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  1. Orrinotica

    [Story] Dials

    Dials Phil woke up rather abruptly from having been knocked out. He hadn’t a clue where he was or the circumstances of which he arrived there… He thought, “Where the hell am I? The old guy asked me for spare change… then… I’m hit in the back of the head… and I end up… here… strapped in this chair…” The direness of the situation reached full-scope once Phil was able to open his eyes to see himself secured tightly into a classic-style chair one might find in a mental health facility. The room was coated with cement blocks and lacked much in the way of furnishings. There was a tangle of wires leading from the base of the chair to a control panel full of dials and meters. In front of the controls was a chair with a lab coat hanging on the back of it. “What is this place?” Phil thought. He fought against the restraints. Footsteps sounded first, then the heavy metal door opened. Without saying a word, the gentleman of around 50 walked over and took his seat. He cleared his throat a few times before speaking. “I see you’re awake.” Still silence from Phil. The technician took his seat and ceased in his efforts to make nice with Phil. After more calibrating and tinkering, the man’s motives became clear… “I’ve been working on a method of DNA manipulation at the core levels. Each of these dials represents a different facet of your genetic makeup. I can alter your predispositions to select traits.” Phil chimed in… “Select traits??” “Yes, traits like your cum production, for example. I can alter any part of you I see fit… your body hair, cock size, muscle density, or even your voice and accent.” “Accent??” Phil seemed shocked. “And using rapid brainwashing mechanisms I’ll be able to change certain personality traits.” Phil ran out of things to say. “So…” The older man pushed a few buttons now. “You know, I’ve always been interested in the Russian mentality of super-alpha and cocky.” Phil looked horrified as the man continued to disclose his intentions… “You see, a Russian dude is super vulgar, willing to fuck any woman, and he’ll always have the body to match that ego. …That and they can hold their liquor.” Without a pause he said, “Let me show you how it works.” At that, Phil’s heart raced a million miles an hour. He saw one of the dials getting inched upward. “This one is for facial hair.” Phil felt certain growth on his face as the turning of the dial continued. The man was only nudging the dial up one or two ‘tic marks’ but it felt like a million tiny ants were crawling over his face. His normal smooth skin was being replaced… “What are you doing to me?!” Phil hated the image of himself with scruff. The man replied. “Now-now calm down, let me make this easier for you.” The man then grabbed a pair of noise-canceling headphones and placed them atop Phil’s head. “Listen…” On repeat Phil heard the mantra on repeat: “I have fast-growing facial hair. I have a five o’clock shadow every day by noon.” “My face is hairy.” “I have fast-growing facial hair. I have a five o’clock shadow every day by noon.” “My face is hairy.” The whole operation of mental stimulation lasted five minutes as the man slowly inched just one of the many dials further up. Eventually he yanked the headphones off Phil’s head. It didn’t take long for him to snap out of his haze. He looked over to see the ‘facial hair’ dial turned to a good 80-percent on the scale. “Whaaa—” “How do you feel Phil?” Phil lifted shoulder to his face in order to scratch it. “Let me go-- out of here!” Tell me Phil, when was the last time you shaved that face?” Phil seemed shocked over the question, yet somehow, he was forced to search his memory for the answer. The pause seemed unneeded as Phil searched for his answer… “I don’t bother shaving cause I have fast growing facial hair. It’s a decent shadow by lunch. Why??” “Oh?” The man asked. Now seeming annoyed further, Phil reiterated his previous answer before asking again to be freed. “Look. I’m sorry if I did anything. I won’t tell anyone—" Phil was cut off to the sounds of a hum coming from the technician’s machine. There were many fluidic tubes and exposed wires, and as the man began nudging another dial it made a mechanical noise. “What are you doing??” “Do you make precum?” The man asked. “No… never have.” “Well, most people around the world, like some of our Russian counterparts for example, are some of the top producers of precum.” “What?” Why are you---?” Phil got cut off… Tingling along with a slight pulsating erupted within Phil’s ballsac now. The man merely smiled as he looked directly at Phil’s average-sized dick. “How high should we go?” The technician muttered. Phil looked at the man in disbelief. “I don’t want to make precum at all! It’s a mess!” “Nonsense! If you’re going to be my Russian creation, you will be a heavy producer.” Now seeming provoked, the man inched the dial up a tad faster now. At current, it rested at 40% of max. Phil felt a slight buildup within his balls. He squirmed inside the chair and felt a droplet of precum escape his cockhead. As he locked eyes on it, another droplet pushed outward, spilling down the side of his shaft. “N-No!” Phil saw the man place his hand on the precum dial once more… “40% is nothing for a Russian.” The man began. He reached for the headphones once more. “Here, this will help ya.” Another mantra sounded on repeat, confusing Phil again. He had to close his eyes in order to attempt focusing… “I precum a lot. I have always leaked into my underwear.” “Every time I get hard, I leak a ton.” “I precum a lot. I have always leaked into my underwear.” “Every time I get hard, I leak a ton.” This session went on for a few minutes as the man continued increasing the levels of the precum dial. At its end, he had spun it to near 95-percent of max. Only then did he remove Phil’s headphones. He jumped in with a peculiar line… “Wow, you’re really leaking.” Phil took stock of the state of his penis… the heavy precum presence he definitely noticed. As it glistened in his eyes, he remembered the countless times it