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  1. https://silicondog.muscle-growth.org/stories/Biker_Muscle.txt The only stories I know that includes dick strength... unfortunately :/
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    Fixed! Thanks.
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    Part 2 As soon as I finished measuring Mariusz I wrote it all on the little paper I found on my desk. Height : 6'8" Weight : 310lbs Neck : 20" Shoulders : 33" Chest : 70" (!) Biceps : 24" Thighs : 35" Calves : 21" For a moment I just stood there, reading those numbers and I was thinking : "Is this even human?" Mariusz was always a bigger boy, sure, but this? -So what do you think? - Mariusz said with a grin on his face. -What do I think?! I think this is what some professional bodybuilders could imagine of! Where are you working out? -Nowhere. I dropped the paper and looked to his beautiful blue eyes, and I dont know when I did that, but I was sitting on his hands so my lips could actually touch his. We kissed like that for 3minutes, groaning, wanting more. When suddenly he stopped and we both looked to each others eyes. -So are you going to finish measuring me up? - Mariusz said with a huge grin on his face. -Ehm, did I miss something? I think we have got everything - I said wondering my eyes so I'm thinking what could I miss. Mariusz said nothing for a minute so I snapped back to him and then I realised he has his hands on my cheeks, after 10second my brain finally connected the dots and I quickly looked down, yes, I was sitting on his di- no, on his bulge. I jumped off from it and looked at it, his shorts went up a lot just to cover the bulge. Soon enough Mariusz started to strip the shorts away. What I have seen is indescribable. I gulped and took the measuring type and I measured it... 15 inches long and 10 inches around. This was NOT happening! -Can I... can I touch it please? - I asked still looking at the beast in front of me still being flaccid. Mariusz roared with laughter and then nodded with his head still having this sweet grin. The feeling of toaching this beast was the best feeling I ever got, and of course I didn't even notice when my dick got hard as well, I quickly hided it with my hands embarrased. But Mariusz was quicker, he was holding my hands with his own holding him like a guardian. "Don't" he said, "Don't be embarrased". So I stripped just as he did, my dick was only 8 inches long and 5inches around. Our dicks touched and then he quickly with his gigantic strength pulled me in a bear hug and started kissing me on my face and then quickly enough started going lower and lower when he finally was around my dick with his mouth. I don't even know what was going on, it was that fast. He started sucking it with his strength, God it felt amazingly. Soon enough I started cumming into his mouth, to my surprise he drank it all. He stood and I promise he was even higher than before! "Measure me now" He roared. Height : 6'9" Weight : 310lbs Neck : 20" Shoulders : 33" Chest : 70" (!) Biceps : 24" Thighs : 35" Calves : 21" Wow you grew! This is amazing! How did you do that?! He laughed, took my hand and slowly went to the kitched, ducking under any doors just to not hit the ceiling. It made me hard again. He showed me some weird color liquid. -You see, this is the mixture that I created from formula from that mysterious man, this thing right here makes me grow like a Hulk! -But, you grew without any mixture just from sucking my cum, so how is that possible? -I just discovered it right now as well, I want to see if anything happens if we mix both our cum with this mixture, care to help me? Lover? My knees went weak when he said that lover, I nodded and he quickly started to suck me off. When I was just about to cum he quickly started to jerk off his huge monster with both his hands, now hard 18long and 11inches around. We both cum into the bowl with the mixture, my load was a bit smalle than before but when I looked at Mariusz's load, my eyes went wide to the level I could break my eyes. Streams of cum was literally pumping out of his cock, into the mixture quickly filling it up to the maximum so the cum was flooding out of the bowl dropping at the floor, quickly making a small layer of liquid I stood in. My load was finished a long time ago but he still stood there nearly touching the ceiling with his short dark hair but the load isn't even near to end. Then he snapped back from his beautiful moments and targeted his dick towards his mouth and drank the cum, it finally started to stop. -Why did you drink your cum? Does it make you grow too? -Nah, just was thirsty and just look how much cum there is already on the floor, you don't want to clean that don't you? I then realised how much cum there were actually on the floor, it was reaching my ankle. Wet white and tasteful cum.. all that wasted. Mariusz grabbed the bowl with his huge a bit hairy hands and drank it all. His belly was a bit blowed up. And then, I heard the loudest BURP I ever had, I think some may think it was a earthquake. He dropped the bowl to the ground, making a blop sound when it hit the cum. He started moaning and fell to his knees splashing cum all over me with his weight. Quickly he started growing! In front of my eyes. His hands, feet everything started to grow! After about 20seconds of growing he finally stood up, hitting the ceiling with his head. "Measure me now" His voice went deeper a lot, some old man vikings couldn't even match his voice now! I quickly got the measuring tape and started measuring everything. Height : 7'2" Weight : 345lbs Neck : 24" Shoulders : 37" Chest : 85" (!) Biceps : 27" Thighs : 38" Calves : 25" And then he hit the biggest double bicep pose I could ever imagine! His biceps getting nearly to the height of his head, nearly touching the ceiling. I asked if I could measure the feet as well, he nodded. He raised his huge leg with his huge feet out of the cum so I could actually measure it. Feet : 14 (By American feet size system) But then I saw something, he started growing hair! There were a bit facial hair, his