My massive muscle god, I pledge myself to you.” Dante smirked. “Good boy.” Suddenly, with a massive paw, Dante reached up and snatched the remains of Kalfu’s trousers from him, revealing a fat thirteen-inch dick. “Now see what a REAL god looks like!” Dante encompassed Kalfu in a massive bear hug. The crevice in between his pecs alone was enough to nearly suffocate the demigod. Had it not been for the last of his magic, Kalfu would have been crushed. However, he was barely hanging on, and Dante knew it. Dante’s two foot obelisk was oozing with precum, and Kalfu had the ass for the taking. Still holding Kalfu in mid-air, Dante entered the two globes of muscular ass. He made sure to slowly give each painful inch to the broken demigod. Each inch elicited a pleasurable moan from Kalfu. He hadn’t been fucked in centuries. Dante began pumping the smaller individual up and down on his powerful rod. The precum Dante had earlier made good lube as he continued to fuck Kalfu, each thrust harder and more powerful than the last. After bottoming out at 18 inches, Dante looked into Kalfu’s eyes…his real, brown eyes. The pure white hue of god-hood was gone, and now a withering being stood. Dante was enjoying humiliating his “demigod”, next tossing Kalfu to the pavement, hearing a snap of bones as Kalfu’s spine connected with the concrete. Dante kneeled and wrapped his lips around Kalfu’s throbbing dick. It turns out, the demigod was aroused by the monumental display of power before him. Dante sucked for all his worth, but it didn’t take long for the demigod to release his seed into the titan. Dante began swelling almost immediately. Kalfu thought it was only 5%, but Dante kept growing and kept sucking. He felt more this time. It was more than a measly 30 lbs. It was a life force. Kalfu tried to resist, but it was too much. Dante grew thicker, heavier. He could feel POWER, power over destinies, power over fates, power of strength and muscle, everything that Kalfu wished he could be. After 15 minutes, Dante stood to his full height and stared at the pavement. Only a black top hat remained. He smirked, grabbed the hat, and with a thought, evaporated into the night… Amos and the acolytes paced back and forth across the battered gym floor, wondering whether their master had been victorious. Suddenly, a bright flash appeared and a behemoth stood before them. Toppling 15’ tall without his newly acquired top hat, Dante stood almost to the ceiling of the gym. His body continuously pumping from the growing number of followers. “Master?”, called one acolyte. “I am not your master, mortal,” bellowed Dante. “I am Dante, god of fate, luck, justice…and muscle”. Dante flexed gargantuan bicep on the word “muscle” causing Amos and his acolytes to cum there on the spot. Dante placed his top hat on his head, and looked at Amos. “Time to fuck boy…” “My god, I am afraid I am too small to service you,” Amos muttered softly and serenely. Dante reached down and picked Amos up and kissed him deeply. When Dante set him back down, Amos had grown…humongous!!! Amos looked at his mature muscle, now doubled what he was before. At 7’5” and 520 lbs. of solid muscle, the old bodybuilder was a sight to behold at massive proportions, yet still looked as a twig compared to Dante. Dante then snapped his fingers, and the damages done to the gym were instantly healed. “You four”, the new muscle god commanded of the stunned acolytes. “You four will move to the four corners of the country…Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami. Open up gyms in the name of muscle, and your clients will pledge to me, and worship me. For this…I shall reward you.” Dante knelt down and waved his hands, and the acolytes vanished to their respective cities, only to wake to find clothes, an apartment complex, and credit cards with very high spending limits, waiting to complete the task of their new god. Each one of them, now weighing 300lbs. of prime muscle. “What about me?”, Amos asked. “Amos, this gym is your gym now, and you may come and go as you please without consequences. You are my Avatar now. When I want to fuck, I will send for you. Don’t worry, in the underworld your body will conform to suit my needs. But for now, relish in the fact that you will be a conduit for my power and influence.” “But my lord, who will I fuck?” Just then, the gym door opened and in walked a muscular lad…he had to be no more than 230lbs. “Hi, I’m Marcus, where can I sign u----”, the young man stammered in a perfect British accent. Marcus saw the two muscle giants before him, and fell to his knees, frozen in awe and in fear. “Come, boy.” It was a command, and suddenly Marcus was in front of Dante. “You were the first to pledge to me. Drink from me, now!” Marcus wrapped what little of his mouth he could around Dante’s head and began to drink the oozing precum. It tasted like the mass gainer shakes he drank in the morning. Amos could see the young British lad filling out with mass. His shoulders thickening, his abs bloating with mass, his chest and thighs spilling into his clothes, and his ass...my god, what an ass. Amos was practically drooling. After Marcus was compelled to stop, he topped off at a massive 350 lbs. “Marcus, you will be our new personal training manager for Five Percent Fitness. This strapping young man is Amos, my Avatar. He will be your manager. You are to do exactly as he says, when he says, or I will take your soul. Is that understood?” Marcus nodded furiously. He knew that Dante was the real deal. He would serve him, he would bring others into the fold, and he would do whatever was necessary to please his Avatar. “Ass boy, NOW!” barked Amos. Marcus was compelled to obey… Epilogue: It had been 15 years since that fateful day. Amos never aged a bit. He had actually gotten a little larger. Topping the scales at 615lbs., the ebony juggernaut would find himself with a gym full of clients daily…so much that he had to open two other locations across the New Orleans area. Frequently, he’d visit the underworld to find Dante sitting on his throne. He particularly enjoyed his visits as the 75 ft. tall 18,000lb. god would use his magic to grow Amos to his proportions. That was the only way he’d survive the sex…the nasty, pounding, spine-tingling, world rattling sex…and only when Amos could take no more, only when his ass was flooded with the seed of his voodoo deity, would Dante return him to the mortal realm, back to normal but slightly bigger than he was when he first entered. Marcus became manager of one of the New Orleans branches, but always found the time for Amos. He did so more than ever, as Amos and Marcus married seven years after Dante’s ascension to god-hood. As a wedding gift and reward for his service, Marcus was given a gift from Dante…that he would always weigh 5% less than his husband Amos, and would age slower than any other man. This made the couple the most muscular in the state, if not the country. The sex wasn’t bad either…and while Marcus would never live as long as Amos, the two would go on to live together for the next five centuries. Amos rarely updated the ONLYFANS page. It turns out, the content there was more than enough to satisfy generations. Additionally, every new member signed away 5% of their muscle when joining the gym. By this time, people willingly gave their muscle to Dante. They always seemed to get it back so much faster after working with the gym’s top notch trainers. Five Percent Fitness became global, with branches in many parts of the globe. Bodybuilders, powerlifters, wrestlers, and fitness moguls alike all ended up working out there. Business was good, and all the while, Dante watched from his throne below, throbbing with muscle and power, his top hat tipped just enough to hide the pure white pupils of his eyes; flexing, fucking, and growing for eternity.