happening… “In my underwear, all my life…” Phil wasted no time directing his attention back to the man. “Let me go!” The man simply responded: “My my! You are one aggressive Russian man.” “What…? I’m not Russian! I’m American you freak!” The goals of the evil man were reiterated now. “Oh, you’ll be one built Russian. So arrogant… animalistic… all you’ll think about is vodka and getting a good fuck.” He added, “Just look at your hairy face and your leaky cock.” Phil was confused. “I’ve always had a beard and a lot of precum…” He looked over the man turning another dial. “What are you doing?!” The man said, “How many times a week do you work out?” A familiar humming filled the room as more fluid traveled to Phil’s body via the intricate tubing. The friction against Phil’s skin began to increase as his body seemed to inflate with muscle. “I- don’t- want to be big…” Every movement led to a pump-up in muscle. Phil saw the man push a button on the headphones and another audio file began… “You work out five days a week. You love the gym.” “Muscle is a top goal.” “You work out five days a week. You love the gym.” “Muscle is a top goal.” Once Phil came-to, his head was dripping sweat. He looked down at his swollen figure and quickly enjoyed seeing the muscle. The technician smiled now. “You are one built foreigner if I’ve ever seen one.” Phil got his strength back as the growing slowed. “I am American, and so what I’m big. I like the gym and I’m bulking right now.” The tone was that of pure annoyance. “Let me go!” “You’re so cocky, and so vulgar. Do you ever stop cussing?” Phil squinted his eyes. “I’m not cussing…” The man looked into Phil’s eyes now. “The next adjustment will be to your vocabulary.” “My vocabulary? No. Stop!” It was too late, the machine began its operation, leading to Phil’s decision to tightly shut his eyes in order to attempt holding onto his mind. “I have to stop this guy! This fuc—damn machine!” Phil caught his vulgarity and stopped it! He continued to fight… “Fuck this bro! Fuck this shit! I’m going to rip this cunt a new one after I break out.” “Fucking asshole!” When Phil opened his eyes, he felt alright, but he looked down to see a patch of chest hair that’d grown in almost instantly. “The fuck!?” “Looks like that put a little hair on your chest too.” The man scribbled some notes down onto a clipboard. “Fuck, let me go, fucking clown.” The man interjected, “—Ah ah, let’s fix that voice while we’re at it…” Fully aware, Phil watched a dial labeled as ‘Adam’s apple,’ get turned to near-max. An almost unpleasant pushing sensation erupted in his throat as he yelled for the man to stop! “DudDE, fuckin’ StoOp.” The entire operation took ten seconds but once it was finished Phil felt a golf-ball size lump in his throat. His voice must have fallen several octaves. By now Phil looked very unlike himself… Not only was he sporting way more body hair than normal, but his voice and vocabulary had him sounding like a different person. His cock continued to push out spurts of precum that slid down his shaft. The technician looked over some of his dials and alerted Phil to the progress. “Just two more and we’re finished.” … “Let’s finally update that cock to spit out Russian sperm. I’m sure you’ll want to make some Russian babies…” “Russian sperm??” Phil expressed major discomfort. “Oh yes, this will take some getting used to for you. Young Russian men like you are always on the prowl.” The man motioned to turn another dial forward, this one labeled as, ‘Russian cock size and sperm output.’ Like clockwork, Phil felt the machine interact with his body. “Ahh! Fuckin’ bitch!” He felt a sudden and sharp pain deep within his balls. The technician chimed in, “That’s the Russian sperm fighting for control, consuming your American parts.” “Ouch, fuck!” Phil was forced to squirm as best he could within the confines of the chair. Over a few seconds time the pain turned to a more pleasant sensation. “It fucking….” “It……” “Fuck, ahh, I just… ahhhh.” “Mmm, fuck… my dick is growing…” 6 inches… 7 inches…. 8 inches…. 8.5 inches…. “Fuck man make it stop! Fuck!” 9 inches… The humming and throbbing ceased. Phil looked right at his dick to see a steady stream of pre sliding down the side… “It’s so huge, but- I’m- I’m Ameri---” “This last dial will help.” ‘Living and Personality’ was the label square-below the last dial. The man inched it upward just a smidge before he looked back to Phil. Phil took in the small percentage of changes but fought back against them. “Why do I want a drink? I don’t want to drink! You can’t make me like that life, you can’t!” The man only smiled and turned back to his machine, this time jacking the dial to the MAX. Phil’s eyes rolled back into the back of his head as he stretched his body purely out of discomfort. In rapid chemical form, a change was being forced down his throat and into his mind, permanently. “I—Like--- to be American…” Phil hadn’t noticed his degrading English in thought. “I need vodka to relax now, fuck.” “I don’t need the gym, but girls, fuck I need to fuck Americans because I am American.” “Fuck this, I need to beat this stupid ass to let me go so I can enjoy my life of-- vodka fucking gym… fuck!” The operation went on for minutes. Phil was talking to himself and fighting the new programming as best he could but his speech patterns kept changing, and telling a different story altogether of what Phil wanted to do next. It appeared Phil was being taken over with a new mindset. Once Phil woke up, he hadn’t a clue of the time elapsed. “Ughh…” The man had vanished and the machine powered down. Not only that, the restrains were loose. Phil hurried to stand up, his cock bordering on the line of arousal. “Fuck bro I need to escape this place.” A visitor arrived at the door to the cell. A woman wearing only a bra and a short skirt stood at the doorway. The very nude Phil stood there for a second as his eyes, like magnets, began undressing the women before him. Phil’s cock rose to a quick erect state, dripping drops of precum onto the floor. “Come fuck this dick you bitch,” Phil said, without a moments hesitation.
