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  1. Trainer Agenda SYNOPSIS: Ben is a new personal trainer with a particular ability to take control and muscle away from his clients. Poor Aiden just wants to bulk up, but Ben has other plans... TAGS: #humiliation #gym #boner #muscletheft When Aiden first saw Ben it was like love at first sight. OK… not really… but it was certainly cause to use a free ‘birthday’ personal training session provided by the gym he belonged to. Aiden was fit, lean even, but struggled to make gains despite having gone to the gym for one-hour sessions nearly five times a week for several years. He figured he might as well try the session. “Maybe they’ll let me use the free session with Ben! He’s pretty hot,” Aiden figured. Ben was the most junior trainer at the gym, as evident from his fresh nametag and picture ID posted to the bulletin board. He was a younger looking guy despite being well out of college now. Aiden took time to read the bio provided on the gym site and learned Ben grew up in France and enjoyed participating in a local fight club in his free time. “Interesting guy,” Aiden read, before letting his imagination run wild again… “I love his bun too. I wonder if he’s gay.” Aiden had an old fashioned crush on the trainer... Alas the day came for Aiden to meet Ben and setup the appointment. “Okay, here we go!” Aiden walked over to where Ben was working out ‘off duty.’ “Gosh his muscles are insane.” Aiden couldn’t help but stare at Ben’s bulging arms and pectorals. There were a number of tattoos that caught his attention. Finally he’d reached arms-length... “Hey, you’re Ben right?” “Uh, yea, I am!” Ben would smile now. “Cool, you’re a personal trainer here?” “Yea dude.” “Cool, I’m Aiden.” The two shook hands and exchanged numbers... ...Thus beginning a professional relationship dynamic. Plans were made for the following Saturday to meet for the full hour. Cell numbers were exchanged and Aiden used the days leading up to Saturday to shoot a few silly text questions over to Ben in an effort to make conversation. Perhaps Ben was aware of Aiden’s homosexuality – or maybe not. Regardless, Aiden was looking forward to getting bigger at the very least. * * * SATURDAY— Warming up was already ‘a task’ due to the crowd level on this particular day. In some areas of the gym people were working in with each other. Aiden and Ben met up in the middle of the gym where there wasn’t much in the way of space. The influx of people didn’t seem a bother to Ben, but it ate away at Aiden, who was trying consciously to act as normal (and straight) as possible. As Aiden began slacking on his form, Ben motioned to guide him back into the correct form with the use of his hands… **spark** Aiden certainly felt it… The static shock definitely interrupted the exercise… and it was strong enough to cause both to flinch. “Did you feel that--?” “Yea! Crazy, must be the dry air,” Ben offered as an excuse. “Yea, I guess.” Promptly moving on, Aiden powered through the remaining 25-minutes of his session. When it was over, Ben scheduled a session for the following week and the two said their goodbyes. * * * Later that evening Ben was at his house talking with his pal Jake who’d come over for a drink. The two muscle jocks were lounging on the back deck when Jake brought up ‘the gift…’ “Use your power on anyone lately?” Jake asked him. Ben sort of chuckled and looked down at the ground. Jake took that as a sign of admission and guilt, and proceeded to yelled at Ben. “Jesus Ben! How many times are you going to ruin other people’s lives??” Ben immediately came to his own defense… “Dude it’s too fun watching these wannabe jocks turn into boner-popping twinks. It’s too easy!” “It’s funny I just infected a client today actually, haha!” Ben reminded himself via mumble. Jake nodded his head in a stern disapproval, but only as a friend could. Ben seemed to trust the company of his good friend Jake. Quickly the subject changed to football as the two took a drink and enjoyed the night. * * * THE SECOND SESSION-- “Hey dude!” Ben wore such a friendly smile as he greeted Aiden for the second session. “Hey man,” Aiden happily greeted back. As the two got to training for a second time the routine was more relaxed. The conversations led to work, the weather, and then mostly the muscle groups. One other thing was happening and it had been so subtle that only Ben noticed it. Ben was expecting it… The muscles that were lean and existing on Aiden began shrinking. Ben decided to rub it in… “Aw come’on man, this is beginner range…” Aiden felt a tingling in his dick, and a slow growth that seemed to pick up in speed once the softness of the gym shorts came into play. . . Smack-dab right in the middle of a rep Aiden was sporting a chub that was for-sure on display. At first he was caught off guard and then he started feeling humiliated over the fact that any minute he would have to stand up from the seated chest press machine and deal with the growing problem. “You ready to move on yet?” Ben tapped his watch, for it’d been a decent rest period of several minutes now. At the hesitation Aiden presented, Ben began walking away. “You coming?” Aiden yanked his dick downward and held his arm there as he stood up and followed. Unfortunately his dick only hardened at the contact which caused it to spring free and outward, forming a pretty big tent in the gym shorts. There were a number of people in the gym and Aiden saw two men closeby who were alerted to the situation and looked stunned. “Oh no they see it!” Aiden just continued to run toward Ben as the only viable option he saw. When he finally caught up it felt like an eternity had passed. ...And the boner was still present. Ben spoke up, “Excited for class today I see.” It sounded like a joke. Aiden was speechless, but did manage to get out something: “I- this normally doesn’t happen.” “Sure bud,” Ben sorta said. “I just need a minute.” “Mhmm.” Ben stood there nodding. “You mean you aren’t just going to cum in your shorts?” At that, Aiden was fighting the thought… “What if?” “No…” “That won’t actually happen…” Chills from head to toe erupted over his exposed body as he stood with Ben in the back of the gym. The effect of shivering was allerting Ben to a crucial turning point... “Dude, you okay?” Ben asked. His tone shifted to one of pure concern. “It was a joke,” he added, placing his beefy hand on Aiden’s shoulder. “I should pr---” Chills down his spine started again, but this time starting a chain of events that led to a spurt of cum… just one… escaping Aiden’s dick. “Oh my god dude.” Ben offered, seeing what had just happened. Aiden ran off to the locker room as he fought back the major release of his load. When he got to his locker his pants were practically falling off from the weight he’d dropped. As the shorts slipped off a number of shots of cum flew onto the floor as Aiden burst out in a loud moan. To make matters worse there were a few guys nearby changing, including a group of college athletes. They all looked over in amazement then began laughing. For Ben would not know the scope of his condition, but he would soon find out the very next time he’s around any attractive man. Be my Patron and get *bonus content* and *polls* https://www.patreon.com/orrinotica And don't forget to follow me on twitter for every story update across all platforms! @orrinotica
  2. Orrinotica

    Daily TF captions

    I want to thank everyone for following the page over the past few months and I hope to expand the caption operation soon! If you haven't checked out my tumblr yet and you're into some of the transformations of a jock/alpha/sub/humiliated nature then check it out! ORRiNOTICA TFs
  3. Orrinotica

    Daily TF captions

    Hey all-- never posted here but a long time member of the kinks. I've written stories on gayspiralstories and CYOC under xorrinx. Just wanted to share my new tumblr link. I think most here would enjoy it. {orotica] tfs - Tumblr
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