  3. Part 9 Amos had been researching since the night he first encountered Dante. He loved seeing the muscle titan grow bigger and more powerful each time. Since Dante had tapped into his powers a lot more, he’d since found a way to keep the energies he drained for his own, rather than that energy transferred to Kalfu. But Amos knew the demigod would be wise to his lack of energy soon. And he had to act fast if he were to prepare Dante for what was to come. Since Dante’s new management of the gym had taken off, dozens of new members had joined in that time. This partly due to Amos setting up social media accounts for the gym and making a few much needed updates for the society. Being stuck within the gym for the last few decades had given the former Mr. Olympia some perspective. He had been worshipped during his glory days, but now technology had made it so much easier. Two weeks ago, while scrolling through Instagram, he noticed several muscular men who weren’t even professional bodybuilders. However, it was quite clear they were juicing and pumping their bodies up to extreme levels. One lived as far as England and worked as a stripper, while one 300lb. beast doubled as a massage therapist and gigolo. The commonality between these pages were links to what was called an “Only Fans” page. Amos found out that hundreds of people would subscribe to these pages, and after paying a monthly fee, would be able to browse pictures and videos of these muscle men that they normally wouldn’t see on more docile social media pages. This gave Amos the idea to make a Only Fans page for Dante. With Dante constantly growing and people seeing his workouts on Instagram, it only made sense that his more devoted followers wanted something “extra”. The Only Fans page was full of content. There were pics of Dante in his size progression, videos of him lifting heavy weights in the nude, the occasion video of Dante jacking himself off in the sauna, Dante flexing, one of Dante sucking himself off, and of course a phone cam video of Dante fucking Amos from Dante’s perspective. Amos liked that one the most. He would often replay it throughout the day. Hearing himself moan from the creole behemoth’s large cock widening him even further. At this point, Amos would never again find satisfaction in sex with another man. He even tried having two of the other acolytes double penetrate him, but even with the both of them combined, Dante’s obelisk still reigned supreme, and Amos only felt half full… Amos finished uploading the content and took the iPad out of the office to Dante, who he saw had just finished growing. “It’s ready sir”. “What’s this?”, Dante bellowed, his massive chest and nipples heaving over his turtle shell abs. “It’s something I’ve been working on for the gym sir. It’ll help get you more follwers, and bring in more money.” “I trust you, Amos. Start it up. I need to shower, and then I’m gonna loosen that sweet ass of yours up even more.” Dante waddled off to the shower, his muscles literally rolling over one another. Amos could swear he had grown a lot taller also, like he had to be at least 6’6”. The acolytes grabbed towels and immediate followed their gym god into the mens locker room. Amos hit the “Launch” button on the site. The Creole Colossus Only Fans (Amos couldn’t think of a better name at the moment) page was officially up and running with a link connected to the Instagram page. -- Marcus had just finished his gym workout. The Iron Fitness gym in Brixton, London really was the most hardcore gym in the area. Suddenly his phone alerted him that the Prime Fitness Instagram had some updates. He loved that gym, especially the larger-than-life new gym owner. He had been planning to make the trip to the States for some time, just for the sole purpose of going in there to lift. He had pushed his body to 240 naturally with hard work and diet, but now he was cycling steroids to push past his limits. It was all he could do to pay for the stuff, since being a stripper only made so much money. Marcus would love to know what kind of juice THAT guy was taking. He noticed the link to an Only Fans page in the Instagram account. Marcus eagerly clicked the link and was brought to the “Creole Colossus” Only Fans page. That’s an interesting name. The account was asking for $19.95 each month. Marcus thought that was easily one of his lady fan’s tip. He could spare that much. Plus, it was only about 14 pounds in British currency. He agreed to pay the fee, clicked NEXT and was brought to a weird page. In the top center, it had a picture of Dante in a most muscular pose, each saturated with power. However, there was some weird text under the picture. It read: Welcome to the ONLY FANS page of Dante LeBeaux, the Creole Colossus. Dante is a muscle titan; one who aspires to true godhood; one who requires your service and devotion. Pledge 5% of your muscle to him today, and enter to worship. There was an electronic signature box underneath. ‘What the hell’, thought Marcus. ‘It was probably a part of the act. After all, someone that big would probably have a daddy complex.’ Marcus typed his full name in the electronic signature box and hit SUBMIT. Immediately, he felt a little weaker, his muscles didn’t look quite as full, he didn’t feel quite as strong. But his phone lit up with content from the page. He clicked on the muscle orgy first. All of that muscle just dominating those smaller guys, and one of those guys were bigger than him…he clicked on the next video, a masturbation video where four muscle heads were attending to the muscles of the larger man. Slowly, Marcus’ hands found their way to his dick, and began stroking. Had Marcus not been in so much bliss and awe, he may have noticed that he now weighed 228lbs. Marcus continued stroking in the locker room sauna, and then he heard the recorded Dante speak to him… “Keep stroking boy. Don’t cum until daddy does.” “Yes sir,” Marcus moaned out loud. Just as he thought he was about to blow, he found his balls relaxed, ready for the continued assault as Marcus kept stroking. He was in the steam room of the gym and could be heard by all those passing by. But he didn’t care. He compelled to obey the muscle god on the small phone screen leaning against the wall. After about 20 minutes, the video behemoth finally erupted. Torrents of cum splattered over the gigantic torso. And as if on cue, Marcus, himself, came in the sauna. His back arching as cum splattered on his chest and slowly dribbled down his abs. “Lick it off boy. Taste and savor what daddy made you do.” There was a pause from the video, no doubt meant to give its viewer time to comply with the demand. After a short while it spoke again to Marcus, who by now was savoring his own seed. “Keep pumping those muscles, and maybe one day you should come give me a workout here at Prime Fitness.” Marcus felt energized, like the last grueling workout was nothing. He went back into the gym, and continued to work-out for another hour and a half. After finally getting home, he began to pack his things. He needed to work out with his master… -- As Dante was being washed by his four acolytes, he began to feel full, like he’d just eaten a really big lunch. None of the acolytes had fed him in a while, but he felt his muscles pumping larger. He thought about the day. ‘Was this residual growth left over from that shake?’ Amos walked into the shower stall, and looked at his master. Dante locked eyes with Amos, and knew then that whatever Amos had done had caused the growth. Suddenly, Dante doubled over with pain. His acolytes looked worried…they’d never seen their master with pain before. Suddenly the pain turned to pleasure as Dante began to hulk out even more…his back widening to fill even the wider handicap shower stall; his bones creaking, thickening, and expanding to accommodate even more mass to his already growing frame. His traps now soundly touched his ear lobes, supported by shoulders that could tackle and tip a Hummer; biceps, triceps, and forearms all growing in unison of each other; his chest thickening and growing hairier as his nipples were now swallowed by the overlap and thick as Hershey kisses; his muscle belly rounded and supported by bulging thighs and the shelf-like ass protruding from his back; his legs packing on muscle muscle and size, but not to touch each other, as the swinging elephant trunk planted in between them fought for space and domination. At 22 inches, his veiny muscle cock was truly a sight to behold. Dante could feel the energies flowing through him, growing him, changing him. London, Seattle, New York, Orlando, Japan, Australia, Los Angeles…all of these people giving their muscle to him, growing him, worshipping him. Amos and the other acolytes backed away as Dante continued to swell in height, power, and size. Suddenly, they heard a huge bang. Amos looked out into the gym area. The entrance doors had been kicked in, and a near 500lb. Kalfu entered fuming and rage filled. “Come out my little Avatar! I need to take back what’s mine and teach you a lesson in who’s the demigod, and who’s the runt.” Amos looked back at Dante who finally stood, his head almost near the ceiling; he had to weigh more than 900lbs.; more than enough to squash the large demigod in the lobby. Amos looked on as Dante’s eyes turned a deep white, and his licked his lips as if he were about to eat a tasty meal… “Be out in a second, Mr. K”, Dante smirked, and stomped towards the locker room entrance, rumbling the very foundations of the building with each step he took…
  4. Part 8 (short part, but there are only two chapters left after this) C’MON, ONE MORE! Amos shouted at the newest member of Prime Fitness, as he maxed out on the benchpress. Two weeks after Dante took over, the gym had been converted into a hardcore gym, and their newest owner had attracted new members from all over. Also, many professional bodybuilders, strongmen, wrestlers, and all types of gym rats stopped by from outside of the state. They would train heavy and and tough, always longing for a chance to meet the massive gym owner. They would always try and question him: What was he cycling? Was he cycling? How much could he lift? But Dante would always just tease them. He would invite them back into his private office. The smaller guys he would flex for them, then drain them of their cum once they erupted. The bigger guys, he allowed them to fuck him, and then he would fuck them in return. Over the past two weeks Dante had exploded into a 396lb. monster. Most of his attire was gym clothes and his acolytes would always feed him and bathe him after his grueling workouts. Amos was always the one to wash him, making sure he would get every nook and cranny of the muscle god. Being the largest of the acolytes and the oldest, Amos would always throw his weight around when it came to Dante. The other acolytes got to dry Dante off. Some nights, Dante would demand they tongue-dry him, which the acolytes did faithfully without question. And all the while Dante kept growing, kept gaining the energies of the victims, but it was all a part of his plan. Kalfu struggled in his lair. He had drained his last energies in an effort to confront his Avatar. Kalfu began to swell bigger. He remembered his past worshippers, his “deals” and began to ciphon that energy into himself. There wasn’t much. Most of it had been used to keep his long life. Kalfu’s back began to widen. He didn’t even focus on aesthetics. He was more concerned with power and strength. His taut and lean body began to morph into that of a powerlifter. His thin cut blazer began ripping at the seams. His biceps beginning to tear through the fabric. Kalfu began to lose some of the