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  4. [Story Posted] [Patreon $5-tier]

    "The Cruise"




  5. PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/orrinotica SYNOPSIS: Jed’s muscle growth is slow-going so he enlists the help of his local gym jock in order to gain weight and get a confidence boost. After the help, things are definitely not right. ---------------- Jed wasn’t thrilled with the slow-growth of his muscle… “You’ve gotta be kidding me, I’ve been coming here for months with hardly any change! All I want is to stick out just a little more so that I can score that dick!” The conversation with himself always sounded the same each time he had it. Commonly, Jed would make a fitness goal and fall short. Jed’s social life was only just-average, but his job at a tech firm paid the bills. What lacked was his sex appeal. The only thing missing was muscle! Jed so desperately wanted to become bigger but with his busy work schedule finding time for the gym was tough. Jed’s metabolism was fast and it was difficult for him to build weight. “Fuck my metabolism! I hate how if I skip the gym it means I might drop a few pounds, seriously!” The frustrations were real and it drove Jed so crazy that he opted to seek out actual help while at the gym. He looked up to some of the meatheads there… “They’ll know how to help.” Long story short Jed found the guy… the one… Luke was his name and he was the coolest around. “I’ve seen this guy coming here for a year now!” Jed always noted the varying degree of social interactions Luke had on a regular basis. The guy seemed to be friendly with everyone, as he’d frequently be seen giving out fist-bumps and the like. After swaying a bit over the optics of physically walking over to a stranger who you feel you already know, Jed decided and went in. He walked up to Luke once he saw he’d completed a full set of bicep curls. “Hey man!” Eager, almost chipperly Jed spoke through a smile. “I’ve seen you around. Just wanted to see what your routine is. I’d like to get bigger like you.” In the process of saying all that, Jed’s sight bounced from Luke’s eyes right on down to his crotch, then back up to his armpit hair poking out. Eye contact was extremely difficult as it seemed Jed’s attraction level toward Luke was high – and it caught him off guard. In stark comparison, Jed stood shorter, maybe four inches shorter in total. Jed’s stature was leaner but still not horrible, but his body lacked the type of masculine, thick hair you’d expect to see. As Luke responded now, he had to look down toward Jed just a bit. “Oh yea man, sure. Let’s head down to the locker room and I can show you some stuff. I’ll be done my workout in twenty minutes.” * * * Now inside the gym locker room, Jed saw Luke with his duffle bag out. Once they were situated quietly in the back-isle Luke began to ask some things. Luke began a line of questioning. “So how much do you weigh man?” Jed answered, “130 pounds.” Then added, “…But I’d love to get up to 150.” “Uh huhh, yea man.” Luke reached into his duffle while nodding his head in agreement to everything Jed was telling him about his goals. Luke eventually cut in… “You got a water bottle for the supp.?” “The what?” Jed was intrigued. Luke proceeded to mix a white powder from a small zip-lock into the water bottle Jed handed over. “It’ll add buckets of muscle to ya. Ten pounds overnight!” Jed lit up with anticipation. He took the water bottle back and began chugging it down. “Tastes chalky…” Luke chuckled then patted Jed firm on the shoulder. “We’ll have you joining the ranks in another twenty pounds, buddy.” * * * The next day waking up was… unpleasant for Jed. Not only was he battling an intense need to take a piss but his muscles were aching and causing quite a bit of morning discomfort. Even as he stretched, he struggled to remain silent of any sudden ouches. Jed made a dart to his bathroom in order to take scope of the growth. “Ten pounds is going to look awesome!” One millisecond looking at his reflection and Jed freaked… his hands began exploring his body… his reduced body. “Wait? I don’t understand…” “I’m supposed to be bigger! Why do I look smaller?” “The scale!” Jed hurried to find it. “120?!” Jed even stepped off then back on to confirm. Still 120. He grabbed his cell phone and thanked the fact he got Luke’s number before they parted ways. He frantically began calling Luke, pacing the bathroom the whole time. “Hello?” Luke answered, seeming to be clueless it was Jed calling. “Luke it’s me Jed from the gym yesterday. That stuff you gave me… I shrank from it! I don’t understand!” “No way man! Must mean you need a different blend. Come on back to the gym tonight and I’ll get you square!” “Thank you so much!” Jed said with a breath of relief. The day itself was no fun for Jed. As he waited for the evening to