pecs had a visible layer of hair, his armpit had a forest of hair, sweat just going out and out from that swamp infinitely, his forearm was huge and densed with hair. His Huge layer quickly went across his pecs and stone sized abs to his bulge. Balls were still visible under all that fur but it was hard. Oh and his bulge, I forgot to measure it ! Cock : 20 inches long hard 14inches around hard. The monster was covered by hair, down to his gigantic thighs and calves, his knee was covered with a bit hair! His feet were already huge but now it had a nice line of hair across his feet fingers. -Holy shit, Mariusz, this is incredible! What you are going to do about it now? -We are going to show our strength to the World and I will grow even more, making super professionals super small compared to me, and you will help me, right? -Of course darling, I will. End of Part 2 So there was the Muscle Growth I promised There will be more and more with each chapters, thanks for reading! (Fun fact, I was hard through the whole time writing this part and I jerked off to it after finishing, haha)
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    ~It's my first story written so please tell me what I should change/re-think. Much appreciated, enjoy! ~~~~ When I was 7 years old, my mother introduced me to a random boy living near me, his name was Mariusz, he was 4 years older than me. We were like water and fire, completely different. I would rather stay only with him outside, he would rather bring a lot of friends and go somewhere and drink some alcohol, you know what I mean. We quickly became friends because... well... there werent many children around our place, but we quickly found one topic to talk about. Muscles. We were always watching those Muscle canals on the television, muscle competitions and all that stuff. We loved it. When I was 12 years old, so Mariusz was 16 by that time. I started all this puberty bullshit, actually it went pretty easy on me and what I mean is. I got some muscles I guess, some hairy on my body, a bit around my nipples and that's basically it, I didn't cry to my parents about changes because I read it all on the internet so I knew what I should prepare for. Mariusz, on the other hand was a complete bomb. Before the puberty he was already bigger than other boys in his age, but after the puberty he stood nearly 5'11 at only 16 years old! That's crazy. Aaaand of course I got boner everytime I looked at him, it seems he didn't mind after all. I finally hit 19 years, 5'10 at the time. Got some muscles but still looking a bit nerdy amount of hair still was the same. After Mariusz and their parents moved out to other city I started some book readings, went to the gym and gained some muscles. I'm very proud of my gain even tho it's not really much. I think I'm going to ga- **BZZT** Oh, it was a long time since last time I got a message, it took me 7minutes to find my phone, it was hidden under all my layers of clothes on my bed, they should be in the wardrobe, but meh. Mariusz : Hey, guess what! I'm moving back to our city back again! Gonna be at our place tomorrow at 17, meet you there! Oh damn, that was unexpected, of course I didn't forget about Mariusz, I still jerked off to his pictures after all. I couldn't sleep that night, I was wondering how he gonna react to me to get those muscled, how we both gonna react to each other after that kind of long brake. We haven't seen each other for almost 1 year. Welp, you know what they say, if you can't fall asleep, just jerk off! (People don't really say such things but I just created it for the purpose of this story im sorry) So I did....of course to him. -All right, it's 16:50 he is going to be here right in a moment - I told it to myself holding two bottles of some normal beer, he always loved drinking some alcohol. While I was waiting I was obviously browsing my tumblr page about muscle people all around the globe, the biggest biceps, the biggest calves and so on... And then a shadow covered whole my person so I knew Mariusz finally came here but I gotta tell you, I wasn't ready for what I've actually seen. There was this monster, hulk, yeti, sasquatch, beast, every word would match this thing because this ain't human. -Hey there Adam, long time no see! - Mariusz sai- no, he roared to me. -Wow Mariusz, wh-what even happened to you, how did you- what happened!? - I tried to make any complete sentence but my brain just couldn't. -Heh, sit down, give me this beer and I will tell you completely everything. -So it actually happened 1year before my puberty hit me up, some random person on the internet wrote to me if I want to get some muscles and be bigger, and me, as a braindead kid, replied that I of course want to gain mass! He explained to me his newest formula so I just tried it! I drank it and went to sleep just as he told me to. The morning I gained 5 pounds of pure muscles! I'm sorry that I didn't told you this but I was scared that you are going to ran away from me and I would lose my best friend, but after I discovered that you are gay, I have got to say something to you... I'm... I-... -Oh come on Mariusz, watever you say i'm not going to be mad at you, we are best friends after all. -Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm... in hard deep love with you, for about 5years already... - He closed his eyes and holded his breath like a bad puppy waiting for his penalty for eating garbage or doing something wrong. -Oh Mariusz.. - I put a hand on his hand, standing on the bench so I can reach his head and pet him like a puppy. -Of course I'm not mad at you, how could I be mad at you when I do the actuall same thing to you? - I laugh silently. Mariusz's eyes went wide as they could. -R-really?. -Yes, my little dumbass, really. - We looked into each other eyes for a moment when I snapped. - But wait, tell me how did you get those all muscles! Holy shit dude, did you even measured yourself? -Not yet, I guess you will have to do it! End of Part I, part II will be up today as well, so, what do you think?
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