definition in his abs as the power entered his stomach area. His pecs heaving with raw power as his chocolate nipples pointed down and rubbed across the top of his now muscle belly. His legs, not to be outdone, grew thicker and wider. The lower part of his pants stretched until he reached down to tear them off, giving his monstrous calves some room. The top half of his Even with the partial energies he absorbed from Dante’s initial conquests, he still only capped off at 450lbs. He was bigger than Dante, but for how much longer. He would have to make his move while he still had power. -- Dante finished his second daily workout. While the workouts didn’t actually make him bigger, he enjoyed the feeling of the power he had. He finished his warm down set of curling 275lbs. The pump only made the veins in his 32-inch arms only more grotesque and engorged. He looked in the mirror at quads larger than most men's waists. His back spilling out of his gym tank, wide and powerful. His traps so high and so huge they almost tickled his earlobes. His block 8 pack stuck out. Dante stood there, powerful and feeling invincible. His massive frame drawing the admiration of all who surveyed him. The gym was full, and Dante was almost ready for his post-workout shower, much to the delight of the acolytes. The gym-goers watched with awe as Dante stripped to his trunks in the middle of the gym floor, and gave pose after pose. His onlookers could only hold their breaths and their hardening cocks as they saw the near-400lb. beast before them. Dante then commanded them all, "If you are my followers, then cum for me. Gather your seed in your hands and deposit it into this shaker cup." One of the acolytes produced a regular 20oz shaker and went around the gym to collect. Some gave, most didn't as Dante had already drained them. Even the "straight" men could not get over their willingness to be a part of something larger than themselves. Those that didn't give bent the knee, and asked how they could serve the muscle god before them. The acolyte went to the bar to fill the shaker with two scoops of powder; the actual protein didn't really matter, but it made the shake easier to go down. He then returned and presented it to Dante. "Peel them off, boy", Dante commanded as his acolyte knelt and peeled Dante's posers off with his teeth, exposing Dante's 18.5" dick to the wind. "May I, sir?" His acolyte groaned. Dante nodded in approval, and the acolyte scurried over to a corner with the posers, sniffing their scent, Dante's scent, into his very being. He licked the crotch section constantly, lapping any pre-cum that Dante no doubt had left for him. It was always a treat when he got to taste the master. As Dante began chugging the shake, he could feel the beads of sweat cascading down his growing, naked body, giving them a farther journey until they would drip on the floor. His onlookers witnessing more and more growth. When the last drop was licked from the shaker, there before them stood a monster! Dante waddled over to the industrial strength scale in the gym corner, beside the jock smelling acolyte. Dante just grunted, and the acolyte leapt to attention and looked at the scale. "488lbs. sir..." Just then, Amos came from the back office. He was holding an iPad and had the largest smile on his face. "It’s ready sir…"
  5. Part 7 Dante finally felt sated as he pulled his now stretchy tank top over his massive shoulders. At nearly 340lbs. the gym outfit he bought earlier that day now hugged his muscles tightly. His cut off sweat pants now clung to his mammoth quads, each fighting for space as he walked back out to the gym floor and to the juice bar. Amos, also dressed was waiting for him. Dante offered to buy him a shake to replenish him. After three long fuckings (would have been four, but the old man tapped out), it was the least he could do. Amos politely declined the shake. He explained he needed all the time he could. He sat strangely close to Dante, not to be intimate, but more as though he was protecting himself, which Dante felt strange. Dante shrugged his shoulders and started downing the shake as Amos started talking… “By now you’ve probably realized that when you ingest cum, you grow. You obtained this power based on a deal that you made with a demigod known as Kalfu. He’s been around for a long time, son, and I suspect he’s grown tired of this place and wants to branch out. “ “How did he make a deal with me?” “He preys on those who are on their last hopes. For me, it was during the time when racial inequality was at its peak. I was 35, had no wife, no kids, no job, but my body was pretty decent. I just wanted to be known for something, and was almost ready to end it. Right when I was about to jump, Kalfu’s long slender hands stopped me, and said he could see my destiny. Said something about he could see my potential. Next thing I knew, I blacked out and woke up in some shiny new apartment complex. I was worried that someone would call the cops thinking I didn’t belong there, but then there were clothes, money, and keys to a new car. Everything was co-signed in my name, and a K. Alfu. I didn’t know about it at the time, but my life was going to change.” “I still don’t understand how he made a deal with me without me knowing about it…” “Did you have a vice or anything? Anything that you willingly offered him, that would’ve been empty without him taking it?” Dante thought back to his encounter with the demigod. The rum…he offered Kalfu his last bit of rum. “Then he takes a bit of blood to make it binding. But he probably did it so fast you didn’t have time to react.” ‘Yeah’, Dante thought, that was it… Continuing his story, Amos smiled at the young man and spoke again… “After the juice I got from Kalfu, I started progressing so much in the gym. There were days that I didn’t even eat. My muscles just kept getting bigger and stronger. 260 lbs. back then was considered super-heavyweight, and there wasn’t a bodybuilder on the planet that could touch me, not even that movie star guy. I think he became a governor or something like that. I didn’t even think Kalfu could reach me. I lived in Texas, but when I ran out of juice, I’d have to visit New Orleans to replenish my supply. I think that’s when he recharged himself. My presence there made it to where all my worshippers could come to roost. That’s how he did it. The internet wasn’t a thing in the late sixties and seventies, but people and their fetish for big black cock was, and mine was one of the biggest and blackest around. Every time I got new worshippers, I felt my connection to Kalfu grow larger…stronger. And I knew two things were happening…first, that I was getting bigger in size, and second was that Kalfu was able to survive from me. I had become his Avatar of sorts. I later found that there had been others…giant like men who Kalfu would literally ride on the backs of, siphoning his own power into them so that they were titans among men. Now with the invention of mass destructive weapons, he’s found slyer ways, and slower ways to grow his people. But, I also found out I carried a third hidden power. Whenever a worshipper would finish with me, I would never see them again. It’s like they had just found their calling in life. I bet you’ve experienced that huh?” Dante nodded…he remembered the barber abruptly leaving after their fuck session, and then the two in the bathroom at OZ…but what about Malcolm and the worshippers at Rawhide? “Some did, but I think it may be flawed Amos. I was at Rawhide earlier and the guys stuck around after I was fucked.” “They did it because you probably ordered them to do so. You’re the avatar of a demigod, and when you give a command, they are compelled to obey you until you are finished with them. We fucked for a good four hours in the locker rooms and then came here to the juice bar. You know those four lunk heads you ordered around are still back there in towels surrounding the door, waiting on your next command?” Dante didn’t even notice, but they were the only six people left in the gym, and the four guys were still in their towels from earlier. “Oy! Come out here and rack all the weights and put all dumbbells back in numerical order.” The four men, still in towels, rushed out and did as Dante ordered. “Amos, were you compelled to do as I said when I asked for another round?” “First off lad, you didn’t ask. You more or so growled it at me. And, yes, I was compelled. I have never bottomed for anyone other than you and Kalfu.” “What happens after I finish with them?” Amos sighed and smiled at Dante, knowing what his answer would be. “Their souls then go to Kalfu. They die. This happens a lot of ways. Could be heart failures, car accidents, whatever. Kalfu always comes to collect. The only caveat is that we are usually drawn to souls that are corrupt and have done some really terrible shit in their life. You seem to not be bound by that same stipulation. If the soul is innocent, Kalfu has no power.” The gravity and reality then hit Dante like a ton of bricks. “But, I fucked you…is that why you didn’t want the shake? Are you going to die now?” “Precisely. I defied Kalfu a while ago and he cursed me to live the rest of my days in this gym. I’d die if I ever stepped foot outside of it. I haven’t been back to Texas in decades. No need to eat, or sleep. Being his avatar supplied me with all the magic I needed. But then three days ago, I yawned for the first time, I ate for the first time in ages, and I actually felt tired. I knew I was no longer the avatar of that crafty demigod, that he’d chosen another. When you and I fucked, the curse broke and now I’ll start to age just like any other 65-year-old man. And just like a normal man, when Kalfu’s avatar finishes with me, my soul will go on…and believe me kid, it’s been a long time coming.” Tears began running down Dante’s face. Had he known, he would never have used this power. Amos could’ve remained here in the gym, still alive, but then what kind of existence would that be? Amos got up and hugged the big man. Amos chuckled as he realized that he couldn’t fit his arms around Dante’s massive torso. “Get bigger kid. Become the most massive avatar he’s ever had, and then fight on. I’ll be going now…nice seeing you.” Amos was about to exit the gym, when he heard “Daddy isn’t done with you, boy.” He, and the four towel boys froze upon hearing the words of the avatar. Dante wiped his tears. His face held a stern look, one of determination and vengeance. Amos could actually see a purple and yellow aura surrounding the young man. “This is my gym now. Amos, you will sign the deed to me, and you all shall go into New Orleans under my protection and find new clients. For each new one, I will let you taste my seed. For each one not from New Orleans, I will fuck you into pure bliss until you beg me to stop. Your purpose is to bring in new clients and grow me. Do it now.” Suddenly, the aura that was around Dante began to extend to the five. As long as I live, you will all be in my debt. All of them replied “Yes sir,” and grabbing gym wear from the lobby to dress themselves, stepped out into the downtown area to do as their muscle god ordered. -- Elsewhere, Kalfu watched. He watched as Amos shared his sob story with his new Avatar, and patiently waited for him to leave the gym so he could claim him. He saw the onyx bodybuilder leave, but to his shock, he could not claim the soul of his past Avatar! He couldn’t claim any of the worshippers! Dante had grown without Kalfu claiming the souls. Something was stopping him from doing so…Kalfu snarled in frustration. No souls meant no power. It seemed his avatar had learned a new trick…and he would need to act fast.