roll around, he ate as much food as possible in order try and feel correct in his clothes. His pants alone would slide down if he wasn’t careful. “I look like a twink right now!” Jed noted his pale skin even more than usual. * * * Gym time— Jed texted Luke the moment he parked his car and walked inside. “Hey man I’m here where are you?” It took a few minutes of wandering the corridors and sitting on benches but finally Luke alerted Jed to his location. “Here. Same spot!” At the moment of visual confirmation, Jed’s heart began racing. Luke was wearing a gym shirt that was even more revealing than yesterday. Not only that, but Luke’s dick-print in his gym shorts was very telling of his endowment. Jed’s eyes locked onto it for entirely way too long. “Up here,” Luke teased. The tone was concerting at first, almost angry, but then a chuckle indicated that maybe it was a joke. “I wonder if he thinks I’m gay…” Jed wondered. “He’s been nice so far.” Indeed, Jed was gay, but he hadn’t disclosed that fact to Luke. As Luke eyed him up and down Jed waited for the remedy patiently. “Alight, well you do look like a whimp. What do you weigh? Let’s go see.” Jed could feel the heat of Luke watching the scale from behind him. The scale teetered and landed on 120 pounds. Jed looked to Luke for confirmation… “120? You got hella catching up to do.” Luke took a rub of Jed’s tiny biceps and winked at the same time. Jed felt a rush of heat on his face as it turned bright red. He was also feeling vulnerable from the rubbing Luke was doing to his bicep. “I didn’t used to be this small!” Luke sorta laughed and replied with a snarky remark. “So, is your cock smaller too?” He even brushed his hand swiftly against Jed’s crotch to elicit a response. As Jed flinched, so did his cock. It became chubbed up almost instantly. Jed’s semi-twink body betrayed him as he got aroused. Luke let his comments continue to roll off the tongue… “That’s pretty impressive for a small guy like you. What’s that? Five inches?” As Jed remained silent from the attention, Luke opened up another zip-lock bag and made Jed another supplement. “Here, this will get you to where you want to go.” Jed hesitated. “Are you sure? I want to undo this loss to get bigger, not smaller!” “Don’t worry buddy.” The two said their goodbyes and Jed headed to the workout floor. Unfortunately, all the weights he was used to needed to be lowered to accommodate a lower strength level. “I’m weaker also, what the fuck!” Jed began chugging the supplement from Luke as a means to get bigger even quicker. * * * “Oh my God, Oh my God!” Jed woke in a frenzy. Not only was Jed plagued with restlessness all night but he’d been popping random boners that’d kept him awake. Each time he dozed off he would begin dreaming of more dicks in locker rooms. Jed fell out of bed then stumbled on some dirty clothes. “Fuck! My balance!” A look downward confirmed the view of the bedroom floor, only it appeared closer to the eyes than normal. “Am I shorter?!” Horror struck as he read the number on the scale of 100 flat. Then there was his spontaneous erection that topped out no larger than ‘four and change.’ “No! No! No!” No answer came from the attempted phone call to Luke. “I’m going to the gym! He’ll be there tonight!” * * * The gym was busy and Jed had a hard time finding Luke – but eventually he did. Luke was shooting some hoops around with two of his jock buddies. Unwilling to wait, Jed barged into the court and yelled for Luke from the sideline. “Luke! I need your help with something!” Jed realized he’d drawn some attention from gym goers. It was unwanted but the two friends ended up walking over instead of just Luke. They were all dressed the same, short mesh gym shorts with huge dick prints presenting, and the popping-out armpit hair that they didn’t seem to care about as they scratched. Each of the guys must have weighted upwards of 180 pounds. Luke was already talking to his buddies when he came up… “Dude here’s the twink I was telling you about… Thinks he’s a jock!” Raised eyebrows were present on both of Luke’s pals. They both began flat out laughing. The one of his friends turned and said, “Will he suck dick in the locker room?” Luke laughed at the remark then began flexing in front of everybody. ‘Sure, he will.” Jed became overwhelmed at the sight and began shifting and fidgeting to help avoid an erection. It was working partially until Luke tugged on the waistband on Jed’s shorts. As they were already loose, they came sliding down to reveal a small chub. “Yea, definitely not a jock - this one.” They all laughed. Jed looked in the mirrors along the wall and saw he was now a bonified, horny twink with an apparent need to go to the gym and embarrass himself. As Luke walked away from a red-faced Jed, he tells his buddies that the gym is better when he keeps people in check.

