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    muscle growth male
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    5ft7 approx 12st 5lbs
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    5ft7 and 300bls muscle lol
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    the hourglass
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    Dad muscle growth, reality changes, Daddy's and bears.

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  1. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    gay porn transformations

    transformation porn? pref gay and male one transformations
  2. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    The Hourglass

    hey hope this story isnt forgoton as one of the best on here !
  3. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    gay porn transformation

    https://www.tracktvlinks.com/watch-vglhung-2007 think ive found it
  4. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    gay porn transformation

    Hi guys looking for a video where a uk man enters a website that transforms him into a muscle man then also a chav to find the ideal boyfriend i think it was called.
  5. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    The Hourglass

    Hey any new chapters coming up?
  6. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    The Hourglass

    Hey there any news on next chapter?
  7. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    The Hourglass

    hey any news on when the next chapter will be up?
  8. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    The Hourglass

    wheres the next part?
  9. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    College student growth

    Hey guys thanks for the answers
  10. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    College student growth

    Normal teens grow by breaking into abandond house by what looks like coke exploding everywhere. And one by one they start turning into jocks to form the football team and it has reality changes in it.
  11. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    Dad and son pec growth

    hey thanks thats it ! ive been searching for this for ages !! So hot. 😀😜
  12. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    ?tumblr story

    ah yes it was. thanks dude.
  13. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    ?tumblr story

    Pretty sure i read a tumblr post of a muscle growth story of friends going on holiday and they drink at the bar and the bar man is changing them unknowingly into gay bodybuilder sluts when they wank off. The one friend lasts to the end and is changed into the master of the group.
  14. malemusclegrowthfanuk

    Dad and son pec growth

    Looking for a story which im pretty shure was interactive. About a dad and son having growth in pecs. Also reality changes with sons friend calling him different nicknames and his car changes. Also boy asks father how his marrage is at the end... i either dreamt this or cant find it anymore. any ideas.
  15. Hello sdj1989 welcome to the forum! 


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