  6. Part 6 Dante made his way into the Prime Fitness gym. This was a corporate gym and sold merchandise, so Dante purchased a pair of cutoff sweatpants and a gym tank that accentuated his newly grown physique. The largest size was 3X, and although that hung off of Dante slightly, he had a feeling he would grow into them sooner rather than later. Dante paid for a day guest pass and went straight to the gym floor. He couldn’t wait to test out his strength. He was never on the football team at his high school. However, his parents made him take weightlifting, as they saw it as the most masculine of his electives, so Dante knew his way around a gym pretty well. The gym was divided into the cardio machines towards the front and the free weights in the back. That’s where the true gym rats and gear heads would be. Dante made his weigh to the back towards the squat machine. He loaded up 225 on the bar on the squat rack and set himself up. He hadn’t weightlifted in some time, and even in high school, he could barely lift the empty bar. Dante kept good form, and slowly lowered himself to the ground…the weight felt so light. He cranked out 15 solid reps and re-racked the bar. “You done with that warm-up?”, came a voice from behind him. He turned to see an older man…couldn’t have been younger than 65, but he was built like a pro bodybuilder. “I’ve seen some young guys in here like you, overdosing on juice and getting quick gains…but no…you’re something else. Looks like you made the same deal I did.” The older man was brown-skinned and packed with mature muscle. Dante recognized him as a 6-time Mr. O! “Holy shit, you’re…” Dante was cut off by the man putting one finger to his lips. “Who I am doesn’t matter now. I can sense that power and that muscle signature. You made the same deal with Kalfu.” “Kalfu…you mean Mr. K?” “Oh that’s what he’s going by these days? I was in my 30s and dieted and lifted to be the best all-natural bodybuilder of my class. I wanted to do roids, but I didn’t have the money. A black man in the 1960s didn’t have much of anything here. Then I met Kalfu, and he changed my life. All of a sudden, I had vials of juice these young boys couldn’t even dream of. Stronger than test, stronger than tren, stronger than anything being sold at the time. My gains blew up, and I didn’t even need to cycle off. I went from 140lbs weakling to a six-time Mr. Olympia in no time flat. And I owe that to Kalfu, and I also owe this longer than usual lifespan. Once a year, I come back here to New Orleans to pay my respects…I guess you can say to give worship to the god that gave me my career, my health, and my wealth. I’ve been on this Earth for almost a century, and I’ve seen a lot of things…lot of good, lot of bad. But I can see more power in you than I ever had. He must see something special in you. Call me Amos…” “Dante.” Dante couldn’t believe what he heard. This man had made a deal with Mr. K…Kalfu, apparently just like he did. He didn’t know what the deal was, but if he had made one, he needed to know the stipulations. Amos helped Dante load up the bar with 405lbs. Dante stepped under the bar and lifted it off the rack, his stronger shoulders bearing the heavy weight. With near perfect form, he cranked out 10 reps. His legs now getting a slight pump. “Let’s go for more,” Dante said. They added another 200lbs. Dante was gonna squat 605lbs. He got under the weight, and this time Amos got behind him for a spot. Amos, although he was old, was every bit of 260lbs. He stepped up close behind Dante, and Dante could feel the large manhood pressing against his firm tight glutes. “I know what you are boy. Kalfu wants a new Avatar, and I’m ready to move on. Now, crank out ten so daddy can grow you really good.” Dante outweighed this man by almost 30lbs. and yet, he wanted nothing more than to please him. Dante lifted the bar and took a couple of steps back. He began to lower ass to grass, all the while Amos’ dick firmly pressed against him for motivation. Then Dante pushed, and the weight felt accommodating…like it wasn’t that heavy. It had to be the extra adrenaline…but he started pumping out a solid ten reps. CLANG! Dante racked the bar onto the rack and looked back at a smiling Amos. Amos continued to put Dante through the most grueling workout of his existence. Pumping muscle after muscle, all with the motivation that Amos would make Dante grow bigger. Bench press, deadlifts, arm curls, pull-ups...a full body workout from hell. And Dante desperately wanted to grow bigger! After an extreme workout, Dante was drenched in sweat, and Amos was sporting a huge boner. Dante could make out the 11-inch dick print and felt his own ample ass wet with anticipation. Thankfully, it was time for the shower…and Amos was all too happy to join. Dante stripped off his clothes and stepped into the shower. Amos recommended the handicap shower, as it was the largest, and both of the big men would need the space. “Flex for me big man,” growled Amos as Dante allowed the hot water to cascade over his 287 lb. frame. First a double bicep pose, then a crab pose…followed by side chest, and then Dante shook his muscular quads to expose his tree trunk legs, all the while Amos licked his lips, as if he were toying with his prey. He used the wall soap to lube his massive endowment. While Amos wasn’t as big as Dante in that department, his dick was thick and veiny. Dante turned around and assumed the position. He couldn’t wait to grow more. Amos was only too eager to please. He slowly entered the young giant and reached around to play with his pointed nipples. Each twist and flick sent Dante into bliss. He’d taken some big cocks in the past few days, but Amos was by far the most experienced. He took his time, varying the speed of his strokes, as if this was the last fuck of his life. Dante enjoyed every minute of it. Amos withdrew his cock just long enough to squat down and tongue Dante’s hole. The old man rimmed and flickered his tongue in and out, while the big man could only pound his fists against the bathroom tile and moan in ecstasy. After he was finished tasting the lad, Amos put his fat cock back inside…this time with hardly any resistance. Dante was like a bull in heat. “Please don’t cum yet, Amos,” Dante moaned. He didn’t want it to end. Amos fucked and fucked. ‘Damn he was good for a 100-year-old man’, Dante thought. Then, after what seemed like forever, Amos flooded Dante’s insides with rivers of cum. Dante felt the growth immediately, and began to grow around the former Mr. O’s obelisk. First were his legs as they ballooned into massive columns of power. As if on cue, his abs thickened and his chest protruded out just a bit more. Amos withdrew from Dante while he was still growing. Turning the muscle mountain around, Amos jumped onto Dante and wrapped his legs around the young titan. Dante caught Amos with ease, his 27-inch and growing arms pumping with more muscle. Amos slowly impaled himself on Dante’s now 15-inch dick and began riding the titan. Dante pumped Amos like he was a sex toy, all the while neglecting his own growth, which had come to a slow halt. Amos reached up to Dante’s chest and groped at the thick and unyielding pecs; he tugged at the light chocolate brown nipples that hung under the massive shelf. Each flick and tug elicited a growl from the 300lb. beast bashing Amos’ insides. He had waited for a fuck like this, both of them still unaware of the hot running water, and by now the few passer-bys who had heard the animal like noises coming from the shower. Dante finally felt his growth stop. He was massive! He looked into the eyes of his new fuck toy and walked out of the shower. “Dry us now!”, Dante bellowed to the four onlookers in the locker room. The four men immediately grabbed towels and began to dry Dante, and the still impaled Amos. Dante laid Amos down on a nearby bench, and set his ankles on his massive shoulders and continued going to work. He varied his strokes just as the old man had done with him. He wanted to savor every moment. Dante’s big hands roamed up and the down the muscular legs of the elderly stallion while the other hand grabbed a foot, and Dante began to suck on the smaller man’s toes. Dante moved a hand to the 11-inch dick resting on the brick like abs, and began stroking it. Amos came again, his abs clenching and pecs flexing. His ass clenching around Dante’s dick, sending shivers through the mass machine. While Amos’ thick, mature muscles were being pounded away, Dante looked him in the eyes and pounded harder. “Yes, Daddy! Fuck me!”, yelled Amos. The onlookers couldn’t look away, but Dante didn’t care. After an hour or so of animalistic love making, Dante erupted inside of Amos. Even after he came, he continued fucking until eventually his dick plopped out of the newly widened anus. Dante would have worked up quite the sweat had it not been for his new towel boys keeping him (and Amos) dry during the entire fuck session. Dante stood up to see his prey. He was now so much bigger than he had been earlier. He knew he was 300lbs. “You!” Dante shouted at an onlooker… “Go get me a shake, biggest you can get!” The much smaller gym rat literally ran to the counter and paid for the “Mega Gainer”, and in four minutes he was back. Dante took the lid off of the shake and