    "Make -A- Homophobe" CHAPTER 2




  7. TODD THE GREAT SYNOPSIS: Jeremy decides he wants the life of a penis. After making a deal with a demon he spots Todd, the perfect guy to become attached to... right? Everybody’s seen it… The way jocks (or any guy really) will grab their crotch for a good scratching or readjustment. The behavior is crude in and of itself, and it only seems to grow in that intensity when the guy then takes his fingers out and gives them a good sniffing, as if to smell a particular scent. When guys do this constantly the time-per-day average spent doing it adds up big time… … And if you’re gay dude you might feel a certain level of ‘thirst’ develop within you when you see another guy so blatantly grabbing their junk. In gyms the behavior can run wild, and adding in gym shorts makes the visuals that much more revealing. In some cases, you can see complete dick imprints just from a guy scratching. Jeremy was one person in particular who loved to see jock-dudes go ham on themselves. Over time however the enjoyment of watching turned to pure jealousy as Jeremy vowed that there must be a way to switch places with a penis… as in, any penis on a hot guy who tugs at their dick a lot. “If I can switch places with a dick, then it’ll be ‘me me me’ 24/7!” The thought made Jeremy aroused to say the least. What lacked was a transformation mechanism… An action step. Finally, Jeremy met a demon by the name of Azeroth at the crossroads near his family farm. Tons of research told Jeremy what he’d have to do in order to summon one. He was almost shocked to see the demon appear out of thin air. The conversation that ensued was one of productivity… “I want to turn into a guy’s dick so that he gives me all the attention I’ve been craving.” The demon Azeroth smiled as he took it all in. “Uhuhh, yea, sure.” Jeremy continued to state his demands… “I don’t want it to be just anybody either. They’ve gotta be hot! …And they have to touch their dick a lot.” Azeroth took all of Jeremy’s wants and needs in and summarized it all now for him… “Got it man, you want to live in a bro’s pants. You want all the attention that he’d normally direct toward his dick, but it’ll be you now, gotcha. I can get on board with that…” The demon rubbed his hands together. Jeremy stood intently, listening… “…I can make this happen for you. When you see the guy who you want to be with forever, just tap your knee three times with your hand and you’ll begin the transformation into his dick.” Jeremy was confused. “So, how fast will it happen?” Azeroth rolled his eyes a bit now. “Don’t worry about how it works kid. This magic I have works in time, but it is permanent. Are you sure this is something you want?” Jeremy did indeed pause. He self-reflected in finality… “I do want to be a guy’s penis… It can’t be worse than my boring life!” “Deal.” The breeze picked up and Azeroth’s eyes glowed yellow and orange. “It is done.” It took days of fantasizing around town but finally Jeremy spotted a guy who fit the bill. Todd was his name and Jeremy had actually seen him many times in passing while at the gym. On this day Jeremy said hello to Todd as he came in. As the two young men exercised in separate areas Jeremy would glance over at every crotch-grab he’d see from Todd. Todd was a lean guy with brown wavy hair. There was a good bit of scruff on Todd’s face yet a smooth-appearing body otherwise. “He’s perfect, totally! He looks clean and he’s hot as fuck!” Jeremy noted Todd’s bright blue boxer brief showing under his short gym shorts. “Alright here it goes.” Jeremy looked at his knee, getting butterflies now. Tap * Tap * Tap Minutes passed – Nothing— “But I… I saw the demon’s eyes…” Convinced the magic was still real, Jeremy figured he was dooped somehow. “That’s what I get for going to a cross-roads demon.” Returning to his workout now, Jeremy was frustrated. He was replaying the demon’s conversation in his mind when all of the sudden a tap on the shoulder had him turning around. Todd had come up to him – and he was wearing the most unusual smile… “Hey man, so you wanna be my dick, yeah?” Todd casually announced with seemingly no regard for who heard him. Without even giving Jeremy a chance to figure out how or what was happening, Todd took his hand and placed it firm on Jeremy’s shoulder once again. “You gotta come with me dude.” At that, Todd guiding Jeremy out of the gym. Jeremy was in a state of shock and awe. “How is this going to happen? How did he know about the transformation??” To make matters worse, Jeremy had no control to break away from this sudden proximity to Todd. Jeremy was just now realizing, as he sat in the front seat of Todd’s beat up Honda Civic, that he felt drunk almost! General dizziness and a reduced mental capacity was beginning to present itself. The short car ride ended and before long the two were sitting on the same small couch inside Todd’s apartment. It was now Todd began chatting with Jeremy even more… “You know I’m pretty big down there, Yea?” Todd admitted, grabbing at his bulge. Jeremy was only able to nod his head. “You’re quiet…” Todd added, smiling. At that instant Jeremy found he had no strength or ability to articulate words or generate any voice. There was a particular tingling sensation that Jeremy started to feel around his legs and hands. Todd then chimed in some more… “I jerk off a lot too. I think I hit eight yesterday haha.” Todd seemed to be reminiscing the good times while taking the opportunity to shove his hand down his pants. Jeremy’s eyes were glued to the Todd’s crotch. They’d already been sitting so close to each other. Todd saw Jeremy looking his way and decided to make some subtle cues by way of eye movement. “You gunna hop on top or not?” Todd then pointed to his crotch. “Come on.” As Jeremy had no self-control, he could only