ordered each onlooker to cum inside, and make it quick. After a growl and a quick full body flex, Dante had his request, and saw the creamy white liquid from all four men resting on top of the chocolate peanut butter shake. He quickly chugged it down and looked back at Amos with a smirk. Amos, still spread out on the bench, looked up at the growing man and smiled. “Looks like you got the hang of that power. But let me fill you in on somethings before my time is up,” said Amos. “Fuck yeah!” Dante roared as he grew even more, not even realizing what the older man had said. Denser muscles packed onto his frame. ‘Bigger than Akil Williams, bigger than Ronnie Coleman, bigger than Kai Greene’, he thought. He dwarfed all of those guys now. His ass now a shelf just like his pecs, his lats pushing his 29 inch arms out to his side; his quads now fighting for space. This time there was added height as well. He was taller. Something that he hadn’t expected was the slight addition of hair. His chest had sprung a nice layer of hair and leading with a treasure trail down his cobblestone abs. His body was growing taller to accommodate more muscle. Now at 338lbs. he waddled up to Amos, his 16.5-inch dick swinging between his legs… “I’m interested to hear what you have to say old man, but I want a second round…” “Yes sir…”, replied Amos, as he turned over on his stomach and presented himself to the muscle god before him.
  7. Part 5 Dante had a wild night last night as he slowly woke up in his apartment king size bed. He felt heavier, but it had to be a dream. Then he saw it. He saw his new biceps as he reached his hand up to his head. His pecs were thick and partially blocked the view to his feet. The deep cuts in his abs rise and fall as he takes a breath. Just a couple of days ago, the king bed would have swallowed him. Now he felt bigger, he was bigger. But he wanted more. He walked out into the living area to find a very big breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit. It seemed enough to feed a family of four, but Dante knew it had been Mr. K. And as if on cue, his stomach began to rumble. Dante tore into the food, and minutes later, every container and plate was empty. Two days ago, he would never have eaten that much. Two days ago, he would’ve been on the street begging for scraps under the warmth and confines of his bundled blankets. However, today was a new day, and the last day for Southern decadence. After tonight, many of the handsome bears would fly home to their respective (or non-respective) lives. Dante wanted more size…he NEEDED more size. And he knew just where to find plenty of suitors to deposit their load… Elsewhere, Kalfu looked on. This avatar was proving to be somewhat of the greedy kind. Normally, the avatar would be able to sense the wicked, grow from them, and then let Kalfu have the soul. However, this one seemed to be just interested in growth. This could pose a problem down the road. If Kalfu didn’t have the souls he needed, his strength would lessen. What’s worse, if he wanted to expand his grip on the land beyond Louisiana, he would need to tether his very own demigod force to his avatar. If Dante doesn’t have enough energy when passing over the state line, both would perish…he had to make sure the young and growing avatar was ready. Dante closed the door to his Lyft and wandered into Rawhide. Known as the local leather bar, Rawhide was a corner establishment. On the outside looking in, it seemed like any normal bar. A couple of large screen tv’s, a pool table in the middle…but Dante knew better. He could sense more, so he scanned until he found the signature black curtain. Beyond that curtain laid some elevated wooden benches and a small hallway leading to a restroom on one side, and a room for glory holes on the other. There were four holes, and due to the earlier part of the day, it wasn’t very crowded. However, Dante saw that all of the holes were filled with large cocks, ripe for the taking. He wandered over and knelt and took the first cock, while reaching to his right to stroke the second. He alternated back and forth between the two. In a while, he felt the first tense up and clamped his mouth around it taking in all the seed he could muster. Just shortly after swallowing that load, he moved on to the second cock while stroking the third. Dante could barely take notice of his growth when the second cock erupted down his gullet. He repeated this process on the third and the fourth, all the while paying little to no attention to the rips and stretches of his clothes as he grew out of them. Dante’s head started spinning as he wiped the drippage from his chin and stood up finally. He was enormous. His biceps bulging at around 22 inches, his chest had to be 56 inches. He thought he’d be able to keep his v-shape frame, but Dante was now built like an offseason bodybuilder. He traps engulfed his neck and shoulders, his back broad and tapered, his glutes were thick and hard. From his waist protruded six blocky-turtle shell abs. His thighs packed with so much muscle at 29 inches. His calves, not to be outdone, blossomed into humongous diamonds. But nothing could compare to the monster between his legs. At 12 inches hard, Dante began to stroke his massive cock. He maneuvered his new 265lb. frame over to one of the wooden benches, sat down and continued to stroke himself. By this time, those who were in the back dark room, had not seen the growth, but only heard the moans of this muscle mountain. People started stroking themselves, when Dante saw opportunity. “Where are you from?”, Dante growled, his voice had gone a couple octaves down. “Michigan,” yelped a bear cub. “And you?”, Dante barked at the larger bear beside him. “Boston”. “Tell daddy how much you weigh.” “200 lbs.”, said Michigan “240 lbs.”, said Boston “Well today’s your lucky day. One of you gets to fuck my ass, and the other fucks my mouth. The first to cum, gets fucked by this big cock.” Both men went to work. Michigan at the mouth and Boston in the ass, and both were in heaven. Dante playfully closed his anus around his invader to elicit moans, while he reached his massive hand up to squeeze the nipples of his mouth attacker. It wouldn’t be much longer now. Then he could feel it, Michigan and Boston erupted into Dante within seconds of the other, although, Boston had beaten Michigan to the punch. Dante felt so lightheaded as he ballooned with more size and more power. This is what he’d been waiting for! He reached up and kissed Boston deeply. Boston looked up at Dante as his 6’3” frame towered over him. His now 14-inch cock swinging hard between two mountainous thighs. Dante stared at the wall, over Boston, as if he didn’t even acknowledge his presence. “Ass…now, boy”. This wasn’t a request. Boston quickly assumed the position and waited for the big muscle bear to invade. Dante wasted little time inserting his monster cock into the 240lb. bear. It felt sooo good. He was just big enough to where he wouldn’t break him, but he needed to test his strength. He flipped Boston on his back, rammed his cock in and scooped his legs. Dante’s strong back began to straighten, and he raised the big bear in the air, still impaled on his dick, sliding further and further down. Boston had never been fucked in the air before, and the big man’s 24 inch arms were doing so with great ease. Dante grabbed the bear’s lats. They weren’t muscle-like at all, but with the extra fat, he began to pull and push the bear up and down on his cock until the chubby ass was filled with all 14 inches. Dante felt powerful, his muscles felt like they were getting a pump. And then, he began to feel the build up. After what seemed like forever, Dante exploded inside of Boston, the bear’s eyes rolling in the back of his head as he, himself, came a second time. Dante scooped up some of the cum and swallowed it…but nothing. ‘Guess it only works once’, he thought. After lifting Boston from his cock, he looked at his onlookers and bellowed, “Clean big daddy!”. Immediately, people grabbed towels from the storage closet and gave the massive muscle bear a standing cleansing, and made sure to get every nook; Boston, still in a daze from the fuck of his life, laid there in awww as the muscle daddy was scrubbed clean. Dante waddled from Rawhide after his cleaning. Now weighing in at a whopping 287lbs., Dante looked like he could take any offensive linebacker or pro bodybuilder for that matter. The only clothing remaining was a stretchy pair of Under Armour underwear and some flip flops he got from one of his onlookers at the bar. Everything was tattered. He’d have to ask Mr. K for new clothes, or else go purchase them almost naked. Either way, he couldn’t stop touching himself. However, it was still early in the day. He decided to grab his bag full of tattered clothes, and head to the nearest gym. He could test his strength along the way, and maybe even pick up a few new “clients”. Kalfu was pleased. 2 of the 6 souls would be his, but 5 of the 6 were from places outside of Louisiana. This avatar just might be able to do it. However, Kalfu would have to make certain before his next phase was put into place. As the young mountain got into the Lyft to head to the gym, Kalfu smiled…his plan could finally work, and he would be free.