comply. Still fully clothed he simply sat firm on Todd’s lap. Physically, nothing major happened at first but after a few minutes of idly sitting there Jeremy felt his ass fuse to Todd’s pants. It was a certain ‘suction cup’ that signaled the event. At the same time Todd began rubbing Jeremy’s back up and down… up and down. The feelings struck Jeremy with such sensitivity that it paralyzed his mind further. “I’m uh…” Gone was Jeremy’s ability to communicate. Instead drool began forming at the base of his lips. He managed to lift his hands, although weakened, in order to wipe dry. Todd just sorta laughed at the television, paying Jeremy no mind… except for the rubbing of course. More minutes passed, an hour maybe. Jeremy’s brain gradually turned to mush, although he was still coherent enough to understand what was happening to him. He was mostly happy thus far… but this was uncharted territory. “I can’t believe it’s actually happening! I- can- feel- it. I feel so close to him!” *ring ring [the phone] Todd answers a phone call and it breaks Jeremy’s concentration. At this point Jeremy’s vocal ability is gone, and his limbs are deformed. His arms and legs were a third of their original size. Todd didn’t seem to be phased by any of this as he said “Hello…” Immediately Todd’s voice got soft, romantic even. Jeremy seemed to know automatically that on the phone was a girl named Rebecca, and she was… attractive? Jeremy was a little caught off guard by the visuals he saw before his mind… it was getting him worked up. Thankfully, Todd began rubbing his back again, reducing the anxiety a bit. Jeremy was able to listen in on the conversation now… “Yea baby, you can come over. We can smash all night.” Todd told Rebecca. As Todd began to stretch and get comfortable, he ended up grabbing Jeremy’s old shirt and yanking it off. The shirt itself was large now and Jeremy didn’t look right wearing it. His arms and legs were all but retracted now and his facial features were diminished. “I’ll see ya soon babe.” At that, Todd ended the call. “Phew! I need to trim!” Todd took a good scratch at Jeremy’s rear, or what was left of it. It had been itching non-stop for an hour now but Jeremy was unable to see what was causing it. “…Or nah… I think I’m going all natural!” Todd decided with a chuckle. Meanwhile Jeremy wasn’t himself anymore… “It tickles so much, haha- ha- ha. Touch me more! Touch me more!” Giddy he was now, forever. …But always taken care of. *THERE IS MORE OF THIS STORY WRITTEN ON MY PATREON ACCOUNT FOR $1/MO SUBSCRIBERS. patreon.com/orrinotica FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER FOR ALL MY STORIES! @ORRINOTICA

    "Todd the Perfect" 



  9. Unfortunate Snitch by orrinotica SYNOPSIS: Henry snitches on some wrestler jocks who have a unique way of dealing with nerds: Turn them into members of the team! Twitter: @orrinotica (For tweets to EVERY story posted across all sites/platforms) Patreon: Here! If you enjoy reading my work, please consider supporting me. It’s my goal to write more and more! ----------------------- Brady, all-star of the campus wrestling team, really needed to teach ‘little Henry’ a valuable lesson in snitching… It took a week but finally Brady was able to get his fellow wrestling jocks together for some good old fashioned revenge. The plan was simple: Get Henry corned in the locker room then give him a strong dose of wrestler DNA. “…Let’s see the dweeb tell on himself when he starts acting like us.” * * * Coach was gone, the janitorial staff too. Brady locked the double-doors then gave his bros the signal. Henry, who liked to get changed last, was still getting changed when the bunch of bigger men attacked. With his pants down his underdeveloped body was on display for the jocks to see. “This is what you get for telling dorm security about our drinking…” Brady appeared just as Henry was beginning to tire from the struggle. Brady’s buds held Henry with ease. “WHAT’S GOING ON--- I’ll tell…” Henry would start to say… Brady pulled out a huge can of body spray and began spraying it inches from Henry’s face. “Shh.” Brady stressed. “Now listen!” Brady lowered the spray now, seeing that Henry was easily subdued from the scented vapors. Whispers erupted from the group of four men who were standing behind Brady. There seemed to be excitement revolving around a small metal flask that Brady pulled out. “Open up!” Brady ordered. Henry nodded his head no and did not comply, even with the reduced mental capacity he seemed to have. It took several minutes more before Brady was able to pry open Henry’s stubborn mouth. “Drink up!” Brady held Henry’s mouth closed until he was sure the contents were swallowed. At that, Brady released Henry from the hold he was in. “There, was that so hard?” Henry stepped forward at first and then fell half-way to the floor and onto his knees. “Uh- wha… I feel weak.” A few of Brady’s friends let a laugh out when they saw a dazed and confused Henry on his knees on the floor, even struggling to breath at a reasonable pace as his eyes lacked focus. “Stay out of trouble kiddo.” Brady mocked. Within a minute the lights were off and Henry was alone. He supported himself with a bench and was able to get up. “I have to get out of here.” * * * Three hours later— Now home and looking in his mirror, the sweat poured from his forehead as he viewed his reflection carefully. Henry had a vague idea that something terrible had happened to him but he wasn’t sure what it could be. “They definitely did something to me!” Henry’s mind raced as it replayed the events of the day. “I hate those wrestling jocks!” Over and over Henry paced his room trying to shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. For some reason his energy levels were spiking. “All those moves… they think they’re so cool with their Chokeslams