  8. Part 4 Dante went out that night to OZ. His new 175lbs. filled his medium shirts out very nicely. The shirt highlited his pumped chest and chiseled arms, and the jeans hugged his quad and calves nicely, while showing his tight and firm ass for the world to see. As his Uber driver dropped him off at the club, Dante noticed the amount of pure daddy-ness that comprised the club’s patrons. Many of the guests were clad in leather harnesses, some shirtless with just enough shorts to not be naked. Dante was in heaven. This was also going to be the best place to test his theory. During his last two encounters he’d been fucked, and apparently gained five percent of their total body weight in muscle. He realized he had to take in their cum, but wondered if it had to be through his ass…after all, there were other ways. Tonight would the night he would consciously test that theory. He stepped out of the car, paid his driver, and entered the club… Kalfu sat on the throne in the underworld. While not the demon of the dead, Kalfu profited from his connection causing destruction and chaos, and thus had earned himself a place among the king of the underworld. The king’s name had long been lost to the human civilization, and thus he had been called other monikers: Lucifer, Satan, the Beast…but it mattered not to the demigod. He had made alliance with the Beast long ago, but now he grew restless. Kalfu had been confined to this land…this “state”, as the humans now called it. Many referred to it as “Louisiana”. The natives of this area worshipped him as a god. They attributed their peace or destruction to Kalfu’s actions and decisions. Kalfu gave the people what they wanted, but it always came with a price. He would give the poorest man riches, but then their wealth would buy land that would displace hundreds…and at least ten or so would be so desperate as to commit suicide. Kalfu then took those souls and used their energy to maintain his youthful looks and immortality. Or there was that one time he gave a fledgling bodybuilder the size he wanted, only to have him open a gym after his career and train many younger bodybuilders. This usually involved selling and teaching them to use dangerous anabolic steroids. Without the proper medication and insurance, these young boys would get the body of their dreams, but die quickly a couple of decades later. Kalfu would claim their souls as his own. But now…corruption among men had gotten out of hand. Reality television stars as “leaders” and every man out for themselves. Kalfu’s justice needed to be dished out around the world, and perhaps not on so many innocent souls, but for every innocent, there were 10 corrupt. But he was trapped in New Orleans, and needed to get out. He had read about demigods and their avatars…humans who possessed a magical ability of a demigod, but weren’t bound to the same land space. He had tried on several humans, but the magic required the human to be imbued with energies from outside of the land. And then, just last week, he felt energies from all over the world. Humans converged on his territory for this “pride” event. Apparently, this was a four-day festival where men of all shapes and sizes, and from all states and countries would visit and enjoy the social spoils of their kin. He saw through his god-vision all of the airport arrivals, the traffic lines into the city, the vast amounts of money being spent on lodging, food, sex, spirits, and whatever other pleasures these humans could enjoy. And then, that’s when he found his next Avatar; a hapless soul stuck on the streets of New Orleans…just like Kalfu. His heart was kind, despite all of the wrongs happening in his life, but Kalfu needed proof. Meeting the young man was a treat indeed. Kalfu could feel the energies of the lad. Yes, he was the one! After the ritual “offering” (the young man offered Kalfu the last of one of his biggest vices, a bottle of alcohol…and rum at that…Kalfu’s favorite of the human indulgences), Kalfu could make his Avatar. It shouldn’t take long for the mortal to realize he was now gifted. So Kalfu would send some bait his way. First, a barber. He would trim the Avatar (Kalfu couldn’t have a half-baked human representing him). The barber was known for his skills. What he wasn’t so well known for, was his affinity for selling drugs to single-mothers who needed to take the “edge” off the stress of raising children on their own. He would pay for that soon enough. Then, there was the store clerk. A closeted college wrestling standout, but had a thing for raping drunk women at the frat parties on campus. He would pay for that soon enough…but now that his Avatar was aware of his condition, it would be interesting indeed. Kalfu couldn’t wait for the possibilities. …….. Dante walked into the club. Immediately, the daddies all looked his way. There weren’t many smaller boys there, much less any built like Dante. Dante immediately surveyed the room, and could feel the eyes staring at them. He felt the lust and saw all of the potential inside the club. First he sauntered his way to the men’s restroom. His muscles weren’t the only thing that had grown. His manhood had become a sizeable package as well. At eight inches he needed to drain himself before setting sights on his prey. As he closed the door, a sizeable hand reached in at the last moment to block. “Damn you look delicious, boy.” The bass voice that rumbled was emitting from a 6’4” bear of a man. Clad in a black leather harness, he stepped his size 14 boot through the opening and shut the door behind him, locking it. Dante was ready though, and baited the big daddy. Dante walked back over to the big man, completely avoiding taking in the mass that was in front of him. He unlocked the door, and said, “wait”. Dante then returned with another bear of similar stature. This one was a Latino tank. At only 5’11” he was every bit as big as the brown haired daddy, but looked even wider. His uncut dick bulged in his jockstrap. Dante began to strip and was soon naked. He presented his ass to the shorter bear, and his mouth to the larger. “I’m hungry tonight, and this boy needs two daddies.” The Latino bear moved in first, using his precum to lube Dante’s ass up. Dante could feel the big cock stretching him, but he only could look back at his invader for a second. The bigger bear grabbed Dante’s head with his paws and slammed his face on his rock hard cock. Dante was in bliss as he was impaled on both bears. He had to know the limits of these new abilities. The two bears seemed to move in unison, fucking the young Creole muscle cub with such vigor. Dante could feel his ass pounded against the gigantic tree trunks. His forehead being cushioned by the large gut of the taller bear. Dante could tell both went to the gym regularly, but the bigger bear had just a few more empty plates than the other. The musk of the larger bear wafted through Dante’s nostrils, sending him into pure bliss. Then it happened…both climaxed, filling Dante with their seed. Then he could feel it, the growth. It started in his lats this time, his back stretching to accommodate more muscle. Dante could feel more eyes on him, but his two contributors had already left…having made their conquest, there was no more need to occupy the bathroom. “To hell with them”, Dante moaned as he welcomed more growth. His legs were next. His quads and hamstrings got thicker, starting to form that teardrop shape. His calves pumped bigger. Next his chest. His nipples began to point downward because of all of the muscle that was being packed on to them. His shoulders thickened and his arms showed no signs of lagging behind. Dante flexed his bicep in the mirror to reveal a chiseled double peak. He knew he had grown significantly this time. His jeans now painted on his person, Dante chucked the shirt and went back out to the club floor. Nobody, however, seemed to recognize the studly, and heavier person emerging from the men’s room. Elsewhere, Kalfu had other plans. The 300lb. closeted Latino construction worker lived an honest life. He was visiting from Texas, and with his innocence, Kalfu had no power. Antonio Suarez had been fortunate not to witness the growth, due to Kalfu delaying Dante’s growth until after Antonio left the bathroom. The construction worker Ubered back to his hotel and enjoyed the rest of his night unscathed. The other large individual was not as lucky. During his active days, he was the largest guy on the St. Louis police force. He weighed a solid 320 pounds then, but life after the force gained a solid muscle gut and a daddy complex. Now a retired police officer, Bradley Gurgen (or Daddy Bear as he was called in his community) had taken an innocent life by shooting an unarmed black man believed to be a suspect in a crime due to his appearance, but was really just in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the young man was detained on the ground his wallet was in front of him lying on the pavement. He reached for his ID, and Gurgen took the shot, “fearing it was a weapon” (at least that’s what the reports said). Gurgen was not reprimanded, but given leave with pay, and decided to retire shortly afterwards. He fetishized black men though, and couldn’t help but jump at fucking the muscle cub in OZ. ‘Shame really’ thought Kalfur, who had actually met some honest and kind policemen. With a wave of his hand, the large 380lb. retiree found himself having a heart attack after eating too much diner food after his club visit that night. He died in the ambulance on the way to the nearest hospital. He was 57. Meanwhile, Kalfur brimmed with pride as the 209 lb. Dante partied throughout the night, and Kalfu watched on as his Avatar began to take shape…
  9. Five Percent pt. 3 Dante awoke the next morning and immediately checked the mirror…it had to be a dream. However, Dante could only stare at his new physique as it stared back at his reflection. He had made the connection between the sex with him and the barber, and his sudden muscle gain…but why only 14 pounds? Why not 25 or 50? Maybe if he has sex with the barber again, it would work. The only problem was that Dante didn’t know where the barber lived, or if he was even local. He could have possibly been visiting just for Southern Decadence, which was almost over. If that’s the case, he figured he’d better go out on the town. He suddenly realized he had no clothes or no money… Walking outside into the living room of his new digs, Dante found a note and package. The read: Dante, I heard that you enjoyed more than just a haircut from the barber. I’m glad you’re on the mend and finally starting to enjoy the skin you’re in. I’m still away on business, but inside this package, you’ll find a i-phone (I’ve taken the liberty to install some apps already), a Louisiana ID card, and a credit card with a $10,000 limit. In addition, I’ve sent you some “old” clothes of mine. You should be able to fit them now. You’re a growing man after all…oh, and Happy 25thbirthday! Mr. K Dante opened the package immediately and saw the card and the clothes as described. Many of the items were name-brand and were tailored to a more athletic physique. Dante tried on a pair of khaki shorts and a black tank. They fit him perfectly, and even showed off his chest with just a hint of nipple. The straps of the tank rested squarely on his taut shoulders and his defined arms added the finishing touch. The khaki shorts were indeed that, short. But they were made of a stretchy material which highlighted the tightness of his ass and the definition in his quads and hamstrings. His calves were wide and thick, and being 5’9” only augmented their size even more. In the mirror, he looked bigger than 164, but the scale still confirmed that’s exactly what he was. Dante grabbed the credit card and the ID, and opened his phone to order an Uber. He needed to do some shopping. The first stop was to the local supplement store. If Dante was going to keep the muscle he had, this and a gym (more on that later) would be the place to do it. As he walked in, he was greeted by cardboard cut outs of professional bodybuilders. Kai Greene, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutlet, Akim Williams. All of these people he had seen before, and for a second, Dante wondered what it be like to be as big as them. However, he knew they used steroids, and Dante didn’t want to go down that route. As he walked around the store to the back where the protein powders were located, he was greeted by the store clerk. “Malcolm”, as his name badge said, looked at Dante with a bright smile. He had a short cut hair style with waves throughout and a chinstrap beard. He still had to be in college by the looks of it. What Dante was not ready for, was the size of the clerk. Not big by any standards, but the kid was jacked and had great definition. At least 220lbs., the built store clerk said, “Can I help you find what you’re looking for?” Dante stammered, “I think I just did…” “Excuse me, sir?” “I mean…I think I did. I was looking for protein.” “I think I can help with that.” “Which would you recommend? You look like you’ve been doing this for a while.” “Nah. I’m studying to be a kinesiology major at Xavier, but I just work here part time. Most of the protein powders are the same. It’s the label that they're selling. I use this one.” Malcolm reached up to grab a black container. “This one has a testosterone booster in it, and it’s pretty cheap. It gives my muscles a huge pump, and keeps me horny as fuck, just between us. The girls love it, whether they admit it or not. The guys like it too. It looks like you do your fair share of working out too. You’ve got a nice body. I bet your girlfriend gets real jealous…” Malcolm winked. “Not really. I really just started seeing this body a short while ago (it wasn’t a lie), and there’s no girlfriend.” “Boyfriend?” “Not yet…” “Oh I see. Well the proteins out here are generic. But there’s better ones in the back…if you wanna take a look…” Malcolm stared at Dante’s body and licked his lips as if he was about to feast. Dante stared back at Malcolm. Unlike the nameless barber, Malcolm looked to be about 21, but man was he gorgeous, and he looked to be about 6’2”. “Sure”, Dante finally said. “Let’s see what you’ve got”. Dante followed him to the back room where more marketing materials crowded the floor. Malcolm pulled his polo over his head to reveal a chiseled torso, his brown nipples pointing downwards as they rested on top of a protruding six-pack. Dante reached and unbuttoned Malcolm’s pants to reveal a flaccid 9” dick. “Damn”, Dante mumbled. Dante kneeled and started to lick the obelisk. He could feel it growing hard in his mouth and down his throat. “That’s it, suck that dick like a good little bitch”. Malcolm moaned as Dante reached up to play with his nipples. He placed a hand on the back Dante’s head and guided him further along the shaft. Malcolm almost felt his climax, but stopped and lifted Dante up from the ground. “I can’t let this ass go to waste.” Malcolm spun Dante around and slid Dante’s shorts down to his ankles. He then spread Dante’s cheeks and took a good whiff. “Damn baby you smell good.” He then began eating Dante out. Dante moaned as Malcolm’s tongue slid in and out and teased his hole. He leaned over to place his hands on the wall for support. He’d never been eaten out like this. His hole was wet as Malcolm continued to attack with his tongue. Finally, Dante felt Malcolm’s mushroom head enter. God it was painful! Malcolm was so much bigger than the barber, and much more rough. He slwly entered until all 13 inches were balls deep inside Dante. Then he began a rhythm. Dante could feel the muscular thighs pounding against his ass cheeks, sending waves of clapping sounds throughout the entire store. But Dante didn’t care. He was loving the pounding. He was also curious if Malcolm would be able to grow him as well. After what seemed like an eternity, Malcolm wrapped his large bicep around Dante’s neck and pulled him close. Dante’s back touching his chest, and then Malcolm came. Large torrents of cum entered Dante as Dante himself, shot his load. Malcolm continued to hug Dante to him. “Damn bro. I thought I would loosen you up. Instead, it seems like your ass is ready for a round 2.” Dante could feel it this time. He felt his ass tighten around the big dick, and he could see his arms increase in size. His tank top feeling more snug on him. When Malcolm finally withdrew the monster, Dante reached down to pull up his shorts. Even though the stretch around his ass, they were super tight, and he noticed that he hadn’t wasted a drop of the cum. “Do you guys have a scale in here? I wanna weigh myself before I buy the protein, just so I can measure how it works.” “Sure it’s out in the store over here.” Malcolm lead Dante to the front of the store (thankfully no one had come in needing help while the two of them were in the back) to a scale. Malcolm handed Dante a quarter for the scale and Dante stepped on it. It read 175lbs! Dante had gained 11 more pounds. It had to be the fucking. Dante then began to piece things together… “How much do you weigh Malcolm?” “220 lbs. last time I checked.” ‘It was 5 percent. I get 5 percent of their muscle…’, he thought. Dante grabbed two of the protein powders that Malcolm recommended, paid for them, and left the store without saying goodbye. “Don’t be a stranger,” said Malcolm as the muscular hunk left the store. -- Malcolm signaled for his tab. He had gone to OZ after clocking out at 5pm, a local gay night bar in New Orleans, after work and was ready to go home. He’d felt like he had one too many drinks. The drinks were never that strong before. Strangely enough he felt as if he only paid for one, but the bartender must have had a thing for him. ‘Weird guy’, he thought. ‘The body was great, but I couldn’t see his eyes…they were just white.’ Malcolm remembered at least four drinks. “I can call an Uber for you,” said the bartender. “No thanks, I just had a few drinks. I’ll be fine”. “Drive safely,” said the bartender with a smirk. -- Dante had just got back home. He’d bought some protein, some groceries, a laptop computer for himself, and some newer clothes. He had been out all day. It was about 8:30pm. He noticed how light everything was. Now at 175lbs. he looked like a light weight bodybuilder. ‘Maybe I’ll go to OZ tonight and see who’s in the city’, he thought. He put away his purchases and headed back out the door. Had Dante turned on the TV to local news, he may have seen the warning to not drink and drive this evening, as a young man, “Malcolm King”, had run off the road and crashed into a nearby tree. He was 21…