and Dropkicks. I’ll bet Brady can’t even do the Boston crab move on me!” “HUH?” “WAIT, WHAT?” Henry stopped mid-pace because he was just that shocked that he’d just spouted out wrestling terms he knew nothing about. Suddenly a tickle in his throat led him to clear it. Henry swore it sounded a tad deeper. “MuuUsT be getting sick—hello… TEsSting?” Each crack of his voice only seemed to leave his tone sounding a bit deeper than the second prior. All of the upward tone in his voice was being eradicated in favor of a more dull one. Splashing water on his face did little to calm his nerves. Henry again viewed his reflection in the mirror, this time noticing another change. “Is that… a five o’clock shadow? “ Henry’s subsequent scratch of his face revealed a growing coarseness that seemed to be concentrated on his upper lip and chin. Henry scratched then looked down at his chest, dead center at that, to see a patch of dark hairs very dense pushing their way outward. Then, without even thinking about it, Henry felt his average-length penis fill with blood. After letting his shorts fall to the ground he saw his cock bob up and down, throbbing as it grew harder. “Dude why am I so turned on?” Henry said aloud in his newer voice. He quickly covered his mouth when he heard the word ‘dude’ roll off his tongue. “I don’t talk like that dude!” Again he began to cover his mouth! Even the act of covering of his mouth was short-lived because the sudden need to scratch at his pits was superseding it. Of course as soon as he scratched he had to raise his arms just to see if what he’d just felt was even real… so much hair had appeared… so much that he’d never be able to contain it within short-sleeve shirts ever again. “This shits gunna spill out of my sleeves, fuck dude!” “Aw fuck man!” Henry’s voice was slowing. His mind was beginning to find difficulty in registering the changes to his body. Henry played with his pit hair until his dick began lurching forward more. “I’ve gotta hold…” “Hold…” “Ugh my dick bro. My dick is so hard bro.” Tingles and itches were adding to his overall distraction. As Henry tried to tell himself he was crazy after seeing his dick inch upward in size he couldn’t help but give it more of a tug just to feel it more. The bigger dick was beginning to affect his personality further… “Girls and tits bro.” “Girls and booze haha.” “Mm yea.” Henry was really getting into the rhythm of jerking when the last of his old mind fought back. “NO! STOP!” “My room!” Henry darted to his bed and jumped into it. The added weight of new muscle didn’t hit him until he felt the dent he made in his bed now. A quick glance at his abs showed a solid 6-pack. “Flex my biceps too?” Indeed, Henry found that flexing took a long time too, as he couldn’t stop. “Big biceps too.” After minutes of this Henry was confused. “Wait, what was I doing?” “I came in here to… what?” Henry realized that the only thing ailing him was a need for release. “I’m only horny, that’s all…” “And I want a drink bro, haha!” “Gotta hit up my team – see if they wanna drink tonight.” “Maybe score some pussy!!” He’d begun jerking but now it became faster. Henry felt the butterflies surrounding pussy and he really wanted to nut. Henry really got himself excited now… “I’m gunna cum,” he said, sounding dumb and toneless. Cum instantly flew out of Henry’s swollen dick and onto his body. Some jizz landed straight on his sheets. “Oh fuck.” “Fuck.” Henry reached under his bed for something to wipe off with. “Shit, nothing!” He got up and searched his duffle… a singlet… Henry scratched his head. “I guess this is mine…” He used the corner of the singlet to wipe his belly free of cum then found himself slipping into it.
  10. Trainer Agenda SYNOPSIS: Ben is a new personal trainer with a particular ability to take control and muscle away from his clients. Poor Aiden just wants to bulk up, but Ben has other plans... TAGS: #humiliation #gym #boner #muscletheft When Aiden first saw Ben it was like love at first sight. OK… not really… but it was certainly cause to use a free ‘birthday’ personal training session provided by the gym he belonged to. Aiden was fit, lean even, but struggled to make gains despite having gone to the gym for one-hour sessions nearly five times a week for several years. He figured he might as well try the session. “Maybe they’ll let me use the free session with Ben! He’s pretty hot,” Aiden figured. Ben was the most junior trainer at the gym, as evident from his fresh nametag and picture ID posted to the bulletin board. He was a younger looking guy despite being well out of college now. Aiden took time to read the bio provided on the gym site and learned Ben grew up in France and enjoyed participating in a local fight club in his free time. “Interesting guy,” Aiden read, before letting his imagination run wild again… “I love his bun too. I wonder if he’s gay.” Aiden had an old fashioned crush on the trainer... Alas the day came for Aiden to meet Ben and setup the appointment. “Okay, here we go!” Aiden walked over to where Ben was working out ‘off duty.’ “Gosh his muscles are insane.” Aiden couldn’t help but stare at Ben’s bulging arms and pectorals. There were a number of tattoos that caught his attention. Finally he’d reached arms-length... “Hey, you’re Ben right?” “Uh, yea, I am!” Ben would smile now. “Cool, you’re a personal trainer here?” “Yea dude.” “Cool, I’m Aiden.” The two shook hands and exchanged numbers... ...Thus beginning a professional relationship dynamic. Plans were made for the following Saturday to meet for the full hour. Cell numbers were exchanged and Aiden used the days leading up to Saturday to shoot a few silly text questions over to Ben in an effort to make conversation. Perhaps Ben was aware of Aiden’s homosexuality – or maybe not. Regardless, Aiden was looking forward to getting bigger at the very least. * * * SATURDAY— Warming up was already ‘a task’ due to the crowd level on this particular day. In some areas of the gym people were working in with each other. Aiden and Ben met up in the middle of the gym where there wasn’t much in the way of space. The influx of people didn’t seem a bother to Ben, but it ate away at Aiden, who was trying consciously to act as normal (and straight) as possible. As Aiden began slacking on his form, Ben motioned to guide him back into the correct form with the use of his hands… **spark** Aiden certainly felt it… The static shock definitely interrupted the exercise… and it was strong enough to cause both to flinch. “Did you feel that--?” “Yea! Crazy, must be the dry air,” Ben offered as an excuse. “Yea, I guess.” Promptly moving on, Aiden powered through the remaining 25-minutes of his session. When it was over, Ben scheduled a session for the following week and the two said their goodbyes. * * * Later that evening Ben was at his house talking with his pal Jake who’d come over for a drink. The two muscle jocks were lounging on the back deck when Jake brought up ‘the gift…’ “Use your power on anyone lately?” Jake asked him. Ben sort of chuckled and looked down at the ground. Jake took that as a sign of admission and guilt, and proceeded to yelled at Ben. “Jesus Ben! How many times are you going to ruin other people’s lives??” Ben immediately came to his own defense… “Dude it’s too fun watching these wannabe jocks turn into boner-popping twinks. It’s too easy!” “It’s funny I just infected a client today actually, haha!” Ben reminded himself via mumble. Jake nodded his head in a stern disapproval, but only as a friend could. Ben seemed to trust the company of his good friend Jake. Quickly the subject changed to football as the two took a drink and enjoyed the night. * * * THE SECOND SESSION-- “Hey dude!” Ben wore such a friendly smile as he greeted Aiden for the second session. “Hey man,” Aiden happily greeted back. As the two got to training for a second time the routine was more relaxed. The conversations led to work, the weather, and then mostly the muscle groups. One other thing was happening and it had been so subtle that only Ben noticed it. Ben was expecting it… The muscles that were lean and existing on Aiden began shrinking. Ben decided to rub it in… “Aw come’on man, this is beginner range…” Aiden felt a tingling in his dick, and a slow growth that seemed to pick up in speed once the softness of the gym shorts came into play. . . Smack-dab right in the middle of a rep Aiden was sporting a chub that was for-sure on display. At first he was caught off guard and then he started feeling humiliated over the fact that any minute he would have to stand up from the seated chest press machine and deal with the growing problem. “You ready to move on yet?” Ben tapped his watch, for it’d been a decent rest period of several minutes now. At the hesitation Aiden presented, Ben began walking away. “You coming?” Aiden yanked his dick downward and held his arm there as he stood up and followed. Unfortunately his dick only hardened at the contact which caused it to spring free and outward, forming a pretty big tent in the gym shorts. There were a number of people in the gym and Aiden saw two men closeby who were alerted to the situation and looked stunned. “Oh no they see it!” Aiden just continued to run toward Ben as the only viable option he saw. When he finally caught up it felt like an eternity had passed. ...And the boner was still present. Ben spoke up, “Excited for class today I see.” It sounded like a joke. Aiden was speechless, but did manage to get out something: “I- this normally doesn’t happen.” “Sure bud,” Ben sorta said. “I just need a minute.” “Mhmm.” Ben stood there nodding. “You mean you aren’t just going to cum in your shorts?” At that, Aiden was fighting the thought… “What if?” “No…” “That won’t actually happen…” Chills from head to toe erupted over his exposed body as he stood with Ben in the back of the gym. The effect of shivering was allerting Ben to a crucial turning point... “Dude, you okay?” Ben asked. His tone shifted to one of pure concern. “It was a joke,” he added, placing his beefy hand on Aiden’s shoulder. “I should pr---” Chills down his spine started again, but this time starting a chain of events that led to a spurt of cum… just one… escaping Aiden’s dick. “Oh my god dude.” Ben offered, seeing what had just happened. Aiden ran off to the locker room as he fought back the major release of his load. When he got to his locker his pants were practically falling off from the weight he’d dropped. As the shorts slipped off a number of shots of cum flew onto the floor as Aiden burst out in a loud moan. To make matters worse there were a few guys nearby changing, including a group of college athletes. They all looked over in amazement then began laughing. For Ben would not know the scope of his condition, but he would soon find out the very next time he’s around any attractive man. Be my Patron and get *bonus content* and *polls* https://www.patreon.com/orrinotica And don't forget to follow me on twitter for every story update across all platforms! @orrinotica
  11. I want to thank everyone for following the page over the past few months and I hope to expand the caption operation soon! If you haven't checked out my tumblr yet and you're into some of the transformations of a jock/alpha/sub/humiliated nature then check it out! ORRiNOTICA TFs
  12. Hey all-- never posted here but a long time member of the kinks. I've written stories on gayspiralstories and CYOC under xorrinx. Just wanted to share my new tumblr link. I think most here would enjoy it. {orotica] tfs - Tumblr
  13. Hello xORRiNx welcome to the forum! 

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