  10. Soon. Kalfu’s reasoning is in a later chapter. For now, enjoy the ride
  11. Part 2 Dante awoke the next morning in a comfortable hotel room bed. Normally, hotels were booked during Southern Decadence, but his young benefactor had just assured him that an accident caused one of the rooms to suddenly open…something about the tenants wanting to commit suicide or something. “What could’ve spurred that on?”, thought Dante. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Dante went to open it, and there standing before him, was a man holding a suitcase. The man was bald with tattoos running up and down his arm…and my, what an arm. The man before him looked as if he went to the gym regularly. Not a bodybuilders physique by any means, but he was definitely built like a bear. His burly chest was thick and ruddy, and his belly slightly overlapped his jeans, but it was supported by tree trunk legs. He looked down at Dante, and the skinny hobo had to wager his weight at around 280lbs. “Mr. K said he had a client in need of my services. Aren’t you gonna invite me in”? Dante moved aside to let the big man into the room. He set the briefcase on the bar and motioned Dante to sit in one of the high chairs. Dante looked at the briefcase, and when the bald man opened it, it was filled with razors and electric trimmers. “Looks like someone needs a haircut.” Dante closed his eyes as the barber worked his magic. His heart beating and purring in time with the buzz of the clippers. He suddenly got lost and remembered the events of last night…what did that strange man, Mr. K, do to him? What kind of job did he have? Suddenly the pop of the closed suitcase awoken Dante from his stupor. “All done little guy. Why don’t you shower and use this for your scalp. It’s bald now, and the skin will need treatment.” Dante hopped in the shower. It felt soooooo good to be able to shower, and Dante had lost track of how long it had been. He later applied the head cream and noticed how smooth his bald scalp was. His beard, however, stayed and was trimmed to perfection. “The barber was truly an artist”, Dante thought. When he was done, Dante grabbed the hotel towel, dried off, and stepped into the bedroom. On the king size bed was his barber, completely naked. Dante could see the massive meat hanging in between the big bear’s legs. “I’m here to provide my other services as well”, the mountainous man grinned. He gently leaned up to grab Dante’s waist and pulled him down on the bed. Dante was resting on the massive torso, when he felt the lips of the bear embrace his own. The kiss was fantastic, and Dante kissed back with all the strength he could muster. Dante’s hands wandered down to his lover’s nipples. He began to fondle them, and then the bear stopped. Dante looked at the big man and noticed for the first time that his eyes were pure white…just like Mr. K’s. The bear spoke. “Look little man, I want this, but I’m not a rapist. I’ve seen what that’s like. You’ve got to want this dick. Tell me what you want, or it’s no deal.” Dante was taken aback. Usually, no one ever gave him the option. They just took. He looked back into the face of his dominant hookup. “Yes daddy, please give it to me. Give me all of it.” The bear grinned. He then rubbed the precum from his leaking dick on Dante’s ass and slowly began to penetrate Dante’s hole. The monster cock stretched Dante as he slid further down to take more and more. The barber used Dante as a sex toy for hours, trying different positions here and there, and finally throwing Dante face down for a brutal fucking. “Oh boy, daddy’s gonna cum!!!!” Shortly after, Dante felt jets and jets rocket into his insides. His body felt flushed and he suddenly felt full, like he’d eaten a really big lunch. But he also felt energetic. “Damn boy that ass is good. I’m gonna go home now.” Dante felt that it was sudden how the big man had to leave, but he was used to it. He showed the barber out, and then went to shower again. He noticed a scale and step on it while waiting for the hot water…164lbs. He’d gained exactly 14 pounds, and it seemed to come after he’d been fucked. ‘That can’t be right…’, Dante thought as he stepped into the shower, but it showed. He saw his muscles were rounder and fuller than before. He was still small, but now he was a lot more muscular. He flexed and saw a tennis ball form where the bicep should be, and he now had enough muscle control to flex his pecs. While Dante admired his muscles, ambulances rushed to a nearby apartment complex. Reportedly, a barber was found dead in his bathtub with plugged-in clippers causing an electric shock in the water. The only reported witnesses were a young dark-skinned man in a black blazer with pierced ears and pearl white eyes.
  12. Five Percent pt.1 Night in New Orleans was always special, but this weekend, things were heating up. Hundreds of gay people flocked to Bourbon Street for Southern Decadence. The streets were filled with shirtless men ranging from bears, twinks, otters, and cubs of all races and sizes. As they paid money for clubs, made the frequent hookups through apps, and downed shots from aggressive ladies pulling in their unsuspecting and often drunken customers from the streets, Kalfu observed them all. He walked the streets bumping into people here and there. How fortune would soon change for them. Kalfu was one of the great voodoo dieties. His power rested in controlling the crossroads of fate and bringing people deliberate misfortune, bad luck, destruction and injustices. Kalfu had walked the streets of New Orleans for millennia, but to most, Kalfu resembled a young man. His blazer opened to the wind, revealing an athletically toned chest and defined abdominals; his tight with muscle within the trousers he wore, clean shaven face with ear piercings and a nipple ring on his right ariola. His ebony skin shone with the moonlight, and his eyes were pure white. After a while, he came across a bundle of wet blankets. The stench was nearly unbearable and the blankets seemed to be rising and falling on their own. Suddenly, Kalfu was greeted by a pair of dull eyes and a bearded face. “Hey guy, I’m trying to get some sleep, so if you’re here to piss on me too, could you hurry it up?” The demigod was taken aback by this, and scanned the man’s soul. “You’re Dante, aren’t you?” “Yeah, I was in a former life.” The demigod had come across bad luck, but never like this. As he continued using his powers to scan Dante, he saw everything…a young African-American boy of 14 who was outed by his teacher and deemed unholy at the Catholic school in his Parish; next, he saw that same boy being fucked under the school bleachers in the hot summer day, his assaulter, a football player, taking his virginity…and the boy enjoying the feeling he got; later the same boy wandering the streets forced to steal and taken in by a house “mother” after being kicked out of catholic home; the night the young man stole a loaf of bread from a store, and shared that loaf with other hungry men and women on the streets; now that man growing up gay and alone each and every year…longing to be loved and admired for who he is; to the last several hours, drinking his cares away. Kalfu saw everything…and then he saw opportunity. “I’m not here to piss on you, friend, but I sure could go for a drink. It’s been a long night.” Kalfu smiled, for he knew the next course of action. Dante looked at the bottle of rum stashed under his blankets. The bottle had a small corner left, maybe 5%. Dante handed the bottle to Kalfu. “It’s all I have left, but please feel free to take it.” Kalfu loved rum, and all he needed was an offering to seal the deal. Kalfu stretched out his long fingers and touched Dante on the shoulder. Then with lightning fast resources, Kalfu lightly stabbed Dante’s neck with his sharp fingernails, just enough to draw a drop of blood. “Ouch! What was that for?”. Dante yelped in pain. “Just a little trade. I’m gonna help you get what you want, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get what I want.” Kalfu kicked the blankets aside to get a better look at Dante. On first glance, Dante seemed to weigh no more than 150 lbs. of wiry muscle. His fairer color complexion was a staunch difference from the demigod, but being in New Orleans, the demigod knew a blood creole when he saw one. Suddenly, Kalfu reached out his hand, and pulled Dante up from the sidewalk, standing at neck level now with the voodoo deity. All Dante saw was Kalfu mumbling some phrases, and then he was out…but not before hearing, “Let’s get you cleaned up. I’ve got a job for you.”
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